When he went to Ningxiang County to deal with the haunted incident, Pei Wende made Pei Hong accept the refugees along the road and followed him to Changsha County to recognize relatives after he promised to complete the disaster relief.

After that, Pei Hong was busy with the county government, and he never formally asked Pei Wende for an appointment.
"Now the time is ripe …"
Slightly sighed PeiHong don’t know is melancholy or joy light said
"From today on, I will no longer be Ningxiang County Yin."
Wen Yan Pei Wende was slightly surprised. His eyes widened and his tone became a little dumbfounded.
"You were dismissed?"
"Is it because I asked you to accept those refugees before?"
Pei Wende knew that his previous act of going his own way would bring a lot of influence to Pei Hong, but he never thought that his move would actually make the other party leave.
"You are half right!"
Pei Hong smiled and shook his head and suddenly felt that his stubborn younger brother seemed to have some loveliness.
At the very least, the other party’s heart and worries are real at the moment, which makes the original feel that Pei Wende is too naive and Pei Hong feels a kind of heartfelt warmth.
"Accurately speaking, my transfer is a promotion."
"At a time when the court is in chaos and the major forces are vying for the father, there are signs of re-emergence …"
"It happened that someone in the DPRK recommended me to take in the victims this time, so they specially recalled me, probably to reward me."
After hearing Pei Hong’s remarks, Pei Wende was relieved.
If Pei Hong loses his official position because he is bent on his own way, Pei Wende feels that I am afraid I will feel guilty in my life.
"So are you going to take me back with you?"
"That … second sister? Did she go back with you? "
After hesitating for a while, Pei Wende decided to use the word "second sister" to call Pei Hui.
Pei Wende didn’t forget that Pei Hui arrived in Ningxiang immediately when she learned that she was in Ningxiang County for disaster relief, and she also gave herself great support.
Compared with Pei Wende, Pei Hong, a compatriot, has a stronger sense of identity with Pei Hui.
"After you left Ningxiang, she went back first."
Speaking of this, Pei Hong is also a face of nai.
I was the one who watched my sister grow up, but as a result, she became closer to Pei Wende, the younger brother who had left home since childhood.
Sometimes Pei Hong wonders if he is holding this big brother wrong.
The same mother, brother and sister. Isn’t that a little different?
"She has gone back first?"
I didn’t expect Pei Hui to go home decisively after leaving. Pei Wende didn’t know what to say at the moment.
In the end, Pei Wende can sum up that Pei Hong doesn’t seem to be well received even if Pei Jia’s family is bent on official career and has a heavy official addiction.
Chapter III Near-re-embodiment Living Buddha
Chen Lu used to be a student, but now he is a refugee in Tanzhou.
According to common sense, Chen Lu, a scholar with fame and talent, is not involved in the army of refugees like the local people, no matter how down and out he is.
However, the sad reminder is that although Chen Lu has fame and personality, he is just a bit pedantic.
I don’t like that the landlords and gentry seized the temple land and occupied the fertile land of the people in the name of "destroying the Buddha" and actually informed the government of those landlords and gentry.
As a result, it can be imagined that Chen Lu was not persecuted to death by those landlords and gentry, which was the result of the protection of the local prefect.
Rao, Chen Lu still became a refugee forced to live in other places
Chen Lu has experienced many disasters all the way, and he is used to being sinister.
Even Chen Lu himself doesn’t have much hope for his future, but lives one day at a time and never sees the sun today.
Because compared with physical suffering, it is this world that really disheartens Chen Lu.
-Zhumen wine meat stinks road has frozen bones.
This is not an exaggeration, but a fact in front of Chen Lu, a way to climb the mountain by others.
Ordinary refugees are just grass-roots bark at an eclipse.
While those landlords and gentry are holding their wives and concubines and enjoying the perfect food that ordinary people can’t eat in a year.
Even those people, parents, officials and prefects, what they do at most is to expel the hungry people living here and maintain public order.
Desperate, Chen Lu thinks that maybe this is the tragedy of this era of life!
It was not until Chen Lulu fell to the boundary of Weishan in Tanzhou that he was dismayed to find that not all government offices were like that.
In this remote place of Tanzhou, a temporary residence was built outside Yincheng, a county.
This refugee camp, which has gathered all over the country, has all kinds of strict regulations, but it has really made the people here get paid for their work and get medical treatment.
Besides, Chen Lu is different from ordinary people. He can see that although the camp regulations are harsh, each one is set up for the hungry.
It is these harsh regulations that constrain the refugees living here to truly settle down.
Because of the particularity of this temporary camp, even those bandits and refugees who have fallen into robbery have deliberately avoided it, making it an independent peach blossom garden.
After all, people’s hearts are full of meat. If it is not forced by the situation, who wants to be a robber?
To disturb this "refugee home" which was built with great difficulty, those bandits who have given their lives are more willing to retaliate against the landlords and gentry.
Of course, Chen Lu knows that not all gangsters are so conscious.
Can not hold the camp has long considered this point, not only have a special chief to patrol at twelve o’clock, but also occasionally join the nearby post to take the initiative to attack a large-scale gang near the Qing Dynasty.
After a long time, "don’t take the initiative to appear near the camp" became the consensus of all gangsters.
According to Sun Xianwei, who is in charge of patrolling this camp, this is the so-called "security zone"
It was then that Chen Lucai realized that the original founder of this camp was not the local county Yin, but a mage who was regarded as a "living Buddha" by the refugees.
In fact, the mage not only set up a huge camp near the county seat to receive the victims, but also gave alms and saw doctors in his own temple.
A considerable number of refugees in the camp will choose to come here to work and settle down only after being instructed by the mage.
After a little more stability, the people in the living camp will also go to the mage temple to make incense and fulfill their vows.
According to those wizards who have contacted, the mage is not only kind and compassionate, but also has great wisdom.
He often says to the refugees that I can let you have a full meal for a while, but I can’t let you have a full meal.


