When thinking about all this clearly, I will hesitate a little.

At present, there are two research directions if we want to study the abnormal situation that telepathy nova radiation makes the ability chain of telepathy gene generate autonomous excitement and accelerate.
The first is to continue to strengthen the telepathic nova and increase the telepathic nova to see if new abilities or new discoveries can be found. The second research direction is to condense the telepathic gene ability chain and quickly upgrade it to see if there will be new discoveries or new abilities.
The second research direction of Xu tui feeling is to condense the ability of telepathic genes, and it is more likely that there will be new discoveries or new abilities.
However, there is a high probability that this discovery may be the general auxiliary ability of chicken ribs.
Then the position of this new star will wave.
Although there are many positions of Xu tui nova, it can’t be a wave, just like Xu tui nova has many auxiliary abilities, but there is no wave.
Xu tui is hesitant because of this.
But what if you find something different?
After all, this kind of direct increase of one power nova to another power nova has not been found among all practitioners of Blue Star.
This may be a direct increase.
You know, at present, the increase of power nova in the nova force field to its power nova is actually an increase of force field tilt.
The increase rate is about 5%
However, if there is a direct increase, which is much more than 50%, then if this combination of increases is developed, the target ability will be greatly increased.
"Let’s give it a try. Maybe there will be new discoveries.
Even with the increase, I can afford a new star position.
However, this discovery is of great significance to the whole blue star power.
Besides, it may not be a wave … "
A decision was made in a flash.
Spirit instantly sank into the telepathic gene ability chain.
Fifteen minutes later, a new star with a heavy halo power appeared in the new star force field
This is the new star of telepathy.
Just Ningxing successfully retired and tried again.
Increase the telepathic nova to six stars halo and then telepathize.
This time, when the telepathic nova telepathically dispersed, the telepathic nova was excited again, which not only accelerated the power cycle of the Ministry, but also made great progress.
Telepathy enveloped the new star of telepathy, which seemed to be strengthened to some extent.
Xu retreat at the same time urges the telepathic nova and telepathic nova to spread in all directions.
There seems to be nothing unusual to find.
There is no malice in the place where people, including Ulla, have telepathic feedback.
However, Ulla is more wary of Xu tui, which can be felt by both telepathy and telepathy.
"It still hasn’t reached the level of causing qualitative change and continues to strengthen."
The instant retreat will once again send massive source energy directly into the body to strengthen the spiritual resonance nova.
However, after only half an hour of strengthening, the practice stopped when the new star of spiritual resonance was not strengthened to the double star halo.
Because the underground pulse source energy of asteroid 77 has been consumed by 90% and the remaining 10%, this is the lowest warning line.
More than 10% of the residual underground veins can be sent to the channel for normal operation, which still requires a lot of source crystals.
If the underground pulse force is less than 10%, then it is possible to send it to the channel and it will collapse and be difficult for the gods to save.
The promised retreat can temporarily stop practicing.
As soon as the seal of the immortal emperor of Antarctica was collected, it fell back to Xu tuiti.
The seal of the Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica stopped ingesting the earth’s pulse power, but in five minutes, the concentration of source energy in this temporary uniting hall changed from one hundred times to a barren state.
This has changed so much.
It’s like being treated like an emperor and suddenly becoming a beggar.
All members of the expeditionary force opened their eyes and looked back at Xu.
Eyes full of expectation.
In particular, it is the first time to try to cultivate Li Qingping, Wei Bin, Mei Sen, Bu Qingqiu and others in this way.
For example, Li Qingping almost broke through to the six-star star at this time.
But the source can be gone!
"The science of uniting the suspended continue to search for war, to 77 asteroid treasures in major cities search source crystal and all kinds of strategic materials.
Time limit is three hours!
Dare to be killed by rebels during the search! "Xu back to the command.
In this case, Li Qingping and others can still execute orders if they are still wanting to return.
At the same time, Xu retreated and all the increases were telepathic and then telepathic.
For an instant, all the members of the Blue Star Expeditionary Force, the Nova Force Field, presented Xu’s retreat.

"My daughter reported that she was deeply committed …" Taurus muttered to herself.

