On that day, Li Yan’s skill was absolutely enough to directly push the big fellow prime minister to a desperate situation. Now, this wise prime minister has a beast roaring in his heart, and it is possible to break free from the cage at any time.

After a short pause, Chunyukang and his men walked along the predetermined route again.
Time passed quickly, and another month passed unconsciously.
This month, Li Yan and Yingzhou army have entered the Tang Dynasty, but during this period, he encountered too many magical things. Three days after the initial split, he met a magical thing to build a city with 500,000 magical things in it, and there were hundreds of thousands of magical things in the army.
Because of oneself and others, the city was suddenly flattened without much cost.
However, seven days later, a more magnificent city appeared. In the eyes, it was the city where the chief of the Tang Dynasty lived. However, it has now been replaced by magic. The number of magic here is even greater, with a total of one million magic troops of 200,000.
However, the number of Li Yan still has an advantage, and the avatar in his own field still won the battle easily, but the army also suffered losses for the first time, and nearly a thousand monks died
After this time, Li Yan became more vigilant, but the vigilance was not because he and others took the initiative to fight or fight.
The third time was that Li Yan and others touched an army of magic weapons twenty days later. Obviously, once the news that they and others destroyed the magic weapons went out, the magic weapons had been reflected and organized to fight back.
Well, the number of this army is not far off the mark, and 500 thousand is still within the range of ourselves and others
With the end of a great war, Li Yan won again with his four satraps, but the army also paid more than 16 thousand monks’ lives. All this was because of him. If it were less, the golden flame covering 100 thousand miles would lose less than 200 thousand this time. You know, the strength of the magic army is not weaker than the big fellow’s troops
The battlefield really doesn’t play tricks, and the loss of each other should be half-to-half. Even if the monks have weapons and armor in their hands, they have to pay half of the enemy’s losses.
Li Yan Yingzhou’s army, besides, the monks who divided the army did not say anything more, and the losses were definitely heavier than him.
Then ten days later, he took the army to destroy several monster cities and stopped in a mountain range to rest.
Li Yan sat on a butted face with a hint of fatigue, and the mighty armor was also dyed. I don’t know what color blood was, and a scent of blood and ShaQi filled it as if it had rushed out of the sea of blood in Shishan not long ago.
"Where is the current army?"
A soldier next to him said, "General Hui has arrived in Dongchuan County, and two more counties will lead to the original capital of Datang."
"It seems that the March is quite fast, and it’s almost the capital of Datang in a month." Li Yan said that although the words were easy, his tone was full of dignity.
Because everyone knows all the way, it seems that the more you go to Beijing, the more magic things you encounter. Although all the magic things are wiped out, there are 50 magic handsome men in that army. If there are not more powerful people here, the losses will definitely be more than 10 thousand.
"If you can’t go like this, there will be more and more magic troops. Maybe it will be a million. The big magic commander will also reach one hundred, and even more troops will have to overtake us and wait twice as long. If we are ready for war, our department will be here." Embroidered bamboo came over and said at this time
Li Yan smiled lightly. "I’m not worried about a million troops. I’m worried about whether there will be a God near the capital of Datang. A monk named Ying from the royal family of Daqin gave me a map. There is a county called Ximu County near the capital of Datang. We have to go there if we want to go to the capital."
"What now?" Embroidered bamboo asked
Li Yan said, "keep walking, the army will not lose much. We still have 400 thousand troops. Don’t just turn around and leave?" Is there any news of his four-way army? "
"No, they lost their news ten days ago, but according to inference, they should also be about two or three counties away from Beijing. It is hard to say whether they can meet in Beijing at last." Yuan Fang sighed with emotion and then he picked up the jars around Li Yan and gulped them up.
Li Yan gave him a strange look. "This is the last few jars of wine in my ring, and I’m going to seal them up and put them back later." He had prepared a lot of wine before he came, but it was not enough to share some with others besides drinking it himself.
He now realizes that he has some regrets and should fill up the department of things.
But then Xiaoru whispered, "Handmaiden, there are still many children-in-law here. If they are not enough, you can ask them for it." She knew that children-in-law are excellent and have no shortcomings, but they like to drink and get drunk when they are happy. She always intends to keep some for future use.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and thirty-seven War breath
"Ha-ha, it’s all your own things. Don’t be so stingy. I’ll pay you back a few hundred altars after razing the monster city." Yuan Fang didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He continued to gulp down "I didn’t expect to be able to take the army to fight in the sky in the end. Isn’t it a little poetic for you? Don’t you write two sentences at this time?"
As soon as his words were finished, embroidered bamboo and Xiaoru looked forward to looking at Li Yan.
There’s no woman who doesn’t want her man to be brilliant in literature and capable of writing and martial arts.
Li Yan got up at this time and looked at the mountains and rivers in Wan Li in the distance. "I thought that Jin Ge iron horse swallowed Wan Li like a tiger," but he frowned when he was about to read it.
"A good word swallowed Wan Li like a tiger" Yuan Fang clapped his hands and smiled "I told you you were the first scholar. If you go to be a student, I will see that those princesses in Datang are not allowed to tie you home to be a son-in-law."
Embroidered bamboo and Xiaoru’s beautiful eyes are flashing with obsession. They are all literate people, and they can’t taste this poem. Although there is a short sentence, it is full of heroic feelings.
"There is a situation." Li Yanshen said that his field never recovered for a moment, and he felt a momentum that was slowly rising. The momentum was formed by the gathering of several magical things, just like the gathering of troops. The momentum was so great that it exceeded 400,000 troops on his side.
"What’s the situation? Won’t have a magic army again? "Yuan Fang asked quickly with a mouthful of wine.
Li Yan said, "It’s almost not the first time to meet an army. This feeling can’t be wrong, and the momentum of gathering the army has surpassed us in just a moment and is increasing."
"No, more than us again? Didn’t you just destroy the 500 thousand magic army the other day? " Yuan Fang got a fright.
Li Yan replied, "This time, the number is more. Go and command to prepare."
"Really want to fight?" Embroidered bamboo face with a hint of concern
Li Yan said, "If you don’t fight, you can just gather the army. We won’t fight now. When their army is finished, it must be us. They have just joined the army and should not have assigned a commander yet. We have a good chance to beat them off guard."
"I know that I’m going to prepare." Embroidered bamboo hesitated and soon left Yuan Fang’s side, and several generals also turned to leave the army.
"Are the children all right?" asked Xiaoru with a complicated face.
Li Yan looked at the distance and said, "This world war I is more determined than before. If we can’t lose, we will be wiped out."
"We will win if we have children," said Xiaoru with a face of conviction.
Li Yan ha ha smiled and slapped the girl’s ass through the armor. It didn’t feel good. "It’s good to say that I will win this battle." When I said this, I felt a strong self-confidence. If the coach doesn’t have self-confidence, then I can win with the army.
Small shavings charming body a shock gently hum beautiful eyes suffused with colchicine beautiful and charming looking at the children seems to have no shi children for a while …
Li Yan was in a good mood when he saw that the servant girl was so charming. Is it true that when he molested the servant girl, he pulled out the painting halberd and drank a "white jade unicorn?"
"Hey!" Not far from the mountainside, the white jade Kirin smashed the mountain peak and rushed out.
Kirin likes to play with water, and white jade Kirin is no exception.
In the middle school, the white jade Kirin oscillated the water stain on her body and then flew to Li Yan’s side. Li Yan jumped and sat down again and flew in the middle school.
At the moment, the army is ready.
Li Yanshen said, "Xu Sheng is not allowed to lose this battle. Everyone has to die, including me. However, the magic army is not endless. After winning this battle, we will join forces with the capital of Datang. At that time, most of the magic weapons in Datang will be killed by us, and the plan of killing the Han emperor will be completed. Half of the big fellow can also be destroyed by Paul and other family and friends. Maybe we will die sooner or later, but not today. Maybe we will all get back to the big fellow alive, but not today because we are fighting with 400 thousand troops."