"I’m going to choose another role and find a director from Texas to make a small and beautiful film. What do you think?"
After entering the entertainment circle, Li Fan still intends to rely on talent to make a living.
Being a man is not really a challenge for him. After working for a while, I feel a little chatty.
And the brewer is not responsible for the filming. Not far from Zhuang, he pulls them in as a joint system and pats his ass.
He’s not far from four gay friends. He’s not in charge of a large group of troops. Zhang Nan is busy selling arms. Zhou Ye is addicted to love. What can he do? Can bear this weight!
So he became the executive producer of Brewer Man.
All kinds of coordination, management and shooting need him to deal with them in great detail.
After working hard for half a year, I finally got the screening of Brewer.
But no one thought that his film debut was a film, so he was thrown into the most compulsory position in the state.
I can’t help it!
Whether it’s rating, influence or box office, Brewer is definitely the first in the state!
And he, the gold medal winner, has become the hottest person in the state film and television circle.
Especially in the present state, no one knows who the card guide is at all, and he knows that Zhuang is not far from the shopkeeper of cutting, and he has become the most influential person in this film.
I don’t know how many people cry and want to join one of his films.
And he does have the idea of wanting to make a big impact in the film industry.
After all, the card director said that acting was a meal … He still gave up. He was born without this condition!
Not far from Zhuang, I’m busy now. Some nai said, "Brother Fan, I have too many things to do these two days. After these two days, how about the four of us talk about the film together and choose a theme then?"
"Well …" Although Fan Li was disappointed, he also knew that Zhuang was really busy at this time.
He was particularly excited because of the success of Brewer, and he couldn’t wait to make several more films at once, but filming was not the most important thing for the manor.
"Then you are busy first, and then let’s go to have a big meal." Fan Li scratched his head. "I’ll look for some good directors and actors first."
Not far from seeing Fan Li out, Zhuang suddenly saw three figures coming in from the outside.
Three catties, four twos, one left, one right, laughing and dancing, saying something, and dragging a huge box behind them.
Big strong, aha, hah, hah, laughing so hard that Xiaofu fluttered his wings and danced beside him.
"What did you guys do?" Not far from Zhuang’s face, he was so scared that three catties, four ounces and two thorns slipped behind him.
"Hey hey … little far …" Big strong grin hey hey giggle.
"You … and where to rob others arms? Behind the arms are piled up in a warehouse … "Not far from Zhuang Nai wants to call names, but look at Da Zhuang’s smirking face and don’t have the heart to call names.
"Can’t you three do something serious when you are free every day?" Since I became a big strong nanny, I have completely released myself.
"So I’ll give you a …"
Not far from Zhuang, on second thought, can’t these three people find Indigo’s body when they are so idle?
Anyway, they rob other arsenals all day, and the enemy can’t hurt them at all.
"Wait …" Fan Li shine at the moment "can I take this? Well … it’s called Robbery Squad, a group of anti-heroes! "

"This monster ….." Black House Luo frowned, and a big seal appeared in his right hand. This seal is somewhat similar to Su Lisuo’s seal, but the design is different. Su Lisuo’s seal shows that she is sitting cross-legged on the lotus platform with three heads and six arms, and this big seal shows that it is a perfect blue-black three-eyed and four-armed big black god.

This is exactly where the black house is dominated by the big black god. With the help of this big black seal, the distant big black god will be sensed, and immediately there will be terrorist energy surging out, which will soon manifest a statue that is bigger than the big black god.
"Monster you both die black ye into you-"
Black House Luo made a majestic sound to drive the arrival big black god to attack this horrible monster.
At the same time, Su Li also turned his hand and took out the seal of the old woman, sensing that the old woman was far away. With this seal of the old woman, the power of the old woman was manifested, and a statue was as great as that of the old woman, and she attacked this monster.
"Go" black house Luo took advantage of this big black god and the goddess to jointly resist the monster and immediately said to Su Li in a low voice and then turned to slip away.
Su Li followed him toward the distance.
Just two or three seconds after I escaped, I heard a rumbling noise coming from the distant rear. The big black god and the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess.
With these two or three seconds, Su Li and Heilou Luo have already fled to the distant chaotic sea.
Su Li induction that monster didn’t continue to chase this just gently urge a sigh of relief.
Black House Luo also stopped and wiped his forehead with an exaggerated cold sweat. "The most terrible thing in the chaotic sea is this kind of monster, this kind of ancient god. The undead in this chaotic sea can’t live beyond life. After all these years, they have become stronger. It can be said that although they don’t have the name of the true god and the wisdom of the true god, their strength is not much worse than that of the true god. Once they touch it, they must stay away from the absolute irresistible enemy for the first time, otherwise it will become more and more terrible. Just now, its strength is equivalent to that of the general Senluo territory, but if we entangle it again
Su Li couldn’t help saying, "How can Brother Black know so clearly?"
Black House Luo wry smile way "I followed the generation into this chaotic sea a few years ago, I once heard the generation say that this kind of chaos beast, which was formed by the ancient gods who fell into the chaotic sea after their death, is generally called chaos. Although they have no wisdom and chaotic consciousness, they have almost real strength, except Senluo’s perfect god, but they are not their opponents against outsiders."