"Niu Ge what are you talking about? I have sold my clothes back, waiting for you to trade remotely! " ShenXiaoYu looked at Taurus a gawk sample some coquetry said
When Shen Yong saw this scene, his eyes seemed to flash with a strange brilliance, but he was the most clever and didn’t see anything humming a tune to log in to his game.
"Oh, good!" Taurus came to her senses. Although her heart is still rippling, her face is calm. There is no way to be a great god. There must be a great god!
This equipment can be said to be a Taurus growth booster. Without it, there would be no cash cow. Although there is some reluctance in my heart, I must give up in order to win the game and life!
Shen Xiaoyu stole a glance at Taurus after changing into a new suit. What’s the matter? He’s not handsome, but he can’t help blushing slightly.
With Shen Xiaoyu’s family background, the suitors can row from their home to the train.
It is Shen Xiaoyu who has always been proud of pursuing her. Some of the boys don’t catch a cold, but Gao Fushuai didn’t have to pick anything. Unfortunately, it is rare for a beauty to have a heart by all means.
Taurus, Taurus, can you actually make Shen Xiaoyu favor you? Is it difficult to be the first person to look at you just because of your star compass?
After Shen Xiaoyu bought the rope, he ran out of the highest land city. According to the guidance of Taurus, journey to the south ran for two hours and reached the edge of the cliff.
Everything in Jinniu sent a message to the hotel supervisor, falsely claiming that it was inconvenient for the leader to resign from other places and handle it at will.
After two rounds of chatting at the bottom of the cliff, it was a slap in the face. Almost every inch of land was trampled by Taurus. I looked at my character status display, such as:
Taurus male
Level 15 Experience 15/15
Power 5
Agile 3
Intelligence 13
Lucky 1 (this fixed value is only increased by reliable equipment) +3.
Attack power 5+137 (attack power of the sword of the brave weapon)
Defence 3+331 (highest defense suit)
Anti-injury force 35%
Sperm (blood volume) 1/1+35%
God (Magic) 2/2+5%
Qi (skill value) 1/1 (this fixed value can only be restored to 1 point per minute when the star summons special skills)
Blood-sucking 1% (each attack can convert the opponent’s damage by 1% into his own health)
I took another look at my own unique Bao Xingyun stamp, which is still gray, and the time axis shows 2h1.
Hehe, Taurus secretly smiled. The game has been less than 23 hours since now! And I’m afraid I can’t even believe yesterday that all this is from this lucky stamp!
Taurus has always had an idea that he didn’t have a chance to practice, that is, what would happen if he stamped his own compass with the lucky stamp? The star compass in his hand is different from other players. Everyone else is black, but he is golden. As the saying goes, people are as bold and productive as they are. Wait for two hours, and it will be quick.
Taurus looked at Shen Yong, who was in full swing with a group of people, and surrounded a ten-level small BOSS.
"Depend! ! Point your back! Didn’t grab it! " Shen Yong slammed the mouse.
"Female earth bat star fragments!" Shen Yong took a cigarette and rushed into Taurus. Hehe smiled and said, "Those guys in the dynasty are so arrogant that there is no end. Look, the blue suit broke out again!" Said the backpack mouse a stroke point a helmet with red awn.
Gengetsu helmet level 1 (seven pieces of Gengetsu suit can activate hidden attributes)
Defense 33
Increases God value by 2%
"They robbed me of the rest, and when I entered the city, I found an auction house to slaughter the king’s eggs!" Shen Yong said with a bad smile on his face.
Taurus looked at his compass and saw that the star slots of Tianjie Star and Dog Star were flashing slightly … Alas, there is no way to wait now!
At this moment, Shen Xiaoyu said, "I let go of the Niu Ge rope. Come on!"
Taurus is busy adjusting the screen angle, and sure enough, a gray hemp rope is attached to the cliff.
"Is the head tied firmly?" Taurus asked.
"Don’t worry, tie the tree!" Shen Xiaoyu’s voice is sweet and soft. Maybe she didn’t even realize that she seldom speaks in this tone at ordinary times.
Shen Yong was slightly surprised and took a look at Taurus, only to find that this guy is focused on climbing!
Haha, it seems that someone can finally cure my unruly sister! Shen Yong secretly happily continued to play the game. In fact, he was more worried that although Taurus promised to give him the order to build the alliance, he didn’t give it when, but he didn’t have the nerve to urge himself. He could wait for Taurus to climb the cliff and try to ask again.
Chapter 15 The highest day star god-Huang Zhen
Taurus managed to climb the cliff and looked at a black velvet. soft armor couldn’t help feeling as if he were a natural person depending on the tree jade god.
When creating characters, the game will automatically beautify the appearance and image. In the game, the jade god is a little more beautiful than Shen Xiaoyu in reality. Plus, the perfect radian is completely outlined, and Taurus looks a little dull for a while.
"Wow, the Red Devil!" Jade little god corners of the mouth with a ponder radian came up and looked at the Taurus silver plough who suit is to let Taurus with added a few minutes of power.
"Taurus, you killed so many people. Miss today will send you back to the city for good! If you are ready soon, you must admit that you are beaten and stand at attention! " Jade little god said that he had raised the sable claw gloves, and three long sharp swords flashed in cold light.
After listening to it, Jinniu really had a kind of dumbfounding feeling that he would die. He once saved his mink claw gloves and said, "Come on, Jade Girl, I promise not to fight back!" "
Jade god is really rude. He is a claw without hesitation.
One o’clock …
"No! Come again! " Jade little god looked at Taurus’s head and floated a small one. His heart was horrified and he immediately punched again.

Brother Wu Shenfeng lost!