Jade Duxiu’s eyes are slightly condensed together, and the little divine light flows in her eyes, and she doesn’t know what to think.

"Now the past and the future have been cut off, and now it’s time to die if you show up in heaven and man, and it’s time to cut it out if you show up too forgetfully." Jade Duxiu thought silently in his heart
The past is a distant thing, and everything in the past has become a foregone conclusion. It is the starting point of all causes and effects and the starting point of people.
Appearing is the mapping of the past, but the cause and effect of the past cannot be changed, but now it determines the future. Looking forward to the past and communicating with the future, the past can be said to be too powerful.
The past is the original appearance, the jade is the only show, and the future flowers will bear fruit, which proves that Xiandao has achieved great things and is called Lingbao.
There was a burst of cocoon-breaking sound in the depths of the Jade Duxiu Yuan God. At first, it was not noticeable. After a while, it shook the world as if it were a Hong Zhong drum, which made people feel cleansed.
At this moment, Yu Duxiu is so forgetful that the Dharma is finally about to complete its transformation. Yu Duxiu has experienced five failures between heaven and man and is about to undergo a qualitative change when he is about to face reincarnation.
A vague shadow in the virtual space is constantly distorted and changeable. When the jade is alone in the whole body, it seems that the moment is limited, and it seems to be connected with the long river of time, which has been flowing downstream since ancient times and is irresistible.
Virtual vibration see jade Duxiu whole body that fuzzy twisted shadow after a struggle for a moment too Hui Jian mercilessly cut to virtual to a strange ring.
As if the chain were broken, for the sake of sound, the fuzzy shadow gradually formed and turned into an identical figure.
At this time, Jade Duxiu once again walked out of a figure with chaos clock’s appearance in his hand. If two or three people are together, they are triplets.
"I have seen Taoist friends before."
"Being original is too familiar with Taoist friends"
"Cut off the past, now only the future body can’t be cut off. If you can cut off the future body, you will get a great relief. Since the world is not plagued by the causal constraints of the long river," Yu Duxiu’s eyes have seen the jade brilliance flow for a moment, but they have stepped into Yu Duxiu’s body and disappeared in a short time
Jade Duxiu smiled gently. "I didn’t expect that it was so difficult to practice and show up if I wasn’t on the verge of death. I couldn’t cut off the original East China Sea deduction. It was really the right move for this move."
Jade Duxiu smiled gently. At this time, Jade Duxiu’s whole body was floating like never before. A person without the past is in the future.
It’s a pity that Jade Duxiu didn’t really go against the sky and be in the future, otherwise wouldn’t Jade Duxiu be the enemy at this time?
"Cutting the future body in the future is to condense the future into a ball, which can be called’ Lingbao’, and then it can be cut out and completely detached from the control of heaven and earth, breaking the long river of time is powerful."
Thought of this, Jade Duxiu’s face showed a little smile. "This key is always cut out, which is incredible for the big plan."
The strangest thing about the three-life body is that if you show up, you will never die. If you don’t die, you can come out and show up at any time, and you will never die.
That is to say, even without the blessing of Jade Duxiu, the enemy has not cut off the jade Duxiu who appeared in the past at the same time. These two incarnations are immortal, and even if they are beheaded, they will be instantly resurrected and re-bred.
Chapter 1112 Thought elixir
Cut out the appearance of the past, and suddenly I was in a good mood. I immediately got up and looked at the lotus pond and looked at the lotus leaves in the distance. "This undead medicine prescription has been deduced. Can you really refine the undead medicine? Does it have an immortal effect? I still need to wait for the seat to collect all the medicinal materials and then refine it in the furnace."
At this time, Jade Duxiu began to think about refining the undead medicine. If you can have the undead medicine to help you in the future, it will be a lot smoother with half the effort.
But no, the medicine of death is not so good. It is only with the thirty-six great magical powers of Taoism in the past and the nine turns of the elixir that such achievements have been made. Many ancestors and demon gods in this world have struggled for millions, but they have to say that there are huge differences between the two worlds.
"It’s also necessary to schedule the refining of medicine for death. Even if you fall into reincarnation in the future, you can have money for reincarnation." Jade Duxiu thought silently.
Just thinking about it, I heard a burst of yelling from outside. "Miao Hidetsugu will never help you do this kind of thing again. I didn’t expect that it was so small that I was so scared that I was so incontinent that I could be a monk now. In ancient times, the monk was far from it. In those days, I waited for the monster beast to fight to the death, even if it was imminent, my brow wouldn’t wrinkle. I didn’t expect that the quality of the monk today was so poor that it was really incomparable."
At this time, the man who turned to the sky didn’t complain, but he had already arrived first.
Jade Duxiu heard a smile and stepped out of the lotus pond. "It’s a real opportunity for you. If you kill that little one, you will definitely get the qualification to compete for the world. This is a chance for you. It’s outrageous that you should complain like this."
"Hum, this little worm is a common person, even if it is too arrogant, I don’t look to kill the bodhi old zu. I also want to kill the top ten tianjiao, which is not ranked in the top ten tianjiao. I’m sorry to kill the identity." A face of disdain.
Jade Duxiu heard it for a long time and then shook his head after a while. "Now that the ancestors have responded to this matter, it’s good to kill them. You are still picky."
The sky turned and sat down on the bluestone, and a pair of eyes looked at Jade Duxiu. "Why do you look a little different?"
"oh? Different? What’s the difference? " Jade Duxiu came to the front of the sky with his hands on his back.

