"Hehe, it’s a bit interesting." Tang Zhuang man sneered that he came from a killer organization called "Tianyitang", which is not only famous for its country, but also able to rank the ball assassination list.

And he is called Tiansha in Lai Tian’s organization.
I came to the Liu family this time because his younger brother was abolished.
"We missed several times. I’m afraid that Liu Yuxiao has already noticed our one thousand …" Master Liu suffered a lot of face convulsions.
They killed Liu Yu several times, but after all, they failed to completely erase it and lost many people.
"Hum little protege learned a little fur and taught fish to swim everywhere." The murderous look in Lai Tianlong’s eyes became more and more intense.
"Master Lai, your teacher younger brother … Master Wu, alas, our Liu family is also miscalculated. Today, I will put the words right. If you kill Liu Xiao, our Liu family is willing to show three times the price."
They have already tasted the power of Liu Yu. If he really comes to retaliate … for fear that it will be a disaster, if this day can get rid of this small one, then he is willing to spend more money.
This is their Nanling city Liu suffered the most.
"Don’t worry, Master Liu, it’s always a trouble to keep this matter, and I’m just getting revenge from my younger brother." Lai Tian’s face reveals a sneer at the Liu family’s willingness to triple the price, and his eyes are full of greed.
"Then don’t you know what Master Lai thinks?" Master Liu asked, "Several assassinations failed to succeed …"
"You don’t have to worry about this. Since the slip of the hand is foreign and we have to end it eventually, we will … invite him to come." Lai Tianyin snorted coldly with his eyes.
"Please, ask him to come?"
Master Liu is stupid. Is it to lure the wolf into the room? This is really impossible: "Will this master come?"
"Won’t come? Ha ha ….. That is really he can not "
Lai tianyi patted the console table, and there was a sinister look in his eyes, especially a horrible radian across his mouth.
Then he waved to the cold road outside the door and "brought it in"
As soon as the words fell, the door of the conference room was hit, and a 25-year-old man was tied up and pressed in.
"Mad, who are you to tie me up? I want to call the police!" He roared that he didn’t make a mistake because he faced people at the top of society.
"Master Lai … who is he?" Master Liu doesn’t understand
"Hey, hey, you just watch." Lai Tian showed a grimace of a grin and looked at the man. "I had already started investigating this before I came, but Liu Yu was his girlfriend’s cousin."
"oh? This ….. Ha ha lai master indeed as expected as a result, Liu Yu that small not to fail "Liu some leaders also sneer at it.
They don’t care what Liu Yu is doing here because they know how horrible this Lai master is. It’s more than enough to deal with a small Zhuo Zhuo.
Liu Yugang received Chen Jiali dialect when he got on the bus.
In the conversation, it seems that one of her cousins is coming to Nanling City to meet her these two days. This cousin has been very fond of her since she was a child, and Chen Jiali wants to bring Liu Yu with her.
Liu Yu did not refuse to smile and agreed.
After pulling out the killer organization, he just wanted to give the abstruse fish to Chen Jiali.
The next day, when Liu Yu went out, she went directly to Chen Jiali, and their appointment place was in the old place, in the milk tea shop opposite Qianqiutu Pavilion.
After seeing Liu Yu, Chen Jiali was worried. "Brother Liu Yu, my cousin suddenly can’t connect."
"Maybe he is busy?" Liu Yu meant later, but his cell phone rang.
It’s a strange number
Chapter 126 War
"Mom, let me go."
Chen xing inside the conference hall roared angrily.
"Hey hey you are Chen Jiali cousin? Then you should know her boyfriend? " Lai Tian sneered. Here, he represents everything, which has guaranteed this man’s life. He wants him to die and live according to his mood.
But he can’t die yet.
Chen Xing’s face was shocked and he quickly wandered around in his mind. "You, you mean Liu Yu?"