What is this tone?
In particular, Ye Xiaochen’s heart rate collapsed at that time.
Just now, Liu Yu broke his nine waves with a single hand.
There is no psychic fluctuation, relying on the physical strength bunker.
"It’s a good thing I didn’t do it, or you would have hung up." Liu Yu grinned
He is in a good mood today, pretending not to hit anyone.
"You … what the hell are you?" Ye Xiaochen watched in horror as Liu Yu couldn’t feel the fluctuation of spiritual force from this guy’s body, and actually punctured his nine waves with his flesh?
Let’s just say that it’s still such a big hole when you fall from the sky … and it won’t die. This body is a Uber.
"I’m not a demon," said Liu Yu, the top leader, next to Ye Xiaochen. "How many people are there in Wushenfeng?"
Ye Xiaochen just came to my senses. Fortunately, this is not a life-and-death fight, but enrollment. This is enrollment
So he found some souls slightly and proudly said, "There are three colleges around tianyong city, and our Wushenfeng College has the largest number."
"Oh, this is good!" Liu Yu felt how high the score was when Ba came to college since ancient times.
"ah? Ok? " Ye Xiaochen felt something was wrong when he saw Liu Yu’s conspiracy.
Feelings, if he takes this person back to college, he will turn it over.
"Uh, nothing. Nothing. I haven’t asked your name yet."
"After Ye Xiaochen and Liu Yu’s younger brother, we will be classmates."
"I’ll take care of you if you have anything to do."
Ye Xiaochen wanted to rush up at that time. It was a kick. Who wanted you to cover it?
"Ahem, since you have passed the examination, this is our Wushenfeng Jade Brand. When you come here again in three days, our college will send someone to meet you."
Ye Xiaochen immediately jumped off the bird’s back and didn’t run back when he lost his jade card.
This kind of person is an uber. With Liu Yu, he feels that Chrysanthemum is particularly uncomfortable. If he fails, run quickly.
Liu Yu weighed the jade brand in his hand, and the jade was very pure. If you put this thing on the earth, you can shoot tens of billions.
After Ye Xiaochen ran, there were only a bunch of young girls left. They all looked like 19-year-old men, handsome men and charming women. At first glance, they all developed quite well.
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for installing an incredible force reward of 2 force values."
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host, the female male god will be rewarded with 5 points of force."
"Ding-dong congratulations on the host’s budding reward quenching body base liquid ×1"
Can’t move a thousand!
Gee, Liu Yu’s mouth could not help laughing.
This place pretends to force him to feel special.
"Wow … this man is so handsome."
In private, there are many girls talking about it. The girl with a reddish face is eager to move, MengMeng.
"Ding-dong, someone secretly said behind your back that you are handsome and rewarded with 4 pack force values."
"Ha ha" Liu Yu corrected a posture.
I am destined to pretend that the world is so big that I can pretend to be a Potter even by my face!
At this time, it suddenly ran away, and Ye Xiaochen turned back. It was very cool to ride that huge goshawk hovering high and high.
"That what ….." Ye Xiaochen eyes to face everywhere.
Then he saw Liu Yu take out five jade cards from his pocket and throw them directly. "Please ask Brother Liu Yu to help recruit some students."
"Me?" Liu Yu caught these five jade cards and looked at the sky with a stupid face. Ye Xiaochen was lazy and didn’t take this, did he?
How the fuck do I know how to do it? Believe it or not, I gave the jade card to a pig.
"For me, it’s no ordinary person to see Liu Yu’s younger brother’s fine bones and extraordinary looks … just give it to anyone." Ye Xiaochen explained a wave and then turned around and disappeared.
"I see who is cool to whom?"
Liu Yu wait for a while looked at the jade brand in his hand. This Wu Shenfeng can’t be. Is it Pheasant College?
"This …"
Even the big shots who presided over Yaochi have forced them to look 70 years old. The allocation of freshmen every three years is for them to do this year. First came Wu Shenfeng, such a transcendent thing, and then came a day later.
Who can explain?
Liu Yu glanced at the thousands of teenagers, and he had five jade cards in his hand.
Throw it at random. Who grabs it and who wants it?
The golden cotton swab said congratulations, congratulations, huh ~ ~ ~ Then who? Oh, yes, congratulations, let’s become the first master in the fan list.
Chapter 514 Go to the peak of life and get a virgin daughter-in-law!
"Ahem!" Liu Yuqing has cleared his throat and hasn’t spoken yet. Some parents around here can’t sit still and quickly lean forward.
"Liu’s adult, my son’s strength is now as fast as a tiger. Can you give me a jade card to go to Wushenfeng to practice and go to the peak of my life?"
This is a kind of tiger-backed, wild and savage man who looks particularly strong and wears animal skins.
With a fierce murderous look, it seems that there is no less dealing with blood.
"Well, take it."
Liu Yu regardless of all routines jade brand is thrown out.
"Thank you so much, Liu Daren!"
The strong man was so happy that he was so clever that he jumped out first!
He put the jade card in the hands of a chubby chubby little man. "Ha, ha, ha, little man, after you take it, you can cultivate the future of Wushenfeng and get a holy virgin daughter-in-law back for the old man."
Meat toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot a face of jade cards. "Don’t worry, Dad, when you get stronger, you must get a virgin daughter-in-law back."
Next to everyone, there is a black line all over his face. He is still a child, okay?
Is this a father’s failure to teach?
Liu Yu’s expression was wonderful at that time. It was really good to have ideals, ambitions and ambitions! This old man should pack to force with him.
With both he waved to the meat doodle chubby recruit "small pretty you come here"
The big fellow laughed and then pushed Xiaodong Man forward. "Go and then mix with Liu Daren."
He always feels that his son’s mixing with Liu Yu will be very popular!
"It’s Daddy"
Xiaodongman came to Liu Yu’s side, wrapped in yellow skins and covered with meat. There was a simple and honest smile on his face. "Hello, Brother Liu, my name is Dongman."
The words were followed by a perfect bow
"Good. Lautz appreciates you very much. Sit behind me."
Then many parents made a sensation. Why can the old beast ask for such an initiative? I should be able to get one myself.
"Liu’s adult, this is my child, Liu Mang, who has a flexible brain when he is young. He also needs a jade card to enter Wushenfeng and go to the peak of his life!"
"Nani? Rogue? " Liu Yu’s spirit came at that time, and he was not serious when he heard the name, so he put on a pretentious smile and said, "Well, it’s good, especially if I take this name. Lautz, you need such talents when you turn around."

Su Li took her along the direction of this light beam and rushed away in the distance.

Big face and a pair of slender back, bald head is quite funny.
Su Li’s mind was always on guard against the disappearing crown giant.
The crown giant method was summoned against the altar, but it was really scary that it took advantage of the situation and fled to nowhere. This situation of being sacrificed by the altar and being attacked by the big hand in the sky was unprecedented
"The power of the monster summoned by the altar is estimated by the current method to be far more advanced than that of the crown giant …"
Su Li secretly speculated that the crown giant and the altar summoned strength while running towards the distance.
Before, he was not strong enough. I can’t see that now he is a Chinese holy war, and his vision is different.
After living for thousands of years, the top god is called the quasi-generation god, which is stronger than the top god, and that is the real generation of the peak god.
At present, the crown giant and the altar summoned are even more afraid than the quasi-generation god, and Su Li doesn’t know exactly what level they have reached
This piece of broken land is full of cracks. If it weren’t for the stone tablets and symbols guiding the direction, Su Li felt that it would be lost here, let alone looking for the roots of that magnificent building.
After about half an hour, I don’t know how far running all the way has traveled. Finally, Su Li saw the magnificent building, a blue palace.
Giant face suddenly jumped up with excitement, bouncing like a ball, surpassing Su Li and Xu Xuehui and rushing towards the distant palace.
Su Li can’t even see the appearance of this palace now. He can see the corner exposed in the broken front of it, but he can’t see the top. I don’t know how high the palace is, and both sides are covered by broken parts, and I don’t know the length.
Head-on is the palace gate, which is relatively normal compared with the invisible palace, about 15 meters high and 10 meters wide.
The palace is completely blue, and there is a palm-sized groove in the center of the Shimen, which coincides with the stone tablets in Xu Xuehui’s hand.
Giant face suddenly rolled and flew up before interest, and actually hit the blue Shimen.
Boom to a stone door motionless giant face croaking was bounced back.
Su Li took a look at it and shook his head, feeling that this guy’s personality was a little teasing.
He took Xu Xuehui to the front of Shimen.
Xu Xuehui jumped up and put the stone tablets in his hand into the central groove of the Shimen.
As the stone tablets are put in, a faint light immediately shines from the stone tablets, and this light spreads along the groove to all sides of the thin ditch, and the two cyan stone gates light up with a layer of white light covering the surface.
As this layer of white light appeared in the stone gate, there was a rumble, and the two blue stone gates shook and vibrated and slowly contracted to both sides.
Put it in the center, and the stone tablets will fall. Xu Xuehui reached out and caught the stone tablets. The original light on the surface of the stone tablets was dim. Obviously, it took a lot of energy to hit these two cyan stone gates.
As the stone gate shrank into the walls on both sides, Su Li saw a broken and collapsed cylinder and saw a large number of gear fragments falling into the ground, which was seriously damaged.
Hudi just flew out and the giant face bounced back. It opened its mouth with a face of excitement and rushed in toward the head-on Shimen.
Its giant face soon shrank by half and entered along the stone gate.
The giant face rushed in, and there was a loud rumble inside, and it didn’t know how many columns it knocked down and how many gears it dropped.
"How can-"
The giant face suddenly shouted, "How can it all be destroyed?"
Su Li looked at the giant face and shouted that he slowly walked in.
This is an endless gear world, and hundreds of millions of gears are simply exhausted. However, many existing gears are damaged and broken, and many gear fragments can be seen at a glance.
The giant face has shrunk a lot. These columns and gears are shuttling and making strange noises. It seems that it is shocked by the large number of gears damaged here.
Chapter 25 Awakening
Su Li took Xu Xuehui and went in.
He ignored yelling, holding Xu Xuehui’s face and flashing from all around, giant columns and those hanging pipes shuttled in and out.
Soon he took Xu Xuehui to see a huge gap in the blue ground ahead.
All those pipes extending from all directions lead to this huge gap.
Su Li put Xu Xuehui’s third eye in coordination with the ultimate sanctified eyes and constantly observed the four directions.
It’s different to enter here again.
I can see that these pipes are carrying energy, but now he can keenly capture the failure of energy transmission in these pipes.
Although this kind of exhaustion is very slow, it may take thousands of years to completely dry up.
Does it mean that the huge woman who looks like Xu Xuehui has almost exhausted energy, but has maintained the operation of hundreds of millions of gears after such a long time and finally entered a period of weakness?
Xu Xuehui silently watching seems to be crazy.
Su Li looked through the gap. Although it was the second time, she still felt shocked.
A face is as big as the sky, and it takes kilometers and tens of thousands of meters to calculate.
The darkness of the square seriously affects the line of sight. Su Li’s ultimate sanctification eyes can’t see clearly. What you can see now is a face that looks like Xu Xuehui’s face and is full of energy transmission pipes.
"Girl, let’s go and have a look?" Su Li wants to enter the party to see what happened.
Xu Xuehui’s little face showed some palpitations, and his hand pressed his heart.
"What’s the matter?" Su Li was slightly surprised. He saw that Xu Xuehui’s face was pale and his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, which seemed painful.
"His heart … is very uncomfortable …" Xu Xuehui looked up at Su Li.
Su Li reached out and gently touched her hair. "I’ll be fine soon."