In such an environment and situation, it is impossible for Xu Le to have an army that does not follow its own requirements, especially if this army will accept Zion progressives to send them ancient sound and multi-tech weapons.

If these people don’t obey orders, it will be very difficult to get Xu Yuegong from them.
So he must control the team and grasp it in his own hands, let alone his uncle, even if his father comes.
Xu Weiwen clearly understood what Xu Le meant. He is a veteran.
However, he did not expect that Xu Le had changed so much in just a few months.
The whole person has a strong circle, and his brow is full of self-confidence and strength. This is a gesture of a person.
In the recent period, there has been a lot of publicity in Xu Le and news of his campaign. Xu Weiwen thinks that a great man may really appear in the Xu family.
"Veteran Xu Weiwen promised to follow orders"
"Be sure to follow orders," said Xu Weiwen, a law enforcement soldier behind him.
It can be seen that although uncle Xu Weiwen has retired and it is not short, he immediately established absolute prestige after taking over this team.
This should be a manifestation of strength, right? He showed a strength when he returned to the team?
Fighters’ physique will decline with age, which fighters can’t avoid.
Xu Le remembers that Alley once had a discussion with Xu Weiwen, so how much strength does he have left in Xu Weiwen’s age?
"I’m relieved to have uncle’s guarantee, because you may not have the same weapons and equipment as you originally imagined today, and all of them are made by our Zion progressives.
And the way of fighting will change, so I hope you can understand. "
"is to ensure completion"
Xu Weiwen’s momentum is very high and there is no such thing as putting on airs, which is a good thing for Xu Le.
After a brief meeting, Xu Le took the whole team here to the equipment room with Xu Weiwen.
Although the players are curious, they all show enough quality. After all, they are all law enforcers.
When Xu Ting passed by Xu Le, he only wrote a novel.
"Brother Xu, when you run for parliament, I will definitely vote for you."
"Well, thank you." Xu Le was stunned by her, but it’s not over yet. Xu continued
"Why are you polite to me? Don’t worry, I will not only help you canvass, but also despise those who are not prepared to vote for you, such as my brother."
Xu Le was almost numb by this girl. I just wanted to educate her that Zion parliamentary election is not a rice circle culture.
But when the words came to my mouth, Xu Le suddenly stopped.
"why should I persuade a person who is ready to vote for me, cheer me on and like me? Is there something wrong with me? "
With this idea, Xu Le nodded to Xu Ting’s novel way
"Thank you, too. You must be a great fighter in the future."
"Ha, that’s a must"
Really? That’s how positive energy infects each other instead of nagging oral education
After greeting Xu Ting, they finally came to the weapons room of the light soap factory.
Because the news has been passed out, the weapon room of the once-polished soap factory has been renamed as the melting furnace science and technology equipment room.
The weapon in front of the three-person team is that they will use the standard equipment tonight.
"The ancient sound multi-disciplinary (red moon crossed out) technical gun-Aidida blade was developed by Zion progressive Dr. Aidida"
That’s right. The original weapon is a standard Lunatone concept weapon, which consists of a polymer Lunatone energy double-edged weapon and a conventional ammunition heavy pike.
Although its main projectile is a conventional projectile, it can achieve almost the same power as a warlock’s skill through the impact of Lunatone energy temporary reinforcement projectile.
This is a simple but imaginative weapon for melee fighters.

"Director, the audience received rave reviews. Weibo is crazy."

"Shh, I know. Watch and learn."
Began to succumb to excitement. It’s so competitive.
Female anchor "Dear viewers, friends are today’s news department"
Hearing this sentence, the leaders were really relaxed this time, because the program had reached the end. At this time, Su Luo followed the inscription machine with the words "Please watch the weather forecast next time" and "Goodbye for nothing". What ended up and turned to the weather forecast and it was perfect.
But when did suluo play the card word device according to the routine? I don’t have that thing in my eyes
Reading in sections 394
"We don’t have a holiday until the earth explodes.
We don’t rest until the universe restarts.
In the wind and rain, we are all waiting for you here during the festival.
We don’t have four seasons. There are two seasons. You see, it’s peak season, and if you change the channel, it’s off season.
This is a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, and a joint note.
You don’t have 4g, but you still have wifi. Your mobile phone traffic points will make me shine for the rest of your life.
Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t leave the weather forecast later. "
On-site leadership is forced
The members of the program group are dumbfounded
The audience watching the program is completely messy.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty On the correct way to type the weather forecast
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha"
"That’s awesome."
"The pit master is mighty"
"In the first paragraph of the country, 6 became a 9."
"The pit owner Li Shizhen Pi sign language teacher is stupid again. Poof, ha, ha, ha, ha."
"The sign language teacher’s face is smiling and his heart is numb."
"Sign language teacher asks for a pass"
"sign language teacher, I quit."
"Hahahaha rhymes with the madman’s pit owner crossing the road, and I won’t even help your grandmother."
"The earth doesn’t explode, we don’t have a holiday, the universe doesn’t restart, we don’t have a rest basket, and you let you show off. Oh, my God."
"There is no four seasons, no 4g pit owners are too stalked, and if you don’t tease, you will die."
"The owner of the pit is talking about the paragraph with a clear pronunciation and mellow voice, which is simply bursting."
"Pit owner, I didn’t expect you to be such a news anchor."
"I don’t think it’s funny enough to talk about the seriousness of the pit owner. Haha"
"I’m sure I’ll make a joint bet. If I can’t kill you, I’ll make a joint bet."
"That’s enough. I promise I won’t change the channel, okay? I won’t change the channel in my life. Hahahaha."
"I can’t believe I’m watching the news channel idolize."

"See? The life and death of these people will be decided by the old duke. If you let them die, there is nothing they can do to stop them. But you are so-called integrity. Are you really willing to watch them die? Is there someone you are familiar with in the old town owner? " Jiang Tai said