"It seems that you know," Lai Tian said, and his expression became more strange.
Chen Xing has a bad feeling that this time he came to Nanling City, not because he was idle, but because he wanted something. His grandfather had a strange disease, and all the famous doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners came to fart.
His eyes were dying, and then by chance, he heard that there was a master in Fengnanling City who had a superb medical skill. Although he exaggerated the composition, he was still willing to try.
So he joined his cousin Chen Jiali in Zhengnanling City.
"Mom knows we know you don’t hurry loose" Chen Xing scold a way.
Lai Tian was scolded and lost his patience directly. It’s really special. I’ve seen arrogance, but I’ve never seen a small man so arrogant. How dare he call mom to scold dad in front of his temple? But although he was angry, he forced himself to endure it. "I’m condescending to talk to an ant like you, but you don’t know the inside story, do you?" Ok, I’ll play a game with you. "
"His mother don’t blame me for not waking you, my brother-in-law and me. It’s not good for you to provoke him." Chen Xing drinks a way.
He came to the street to talk about Chen Jiali, and suddenly he was overcast from behind, and now it seems that these people should be aimed at Liu Yulai.
My heart says, darling, this brother-in-law is really unusual. What the hell are you causing?
"Oh is it? Rest assured that you will go to the grave together in a while. "
Lai Tiansi is not afraid of this threat. It seems to him that no one in this small Nanling city can provoke them every day.
At this time, a blue-eyed blond man came in and exuded an unruly aura. "I have informed that we are ready."
Lai Tian took a look at the man’s face and smiled ferocious. "Very good."
He looked at Chen Xing again. His eyes were full of malice. "You are playing now."
Chen Xing had an ominous premonition, and then suddenly felt that the temperature around here suddenly dropped, and the hot summer was close to June, but the conference room was as cold as icehouse without adjustment.
Lai Tianyi waved his hand and immediately appeared a ceramic with a strange shape and the size of a fist. It looked quaint and gave off a shocking atmosphere, especially the dough looked very strange.
It is this clay pot that has such a change in the surrounding gas.
"Everyone can go out, Ryan. You ask Mr. Liu to arrange a hey hey … it is best to have a place where no one lives for a long time." Lai Tian coldly ordered.
Everyone understood and backed out.
"What the hell are you doing? When my brother-in-law comes to see me, he won’t beat you into a pig." Chen Xing scolded, looking at that clay pot, he always felt uneasy, as if he were in the nest of snakes and scorpions and was buried by poison at any time
"Dare to scold me?" Lai Tianyi was calm before he changed, but now he looks like a mad beast.
"If you can’t call it out for a while, hey hey, then try what is life and death?"
He just hit the lid of the jar.
"Hoo hoo ~ ~ ~ ~"
Suddenly, the surrounding wind started to feel sad and cold, and the atmosphere completely enveloped this place, like a ghost walking past a stranger.
Immediately after that, three spectres rushed out of the pottery jar, which was sharp and shocking, and they jumped on Chen Xingshen’s madness.
"Ah ~ ~ ~ ~" Chen Xing let out a scream. It felt like being thrust into the muscle by handfuls of ice cones. Almost every inch of skin was ravaged by terror, and the pain went deep into the soul.
"Ha, ha, ha, call it. You won’t be able to call it out soon. You are lucky to enjoy my ghost art."
Lai Tian laughed. He won’t want Chen Xing now. His life is to torture him until he dies.
"Paralysis you this beast have something don’t Yin old …" Chen Xing side endure pain big scold a way very stubborn.
"Poor thing, but if you want to scold Liu Yu for being a king’s egg, I can spare you a little pain." Lai Tian looked at the ground rolling like a doll, and Chen Xing’s mouth showed bloody radian.