But if it’s an elemental creature, it’s a little restrained by Xiao Jin

On ice, looking at Jin, who is constantly approaching himself, his face is very calm.
Although this golden monkey is interesting, it is also interesting.
It still has a huge gap with itself.
So thinking about the moon ice directly raised his hand in the direction of Xiaojin.
A large number of Xuan Bing suddenly appeared on the moon ice surface, and many snowflakes floated the day before yesterday.
Ice crystals and snowflakes fly in the field, which instantly melts the world of ice and snow.
And each of these absolute Xuan Bing contains terrorist power.
Watching this battle, the kings have compared it.
If they can’t solve these Xuan Bing problems then.
Most of the heavenly kings shook their heads after the simulation.
The answer is obvious. It’s hard for them to fight against Xuan Bing just because of the moon ice.
Because in the previous battle, Yuebing did not display his Xuan Bing once.
And her Xuan Bing has a more horrible effect besides the extremely low temperature.
That’s her, Xuan Bing, but even the force of law can be frozen!
Xuan Bing, who can freeze the law force, is suspected to be the bane of most platinum pets.
And I also know about these little gold.
Lu Yuan also showed it many times because of the moon ice battle video.
However, even knowing that Xuan Bing is powerful, Xiaojin face is still full of confidence.
This let on ice suddenly had a bad feeling.
Where does this monkey come from?
Just when this idea just came out, the moon’s pupil shrank instantly.
Because Xiao Jin disappeared from her face in a flash!
Where did you go? !
Looking at the disappearance of Xiaojinyue ice is very shocking.
Because of that moment, she didn’t perceive the fluctuation of spiritual force.
It is not a psychic skill to say that Xiaojin’s instantaneous disappearance means the root.
Suddenly, Yuebing found himself hit by a terrible hurricane on the left side of his body.
Body art konoha whirlwind!
Jin a leg whip mercilessly toward the ice in the past.
But it didn’t kick the moon in the end.
Because it almost attacked the moon ice, a Xuan Bing shield appeared next to it.
A huge collision immediately sounded in the venue.
However, after a blow missed, Xiaojin didn’t disappear instantly.
Just when Xiaojin left, several Xuan Bing spikes appeared in front of it.
These Xuan Bing spikes are intertwined, and you can imagine what the consequences would be if Xiaojinli were slower.
And after the distance between the ice and Xiaojinla that month, she finally realized what the instantaneous disappearance ability of Xiaojin was.
This is not a law or psychic skill, but a simple body technique.
There is nothing wrong with Xiaojin’s ability to disappear instantly is six-type shaving.
However, it’s not a concept to display the six forms of eye gold before shaving and making peace.
Body art The so-called body art is the art of exerting one’s potential to the extreme.
Xiaojin’s physical strength is dozens of times stronger than the gold grade.
The body-changing technique is displayed in six forms, and shaving is naturally dozens of times faster.
And because it is purely physical, it is generally difficult for opponents to predict by spiritual power dialing.
This is a very difficult ability for most extraordinary creatures.
After all, most extraordinary creatures are used to fighting with psychic powers.
It is also logical to predict the enemy’s actions through the fluctuation of the enemy’s spiritual power.
And Xiao Jin, the Ministry, relies on the way of body fighting to doubt whether it is unconventional or not.
For the first time, many opponents will not be used to it.
January ice is caught in such a disadvantage.
And Xiao Jinxian also knows what his advantage is.
After discovering that ordinary attacks can’t hurt the moon, Xiaojin also became serious.
Door Dunjia, Sixth Door, Jingmen …!
The sixth door makes Xiaojin’s physical strength rise to a horrible level again.
The breath is visible to the naked eye, the speed is rising, and the staggered energy makes Xiaojin’s body sparkle with terror.
A strong sense of oppression immediately spread in the venue.
It was originally a platinum one-star gold.
Now almost have comparable to platinum six-star pet beast physical strength.
However, this huge golden body is also running at high load.
This scene is very similar to the mechanical Tyrannosaurus rex power running kindling engine.
But Jin is a physical runaway. Tyrannosaurus rex is a mechanical runaway.
On the ice, Jin was also serious when he saw it.
If she was a little relaxed before, now she feels a lot of pressure from her childhood.
It’s hard to imagine that such pressure should be felt from a pet animal with platinum star.
Think about it carefully. Liu Yuan’s pet animals seem to have this kind of similar explosive means.
That seemingly low-ranking little white cat has the ability to summon purple giants.
The silvery white toad also has the ability to incarnate the golden monster.