At this time, the people in the distance also saw the duke.
"That’s the duke!" The people looked at the old duke excitedly one by one.
"Lord, we support you. We’ll do what you say!"
"Old man, my life is that the duke saved the present and worked hard for the old city owner!"
"Wow!" A baby crying sound
Messy sound up to listen to these people sound old duke previously tough is more guilty.
"Old duke look at their simple faces. Do you have the heart to let them die? How precious is your integrity? Than the people of the city? " Jiang Tai drink asked.
Around all the soldiers at the moment is also a ugly face.
The old duke took a deep breath and showed bitterness. Surrender is disloyalty. Zhong Wuguo’s old duke was loyal all his life, but he didn’t want to commit treason in his later years.
Many of the generals have also been persuaded, and they are also looking forward to seeing the old duke at the moment.
"I, Jiang Taike, can be a master. If the East City can safely transition to Wu Guocheng, the officials will be downgraded and the generals in the city will be downgraded!" Jiang Tai said
"What?" The generals surprised way
You can still be a general yourself? Is it just a demotion? And some responsible officials in the periphery also have a bright eye.
"The old city owner gave the people a way out. Let the old city owner come down!" An official suddenly knelt down.
"Bold!" A soldier drink a way
But then the officials and soldiers around bowed down and said, "The people in the old city are koo!"
"The old city owner asks you to save the people!" A group of officials and soldiers pleaded.
The old duke looked around and knelt on the ground. He was horrified and looked at Jiang Tai.
How long has this, this, this been? Jiang Tai will all surrender? All surrendered?
"Mr. Jiang, you, you, how are you? It’s amazing!" The old duke stared at his eyes and cried in horror
"Thank you for the old city!" Jiang Tai smiled with a slight ceremony.
Jiang Taibai East City officially surrendered from then on.
"alas!" Old castellan’s bitterness shows self-effacing color.
Jiang Tai looked at the people in the city and said, "The old Lord has decided to stop here, and everything will remain the same in Gedong City. There will be no more war!"
"Lord Ying!"
"Oh, great, finally don’t fight!"
"Thank you, Old Lord!"
"My son is not worried!"
There was cheers in the city.
The owner of the old city is showing a blank color.
"Zhong Wuguo has already lost the hearts and minds of the old city owners. Have you seen it? This is the people’s hearts and minds, and the people’s hearts belong to God’s will. What do you have to regret? " Jiang tai laughed
The old duke looked at the people blankly, and the original people would be lost, but finally everyone cheered?
I was at a loss for a while before I looked at Jiang Taidao again. "Mr. Jiang is so powerful. Mr. Jiang first went into the city to seduce the people and lead them to appeal, then intercepted the distress letter and cut it off. Our hopes were dashed, and then the sword was cut off. We were determined to kidnap the people when we were dying. I waited for the official position to win people’s hearts and control people’s minds. Today I have learned a lot and turned against the city by myself!"
"God’s will is the trend of the times. I just follow the trend. Thank you for the old city!" Jiang tai laughed
Chapter 50 Ice crystal poison world
Jiang Tai surrendered to the East City. At that time, the people were surprised to see the tower Jiang Tai. Many people learned that there was no need to fight again, and there would be no more casualties. They were grateful to see Jiang Tai’s gratitude and thoughts, and their merits poured into Jiang Tai’s place.
Although it is not appreciated by all the people in the city, it is also appreciated by one tenth of the people. It is also a huge number of merits that Jiang Tai has entered the sea of rules.
The rules are massive. Shoufo looks at a golden merit cloud overhead, which covers merits and auspicious feelings. This is the merit that all Buddhist brothers gather together.
Although it is not much, there is always a process of growth.
Jiang Tai rode back to forty thousand troops.
At the moment, 40,000 troops almost looked blankly at Jiang Taiyuan, whose morale was like a rainbow, ready to fight for a fight, but as a result, the guard took ideal city alone and made all the soldiers feel sorry for him.
"I ordered to leave 3,000 troops. This must not disturb the people. I must not insult the soldiers, and I dare not listen to the military law!" Jiang tai coldly at a teenager’s way

However, whether Liu Qingyun is two different people in the world, Liu Qingyun or she still believes that this wishful thinking will come to an end, but a beautiful misunderstanding has caused today’s result.

Yu Menglan closed her eyes and her beautiful eyelashes flew in a dream. "I really didn’t expect your brother-in-law to become an immortal. If I had known, I wouldn’t be such an unfilial girl!"
"Brother-in-law is great, and you saw it!" Next to Yu Yan Xue, she encouraged her sister. "He knows magic now!"
"But I don’t want to … I don’t want to …" Yu Menglan tied several Qian Qian knots in her heart. "I’m not ready for this!"
"Besides, I’m going to drag her down before I get well!" Yu Menglan’s soft heart answered her sister’s question, "I can remember without him!" "
Yuyan snow-white Yulan’s heart, but her tears also flowed. "Sister, you are not afraid to carry all your hardships on your shoulders!"
He lifted the car curtain and shouted at the front, "Liu Qingyun can’t marry my sister without three hundred and twenty gold!"
Three hundred and twenty gold is just an episode in this trip. A man and three women walked for more than half a month. After leaving the border of Daqi, Ling Bo saw that the rain sisters were all weathered before deciding to change their ways.
He sent two carriages away in the wilderness. "I’ll take you to Biyunzong!" "
"fly?" Everyone is thinking about what kind of spirit sword flying car is in Ling Bo. When they went to Biyunzong, the water Ling Bo played a finger and turned red, and Zhu Bird appeared. "This is my spirit pet!"
Compared with the beginning, the Zhu bird has gained a circle of weight and can feel the heat she gives off from a distance. "Don’t underestimate me, the Zhu bird’s ordinary gas refining brother, who is no match!"
Zhu bird rested for more than half a month, and after a series of beautiful songs, she entered Liu Qingyun’s ear. The rain sisters over there were curious and afraid of such a big bird.
"Go! We can go to Biyunzong in two days! "
"Two days? Two days? " Yu Menglan said, "Didn’t you say there are still four or five thousand miles?"
"Yes, this is a rest!" Water Ling Bo questioned that "you might as well have never heard of Zhu bird, a god bird …"
Yu Menglan didn’t answer positively, "Then let’s go!"
This Zhu bird’s wingspan is more than three feet wide, and riding four people doesn’t seem to be crowded with water. Ling Bo rain, geese and snow, Liu Qingyun, can still look at the rain, Menglan finally jumped off the bird’s back. "Menglan be careful …"
Water Ling Bo stared his one eye back behind the rain, geese, snow and fire, but also poured oil on his waist. The whole person stuck his back. "Sister sticks to me …"
There are beauties before and after, and finally, there is a first love object of her own who smells fragrance. Is this called Liu Qingyun’s enjoyment?
Water Ling Bo glanced back. "Ring me tight!"
She patted Zhuniao Zhuniao, and it was already a moment when a strong wind was coming. Liuqingyun tightly encircled the water. A pair of beauties behind Ling Bo’s waist had already issued a burst of exclamations.
Looking down, I feel that the mountains and rivers are soaring higher and higher, and the mountains and rivers are getting smaller and smaller. A pair of beautiful women behind Liu Qingyun’s eyes are constantly encircling Liu Qingyun. Listening to her, she exclaimed that even though there is a wild goose and snow, he has never been so close to Yu Menglan.
Zhuniao flies higher and higher, and the mountains and rivers fly higher and higher, and the cold wind gets stronger and stronger. He unconsciously runs the tunnel emperor’s tactic, and the innate spiritual force turns a little warmth. The rain sisters thought the wind was biting, but now they feel that the spring breeze is coming from the east and consciously hugging Liu Qingyun.
Hugging the water tightly, Liu Qingyun, a small waist of Ling Bo, felt that there were many flaws, but he heard the water in Ling Bo cloud saying, "This Zhu bird has been with me for seven years. Do you think it’s okay if I give you?"
"Send me?" LiuQingYun didn’t react at the moment "water girl didn’t you have a pet instead of walking …"
"So what!" Water Ling Bo smiled like a silver bell for a while. "When I get into an elixir of heaven, I can’t go anywhere, and I need a pet instead of walking!"
"Besides, if I don’t give you a proud pet, how can I show my friendship for you!"
Rain’s sisters bite their silver teeth and know that water Ling Bo’s words are aimed at them, but now they can protest silently at the mercy of Zhu Bird.
Chapter 23 Blue Cloud Sect ()
Zhu Bird made another sound of god, and then Ling Bo patted Zhu Bird and said, "Although this Zhu Bird is still young, Brother Jian Qi is no match for her. In time, Brother Dan will build a fund, and I will give her to you when Biyunzong arrives!"
Liuqingyun was just about to refuse, but she felt that Ling Bo was leaning against the fragrant wind, and she couldn’t say anything. May this Zhu bird fly slowly and stay here for this fascinating moment.
Biyunzong, one of the three gates of the Floating Cloud Mountain, attracts hundreds of scattered clouds every year.
Although Biyun Sect can be ranked as a side door, the disciples all agree that Biyun Sect will even join Biyun Sect as a registered brother to do a very glorious thing.