"It was also a good time to be dangerous. When the times were almost complete, Senluo was comparable to the true God. I still remember the World War I, and it was only after the descendants of World War I completely completed Senluo that I could meet the big black god."
Su Li nodded slightly, and now he has two major difficulties in crossing the chaotic sea for nothing. One is this violent chaotic energy, and the other is that it is comparable to the chaos of the true god.
My heart suddenly moved slightly and said, "Can Brother Black leave the sea of chaos without fear of this chaos?"
"Even chaos is not afraid of nature."
Su Li, um, thought that Magic Sumeru’s strength is much greater than Wang Qiang’s, so he won’t be afraid of this chaos, but what can’t leave this chaotic sea? There must be other reason.
"Brother Su, we will be more close to each other. If there is anything, we also have a care for each other. When can we come to visit our big black god?" Black Lou Luo said and gave Suli the coordinates of the big black god.
Su Li nodded and smiled and was about to give the coordinates and directions of the black house Luo Tuo Shen Tian. The black house Luo smiled and said, "I have already given it to me. I know the location of the goddess Shen Tian. I will go to your place later."
"Good" Su Li responded with a smile. After a brief chat, they left and left.
Su Li watched the black house leave and turned to return to the direction of the goddess.
There is a preliminary understanding of this chaotic sea, and his realistic power is not enough to fight against the chaotic method of crossing the chaotic sea.
There is chaos in this chaotic sea, and Su Li decided to return to the goddess of love.
Chapter 922 Successor
"It’s a good thing this chaos doesn’t invade God, otherwise it would be a great disaster."
Su Li thought that the strongest strength in the present goddess of love should be herself and Bai Cang, who really can’t resist the chaos.
"The most important thing now is to get together early. If you can get into it, you won’t be afraid of this chaos."
Mindfulness with immortal blood and the feeling of the seal of the mother-in-law quickly leaves towards the mother-in-law god.
Chaotic energy is surging, Su Li is constantly teleporting, and every movement is a world distance.
I don’t know how long it took for Su Li to feel a little tired and stop to sit cross-legged in this chaotic energy and huff and puff chaotic energy to draw the energy he needed to restore his physical strength.
An endless stream of energy surges into the body to moisten the body. As he practices, the seal of the mother-in-law constantly releases the energy of the mother-in-law and his three crystal nuclei fuse.
After recovering from physical strength, Su Li feels that she is improving again.
Now, he has achieved four steps of sacrifice and Taoist cultivation in less sacrifices.
Feeling the change of body energy, Su Li knew that this is the main reason why she can rise so fast.
According to this speed, it won’t be long before he can reach the perfect state of ten-step sacrifice
The figure swept away and continued on his way. This time, it didn’t take long for the thinking domain to suddenly sense the chaotic energy fluctuation of terror in the extreme distance.
My heart is fiercely white at once. This is chaos beast
"Bad" Su Li immediately accelerated and rushed towards the extreme distance.
There is an idea in my mind that I want to escape at full speed.
At this time, the power of the dream domain is exerted, and the stronger his obsession is, the stronger the power of the dream domain is. Suddenly, the speed of crossing the chaotic sea is beyond imagination, and soon he dumped the faint lock on him, chaos beast.
Can’t sense the chaotic energy, terrorist fluctuations and white dumped chaos beast Su Li, which was relieved.
Although it is hard to imagine that the distance between the black house and the big black house is the closest and the distance between them is still far away, even if Suli is now comparable to the general strength and speed of Senluo, it will take quite a long time to cross.
After that, there was no danger all the way. Finally, Su Li once again saw the black screen of the goddess.
The chaotic energy fluctuation in this area has softened a lot, and Su Li went through the black screen and returned to the goddess.
Back to the mother-in-law, the genius has regained the concept of time passing. Su Li found herself in the chaotic sea. It seems that the chaotic sea didn’t stay long. In fact, it has taken nearly 20 days, and now it has reached the end of December.
Through the light curtain, you can see the darkness. This place belongs to the "heaven" of the goddess, and then the heavens are different in size. The world is destroyed and a new world is born. The goddess goes round and round in the heaven.
Su Li silently sensed that on Sunday, he thought of the nine realms that were predicted by the great disaster, and the three realms of purgatory and darkness were destroyed, but the other seven realms were safe for the time being. He was not prepared to destroy which realm. He wondered what would happen next. If he didn’t make moves, one realm would be robbed.
A stride across the border darkness soon entered the human world and a sacred court appeared.
However, the divine court can’t sense him, and Su Li has entered the palace of the divine court.
Bai Cang is sitting cross-legged in the shrine futon. Su Li appeared opposite him.
Bai Cang leaned slightly towards him.
Now Su Li is a goddess, even if Bai Cang is a man of the world, he needs to salute him.
"Senior, I just came from the chaotic returnees."
Su Li played a big black god, a black house, and the most horrible chaos in chaos beast. He didn’t know how much Bai Cang knew about the chaotic sea, but according to his guess, Bai Cang was already in Senluo’s territory, and he must have entered the chaotic sea for so many years, and he must have some knowledge about the chaotic sea.
Bai Cang quietly listened to him and said, "I don’t know much about the chaotic sea. I’ve been to the outer edge of the goddess, and I haven’t encountered chaos beast. But I do know that we are not the only goddess in this marginal chaotic sea who can enter the chaotic sea. It’s dominated by all gods …"