Some well-known sacred places of the scorpion clan and the snake clan are ready for sacrifice.

They must protect the residents’ arrogance!
Su Yu’s cold eyes flashed through his right hand and inched forward. "Those who commit my yanhuang will kill me!"
This time, he didn’t make moves, but handed over these aliens to the Chinese Tianjiao.
His voice fell nine times, and he jumped out from behind and killed the three clansmen.
Except for Guo Min taking care of Wang Chuan’s accident, the remaining nine Tianjiao all made moves!
Shen Liao’s mantra taught them how to exert their strength, which forced them to defend and protect them for weeks.
I am proud of the Chinese people, and I can throw my head and shed my blood. Now I am armed with force!
If Guo Min hadn’t broken the anchor spell and crushed Yu Pei’s call for the emperor Wang Chuanyi’s determined protection, I’m afraid I would have fallen!
Fortunately, Brother Yi is fine. Fortunately, I arrived when Emperor Yanhuang arrived.
Otherwise, even if I kill all the aliens, I won’t be able to change back to Wang Chuanyi, the top tianjiao of Yanhuang!
The emperor has ordered me to kill those who are Chinese!
Yan Huang Tianjiao’s hatred for foreigners has been oppressed for a long time
They took out Lingbao eyes and rushed to the enemy with terrible murder!
Wang Chuanyi selected Yan Huang Tianjiao, each of whom is an enemy and two strong players.
They launched a one-sided massacre as if they were in a human condition.
"Now participating in Liao’s death and semi-dragon must fight with the Chinese people."
"Yes, Chinese people are so unwise."
"The snakes and scorpions are not big families, but a few of the top saints belong to the equal high power."
"The Chinese people who have just attacked the Wolf clan and the Elves clan can’t stop for a moment."
"But if all my Terrans were so strong, maybe they wouldn’t have fallen into such a field."
Outside the onlookers Terran practitioners have turned into a battlefield.
They talked about how relieved Su Yu was when he appeared and how he killed Shen Liao.
After all, the Chinese people have offended many enemies, and more enemies are not good for the Chinese people.
In addition, it took thousands of years for Gu Tianjiao to cultivate the Uber genius, and the top Tianjiao is even more precious!
This is enough to make the semi-dragon and Chinese people immortal!
Killing Gu Tianjiao and Shen Liao doesn’t count. He also killed the scorpion and snake saints!
Now it’s killing three ethnic groups!
Slaughtered the tenth star domain. How could Sue kill God and put a mere three clansmen in her eyes?
However, there are also many Terran practitioners who appreciate Su Yu’s toughness because the Terran status is too low. They have practiced for thousands of years and can see oppressed people everywhere.
The pressure of the Chinese Tianjiao and the cooperation of Qi Xin in the semi-dragon sacred land always tore a small plane, allowing a kin Tianjiao to escape the pursuit of the Chinese Tianjiao smoothly.
After the Tianjiao escaped, the half dragons’ murder soared, and they fought back against the Tianjiao of Yanhuang.
They looked at Su Yu with a triumphant smile on their lips.
If the half dragon knows the news of Gu Tianjiao, it will be furious.
At that time, hundreds of millions of people in the Chinese Empire will accept ethnic anger!
However, Su Yu didn’t have the arrogance to leave, and she even looked like a shoo-in.
What, he makes such a face?
"A half dragon escaped!"
"Yanhuang Tianjiao can’t stop the same level even if he wants to kill people."
"If you didn’t kill God, you would have killed someone if you wanted to stop him."
"You mean that the first saint of Xinghai deliberately let people go?"
Terrans can’t help but feel surprised when they see that half dragon Tianjiao has escaped.

Where is the other person’s shelter?