Thinking about thinking about his face, a smile appeared.

A staff member next to him hurriedly said, "Sir, pay attention to your expression!"
Next to him was a worker carrying a camera.
At present, all communications in Fusang are completely paralyzed, and reporters don’t know where an emergency desk is still running. This worker is a temporary guest.
How can you show such a smile at this time? Of course, show a firm expression.
This is going down in history!
Baishi hurriedly held his head high and looked ahead.
That expression should be as firm as it is, as bold as it is.
As the ship staggered forward, the fog gradually evaporated around it.
The nearby sea area was heated by a volcano, and now the temperature is higher than that of other places, and the humidity is very high.
But you can vaguely see something approaching.
Close, close!
Baishi took a deep breath and held Fusang State Flag. His hands were a little sweaty.
The horse is about to make history. Should the boat take the left leg or the right leg first?
Just then, the captain of the warship suddenly came to report, "Sir, the radar detected that there was another ship approaching ahead! It is the Nut State Fleet! "
Their voice did not fall when they heard a loud bang overhead and several fighters roared past.
Baishi looked up at the whistling fighter and suddenly felt bad.
He slowly bowed his head and saw a huge ship leaning over in the light fog ahead.
That’s an aircraft carrier.
There are also many warship guard sides behind the aircraft carrier.
At that moment, Baishi turned white.
This is the nut state aircraft carrier formation!
"Sir …" Next to the entourage are consulting eyes look up.
"warn them at once!" Baishi suddenly took a deep breath and looked sad. "This is our territorial waters in Fusang Prefecture. Let them show their intentions!"
The captain was ordered to leave when a soldier came to report that he had received the information of the aircraft carrier battle group in Nut State.
"What did they say?"
"This is the territorial waters of Nut State. Let’s leave immediately!"
"What?" Baishi felt that he was slippery. How can this be the territorial waters of Nut State?
Will you stop being so cruel!
Baishi picked up the telescope and looked at the other side. He saw that there was also an official in a suit and tie at the bow of the other side carrying a nut state flag, and there was a Pse there.
"Communicator" Baishi waved the flag in his hand and handed it to his entourage. He took the communicator and yelled at the other party. "According to international conventions, the newly emerging islands within 12 nautical miles of our Fusang coastline are all our territory!"
The opposite side also handed the state flag to the officer next to him and yelled with a com.
"Yes, we respect international conventions. This reef is yours." The Nut State official reached out and pointed to it.

If you don’t break through to the small universe, you won’t be eligible to make a withdrawal.

Not at all.
Can obediently hand over the five-party ghost emperor seal in his hand.
Xu tui did the same thing
Minutes later, the processing is over.
After the official seal of Mount Tai, the number of soil wills increased from 73% to less than 79%.
All the ministries with been-changed will in this Xu’s hand are close to being equal.
Theoretical retreat already has the absolute control quantity of reincarnation small universe.
After the remaining 21%, the will of the soil should belong to three parties
Chu Ling and Yuan each have a seal of the Five-Party Ghost Emperor, and each of them has a will to be changed to nearly 10%, that is, 90%.
The residual amount should be seriously injured and respected in seclusion.
Chopping Sendai with the great powers of the two emperors’ seals slowly withdrew from the clouds, and the seal of Taishan Mansion gradually showed a virtual shadow of the Emperor’s Palace.
It’s much more solid than a palace of Emperor Houtu.
With the influx of Xu tui’s spiritual will, Xu tui’s spiritual will extended to all directions through the seal of Taishan Fujun, but it was not extended for the time being due to the rules of cutting Sendai.
In an instant, Xu retreated and gently stepped forward.
The willpower of the earth after the seal of Taishan Fujun was accumulated in an instant extended to all directions like a storm, and fell all over the corner of the reincarnation universe in an instant.
At this moment, Xu’s control over the small universe of reincarnation has reached an extreme.
It can be said that from thousands of years to now, no one has reached this level except the one who created the small universe of reincarnation
It’s just a moment to retreat, and a position is sensed to be abnormal.
Found the target
This time, the first strategic goal of entering the small universe of reincarnation was achieved-finding a serious injury and seclusion.
And this is the only way to find respect-that is, to control the reincarnation of the small universe to a very high degree.
Now Xu tui meets this condition.
Close to the mastery of the will of the earth can make Xu retreat to sweep the whole reincarnation universe in an instant.
Or the magnifying glass scanning kind
I found the breath of serious injury and seclusion when I retired for a moment.
It was found that the spirit was withdrawn in an instant, but it was re-injected with the seal of Taishan Fujun, and then the seal of Taishan Fujun was directly wrapped by Erila, Qu Qingshan, Li Qingping, Wula, Wen Xinglun and other eleven people.
In an instant, these eleven people disappeared instantly.
This is another manifestation of the ability to control the reincarnation universe to a very high degree.
It can be sent, banned, broken and so on anytime and anywhere in the small universe.
This is the main ability of a small universe
Before the Buddha, he used a small amount of phase ability.
Nowadays, Xu tui, who is close to becoming an afterlife will, also has this ability.
It’s just a moment where the eleven blue star elites appear and hide.
Almost at the same time, Zun was forced out again surprised and angry.
But Xu retreat didn’t even look at the eleven men fighting, but instantly focused on the reincarnation of the small universe door through the seal of Taishan Mansion.
Just one word reincarnation, all the doors and channels of the small universe will be closed.
And at the same moment, the distant Milky Way stayed in its own small universe, and the early spirit and Yuan woke up at the same time.
At this moment, they sensed that the small universe of reincarnation had undergone tremendous changes.