Wu Min said with a wry smile that you have a good temper. Look at your temper

Chapter 119 117 Rumors
To tell the truth, Lin Jin has always felt that she has a good temper. If a person with a bad temper is tossed around by a black cat, he would have quit cutting.
But I was really angry last night. Fortunately, I didn’t say the word "get out". It doesn’t seem that the black cat swearing dictionary has not been punished for this.
But! Wu Min this guy really owes!
Lin Jin’s face was unhappy. He sat in the amphitheatre and glanced at Wu Min from time to time. He glared at him and then reached under the table and gave him a hard twist on his thigh.
"What the hell happened to you last night?" Class too chat Wenxuan curious twist a head to Lin Jin asked
Last night, after Lin Jin’s trouble, he brushed his teeth and washed his bed directly, while Wu Min hid from the sanitation at around 10 o’clock and was in a hurry to urinate. Cai Jianlai woke up and said that Lin Jin had gone to bed, which made him shivering and poked around from the sanitation, causing many students in two dormitories to complain constantly. Because one sanitation was occupied by Wu Min, they also ran to his dormitory to go to the toilet.
Wenxuan is still at a loss until now. Why did Lin Jin lose such a big temper last night? Can’t he really be slapped by Wu Min? If I’m really afraid that Wu Min was killed by Lin Jin as soon as he finished.
"He told me rumors" Jin black face explained a stretch table hand to Wu Min waist is a good pain Wu Min face distorted but also dare not say anything even dare not hide.
"Like what?"
There is nothing like the rumor that Lin Jin put his head on the table. Otherwise, if Wenxuan is a big mouth and accidentally says it, his class name will be ruined.
Although he doesn’t have a good name now
Although I went to bed early last night, Lin Jin listened passively to the teacher’s lullaby and made him feel sleepy. The whole person was sleepy and had the illusion that he was a salted fish.
Today is ten o’clock in the morning, and the class is still two classes in a row, totaling nearly two hours. The first section of the class is over, and after ten minutes’ rest, Lin Jin plans to go out to the vending machine to buy a bottle of water to drink.
I was just about to get up when I suddenly heard two girls crossing the aisle and met him.
"Lin Jin seems to be a real girl, and she feels more and more beautiful. If she has long hair, she doesn’t have to spend it in classes."
"How could it be that a girl wouldn’t live in a boy’s dormitory?"
"I heard that Lin Jin seems to be a pseudo-mother, and the maid is him."
"Lin Jin seems to be a man with a woman who just wants to be a girl."
"Lin Jin seems to be a couple with Wu Min. I heard Feng Jing say."
"Are you? That’s great. "
Sitting position Lin Jin listened to a stupid face. How do you feel that there is a rotten woman in these two sisters? He looked up and looked at each other with the same Wu Min.
"It must be Feng Jing …" Jin gnashed her teeth and set her sights on Feng Jing in the first row.
"I don’t know, do I?" Wu Min wants to give Feng Jing a break. After all, most of this matter can be blamed on him. "Feng Jing wouldn’t do such a thing, would he?"
Lin Jin remembered that temporary one, that is, he was asked to suppress scheming bitch Feng Jing. This guy, the original Lin Jin, didn’t like it very much. After all, he wore a mature suit and didn’t look like a student’s costume. He also thought it was an aesthetic problem or Feng Jing’s precocity. As a result, it was found that the guy was really as said and written as M was a scheming bitch!
I cann’t believe you’re preaching that he’s gay with Wu Min? ! Forget it, even though he was told that he was a man and a woman and wanted to change sex? !
Maybe it’s Feng Jing who gets into trouble. Most people think Lin Jin is very similar to the maid who posted it, but they won’t recognize that he is gay with Wu Min or a man and a woman.
I wouldn’t be so resistant to black cats if I wanted to be transgender, okay? Even swearing every day makes the black cat turn me into a sister every day, okay?
Lin Jin glared at Wu Min. If it weren’t for Wu Min, this guy’s mouth, address unknown talked with Feng Jing. Now this matter would not involve Lin Jin.
"Feng Jing this guy! Scheming bitch! Green tea! " If you can swear, Lin Jin will definitely scold Feng Jingzu for ten generations. He stared at Wu Min’s eyes and asked Wu Min, "What are you going to do now? My reputation is ruin by you! "
"Well …" Wu Min rubbed the bar with one hand, thinking about how to stop Feng Jing’s absurdity.
However, Feng Jing did this to make her feel a little good about her because she just broke up and rejected Feng Jing and Wu Min, who suddenly felt disappointed.
"Ask Feng Jing out and tell her that you two are absolutely impossible!" Lin Jin took out his mobile phone and took a look at it. It was about a day and a half before the temporary deadline. "Give it to me at the latest! Otherwise, my class and even the school will be ashamed, okay? !”
Wu Min shrugged his shoulders and simply took out his mobile phone and sent a message directly to Feng Jingfa, asking to meet on the school playground at noon today.
"If you can, slap it directly!" Lin Jin’s mind fantasized about Feng Jing’s heartbreaking expression after being slapped and suddenly felt happy all over. "Then scold her! The family scolded the past! Explain again that you have nothing to say to me. "
"Is this too much?" Wu Min sobbed and shook his head at the corner of his mouth and rejected Lin Jin’s suggestion that "it’s too much. It’s not good. Feng Jing is a girl after all."
"She is scheming bitch, not a girl." Lin Jinyi corrected Wu Min’s mistake seriously. "Do normal girls do things like this?"
Just as Lin Jin and Wu Min were discussing how to punish Feng Jingcai, she could not get over the fire but also be Japanese. Lin Jin heard two passing girls talking about him.
"Lin Jin is so beautiful. I don’t know what skin care is, and the skin is also very good."
"Feng Jing said that Lin Jin’s skin will be very good after taking medicine."
"What medicine?"
"It’s estrogen. I don’t know much about it. Feng Jing said that Lin Jin is called medicine niang."
Lin Jin’s eyelids jumped and almost rushed to the first row to hang Feng Jing and beat him up, but Wu Min noticed that Lin Jin was already angry and held down Lin Jin’s thigh for fear that he really jumped up and beat Feng Jing.
"She actually said I was medicine niang?" Lin Jin was wronged, her eyes were red and she looked at Wu Min beside her. "She actually said I was medicine niang?"
"Well, it’s okay." Wu Min tried to placate Lin Jin gently. "What is medicine niang?"
"Get out of here!" Lin Jin just looked at Wu Min with a yi tooth. "You don’t even know what medicine niang is and comfort me?"
"But I really don’t know."
After watching Wenxuan for a long time, I heard the word "medicine niang" and immediately got together to explain to Wu Min that "men who eat estrogen and antiandrogen with big JJ cute sisters are generally pretty"
Wu Min is still a face of Meng force.
"What are you so skilled?" Lin Jin turned her head and questioned Wenxuan’s sexual orientation. "Do you like medicine niang?"
"no!" Wenxuan confidently said, "I’m just curious about the big JJ cute girl!"
Chapter 12 It’s not like I hit a woman.
Lin Jin’s impression of Feng Jing is very bad. Anyway, he is now bent on revenge against Feng Jing, a guy whose god M actually announced his rumors.
As a result, the students in the first half of the class are all rumored by Feng Jing. Although the IQ of college students can’t be as low as Feng Jing’s words, it’s also very good to talk about resources. So in Lin Jin’s class, I can hear several girls from time to time talking about whether he is so beautiful or not, which is more like Feng Jing’s words than some boys have started to discuss Lin Jin.
Anyway, I was so angry with Lin Jin that I almost got sick, and the whole person was unhappy at the table.
At the end of the two-hour course in the afternoon, Lin Jin followed Wu Min and Wenxuan to eat in the canteen and returned to the dormitory. He felt a little depressed. He didn’t even have much appetite. He ordered a meat and a dish for a meal and didn’t finish eating half of it.
"Feng Jing has promised to meet me in the playground during the afternoon class." Wu Min sat in his position and looked at Lin Jin, who was lying on the table. "I’ll definitely help you make it clear then."
"The feeling is gone …" Lin Jin sighed. "Now half the class knows that I am a girl or a medicine niang."
"They can’t believe it." Wu Min cocked his head and looked at Lin Jin. "It’s just a joke for a few days at most. Just like the former maid, they will forget it in a few days."
"But as soon as they see me, they will think of it again." Jin Lin sighed and looked in no mood at all. "Half a class knows … Feng Jing, this guy will be pitted if you really go with her."
"Anyway, it’s impossible for me to be with her. I thought she had a good personality, but the mind’s eye was so small." Wu Min shrugged. Anyway, now he and Lin Jin are close allies, so he left the pot to Feng Jing in his words. "Fortunately, I didn’t promise her. If I promised her, even chatting with my sister would be derailed by me."
"That is," Lin Jin agreed to nod that Wu Min would never accept Feng Jing’s pursuit, so he should be finished. "After that, no matter how she chased you, you didn’t agree with her. If you lost something, stare at her and scold her when you met!"
"Is this too much?" Wu Min convulsed at Lin Jin and suddenly felt that Feng Jing was really capable of doing things, but Lin Jin didn’t seem to have Feng Jing’s ability to do things.
"That’s it! I want revenge! " Lin Jin maliciously tore a piece of paper in his hand to pieces, almost treating it as Feng Jing.