Lin Yue was preparing to continue to watch the video of the second place when suddenly I saw someone else’s comments in the video, which kept saying that Du Ping fell from the second place to the fourth place.
Du Ping Lin Yue has a deep memory, and he has also been paying attention to it.
And it’s not a trivial matter to fall from second place to fourth place.
Especially knowing that the grading system seems to have been graded since the disaster last night, and it was even more strange after the deadline in Lin Yue.
This gave him an idea. Is Du Ping in charge of points?
Because the top three will be filmed in short videos and don’t want others to know what is in their shelter, Du Ping controls his score …
Is this possible?
Lin Yue thinks more and more wrong.
If it is true, then Du Ping …
This man should be careful in the future.
Keep looking at the second video.
It’s also not long, but the information is quite large
Second place, this person can be seen from the video that he should be a good carpenter and a rather powerful hunter. At the same time, he can make a fireplace out of stone to keep warm.
Even this is all done by one person.
It can be seen that this person is capable.
Lin Yue carefully examined the various arrangements in this family and had some disputes in his heart.
Later, if this person wants to buy water to drink, he can take the opportunity to get some carpentry designs to add something to this shelter.
So …
Lin Yue sent a private letter.
This is what he can’t see.
After all, every time I read it, it’s 9999. Most of this information is rubbish and I can’t read it.
But at the moment, Lin Yue feels that it is not impossible to find a business opportunity
Especially when he has become a celebrity in this group.
Chapter 4 Self-strategy is OK
Before you know it, it’s getting dark again
As if it will never stop, blizzard has a shelter that seems to never be submerged by snow.
Two thick white smoke from two black chimneys also made this iron shelter warmer.
Part of the shelter is 4 square meters, and it is almost occupied by two huge fireplaces with a lot of firewood.
A woman dressed in toilet hit one fireplace, put a pile of firewood in it, checked the other fireplace to make sure there was no problem, and then hurried to the entrance of the central room of the house.
For 32 square meters in the room at this time there are seven people are doing things.
"There’s nothing wrong with the bass oven?" After seeing a woman coming, she was cutting a branch with a short knife. The glasses man looked up and asked 1.
"No, no," the woman nodded nervously. "I’ve filled in the firewood and I can burn it for almost five hours, temporarily, temporarily …"
See glasses man frowned, Beth hurriedly went to a layer of inspection.
At this time, Dahu, who had been making wooden boards next to him, came over and patted the glasses man on the shoulder. "Does Du want to be the first small shelter again?"
Du Ping smiled gently. "There’s a lot to study, isn’t there? Eliot "
"I don’t deny this, Du. I’ve always had a question. Instead of fighting for the first place in this group, we should change our plans halfway to the fourth place?"
"Eliot, you this statement is very strange, isn’t it enough? Du didn’t want us to expose our strength. There were so many ways to reduce the score … Although in the end, and the third place, that silly big guy was 2 points short, it was really thrilling. "The red-haired woman sat next to Du Ping and leaned closely.
"There’s nothing wrong with exposing our strength. Isn’t it just right for us to recruit more people to work?" Eliot spread his hand. "It’s no good hiding our strength?"
Du Ping pushed his glasses and glared at Teresa. "Fight for the first place? Do you think I haven’t counted? None of us in the shelter can do it together. Lin Yue is better than this! If you really go to the second place, you will be humiliated. If you are the first, it will be even more humiliating. "
"ah? Is that so? " Teresa is incredible. "I watched that video, too. It seems that it’s no big deal. Will our scores be insufficient?"
Du Ping pointed to the bucket with several liters of water. "We are all out of the box. What can we compare with Lin Yue for? What do we eat when he eats barbecue and instant noodles? He has plenty of food and water to keep a pet! Did you see a lot of things piled up in that basement or did Lin Yue put away a lot of back! "
Teresa and Eliot looked at each other.
Indeed, they have a reasonable division of labor every day, and go out every day to cut down trees, find minerals, chisel stones and hunt. Although they have worked hard, they still have few resources.
And the crisis of extreme water shortage is also limited to expand before this huge number of people.
Because of this, they have to exchange some things or things that are temporarily unavailable with Lin Yue for a small amount of water to maintain.
This also forced them to go to something better and exchange water with Lin Yue.
But the chances of killing mutant creatures to get the treasure chest are too low. Finally, they can explore the secret realm and find something special in it.
Now that the snowstorm is coming, the secret land is blocked, and it is impossible for them to exchange something good for water. Even Lin Yue, the most valuable bicycle design, bargained for two liters of water and replaced it.
"In another day, there will be many more people in this shelter, and then they will no longer look at Lin Yue’s face and beg him for water." Du Ping took off his glasses and took a deep breath. "We will go to the top of the standings once! Then let this group know who is the real king! "
At the same time, another "tiankeng"
Lin Yue is lying on the bed with the word "Lu", and Xiao Bai and Bergcock Brown are bargaining sentence by sentence.
Instead of adding these two people to his friends, he started a temporary conversation with them.
Who would have thought that he hadn’t come to attack them yet? The two brothers just delivered the door themselves.
Naturally, they all come to ask for water and sell it. Lin Yue, a profiteer, won’t let them lose their skin.
Berger has quite a lot of skins, but Lin Yue thinks it is his iron shelter design; Kirk Brown, an old carpenter, Lin Yue wants to make all kinds of wooden design drawings.
What is the most taboo in business?
People know your cards.
Lin Yue? There is no card or the card is almost limited. What about those two?
Take what you need and what’s left is the ultimate pull

"I look forward to your performance."

The figure in Demogorgon’s mind also goes with it.
And [Demogorgon] looked at his boss’s famous [Demogorgon] inexplicably knelt on his knees and knocked on his head, and even learned to bark on his stomach, and he gasped.
However, the law can explain what magical event just happened.
after that
Don’t wait for their reaction.
After the dog called [Demogorgon] leng leng, his expression ushered in a new change.
Extraordinary complex changes
Unexplained change
It is hard for human beings to imagine that all kinds of emotions are gathered in the middle.
Like grief, like despair and like joy …
That’s a rather abstract expression.
Sadly, I dare not show it, but dare to show my happy expression for my master. [Demogorgon] has already realized the high meaning of acting.
Even if the best actor comes, he will never perform such a complicated expression.
Even his hands are a little inexplicable after watching it.
I feel sad from my heart as if I were experiencing human suffering!
Then I saw Demogorgon crying with a smile.
Laughing excessively and crying sadly _ _
The hearer is sad, the listener is crying, and the whole palace is shaking all over the salt marsh.
The huge wail made the earth tremble, divided the sky and made all the monsters cry silently.
Even the blood pole [Barlow efreet] heard his pants wet.
Although they are not very literate, they usually don’t wear pants.
Urine is the magma that affects the environment too much.
In the face of all this incredible development
"Great [demon king-Demogorgon] is really crazy? ?”
[Demogorgon] Many genera are at a loss
Besides, some people are wondering whether they want to show loyalty.
Others think it’s true. It’s a little small. Maybe they need to moisten themselves …
Sad interest retreated to the door …
before long
Howl finished [Demogorgon] finally raised his head.
The sprawling huge deformed body also slowly got up.
Two skulls
No matter whether it’s the relatively rational one or the relatively violent one, only the violent emotion of Lun Bi shows poor and fierce light at this time, and the huge pressure in his eyes is constantly overflowing from that strange body, which brings great pressure to every guy in the palace.
After swallowing saliva
One of his genera trembled and tried to speak.
"Positions …"
But in an instant
I haven’t said a few words yet
[Demogorgon] The thick long tail behind him is directly biting and smashing the strong body of the other party.
Make a number of broken meat sauce spread all over the field.
"I’m … very sad, very sad, very angry and desperate …"
In that cold tone
[Demogorgon] Words are jumping out word by word.
At the same time
His figure disappeared in situ.
Beyond imagination!
The speed is much faster than the reaction speed of the guys outside the field.
And bloody and crazy killing also directly targeted at the brutal slaughter of every guy in the field …
[Demogorgon] Never allow yourself to be seen by this group of guys in front of you. They must die!
Chapter 174 Inevitably need to face things
[Demogorgon] Is that possible to hide from Olga?

In this way, the first enemy to face is Su Yonglin and the rebels in Hebei under his command.