Thinking about thinking about his face, a smile appeared.

A staff member next to him hurriedly said, "Sir, pay attention to your expression!"
Next to him was a worker carrying a camera.
At present, all communications in Fusang are completely paralyzed, and reporters don’t know where an emergency desk is still running. This worker is a temporary guest.
How can you show such a smile at this time? Of course, show a firm expression.
This is going down in history!
Baishi hurriedly held his head high and looked ahead.
That expression should be as firm as it is, as bold as it is.
As the ship staggered forward, the fog gradually evaporated around it.
The nearby sea area was heated by a volcano, and now the temperature is higher than that of other places, and the humidity is very high.
But you can vaguely see something approaching.
Close, close!
Baishi took a deep breath and held Fusang State Flag. His hands were a little sweaty.
The horse is about to make history. Should the boat take the left leg or the right leg first?
Just then, the captain of the warship suddenly came to report, "Sir, the radar detected that there was another ship approaching ahead! It is the Nut State Fleet! "
Their voice did not fall when they heard a loud bang overhead and several fighters roared past.
Baishi looked up at the whistling fighter and suddenly felt bad.
He slowly bowed his head and saw a huge ship leaning over in the light fog ahead.
That’s an aircraft carrier.
There are also many warship guard sides behind the aircraft carrier.
At that moment, Baishi turned white.
This is the nut state aircraft carrier formation!
"Sir …" Next to the entourage are consulting eyes look up.
"warn them at once!" Baishi suddenly took a deep breath and looked sad. "This is our territorial waters in Fusang Prefecture. Let them show their intentions!"
The captain was ordered to leave when a soldier came to report that he had received the information of the aircraft carrier battle group in Nut State.
"What did they say?"
"This is the territorial waters of Nut State. Let’s leave immediately!"
"What?" Baishi felt that he was slippery. How can this be the territorial waters of Nut State?
Will you stop being so cruel!
Baishi picked up the telescope and looked at the other side. He saw that there was also an official in a suit and tie at the bow of the other side carrying a nut state flag, and there was a Pse there.
"Communicator" Baishi waved the flag in his hand and handed it to his entourage. He took the communicator and yelled at the other party. "According to international conventions, the newly emerging islands within 12 nautical miles of our Fusang coastline are all our territory!"
The opposite side also handed the state flag to the officer next to him and yelled with a com.
"Yes, we respect international conventions. This reef is yours." The Nut State official reached out and pointed to it.

They have definite goals.

And the earliest exploration was not the non-governmental organization, but the private exploration bank. The government did not pay anything and did not take any risks.
Only when the private bank did discover the broad possibilities did the government join in and plunder it, laying the foundation for this private exploration bank to develop a global nature and explore policies and plunder it.
At this time, Su Yonglin can’t say that he knows that there are a large number of precious metal mines, especially silver, in the Pacific coast from North America to South America.
He can’t say that Native Americans are so rich that they wear gold and silver as daily ornaments.
Moreover, their productivity and social organization form are far less than that of the former, and they can form a dimension-reducing blow to their productivity even without war and colonization.
All kinds of handicrafts and America have no agricultural products to realize market development, and they can get excess gold and silver from native Americans through legitimate business models, and they can also broadcast culture, broadcast revolution in America, establish advance teams to realize land development and so on
Anyway, America is vast and rich, and whoever discovers it first has no moral burden.
In this way, there will be a steady inflow of gold and silver, which will greatly increase enough gold and silver to lay the foundation for promoting monetary reform
This is something that Su Yonglin knows but others don’t know and can’t believe.
Despite this, Su Yonglin forced this matter with his own strength and prestige, and said that if the currency deadlock can be broken, it may not be necessary to say that an expedition fleet of three, four and five can be sent out.
To meet the demand, the national law must go out and look for the limit. This is something that will be done sooner or later. Now that we have the demand and the ability to do nothing, why do we have to stick to this acre and roll it hard?
Why can’t we look for new possibilities?
Comrades, it is important to open your eyes and your pattern.
This core point, Su Yonglin’s National Conference and Renaissance Conference, delivered many speeches on the significance of commercial expansion to the economy, territorial expansion to the country and revolutionary expansion to the revival of the society.
It was at this time that Su Yonglin talked about arranging the revolution as far as possible for the first time, saying that it is not only a great achievement of revolutionary success that counts as success, but also the ultimate success that the whole world has achieved revolutionary success.
However, if there is still one person who is oppressed, it will not be a success, no matter where it is, it will be the goal of liberation.
Is it enough to liberate the Chinese people?
Is the revolution a success?
No, it’s not over. It’s not enough.
Revolutionaries should open their horizons, open up the pattern of the world, and look at revolutionary issues from a chess game perspective.
In this way, we can find that from the world point of view, although the Great Revolution was successful and the region formed advantages, it was still a spark in terms of region and scale.
And with the increase of our foreign exchanges, the mutual understanding between the two sides has deepened, and sooner or later, the other side and others will find out their differences, and sooner or later they will be afraid of the Great Revolution.
What will they do after that?
They’ll shut themselves off and we’ll cut them off.
They are also afraid that if their people have more contacts with us, they will have the idea of hanging their royal family and the royal family to the southeast branch. They are afraid that something big will happen and they will take precautions, even if they don’t have that idea.
Then it will not only affect the economic problems.
Even if they can’t beat us, won’t they shut themselves off and cut us off?
We are thousands of miles away from Wan Li. Can we still ask them to open the country by singling out Wan Li expedition?
How much will it cost, manpower and material resources?
We can’t make ourselves a minority, we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t make ourselves different, we have to make more friends and fewer enemies, and we have no other way but to bring the revolution to their country and develop vigorously.
The more they are afraid of us, the more they should take the initiative!
Only by liberating the world can we finally liberate ourselves.
This is the first time that Su Yonglin expounded his theory of world revolution, initially expounded the necessity of face revolution from the economic point of view, and then wrote an article in the publishing country, which triggered a wave of heated discussions between the imperial court and the local revival meeting
And from this, the Ministry of Finance opened the gap with the first and broadest vision.
A series of senior officials and senior cadres of the Renaissance Association have successively expressed their support for Su Yonglin’s view that even doing business in the process of exchanges between countries around the world will affect some people’s thoughts when they really come into contact with the revolutionary policies of the socialist country.
And these people’s thoughts will bring unexpected influence to their home countries after being shocked and changed.
When the rulers of the home country realize that this influence will bring about changes, they will inevitably have a fear of bad feelings.
This kind of ill feeling and fear will prompt them to cut off great contacts from the government to the people, and prevent the great revolution from spreading too deeply, affecting the interests of the ruling class and triggering a revolution in the soil
And if similar revolutionary actions have taken place in their soil, they will be urged to resolutely cut off major exchanges, even if this revolution is not initiated by the initiative.
Although this problem will not occur for a short time, it is very likely that this situation will come true in ten or twenty years.
Once this situation becomes a reality and there is no corresponding preparation, it will have a far-reaching impact on the big economy
Don’t try to be alone.
Chapter 1219 Me too
Su Yonglin’s article is very clear and his views are very accurate.
Once the ruler of the other country closes the door on the big economy, the hostile policy will inevitably have a great impact on the big economic interests, and will have a devastating impact on the booming maritime trade, which will then produce a series of chain reactions, which will greatly affect the big economic development and the national economy and people’s livelihood.