They have definite goals.

And the earliest exploration was not the non-governmental organization, but the private exploration bank. The government did not pay anything and did not take any risks.
Only when the private bank did discover the broad possibilities did the government join in and plunder it, laying the foundation for this private exploration bank to develop a global nature and explore policies and plunder it.
At this time, Su Yonglin can’t say that he knows that there are a large number of precious metal mines, especially silver, in the Pacific coast from North America to South America.
He can’t say that Native Americans are so rich that they wear gold and silver as daily ornaments.
Moreover, their productivity and social organization form are far less than that of the former, and they can form a dimension-reducing blow to their productivity even without war and colonization.
All kinds of handicrafts and America have no agricultural products to realize market development, and they can get excess gold and silver from native Americans through legitimate business models, and they can also broadcast culture, broadcast revolution in America, establish advance teams to realize land development and so on
Anyway, America is vast and rich, and whoever discovers it first has no moral burden.
In this way, there will be a steady inflow of gold and silver, which will greatly increase enough gold and silver to lay the foundation for promoting monetary reform
This is something that Su Yonglin knows but others don’t know and can’t believe.
Despite this, Su Yonglin forced this matter with his own strength and prestige, and said that if the currency deadlock can be broken, it may not be necessary to say that an expedition fleet of three, four and five can be sent out.
To meet the demand, the national law must go out and look for the limit. This is something that will be done sooner or later. Now that we have the demand and the ability to do nothing, why do we have to stick to this acre and roll it hard?
Why can’t we look for new possibilities?
Comrades, it is important to open your eyes and your pattern.
This core point, Su Yonglin’s National Conference and Renaissance Conference, delivered many speeches on the significance of commercial expansion to the economy, territorial expansion to the country and revolutionary expansion to the revival of the society.
It was at this time that Su Yonglin talked about arranging the revolution as far as possible for the first time, saying that it is not only a great achievement of revolutionary success that counts as success, but also the ultimate success that the whole world has achieved revolutionary success.
However, if there is still one person who is oppressed, it will not be a success, no matter where it is, it will be the goal of liberation.
Is it enough to liberate the Chinese people?
Is the revolution a success?
No, it’s not over. It’s not enough.
Revolutionaries should open their horizons, open up the pattern of the world, and look at revolutionary issues from a chess game perspective.
In this way, we can find that from the world point of view, although the Great Revolution was successful and the region formed advantages, it was still a spark in terms of region and scale.
And with the increase of our foreign exchanges, the mutual understanding between the two sides has deepened, and sooner or later, the other side and others will find out their differences, and sooner or later they will be afraid of the Great Revolution.
What will they do after that?
They’ll shut themselves off and we’ll cut them off.
They are also afraid that if their people have more contacts with us, they will have the idea of hanging their royal family and the royal family to the southeast branch. They are afraid that something big will happen and they will take precautions, even if they don’t have that idea.
Then it will not only affect the economic problems.
Even if they can’t beat us, won’t they shut themselves off and cut us off?
We are thousands of miles away from Wan Li. Can we still ask them to open the country by singling out Wan Li expedition?
How much will it cost, manpower and material resources?
We can’t make ourselves a minority, we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t make ourselves different, we have to make more friends and fewer enemies, and we have no other way but to bring the revolution to their country and develop vigorously.
The more they are afraid of us, the more they should take the initiative!
Only by liberating the world can we finally liberate ourselves.
This is the first time that Su Yonglin expounded his theory of world revolution, initially expounded the necessity of face revolution from the economic point of view, and then wrote an article in the publishing country, which triggered a wave of heated discussions between the imperial court and the local revival meeting
And from this, the Ministry of Finance opened the gap with the first and broadest vision.
A series of senior officials and senior cadres of the Renaissance Association have successively expressed their support for Su Yonglin’s view that even doing business in the process of exchanges between countries around the world will affect some people’s thoughts when they really come into contact with the revolutionary policies of the socialist country.
And these people’s thoughts will bring unexpected influence to their home countries after being shocked and changed.
When the rulers of the home country realize that this influence will bring about changes, they will inevitably have a fear of bad feelings.
This kind of ill feeling and fear will prompt them to cut off great contacts from the government to the people, and prevent the great revolution from spreading too deeply, affecting the interests of the ruling class and triggering a revolution in the soil
And if similar revolutionary actions have taken place in their soil, they will be urged to resolutely cut off major exchanges, even if this revolution is not initiated by the initiative.
Although this problem will not occur for a short time, it is very likely that this situation will come true in ten or twenty years.
Once this situation becomes a reality and there is no corresponding preparation, it will have a far-reaching impact on the big economy
Don’t try to be alone.
Chapter 1219 Me too
Su Yonglin’s article is very clear and his views are very accurate.
Once the ruler of the other country closes the door on the big economy, the hostile policy will inevitably have a great impact on the big economic interests, and will have a devastating impact on the booming maritime trade, which will then produce a series of chain reactions, which will greatly affect the big economic development and the national economy and people’s livelihood.