"How good is it?" Smoke asked

"Just getting married."
This a smoke field secretly breath a mouthful of air conditioning.
Your granddaughter-in-law
So poisonous?
So fierce?
Trying to kill grandpa as soon as we met?
However, there is no such thing as a single-minded thinking of the Eldar, which poisons the granddaughter-in-law. You can change it if you don’t want it
The problem is the second point of the key.
"Did he control your life and death?" This is the most important.
This smoke posture didn’t tell a lie.
Since she was just captured, Xu retired, not only deeply hypnotized her many times, but also branded her mentally, and she can still feel that brand now.
That brand has now stunned her for a moment, but it can destroy her body for a moment, so I have to retreat.
Besides, Yanzi believes that it is too easy to make a retreat and want to kill her.
I’m sure about the smoke posture.
Smoke field is stunned.
At present, this granddaughter-in-law is so poisonous that she directly controls her granddaughter’s life and death
How strong is this means of controlling life and death? Don’t ask, don’t ask.
If you want to see the current situation of oak, it will be white.
Can oak this fellow before more arrogant a person with Sir Zhong’s support, daring to do evil.
But now his vicious granddaughter-in-law becomes very good and obedient at a glance.
This absolutely has the means to absolutely control the life and death of Quercus variabilis.
Otherwise, we can’t control the evil law of Quercus canker and make Quercus canker so obedient.
Smoke domain was happy just now.
The wicked always poison others!
But now the smoke field is worse than suffering, and his granddaughter is controlled by the same means as this poisonous granddaughter-in-law.
He would rather die than let his granddaughter die.
Their family has only one blood, Yanzi.
A moment’s change of mind in the smoke field
"We can take risks first, borrow Sir Zhong’s hand to deal with the enemy against us, and then choose the opportunity to escape." The anxious horse in the tobacco field first threw a choice to Xu tui.
There’s nothing he can do to save his granddaughter.
Make a refund and hesitate
If you don’t kill Bluestar, there may be a big crisis in the future, but killing the brothers of Tongtian Expeditionary Force will inevitably ruin the Eldar!
To tell the truth, Xu retired Cai Shaochu’s training has the so-called overall situation, but it is not the Virgin.
Hesitation and retreat have already made a choice.
As far as the present situation is concerned, killing the brothers of the Yanyu Tongtian Expeditionary Force, including An Xiaoxue, will go home by law, and there is a 99% probability that they will be discovered and wiped out by the Elves in the near future.
And it’s still ambiguous whether he can escape after killing the tobacco field.
If we don’t kill the brothers of the Tongtian Expeditionary Force, it is very likely that they will go home. In the future, the sun may have a big life crisis because of this technology.
But when the future will come depends on the progress of this technology.
After all, a new technology, especially when it comes to the volume delivery channel, will have to go through many pressure tests before it can be formally applied.
Death is still a brother crisis, and the future is the whole blue star mankind.
And everything is possible in the future.
As soon as I read this promise, I will make a decision.
Not for the time being
It’s just the mouth of the smoke field
Smoke domain words make Xu back dazed, and the old man may already know his identity through smoke posture. This is what the old man thought he hesitated just now.
"Is your technology ready-made or do you need to improve and experiment?" Xu asked back.
"Theory and technology need a lot of experiments and stress tests," said Yanyu.
"You, your granddaughter, make a guarantee of life and death. If there is a half-sentence false statement, your granddaughter will inevitably suffer from a hundred poisons and sorrows before she dies!" Xu tui consciousness communication way

If you don’t break through to the small universe, you won’t be eligible to make a withdrawal.

Not at all.
Can obediently hand over the five-party ghost emperor seal in his hand.
Xu tui did the same thing
Minutes later, the processing is over.
After the official seal of Mount Tai, the number of soil wills increased from 73% to less than 79%.
All the ministries with been-changed will in this Xu’s hand are close to being equal.
Theoretical retreat already has the absolute control quantity of reincarnation small universe.
After the remaining 21%, the will of the soil should belong to three parties
Chu Ling and Yuan each have a seal of the Five-Party Ghost Emperor, and each of them has a will to be changed to nearly 10%, that is, 90%.
The residual amount should be seriously injured and respected in seclusion.
Chopping Sendai with the great powers of the two emperors’ seals slowly withdrew from the clouds, and the seal of Taishan Mansion gradually showed a virtual shadow of the Emperor’s Palace.
It’s much more solid than a palace of Emperor Houtu.
With the influx of Xu tui’s spiritual will, Xu tui’s spiritual will extended to all directions through the seal of Taishan Fujun, but it was not extended for the time being due to the rules of cutting Sendai.
In an instant, Xu retreated and gently stepped forward.
The willpower of the earth after the seal of Taishan Fujun was accumulated in an instant extended to all directions like a storm, and fell all over the corner of the reincarnation universe in an instant.
At this moment, Xu’s control over the small universe of reincarnation has reached an extreme.
It can be said that from thousands of years to now, no one has reached this level except the one who created the small universe of reincarnation
It’s just a moment to retreat, and a position is sensed to be abnormal.
Found the target
This time, the first strategic goal of entering the small universe of reincarnation was achieved-finding a serious injury and seclusion.
And this is the only way to find respect-that is, to control the reincarnation of the small universe to a very high degree.
Now Xu tui meets this condition.
Close to the mastery of the will of the earth can make Xu retreat to sweep the whole reincarnation universe in an instant.
Or the magnifying glass scanning kind
I found the breath of serious injury and seclusion when I retired for a moment.
It was found that the spirit was withdrawn in an instant, but it was re-injected with the seal of Taishan Fujun, and then the seal of Taishan Fujun was directly wrapped by Erila, Qu Qingshan, Li Qingping, Wula, Wen Xinglun and other eleven people.
In an instant, these eleven people disappeared instantly.
This is another manifestation of the ability to control the reincarnation universe to a very high degree.
It can be sent, banned, broken and so on anytime and anywhere in the small universe.
This is the main ability of a small universe
Before the Buddha, he used a small amount of phase ability.
Nowadays, Xu tui, who is close to becoming an afterlife will, also has this ability.
It’s just a moment where the eleven blue star elites appear and hide.
Almost at the same time, Zun was forced out again surprised and angry.
But Xu retreat didn’t even look at the eleven men fighting, but instantly focused on the reincarnation of the small universe door through the seal of Taishan Mansion.
Just one word reincarnation, all the doors and channels of the small universe will be closed.
And at the same moment, the distant Milky Way stayed in its own small universe, and the early spirit and Yuan woke up at the same time.
At this moment, they sensed that the small universe of reincarnation had undergone tremendous changes.