Chapter two hundred and forty-two Thousands of words converge into one sentence. Thank you.

When Maito Gai was separated from Harle, the whole person became soft. For Maito Gai, a person who had no ninja talent and became patient by training, his will was very firm. So Wu Tian did not make a knife cut, but created a kindergarten scene
For three days, Maito Gai was harassed by bear children all the time, which was not enough. After all, Maito Gai was determined to hold back, but these bear children kept pulling Maito Gai besides being noisy, while Maito Gai didn’t resist because he didn’t want to hurt these children. Finally, when he was free, he was soft to the ground.
Look at the people around some fear eyes, Wu day koo shrugged his shoulders and then looked at a face of vacant Gang Shou.
Gang Shou silently woke up behind him and then said, "Well, in that case, there is no need to continue the test. Wu Tian, you will endure it from today."
Gang Shou finished and left, while others dispersed. Finally, there were four people left because Wu Tian defeated Maito Gai, and there was no chance to teach Wu Tian Sarutobi Asuma to stay in Sasuke Uchiha after seeing Wu Tian sharingan. The remaining two were left because of Sasuke Uchiha, two anthomaniac Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino.
Later, Wu Tian returned to his hut, and ten artificial people had been thrown to Gang Shou. Before that, he gave some money to these artificial people. If he didn’t do this, he would be a goof. After all, others had a discussion about how members of the ninja secret organization had no money, so how to carry it out and how to lurk. Then people suspected and pondered, and then the Wu Tian plan was finished
By the way, I haven’t said anything about the Wu day plan yet. The Wu day plan is simply a game. Today, in addition to Wu Tianwai, he made ten people and became a Konoha ninja. After Wu Day, he will keep cultivating all kinds of blood artificial people and then insert them into Konoha.
At first, because Wu Tian planted artificial people, although their strength was strong, they were also of average level and the number was small. When there were more people behind them, even Konoha resisted, there was nothing to do. At most, it was just a big fight.
However, Wu Tian didn’t intend to use violence to levy konoha. Wu Tian wanted to use violence to directly train a large number of ninjas and start working directly, but there was a voice in his mind telling him that he couldn’t do this. If he didn’t do this, he would get a surprise if he could finally levy Naruto.
Then Wu Tian planned to plant artificial people to make all kinds of contributions. When one day Wu Tian didn’t need to do anything, he could easily get Konoha, the actual rule of the whole Naruto world, which gave Wu Tian a feeling of playing strategy and forming a game.
After returning to the Battleship Department, I went to the culture tank for a turn on Wu Day. Natalya has already started the final experiment. Natalya has always believed that there are very few eye-catching forces in sharingan. When this very few people accumulate to a certain extent, they will be able to turn around.
Natalya was watching the changes of a pair of eyes in a culture tank. Wu Tian went to Natalya’s side and took a look at a pair of ordinary jade hooks in the culture tank. After sharingan asked Natalya, "Did Natalya come to any conclusion?"
Natalia frowned suddenly, and then she complained, "Would you please come from the front? In this case, I just got some clues but forgot them because of you."
Wu Tian rolled his eyes without any moral integrity. Don’t say "Natalia, I’m sorry, I was wrong. Can you tell me what you found?"
Natalya rolled her eyes. "Dominating you is as shameless as ever."
Wu Tian smiled. "Thank you for your compliment. Now tell me what you found. I don’t believe you didn’t find anything."
Natalia primly said, "I did find something. Because these findings dominate your eyes, it is estimated that your eyes will deteriorate."
Wu day listened to Natalya and said that there was no response at the moment. After a few seconds, Wu day asked some mywood "what do you mean?"
Natalya looked at Wu Tian’s stupidity, and some Nai later explained, "I found the circle eye part in sharingan, and when sharingan becomes strong, it will exclude this part and dominate your eternal kaleidoscope. The circle eye strength in sharingan is close to that in sharingan’s eyes, and there is no circle eye strength at all. If you want to turn your eternal kaleidoscope sharingan into a circle eye, you need to turn sharingan into the lowest level. That’s it."
"Well, I understand what to do." Wu Tian nodded and said that he did understand the last sentence, or sharingan became the lowest hook.
"The faith exchange system will strip the power of sharingan, and I will give you an upgrade when I find a way."
"Oh!" Wu Tian Oh, after a while, he stripped off the kaleidoscope sharingan ability, but immediately he reacted and stared at Natalya. "What do you mean, when you find a way, don’t you have a way to turn my eyes into eyes?"
"No, I just found it, and I’m looking for how to make a circle eye. I think I’ve figured it out just now if it weren’t for dominating you," Natalya said in a coquetry voice.
Wu day coldly looking at Natalie yana Thalia pursed mouth a face of injustice, then Wu day turned and walked this pot, I back no longer carry the bag, Wu day left despondently.
Of course, the glass kaleidoscope sharingan has not been done for the time being. After all, Wu Tianxian is at the peak of forbearance. Only when chakra has a kaleidoscope and sharingan can the shadow ninja fight, otherwise it can fight against the average ninja.
Or you can hit the belief point and buy disposable props to face the orochimaru thunderstorm bomb before the battle. If it is not because of the four purple inflammation array, orochimaru will be trapped and abused, and orochimaru will not be afraid to slip away directly.
But in the end, he still needs sharingan. After all, Naruto, a ninja in this world, has no blood and bijuu is almost a waste. Look at Kakashi, no matter how talented he is without sharingan, he is just a forbearance.
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Handle looters