That change is just the sudden movement of his body, and his hands are stuck in the soil as if to support his body. That movement seems to be extremely difficult, as if he had tried his last strength to survive.

Mu Nanfeng’s eyes were full of color. On the surface, he seemed to laugh freely, putting life and death out of the picture, but his heart was a little sad. His sadness was that young tianjiao, such as Lu Li, Qian Xue and Zi Yin, died in Yongzhou today, which was a great loss.
Why don’t you just evacuate the people in the main city of Yongzhou, or Mu Nanfeng will think he will become a sinner through the ages.
The blood shadow demon king tried to make a head start, but he was surprised. "It’s rare to be able to struggle when the physical load reaches that level."
The last flash of brilliance in the palm of his hand was the strength brought by his last belief. Besides, nothing can move the truth again when he looks all over.
No one did it, but they were curious and wanted to see what the dead would do.
People in the right way sometimes say some high-sounding words. Magic people also respect the strong. On how to behave in Alcatraz today, people hate it, but it is worthy of everyone’s admiration to fight to save their fellow people.
Everyone stared at the palm of their hand and held a kit, which was small but very delicate.
Slowly beating everyone is a distraction, and it is like exhausting your last strength. Generally, you may faint at any time.
The trick was beaten by him, but look inside.
Chapter 200 Assistance from All Parties
When the kit was just taken out, the purple Guanghua beat and flashed, which also aroused many people’s interest, but there was nothing or Guanghua presented again when it was away from home.
Even the brilliance of the kit is dim and fascinating.
Mu Jia’s two sword immortals were also stuck. They guessed that this trick might be the last thing to rely on, but was it that they were cheated by others?
Unexpectedly, he smiled indifferently, but the smile disappeared instantly, accompanied by a severe injury, and he fainted directly. He was seriously injured and his oil was exhausted, and his life and death were unpredictable
This twists and turns makes the three demon kings also the blood-intolerant shadow demon king in the lead, and the blood clouds are flashing and the magic strength is exploding. He is quite belligerent and directly wants to take the south wind’s head.
Leaving the trick is a game that makes everyone have different thoughts, but no one thinks about it anymore.
The demon king’s blood shadow magic cloud enveloped the whole center of Yongzheng city, and the masters of Alcatraz all retreated from their homes. The two masters also wore clouds with mortal beliefs and brazenly made swords!
The first world war, the clouds moved to crack widex’s roaring winds and days!
This battle, the magic cries blood and kills the dream!
In the middle of the class, it was suddenly the wind and the rain, and an inexplicable fairy aura swept through, which was surprising and surprising.
The evil shadow demon handsome responds very quickly, and a series of boxing shadows explode from the foot of the mountain, and the change of his boxing strength can produce illusory magic shadows, which makes people fall into the middle and outside. Even if anyone wants to break in, he thinks he can’t pass himself.
Unexpectedly, a light figure is like a flying feather walking on the sky, and the speed is fast. If the evil shadow demon handsome moves quickly, her figure will walk into the void.
With the whole body shaking, the Tao reverts to emptiness, and the sky wave knocks back all the evil shadows and demons in one fell swoop. It’s like a fairy girl descending from the sky, a fairy sword, Guanghua, bright as the moon, and a ray of radiance. It’s beautiful like a cold fairy, which makes people wonder.
That sound is as cold as ice, but it is unforgettable after being heard once, even if it will bring death to several magicians!
"Wan Jian Zhu Xian!"