That change is just the sudden movement of his body, and his hands are stuck in the soil as if to support his body. That movement seems to be extremely difficult, as if he had tried his last strength to survive.

Mu Nanfeng’s eyes were full of color. On the surface, he seemed to laugh freely, putting life and death out of the picture, but his heart was a little sad. His sadness was that young tianjiao, such as Lu Li, Qian Xue and Zi Yin, died in Yongzhou today, which was a great loss.
Why don’t you just evacuate the people in the main city of Yongzhou, or Mu Nanfeng will think he will become a sinner through the ages.
The blood shadow demon king tried to make a head start, but he was surprised. "It’s rare to be able to struggle when the physical load reaches that level."
The last flash of brilliance in the palm of his hand was the strength brought by his last belief. Besides, nothing can move the truth again when he looks all over.
No one did it, but they were curious and wanted to see what the dead would do.
People in the right way sometimes say some high-sounding words. Magic people also respect the strong. On how to behave in Alcatraz today, people hate it, but it is worthy of everyone’s admiration to fight to save their fellow people.
Everyone stared at the palm of their hand and held a kit, which was small but very delicate.
Slowly beating everyone is a distraction, and it is like exhausting your last strength. Generally, you may faint at any time.
The trick was beaten by him, but look inside.
Chapter 200 Assistance from All Parties
When the kit was just taken out, the purple Guanghua beat and flashed, which also aroused many people’s interest, but there was nothing or Guanghua presented again when it was away from home.
Even the brilliance of the kit is dim and fascinating.
Mu Jia’s two sword immortals were also stuck. They guessed that this trick might be the last thing to rely on, but was it that they were cheated by others?
Unexpectedly, he smiled indifferently, but the smile disappeared instantly, accompanied by a severe injury, and he fainted directly. He was seriously injured and his oil was exhausted, and his life and death were unpredictable
This twists and turns makes the three demon kings also the blood-intolerant shadow demon king in the lead, and the blood clouds are flashing and the magic strength is exploding. He is quite belligerent and directly wants to take the south wind’s head.
Leaving the trick is a game that makes everyone have different thoughts, but no one thinks about it anymore.
The demon king’s blood shadow magic cloud enveloped the whole center of Yongzheng city, and the masters of Alcatraz all retreated from their homes. The two masters also wore clouds with mortal beliefs and brazenly made swords!
The first world war, the clouds moved to crack widex’s roaring winds and days!
This battle, the magic cries blood and kills the dream!
In the middle of the class, it was suddenly the wind and the rain, and an inexplicable fairy aura swept through, which was surprising and surprising.
The evil shadow demon handsome responds very quickly, and a series of boxing shadows explode from the foot of the mountain, and the change of his boxing strength can produce illusory magic shadows, which makes people fall into the middle and outside. Even if anyone wants to break in, he thinks he can’t pass himself.
Unexpectedly, a light figure is like a flying feather walking on the sky, and the speed is fast. If the evil shadow demon handsome moves quickly, her figure will walk into the void.
With the whole body shaking, the Tao reverts to emptiness, and the sky wave knocks back all the evil shadows and demons in one fell swoop. It’s like a fairy girl descending from the sky, a fairy sword, Guanghua, bright as the moon, and a ray of radiance. It’s beautiful like a cold fairy, which makes people wonder.
That sound is as cold as ice, but it is unforgettable after being heard once, even if it will bring death to several magicians!
"Wan Jian Zhu Xian!"
A sword comes out of Wan Jian’s kendo change, and the meaning of the sword is derived. The sword of Qian Qian’s ten thousand swords is called Wan Jian Zhu Xian!
The sword man asked more questions?
"Today, I will help you solve the problem that the main city of Yongzhou is in danger!"
There is a hint in her voice that this woman is genkai’s dream-exquisite!
She’s a recruit Wan Jian Zhu Xian set off a huge wave, and this recruit is strong. Only when she really understands others can she know it.
The bloodthirsty magic handsome face was shocked. He ignored the illusion of many whole people’s blood fog and stopped the evil shadow magic handsome. At the same time, he said in a serious tone, "The sword of evil shadow retreating quickly is very sharp!"
The evil shadow demon handsome heart is very afraid of this exquisite, and when he wants to help, a thunder mountain breaks, but when he turns his eyes and looks at each other, the speed is like running a thunder disease, and this person has mastered the wind walking like running a thunder and angry wind, so it is better to let more magic shadows than him.
"Hum, evil spirits will kill if they fall down today!" This person is far away from home and almost became an enemy, but today he is also here to fight the demons.
It’s the wind family who is less master-Fengyunye!
"A group of Uzbeks sent several big families and Tianjiao to die today?"
The blood shadow demon king is furious, and the two demons, Gengetsu, live against the Mu family. The blood shadow demon king personally wants to shovel out all the rescuers!

There aren’t many relatives since I got married, except my parents, and several cousins of Lin Jin have come to my grandparents, uncles and uncles. Those people have not recognized Lin Jin until now.