"Senior, please accept me!" People scattered about after Sasuke Uchiha knelt in front of wu day.
"I have nothing to teach you," Wu said and left. For Sasuke, this guy, Wu Naizhen, doesn’t know what to do. Now Sasuke’s life has obviously gone wrong, but the No.2 hero must be able to teach himself to be a genius even without adventure.
After returning to the battleship, Wu Tian went directly to his room for dinner and ate hastily. On that night, Wu Tian did not meditate with a younger sister rolled sheets, but sat cross-legged all night alone. Wu Tian tried to communicate with the clouds, but when the night passed, Wu Tianlian made no progress at all.
Maybe the fog will be manipulated after the hokage world is marked according to the sound in your mind.
What shall we do next? Open a hot pot restaurant. Wu Tian set a goal after turning over the bed. This year, hot pot restaurants can be fired and won’t lose money.
After the decision, Wu day began to prepare for the belief exchange system to directly exchange the magnetic furnace and the magnetic furnace pot. Anyway, the Naruto world has left the warship on Wu day.
Wu Tianyi Lela bought a house face to face. The house is not big enough, but it is more than 60 square meters. Wu Tian’s direct earth-dun-ninjutsu sank the house, saying that this ability of the earth is still quite good
Later, I exchanged a house for myself, and moved to a small building in the style of ancient Chinese architecture, with a floor of 6 square floors and 64 square floors.
Barely enough, and then a group of female artificial people were brought in as officers. The average strength was especially forbearance, that is, endurance was achieved in one aspect of body art illusion, but his ability was still moderate. This is called special endurance.
In this way, Naruto, the most luxurious hotpot restaurant in the world, opened. On average, one person can eat ten bowls of food and enjoy Lamian Noodles, and it is still luxurious and the price is luxurious.
The staff are especially tolerant of a few people, or they are tolerant of arranging luxury. What’s left is food, such as dragon meat and phoenix meat. Everything is real, that is, snakes and chickens are mutated after being processed by faith exchange system.
However, there are no eggs in luxury, and no one comes except Naruto Uzumaki, who is eating rice. I don’t know anything about hot pot!
Why don’t you go soliciting? Ok, let’s do it. Wu Tian made up his mind and went to Huo Ying’s office. He was going to take over the official business. After all, the official is not short of money, that is, making money.
Then Wu’s face was dark, and the office in front of Huo Ying’s office actually locked the door. Is there any law? But this is not important. What matters is where Wu Tian should go to pull people.
Then Wu day left the hokage office and began to hang out in Konoha Village.
"Lord Wu, can you give me an autograph?" When Wu day walked not far from the office of Huo Ying, a beautiful woman in her twenties respectfully said to Wu day and handed a small one at the same time.
Wu Tian was quite happy after he took it. Since Sarutobi Hiruzen died, the villagers will recognize themselves as Sarutobi Asuma, who is the culprit in killing Sarutobi Hiruzen.
Wu day immediately felt an impact after opening. At this moment, Wu day’s eyes began to spin wildly. Two lines of blood and tears flowed down his cheeks. Nagi Wu was just a few seconds, and Wu day’s eyes were already blurred.
Wu day turned to look at the place where the girl was just now. There was no girl thing in situ, but the explosion operator was not so powerful that it could turn people into ashes. It was said that the girl just attacked Wu Tianren.
Wu day again carefully recalled that he didn’t remember the girl’s face. This situation is very strange!
Two people appeared in the blink of an eye near Wu day, wearing animal masks. There is no doubt that the dark part is dressed up. One of the two dark parts said, "Lord Wu just happened, and Lord Huo Ying knows that Lord Huo Ying is now. Please go there."
Wu day in front of it, but his body is still a little staggered. He should say, "Let’s go! Take me to my present situation, as you can see. "
Wu day glanced at the two dark places. They had problems. Wu day had seen this dark place. Their body momentum was wrong. Compared with the general dark place, one of the two dark places was darker. Speaking of it, there was a root that met this characteristic, but the root Wu day had also seen the root. The feeling of personal darkness was much worse than this person.
In another end, there is no ability at all. These two people may be in the same group as the former woman, and Wu Tian did not reveal it. Anyway, there are warships that can’t walk at any time, and there are faith exchange systems and recently accumulated beliefs that can save lives. It is better to go out and fight them head-on
Then two guys dressed up in the dark don’t talk anymore. They walked with Wu Day. As the two guys got faster and faster, Wu Day was taken out of Konoha Village by two people.
Not far from konoha, in a cave, two fake dark places released Wu Day, and two people surrounded Wu Day with a left and a right.
"Now it’s a showdown with you. Hand over the master handle or we can take it ourselves, but it’s not clear if you can live in that case," said Wu Tian, who was threatened by the dark part with dark breath.
"Oh, I’m so afraid of feeling! Come and give me a try, "Wu day quipped when it comes to how beautiful it is to imagine two masks.
"He’s so calm, he should have something to save your life. You should try it." The guy who doesn’t have a mysterious breath said.
"Yes" guy with dark breath should then think about Wu day and then be blocked by Wu day limit Xuanwu shield. What is the limit Xuanwu shield? Come on, turtle shell is limited to Xuanwu shield. How can Wu Tian take such a name as turtle shell?
The dark man’s legs sank and stood still. On how Wu Xuanwu Shield attacked him, he did not move.
"Let me wait for you. Don’t forget that the person who killed you is called crazy war (friend 500 meters giant bit player)."
Chapter 244 Start over

He finally rushed to the top of the monthly list on the first floor and was satisfied with getting some sacred fragments into the second floor.