A sword comes out of Wan Jian’s kendo change, and the meaning of the sword is derived. The sword of Qian Qian’s ten thousand swords is called Wan Jian Zhu Xian!
The sword man asked more questions?
"Today, I will help you solve the problem that the main city of Yongzhou is in danger!"
There is a hint in her voice that this woman is genkai’s dream-exquisite!
She’s a recruit Wan Jian Zhu Xian set off a huge wave, and this recruit is strong. Only when she really understands others can she know it.
The bloodthirsty magic handsome face was shocked. He ignored the illusion of many whole people’s blood fog and stopped the evil shadow magic handsome. At the same time, he said in a serious tone, "The sword of evil shadow retreating quickly is very sharp!"
The evil shadow demon handsome heart is very afraid of this exquisite, and when he wants to help, a thunder mountain breaks, but when he turns his eyes and looks at each other, the speed is like running a thunder disease, and this person has mastered the wind walking like running a thunder and angry wind, so it is better to let more magic shadows than him.
"Hum, evil spirits will kill if they fall down today!" This person is far away from home and almost became an enemy, but today he is also here to fight the demons.
It’s the wind family who is less master-Fengyunye!
"A group of Uzbeks sent several big families and Tianjiao to die today?"
The blood shadow demon king is furious, and the two demons, Gengetsu, live against the Mu family. The blood shadow demon king personally wants to shovel out all the rescuers!

"Head" Zhang Xian face a change.

"What do you mean? I am not white. "
"Ahem …" Zhou Yi aside gently cough a way.
"Zhang elder you didn’t escort the goods? When will you come back? "
"I have been today" Zhang Xian looked blank and immediately stared at Zhou Yi with eyebrows.
"Zhou Yi today is not you follow Zhang Guan escort goods? Is it reasonable for you to give up on your first day as a deputy? "
"Zhang Xian!"
Chen Long stuffy drink.
"Don’t pretend. I ask you to smuggle military prohibitions?"
Said the big hand a jilt two armor-piercing arrows landed heavily refining pulp practitioners juli arrow shaft broke into two pieces on the spot.
He didn’t believe that Zhou Yi was lying.
It’s not good for two people to hate each other and lie. The only possibility is that there is something wrong with this warehouse.
"Forbidden device?"
"This is … sunder armor arrow?"
Zhang Xianchuishou looked at the ground armor-piercing arrow’s eyes and was confused, then shouted and flexed.
"Boss, we’ve worked together for more than ten years. I did this when I was young."
"If you don’t believe me, just search and find an armor-piercing arrow here. I’ll pick my head and put it in front of you myself!"
He stamped his foot with a face of anger and curse, but also frequently looked at Zhou Yi nu way
"Is it you?"
"Did you frame me?"
At this time to search widely has been returned fuels hand way
"I don’t have it here!"
"I don’t have it here!"
Although the warehouse is large, it is mostly open. It is clear at a glance what is in the room. The nursing homes have returned one after another without shaking their heads.
Zhang Xian’s eyes opened wide and sounded.
"You also heard that there is no such thing as the imperial court’s forbidden weapon and armor-piercing arrow here, but someone slandered me and wronged me!"
"wrong?" Chen Long frowned at the side head.
"How do you explain Zhou Yi?"
It is more likely that Zhou Yi will lie if things are unnatural, but it makes no sense. He will slander Zhang Xian for his sake.
It is also necessary to fight for the situation.
It won’t be long before Zhou Yi will be picked up by the mountain and left in the outer court, which is a bad future.
But …
Zhang Xian and Chen Long have also worked together for more than ten years and have letters with each other.
a short while
He is also hesitant.
"Senior Zhang"
Zhou Yi chuckled and stepped forward.
"You’ve been escorting the goods with Brother Zhang, but suddenly you come back. You must have received the news. How can there be no clues to get things away at such a short time?"
Said the guard a finger in the yard.