Even so, there are still many people coming to the scene.
Lin Jin, the third floor of the newly opened store in summer, and a group of relatives and friends on the stage in summer witnessed and wished that the master of ceremonies presided over the most important ceremony in their lives.
Get married …
Lin Jin always thought that getting married was a common thing and should be no different from getting engaged, but when she became the heroine of the wedding, when she wore a gorgeous wedding dress, she was still excited in a romantic atmosphere.
After yourself, no matter in name or anything, it will be a summer man.
Sure …
She smiled slightly and endured the joy in summer and said in her ear, "You are mine!" "
"Okay, okay, I’m your man."
In the summer, Nai touched Lin Jin’s head in a wedding dress and walked over and said, "But you are also mine."
The wedding was not simple, except for the ordinary engagement of friends and relatives in summer, which attracted many fans.
Nowadays, the fan base has become more and more huge. This time, hundreds of people simply signed up for the event. In the last summer, they chose those fans who have grown up and have independent finances to come to their wedding scene.
And the wedding live broadcast was synchronized live.
"Congratulations to Lin Jin in summer!"
"It’s so touching to watch them all the way from being a couple to getting married!"
"All shall be well, jack shall have Jill!"
The live gift brush flew up and the barrage almost covered the whole screen, which made people unable to see the picture clearly.
Lin Jin smiled and glanced at the barrage and followed the summer walk to propose a toast to those relatives and friends.
There are many more people coming to this wedding than this engagement. Even if Lin Jin had a drink at each table, she felt a little tipsy and dizzy.
In the summer, I saw that Lin Jin was a bad drinker and quickly helped Lin Jin to the table and then ran alone to continue the toast.
Lin Jin’s table is for both parents, brothers and sisters, so there are fewer people at this table, and there are a lot more dishes on the table than at his table.
Mom is a little distressed that Lin Jin is drunk and gently holds her back for fear that Lin Jin will fall to the ground.
"Have some soup?"
Mom asked Lin Jin.
"I’m so happy today ~"
Lin Jin looked up and smiled at his mother. "I want to propose a toast with summer when I get married today …"
"You are drunk."
Mother took a small bowl and put some table flower clam soup in front of Lin Jin. She continued in a low voice, "There are other things to do, such as sober up first."
"Is there anything else?"
"It’s a wedding room." Mom nai shaved Lin Jin’s nose. "Don’t worry, I said hello. They won’t go too far."
"Wedding room ….."
The house where Lin Jin used to live has been bought in the summer. He said that it is impossible to rent a wedding room.
As a result, he just opened a new store and bought a house. Now he is once again poor, and most of the house money is still bought by loan.
Lin Jin suddenly remembered his home.
She suddenly turned to her mother and said, "Buy that home in our county again?"
Mom can’t understand.
"That house was bought by my father and sold by him … for him, it may be nothing, but for me, I have lived at home for many years."
Mother looked at Lin Jin’s face and rubbed her head after a long silence.
Although Lin Jin didn’t say much about living alone with her father in the past, my mother also knew that Lin Jin must have had a hard time at that time
"All right, then."
Chapter 592 57 Drunk Lin Jin
The wedding is over.
After a busy day and drinking a lot, Lin Jin is sleepy and lying in bed.
In the summer, my parents and I began to be busy cleaning up. Just now, a group of people ran home to make a mess in the wedding room, but fortunately, Lin Jin paid more attention to the bedroom, and not many people came in to make noise, so at this time Lin Jin could lie in bed in a daze.
Although sleepy, it may be because of too much wine, but her head is unusually clear, and she always feels as if she can lie in bed and play with her mobile phone all night.
She turned over and looked at the open bedroom door, which was mopping the floor at this time in summer, and her parents were each cold-faced to help clean the house. In summer, one of them wiped the furniture and the other cleaned Lin Jin’s wedding dress outside the door.
Wedding dresses and dresses are bought directly in summer instead of renting them as most of his couples do.
Summer thinks this wedding dress is very memorable, so I plan to put it at home and take it out from time to time to have a look, even if I may never wear these two sets again.
"I’ll do it"
In summer, my father wiped the furniture and took over the mop in summer’s hand and gestured at him.
In summer, I walked into the kitchen without hesitation and poured a cup of hot water before I came to the bedroom and closed the door behind me.
Lin Jin, who was slightly drunk, had already slept, only to find that Lin Jin was looking at him with a pair of big eyes.
"So don’t sleep?"
Summer smiles gently.
Lin Jin yawned and put her head on her summer thigh. She opened her bright eyes and asked Xia, "Is the sanitation finished?"
"Almost the parents can handle it." Summer walked over and rubbed Lin Jin’s head, put the cup of warm water on the bedside table and asked her, "Would you like some water? Jiejiu "
Maybe it’s because drinking beer this time is relatively high-grade. Some Lin Jin didn’t feel headache even after drinking a lot. When drinking a few times before, because it was inferior beer, drinking four or five bottles of beer every time would make Lin Jin’s head ache more than cause him to fall asleep.
"When do you go to bed?" Lin Jin found a comfortable place to sleep in the summer, and she snorted, "I’ll sleep when you sleep ~"
To tell the truth, it’s rare to see Lin Jin talking in such a coquetry tone in summer, and with that confused face, there’s an impulse to smack her.
Um …
"I won’t sleep until my parents are gone, or you can play video games for a while?"
Lin Jin yawned again and turned over, rolling his head from his knees in summer, and then lying on the bed will put the bedside game machine in his hand.
"It seems that there are no more games to play. I know everything."
"Beat those bosses …"
Although Lin Jin has a good command of the game, it seems that he doesn’t care too much about the racing game. Plus, there are too many bosses in this game line. It’s normal to touch one or two games in one game. If Lin Jin doesn’t get the first place, she will hardly get any sense of accomplishment.

Take the most basic’ Jing Dian’ as an example. It is all the top achievement methods in day order, and it also includes many magic achievement methods, demon achievement methods, even ghost achievement methods and spirit achievement methods!

Malaria and blood shura are also welcome. I immediately found a method that is most suitable for me. I plan to try it as soon as I have it.
Besides, in the "Dan Dian", there are all kinds of prescriptions, Wang Dan medicine and Dan Fang, and there are many Xiao Fan’s root methods to check the prescription, which must be the Zundan medicine and Dan Fang!
Xiao Fan grabbed a’ nine dead metempsychosis Dan’ prescription and looked at it and was immediately attracted.
After the quilt, if you have experienced nine frequent death experiences and arrived at the last time, you will be thoroughly remoulded, and your qualifications will be improved several times.
"Gee, what a nine dead metempsychosis Dan. I’ve almost died nine times since now, haven’t I? How high will it be if I can take one of these pills the most? " Xiao Fan left his mouth and looked at the materials needed for refining this Dan medicine, then conveniently put the prescription back in the distance.
I’ve never heard of the joke noodle material myself. Maybe it’s unknown whether it can still be done now!
However, with these alchemists, it means that if you have the opportunity, you can try to refine a higher and better Dan medicine. It is a challenge and a pleasure for him as an alchemist!
Xiao Fan was overjoyed to be in the "Hall of Instruments".
The refiner is even more depressed than an alchemist in the immortal world today.
Many refining means and methods have been lost for a long time. Someone can refine the magic weapon. There is already a generation of refining masters.
In the present day, all the holy magic weapons and even the magic weapons of Wang are ancient. Today, no one can have the ability to refine these magic weapons from the roots of Yunhe mainland.
There are not only many refining methods, but also many ancient refining experts’ experience and experience, and there are also several magic weapon refining methods of various orders in the whole’ Hall of Devices’.
Xiao Fan hurriedly immersed in a little understanding, and then I got a boost.
It turns out that the principle of the refiner is similar to that of an alchemist. If you know it deeply, it is estimated that it will not be long before you will know a way of refining the refiner. After some repeated practice, it is not difficult to refine an ordinary magic weapon by your own practice!
I tried to think that if the backbone of Qingyang League had a few magic weapons, when people were overwhelming against the enemy, they would have to run away!
"By the way, now that you have a higher limit of malaria, can you let more people enter here to practice?" Xiao Fan hurriedly asked
"Hey, hey, it’s natural to bring in a horde, and now I can slow down the time to a thousand times, which means that the outside year is a thousand years, which can be compared with the time flow in the underworld!" Malaria pride ratio said
"But the resources and cultivation conditions here are hundreds of millions of times stronger than the Yin boundary. There is no need to worry about the support of the boundary stone mountain!" Xiao Fan eyebrows a pick excited to laugh.
"Ha ha, the conformal predecessors really gave me a gift! I can’t wait to see what’s in his sub-hall. With these things, I don’t need to pay attention to what the magic alliance teaches me! " Xiao Fan has already seen a picture in his heart. Here, he practiced the scene of the Qingyang League middleman holding the magic weapon and abusing the enemy.
"Xiao Fan, come and see this sub-hall. It’s a little interesting that there will be such a thing!" Go out before blood shura suddenly turned back and said to Xiao Fan with a full face of surprise …
第275章 凝兽阁