Zhao Shan doesn’t seem to have much fame and ability, but Su Yonglin is not simple. It is not easy to smash Yan Hong’s neighbor and his 20,000 cavalry.
Yan Hong’s neighbors are able to unify their troops, have meritorious military service and have excellent knowledge. Yan Hong Liang seems to be the leader of the new generation of young generals in Xu Guo, and such a leader was defeated with a powerful cavalry unit and a thousand heavy riders.
Now think about Wen Dunsi’s loyalty to Yue Fei. This traitor is not a joke. Maybe that’s how he really looks at Su Yonglin, and he really thinks that Su Yonglin is as threatening to Jin Ting as Yue Fei.
Yue Fei is a tough guy. Yan Hongliang knows very well.
Some secret sources have said that when Yue Fei’s Northern Expedition arrived in Fengfeng, the generals of 8 Jin Army were all ready to surrender and did not intend to resist.
A marshal-level figure with a high seniority who was crying also lost his confidence in resisting. Facing the surging army, he dared not stop his soft words and said that it was not too late to surrender when Yue Fei called.
It can be seen that Yue Fei had beaten them at that time and was not prepared to surrender. This is enough to see how powerful Yue Fei is.
Later, Yue Fei died in his own hands, and Jin Guo went to a heart attack. Only then did he finally reach a peace agreement with the Southern Song Dynasty and restore peace, and both sides were very satisfied.
After so many years, there will be no more people like Yue Fei. As a result, where did this Su Yonglin come from?
What’s so powerful?
He can’t figure it out.
Twenty thousand cavalry, forty thousand war horses, strategic level strength, combined with some signing troops, even the Southern Song Dynasty could become the main force all the way. As a result, World War I was defeated and suffered heavy losses.
When I came back alive, there were more than 3,400 cavalry and more than 6,000 war horses, and the war damage was extremely huge. Jin Ting was not well off financially and was severely torn by a large piece of blood.
Those officials in charge of economic accounts couldn’t wait to rush to Yan Hong’s neighbor’s family and wring their heads. The families of the soldiers who died were also in a state of turmoil, which almost caused great chaos, relying on the Beijing army to crush them.
What a loss!
Even Yan Hongliang himself is suffering from a pain in his heart.
Jinting’s military strength suffered a great blow. A strategic cavalry force was damaged, which made Wan Yanliang unable to come up with a reliable cavalry force to attack for a while.
Unless he sent his garrison out.
But then there will be no reliable garrison around him, which won’t work.
Now we can expect the Khitans and some female soldiers in Liaodong to come quickly and gather into a huge strategic force.
He will wipe out the rebels in Hebei and Shandong with such an army and then seal the forward base to attack south.
At this time, the Chinese army should also be prepared to enter the Southern Song Dynasty from the direction of Sichuan and violently attack Sichuan. Song Jun forces will try to attack the flank of the Southern Song Dynasty with Sichuan downstream.
In this way, the strategic detour was completed, and the Southern Song Dynasty was completely defeated to complete the unification of heaven and earth.
That’s simply wonderful
Yan Hongliang imagined such a future and suddenly felt in a good mood.
But returning to reality, he felt that even dealing with this Su Yonglin was not an easy thing.
This guy has a powerful and elite army, but he can confront the strongest part of the 8 Jin Army …
So Yan Hongliang feels that there is still some truth in what Wen Dunsi Zhong said, and he must not attack at will.
You have to wait until the mobilization is completed before you can crush Mount Tai. If there are not enough people, you will crush it. If you are defeated, it will be really dangerous.
Whether you can keep it is a huge problem 3.
Refueling tactics won’t work, nor will a small number of troops. We must wait until the mobilization is completed.
Wan Yanliang decided to temporarily take a defensive position against Su Yonglin in Hebei Province, not taking the initiative to attack, and not allowing frontline generals to attack at will.
So he made the female real soldiers of the mobilization department of Yizhou, Suizhou, Ansu, Xiongzhou, Bazhou and Qingzhou and signed troops of all ethnic groups to form an army to enter the wartime state.
The military resources and soldiers of the six States are under the unified dispatch of the Privy Council, which establishes a joint defense body to ensure that none of the six States will be broken through.
He wants to establish a line of defense in the six States around Zhongdu to protect Zhongdu Army and stop Guangfu Army North Road before the formal mobilization is completed.
However, it is absolutely forbidden for an army to take the initiative. No matter what the Guangfu Army has done, it is forbidden to take the initiative.
Moreover, the weapons should be kept in a formal attack order. Before the arrival, women real soldiers can have weapons, and the rest of the nationalities can’t have weapons and can do chores.
Tang Jieshi Lieliang and Tang Jiefu are in charge of this matter, but if they are negligent, Yan Hongliang will definitely blame them.
Therefore, Shi Lieliang and his servant scattered suddenly and worried about the mobilization order, but at the same time they had to worry about the six-state defense line.
The two simply divide their work, and Shi Lieliang is more familiar with administration and logistics, so they are responsible for the mobilization order.
I am more familiar with the former Hebei war, so I am responsible for the six-state defense line.
Jin Ting’s move did not escape Su Yonglin’s intelligence forces. The intelligence forces quickly informed Su Yonglin of the news that six northern States were mobilized, fortified and defended.
Chapter 264 Extremely adapted
Su Yonglin is not surprised that Yan Hongliang adopts defensive tactics.
If Yan Hongliang immediately sent troops to attack him again, he would feel strange instead.
Twenty thousand cavalry have been dried up, and Yan Hongliang is not an idiot no matter how grumpy he is. He will definitely not refuel, and the tactics will not be delivered one by one like a gourd doll to save grandpa. He will definitely join the army and call again.
The mobilization order will take quite a long time, amounting to hundreds of thousands, which is definitely not easy to solve.
It takes at least half a year to mobilize the army to launch a national war with a scale of 100 thousand people.
In order to formally launch an attack, in addition to logistics materials preparation, there are also attack route planning and materials delivery before.
The so-called three armed forces have not moved grain and grass first, and the grain and grass will be dispatched before the main force of the army is dispatched. As the army’s forward route continues to extend, it is required to pass through the grain stores designated by the state governments along the way, which can slightly reduce some logistics consumption.
One hundred thousand soldiers need more civilian workers and mules and horses to help transport grain, otherwise they will not be able to meet the needs of the army.
It will take another month or two to prepare diligently, otherwise once the logistics of the army goes wrong, the army will be at risk of collapse, let alone fighting and marching into the road.
Now it is not easy for Xu Jin Guo to mobilize him once. Once this mobilization fails, he will not want the whole Central Plains, but he can go back to his hometown in Liaodong directly.
Su Yonglin can clap breast to say this.
No matter how fast Yan Hongliang wants to launch a strategic attack, it will be this autumn and winter.
It is better to wait until the weather is colder and the main rivers in the north are frozen, so it is more convenient for the strategic attack of 8 Jin Army.
Of course, Wan Yanliang didn’t take the initiative to attack, which is why Su Yonglin wanted to see his fighting capacity restored by relying mainly on winning the victory, which was seriously damaged in the short term.
Even though a large number of wounded soldiers have returned from injury for more than a month, the combat effectiveness of the Victory Army has been restored to a good opportunity, but as far as Su Yonglin is concerned, the combat effectiveness of the Victory Army has been restored before the war.
If you come for another month or two, the fighting capacity of the victorious army will definitely exceed that before the war.
With the increase in the number of troops, the army has become more professional and more fighting will and self-confident.
The defeat of 8 Jin Army cavalry in World War I directly cleared the soldiers of Victory Army of their fears about 8 Jin Army cavalry, especially armored heavy riding. The victory of World War I completely made them no longer afraid of cavalry and heavy riding.
Su Yong and Xin Qiji, two fighting heroes who defeated the heavy riding and turned the tide, led the troops and were widely respected in the Guangfu Army.
Therefore, Su Yonglin established the system of war honours and the title of three-level combat hero after the war.
Each level has a definite award standard, which stipulates that those who have won the title of combat hero will be given priority to the opportunity to be selected, and their families will also receive more generous treatment from their families.
Su Yong, the soldiers who resisted the fierce impact of Tiefu and the Red Axe Battalion led by Xin Qiji were the first soldiers to be commended.
They stopped the Jin army from attacking the Tiefu, and their fighting spirit was not afraid of sacrifice, which turned the situation around and inspired the army’s fighting will.
All these soldiers who fought against the iron pagoda head-on, or died or lived were awarded first, second or third class fighting heroes respectively, and their families will also be properly taken care of.
If the uprising is to last for a day, we will never forget these war heroes and their families.
After the war, Su Yonglin also repaired the Monument to Heroes and the Hall of Martyrs outside the county seat.
He led the soldiers to send the memorial tablets of the dead soldiers to the Martyrs’ Hall to show their respect and eternal commemoration.
Their fighting and heroic fear made the Victory Army clear away their fear of the Jin Army, and they would never feel fear again. They would hate those Jin Soldiers and never want to take revenge on their comrades-in-arms when they defeated them.
Xin Qiji got Su Yonglin’s permission to expand the Red Axe Camp from 300 to 1,000 people, and he kept training and waited for a larger strategic decisive battle.
Xin Qiji is full of blood now. Every day, he fights hard with the soldiers to exercise his muscles, thinking that he will fight to the death with more real armor.
His body is getting stronger and stronger, and he eats more and more meat. His whole body is as strong as a sculpture, and his abdominal muscles have already taken shape.
And the whole Red Axe Camp is as fierce and muscular as him. Every day, in addition to military technical training, Su Yonglin specially approved a large number of horse meat and chicken to supplement them. protein is looking forward to their victory again.
Su Yong was injured by the command of the Huben Battalion, but he hasn’t returned to the team. The deputy commanders Ding Siyuan and Geng Xingwen respectively commanded the expansion and training.
After the original war, there were less than 2,000 people left, and the samurai camp quickly recovered to the establishment of 5,000 people. Although the number of people has increased and the number of horses has increased, the combat effectiveness may not be enhanced, and the training is still very heavy.