Let me take the blame?

Are you really qualified now?
Win Keqin Zhao Yuying was completely blocked by Liu Yu’s speculation.
"Maybe your speculation is reasonable, but if you can go back and say that saving the world is so great, it will at least give our country a thick protective shield."
Liu Yu smiled faintly. "I will naturally come back and plan to go back."
Come to think of it, this is fate. If after tonight, the two sides may never be connected again. Without him waking up, two women will probably become the captive strong in this small world.
Knowing that this article is an advanced science and technology insight, and whether to eat nuclear weapons or not, this set of scientific and technological gaps may lead to the end of the earth.
The night has completely enveloped this small world, and the four of them have been resting in the same place. The gate leading to the outside world has been lit up, waiting for the convergence to be completed. This gate will naturally open, but whether it can take that step depends on nature.
"Zhao Yao wants me to find that making it now, I’m afraid …"
Liu Yu shook his head. He came all the way to look for this sacred object when he had no spare time. However, when he shook his head, he saw Zhao Yuying playing with a bauhinia in his hand. However, this bauhinia was a shape. He looked straight at it with his eyes … I went here. Isn’t that the plant that can run scared?
"Where did you get this flower?"
Zhao Yao seems to have a budget for the invasion of the earth, and he wants to bring this scared tree back to restart the ancient practice.
But he’s been wandering around here for so long that he hasn’t heard of this thing. How did Zhao Yuying suddenly get it?
Zhao Yuying was puzzled, but still replied, "This is where I came from. I saw that it was being attacked by that real monster at that time. We were almost crushed by that punch, but this divine flower gave off a faint light to protect it."
"Ha ha ha!"
Liu Yu suddenly burst into laughter.
Two women are very puzzled to see him Zhao Yuying completely at a loss. What’s the big deal about this divine flower?
"Fate, this may be your greatest chance to come to this world."
Liu Yu stopped laughing at Zhao Yuying and added, "I’ll take you to your ancestors when we get out."
Zhao Yuying looked surprised. "Me … my ancestors?"
When she was still following Zhao Yao, she may not have finished growing up, but how can she not be excited to see this ancestor now?
"Keep a good eye on this flower. When you see your ancestor, she will naturally be white."
Liu Yu replied
Although I don’t understand that they will be sent to this small world, but also the ancient fairy temple, now Zhao Yuying has obtained the making of a scared tree.
Is there really a destiny in this world?
Just a few people talked, and the sky suddenly fell with the light of a star, and the light of the gate that emerged in the void suddenly flared up, forming a whirlpool to the outside world …
"It’s time for us to go!"
After nine, I stood up straight from the rock, and my beautiful eyes flashed with an amazing mountain.
Chapter 723 Bloody sky (2 more)
Liu Yu also straightened up and looked at the shining stargate.
He couldn’t help wondering, according to the post-Nine, that this small world has already born a sense of autonomy, and now it will make them leave so easily?
"How about after nine?"
Liu Yu looked at her eyes and never left. After nine months, although the stargate was already open, she was not in a hurry to rush.
"Try it. There will be many blood slaves later, and even the strong ones copied by this heaven will appear. Smash them and you can walk out of this gate."
After nine is no stranger to these exercises.
She has broken into this gate several times, but all failed. Now, there are a few more people around her, but she still hopes for a miracle.
"Fuck him if it’s a big deal."
Liu Yu took out the black gold arrow with a wave of his hand. Judging from this length, it can be used as a spear.
In a short time, although there were many blood slave shadows near the gate, they were as formidable as the heavenly soldiers and generals.
Liu Yu stepped out, Erlang God’s armor was soaring, and the silver light filled the sky, but it didn’t have the strength to transform the gods, but the breath it gave off was completely beyond the transformation.
Not only that, but also an identical’ Liu Yu’ emerged next to him. This is an air soldier in two places. He holds a golden cudgel and both of them are circulating the same force. It is almost at the same time that two deified strong men appeared in this piece.
Liu Yu took a few steps forward again, and a piece of glow shone on his head, followed by seeing the towering and huge fairy king.
The fairy king opened his mouth wide to devour the hanging river.
It’s important whether this post is beautiful or not, and the situation of his aura, those blood slaves who came near, gave in one after another. They all know that before Liu Yu’s strength, it was a prosperous life.
However, although the newcomers are very strong, there is never a shortage of strong people in this small world.
This small world is born with a breakthrough, and the strong and powerful are all sub-saints, and there is no lack of respect.
"That’s …" Liu Yu’s eyes flooded with a bit of flame, and there was a fierce light burning in his eyes. He actually went to the perfect blood-red thousand-handed prison magic?
Is it possible that there are also dark creatures from ancient times?
At this moment, stop yourself from practicing. This thing has been copied.