Relying on the fusion of sacred fragments, he has a deeper understanding of his own field and received enough spiritual sources. He is confident that in a year or two, he should be able to break through the semi-sacred threshold again and become a fifteen-level destroyer.
At the moment, he heard that Su Li won the first news of the first floor of the sacred tower and felt his head buzzing.
Su Li? He naturally knows who it is. Isn’t it one of the five new people who just entered the first floor last month? I didn’t see his information at that time, so I took one more look at him and asked his name.
Now how to break the dark protoss Chineydy created before the ancient records became the first in the total list?
Chapter 771 Face war
When Duan Luochen knew the news, the whole people were mixed up in the crowd, quietly listening to the first sacred order of those people.
More than 3,000 old Terran saboteurs gathered together, as did the dark protoss, dark dragon, dark ghost and other saboteurs.
The first powerful vandals have reached the limit of fifteen in this level of cultivation, and they have also received sacred orders from the tribe to find an old Terran named Suli here.
The number of people on the second floor of the sacred tower of the dark protoss, the dark dragon and the dark ghost is close to 30,000.
The order was sent out, and soon the 30 thousand border breakers swept away in all directions like a black tide. They wanted to find the old Terran Suri at all costs even if they dug three feet in the second world.
Su Li made some changes in her mind after talking to Yuntang.
Their first floor rushed to the top of the total list, which caused the sacred attention of the dark tribes. It is very likely that the second floor of the destroyer will be ordered to find out their own test details. Once they prove that they are strong, they will not hesitate to think of various ways to open a sacred tower and enter the sacred tower by various means to kill themselves.
Although Yuntang said that they would try various ways to protect themselves, Suligen did not dare to give his life and death to the sacred family for protection.
He is not at ease.
On that day, Yuntang and old gods came out of the forgotten war. As a result, they were killed by different gods if they hadn’t arranged the cause before.
From this detail, he felt that the sacredness of the old Terran was a bit unreliable.
"Yuntang likes to pay attention to ostentation and extravagance, although she is a saint, but the means of doing things feel a little straight … It’s a good woman to contact her these times to see people. I don’t see any salt in the earth to make friends with such people … but I can’t count on her wily enemies to fight …"
Su Li shook his head slightly while thinking, but it involved his own life and he had to be careful
"This dark clan is sacred and untouched, but nine times out of ten, it’s also treacherous and cunning. If people want to win, they have to be more treacherous and cunning than them … Yuntang is not cunning enough, even not …"
"In this old gods heard that I don’t know how many years I have lived … I can die at any time. This situation is hard to protect myself, even if it is not crazy, I can’t count on him too much …"
The more Suri thought about it, the more dangerous he felt.
If you really want to be like Yun Tang, you need to think about it as if it were an impact on the general list, and the dark families are sacred to deal with them, and you are afraid that you will not know how to die when you die.
"Since Yuntang said that there are many ways to make the sacred enter this sacred tower, the greater the cost, the more powerful it is possible to play here, so … we must prepare for the worst."
Su Li has come into contact with Yuntang and seen her strength. Even if she breaks through the great boundary, she still has a great gap from the real saint, let alone the real god.
"Yuntanggen doesn’t know that I once killed hundreds of dark protoss in one breath on the first floor, and the other party will soon know the truth. It makes no sense for me to keep a low profile now. If there is no accident, a sacred tower will be opened, and the dark tribes will move, and it is very likely that they will enter this sacred tower to kill me …"
Su Li is more and more uneasy. Although he has four immortal bones, even if God kills himself, it takes four times, but he can’t pin his hope on this face. He is really afraid that even having forty immortal bones is not enough to die.
He has strengthened his brain for ten times, constantly calculating the white light emitted by the sun, the moon and the gods behind him, and soon he will be hundreds of kilometers away.
There are a lot of people in the distance, and the center of the crowd is the giant circle with a diameter of 100 meters.
Su Li returned here again.
But this time he restrained his breath and covered himself up in a mass of virtual reality.
As soon as the figure was swept away, he blended in with the crowd, and in an instant, when the scene in front of the array changed, he appeared again in the first giant. There were ten motionless sacred puppets, and a message appeared in his mind to show whether he was challenging.
He didn’t choose to challenge and ignore this message, but just sat cross-legged
Just before Su Li suddenly thought of this sacred tower, the second floor was nowhere to be found here.
If those dark people want to find themselves, let them look for them slowly on the second floor. What they need to do now is to seize the opportunity to break the boundary.
The world on the second floor of this sacred tower is very vast. Looking for an old Terran with a famous name is no less than looking for a needle in a haystack. The 30,000 strong people who broke the border went crazy and looked for Su Li everywhere. Soon, five or six days passed and these people got nothing.
These days, they have found many old terrans, but no one admits to being Soviet and Lebanese. On the contrary, there have been several fierce conflicts between the two sides, each with casualties.
Seeing that there is no result, the strong of these dark tribes have reached a consensus. Since no one knows who is Su Li among so many old Terrans, the simplest way is to slaughter all the more than 3,000 old Terrans who have broken the territory on the second floor.
The dark forces Terran is always at odds at all levels of the sacred tower, and there are often star conflicts. Both sides have restrained themselves, and the conflicts have controlled a small area. After all, once a large-scale conflict has evolved, no one will get much benefit, which will make its race cheaper.
This time, an unprecedented large-scale conflict broke out in Suli.
Even on that day, all the major races joined forces to strangle Chineydy, which also happened. The top leaders of all ethnic groups did not involve these border breakers.
Because of Chineydy’s entry into the sacred tower, the dark clans were already quite famous and seized the first floor of the sacred tower. At the first time, all clans didn’t doubt his disadvantages. They didn’t need to use these boundary breakers to test him, but directly tried to make moves and then evolved into a sacred fierce struggle among all clans.
Even if the dark clans gave orders to the clan destroyer, they didn’t expect that it would eventually turn into a large-scale melee among the dark clans.
With the decision that the three dark races will unite together, the number of border breakers is close to 30,000, and the first few hundred have crossed the semi-sacred threshold, and the fifteen border breakers have led the crazy slaughter of the old Terran.
On their way, they will meet the old Terran and do it immediately without asking why.
A bloody massacre finally kicked off.
There are more than 3,000 old terrans on the second floor of the entire sacred tower. If you resist this super 30,000 dark three-clan alliance?
Soon hundreds of old Terrans were slaughtered, and the scene was very tragic.
The news quickly heard that the old Terran was United by the dark tribes to slaughter the sacred tower. On the second floor, about 10,000 strong primitive Terrans organized themselves to help the slaughtered old Terran and took part in the battle to kill the dark tribes.
Then there are five or six thousand magic Terrans, more than two thousand winged Terrans, more than one thousand orcs and amphibious Terrans …
More and more races are involved, and more and more people are involved. Even if they are unwilling to intervene in the war to help each other, the old Terran, the Dragon Terran, the Forgotten Terran and the Undead Terran are caught by the strong of the dark tribes for the same reason, and they immediately rush to slaughter and be forced to endure, and they are finally involved.
This is an unprecedented ethnic chaos.