Mo Xiu’s body, Zhen Yuan, once again reached a purity of 25, and at this time, only seven quenching Yuan Dan were consumed, and there were still three quenching Yuan Dan whose drug power was completely lost.
And Juyuandan has two drugs that have not been consumed.
Just as Mo Xiu was preparing to refine them in one breath and hit a higher level, a spirit pigeon flew up in the abode of fairies and immortals.
Another summons.
Moxiu smiled.
The incident happened this time, which shocked the Purple Lotus Society. To avoid the recurrence of this kind of incident, the summons has also changed, and there is an atmosphere of being a master inside.
Pack up and call Mo Xiu to Xiao Moer’s abode of fairies and immortals.
In the past month, Xiao Moer has made great progress in practicing in the abode of fairies and immortals. She has broken through the second layer and once quenched Yuan Dan, and she has not digested it. In this month, she has continued to refine Zhen Yuan, making Zhen Yuan more pure and reaching the third level.
Say goodbye to Xiao Moer, and leave the abode of fairies and immortals without carrying the Arm Monster.
Now the Arm Monster has evolved into an adult in a large number of magic pills, especially the magic pills. The second-order top monster beast is not far from the third-order monster beast.
Once it becomes a third-order monster beast, the arm monster will undergo a qualitative change and its strength will soar.
Before leaving the abode of fairies and immortals, Mo Xiu had a meal in the abode of fairies and immortals, but he didn’t find Xiao Moer running out again to kiss him with a wry smile and left the abode of fairies and immortals.
But Mo Xiu didn’t find that Xiao Moer was biting Hun with his teeth in his abode of fairies and immortals with a face of chagrin.
This time, the place is Qiaobei Wangdong Mansion.
In fact, Xuanwu Hall was generally in the abode of fairies and immortals of Qiaobei King, and Moxiu didn’t know about it before he was deceived by Blanc’s summons.
At this time, there are already 20 monks in Qiaobei King’s Cave House, four of whom are core members on the seventh floor of the construction period, and the rest are full members on the seventh floor of the construction period.
Moreover, Moxiuzhen Hun is strong enough to feel that these people are really Hun.
A closer look at Moxiu found that he knew many monks among them.
Heart, Wan Li Yang, Eastern War, Threshold, Shui Yue.
In the past month or so, there have been more than a thousand monks in the complex, including Minqi and Shuiyue.
It is not surprising that these people joined Zilian at the beginning and will appear here, but a few people got up and started to salute when they saw Mo Xiu.
"Deacon Mo!"
Don’t take an instant white these people are their own hands and can’t help wondering.
"Ha ha! Teacher Mo, these people will be your hands from now on, just as you all know each other. It is more convenient to put them together. "Qiao Beiwang came out of the house and said with a smile.
He was followed by Ying Chen. At this time, Ying Chen came forward and patted Mo Xiu on the shoulder. "Don’t be surprised by the fact that each hall and rudder club are divided according to the region."
"Like the bodhi old zu of our Purple Lotus Club, the backbone of the club was originally from Purple Lotus District, and most of them were monks from Zongmen, Purple Lotus District."
Moxiu suddenly realized and nodded and asked, "I don’t know what it is this time?"
"Seize the Fairy Edge Area and send it to the array," said Qiao Bei Wang Shen.
Chapter 52 The Dark Devil’s Attack (Third Night)
The third night is sent out! Ask for a monthly pass!
"These jade slips are the specific information of the central bank. You may wish to have a look."
With this, Qiao Beiwang shook hands and typed more than 20 jade slips, which accurately fell into everyone’s hands.
Everyone looks carefully.
Xianyuan District is one of the 100 districts under the jurisdiction of Zhengdao League. There is a medium spiritual vein in Fiona Fang, which is named after it.
In Zhengdao League, Xianyuan District is a second-class area, and the strength of all the clans is extremely strong, which is many times stronger than that of the Chaohai area where Qingyang Sect is located.
However, unfortunately, Xianyuan District is located in the handover area of Heiku Zongzhengdao League, and it is also the most severely affected place in every Hundred Wild Wars.
This time, the Black Devil Sect also launched a strong offensive from Xianyuan District.
And the dark Lord’s offensive is to send troops from Xianyuan District.
Sending troops is the lifeblood of Zhengdao League.
If the Daodao League Fiona Fang is thousands of miles away in such a vast area, it will take a lot of time for monks in the then-Dan period to fly once, but it will be even more troublesome for monks in the practice period to fly all over.
Therefore, in the Zhengdao League, long-distance transfer depends on sending the array.
There are also levels of delivery. The delivery of Zhengdao League in each district is a giant delivery. Just sending array is a large-scale sending array; Each country in each district sends a medium-sized array; Sending troops to the country is a small one.
Giant array can send hundreds of Wan Li, tens of millions of miles, large array can send one or two hundred Wan Li, medium array can send hundreds of thousands of miles to small array, and there are more than ten or twenty Wan Li.
It is by these sending arrays that the whole right alliance will form a whole. Once the sending array is lost, the whole area is almost equivalent to a blind spot.