A purple official in the forefront came out.

"Qi Taitai thing if it’s really a plan that the king of Qi is going to blackmail the court. If I follow his mind, wouldn’t I be bullied? The seven kings may not really dare to be tough instead of compromising this time. "
"If the seven vassals really want to do the opposite?"
Some people questioned
"The imperial court can now enter and cannot retreat!"
Courtiers with different views quarreled.
"Zhao is wrong, you said"
The empress dowager empress calmed down the dispute.
Many courtiers looked at the handsome man before leaving with different eyes, and they knew that the ten-year-old Zhao Xiaogong had such a blessing as soon as possible when he came to see the queen mother reprimanding punishments Shang.
"I see that it is absolutely impossible to cede territory."
Zhao said the wrong words carefully
"Cut five cities today and ten cities every day, and you will die."
"That makes sense!"
The old official who just advocated taking tough measures against the Seven Kings nodded with a smile.
"But if the seven kings really fight against our own people, I’m afraid we’ll die in the end."
The punishments still say that it’s just a change of dynasty to kill the country, but it’s not a death to let the demon court occupy the land where the Terran has been born for generations.
"The palace has made up its mind."
Gao Dayu queen mother suddenly said.
"Please ask the empress dowager to be arbitrary!"
The courtiers immediately went to the palace in a uniform way, according to the queen mother’s centralized statement. Can they discuss or not?
"Six departments are still listening to the order to prepare for the trip today. The Palace will make a southern tour!"
"This …"
Full Chao Wenwu froze in hindsight, and someone immediately jumped out according to the queen mother’s intention.
"Empress can’t risk herself. If the seven kings do, they will seize Jiangnan. If anything goes wrong, it will be over!"
"Jiangnan Jiangbei Mansion is an important place for the imperial court to collect money, food and taxes. Once it falls, the consequences will be unimaginable. This move will not only shock the kings, but also clear up the malpractice of the two places, strengthen the dangerous city and defend the city. You don’t have to persuade them again."
Empress Dowager said slowly that courtiers dare not say more because the terrain of Jiangnan House is really dangerous.
The king of qi can seal the country near the two rivers
This side of the couch has let the tiger sleep for hundreds of years.
"When you leave Beijing after the Palace Year, the ministers of the Privy Council will assist the emperor in supervising the country. Do you have any suggestions?"
There is no objection to her words, and no one will recognize that the queen mother left Beijing, so the emperor will have a chance to regain the political cause. The Privy Council is the devil wears Prada who formed a small court of cronies after dissolving the cabinet that year.
"Draw up another purport"
As the queen mother said, a Tang envoy sitting in the gallery immediately picked up a pen.
"Order the Governor of Jiangnan, Zheng Guogong and Zhao Gan, and the Governor of Liangjiang, the Ministry of Military Affairs, to control the armies of Jiangnan and Jiangbei."
As soon as this order appeared, the civil and military ministers were numb and felt that the Zhao family was worthy of being defeated for 400 years, and this generation was even more burdened by the father.
The Governor of Liangjiang is one of the top ten government officials in Dayu! It is also given special soldiers, which shows that the Zhao family is deeply trusted by the Queen Mother.
This imperial decree directly turned Zheng Guogong into the "king of the south of the Yangtze River" who mastered the military and political affairs of the two governments.
I didn’t say that my father was relegated to Jiangnan because he was restless, did I?’
Zhao wrong increasingly feel the devil wears Prada unfathomable.
"Do you have anything to play?"
Big danger queen mother continued