When the gods move, they give orders, and the whole swarm of individual nest units disperse and flee in different directions.

There must be a worm nest in the zerg’s difficult place that will not be destroyed. Once sufficient resources are obtained, it can turn over completely in a short time.
After the first world war and the energy loss in the sea for decades, the number of insect nests dominated by Siming is not much, but there are more than 30. Even if one of these insect nests is not destroyed in case of enemy, this means that the population continues its vitality.
Looking at a worm’s nest swimming like a giant centipede, quietly disappearing into the darkness, Si Ming’s master is also relieved.
The mother nest is more cautious to stay in the opposite direction of the battlefield. Look for an opportunity to quietly lurk a floating meteorite not far away.
Although it is stable here, it is very common that there will be some floating meteorites without violent energy turbulence in the universe.
The hidden breath on the attachment surface of the insect nest is extremely inconspicuous and slowly swims with the meteorite floating.
The wormhole behind him is getting bigger and bigger, and the breath is getting more and more obvious.
This is the reason why the master of Siming dare not stay here, otherwise the wisdom of the star beast is very low. Once the attention of those huge ships is attracted, it is not enough for people to kill these insects.
The zerg’s greatest advantage is its huge explosive capacity and desperate worm sea tactics, which is the magic weapon for the zerg to defeat the enemy.
Si Ming dominates this zerg. After repeated destruction, it is at its lowest ebb. Without the number advantage, the roots dare not confront a powerful man head-on.
Sure enough, the swarm dispersed, and soon a group of warships came in this direction.
Shining warships are as beautiful as art floating in the sea of the universe.
Among these warships, there is an extraordinarily large black hull with a prismatic shape, which is as big as the earth. Around its center, warships form a huge battle group.
A huge glass wall at the forefront of this prismatic warship can clearly see the hull. A group of green-skinned creatures dressed in uniform, with big heads and long arms, manipulate buttons in an orderly manner, sitting or in their own posts.
There is also a robot walking around the cabin doing some sex or auxiliary work.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-three Zerg explosive growth
In the direction of the warship command room, a green-skinned creature made an epaulet just like other creatures, and a glittering six-pointed star marked his commander’s identity.
Seeing the commander with a dignified expression, he projected a three-dimensional picture through the big window of the spaceship.
"Forward coordinate position Юг 65432 wave analysis Wormhole is being generated" is the universal Haitong language.
"Wormholes are being generated?"
The commander’s dignified expression showed shock and pushed the chair up directly.
"Displacement wormhole! It turned out to be a displacement wormhole! "
"quick! Report to the Imperial Army immediately that we have found the displacement wormhole! This is a great achievement! Great work! Ha, ha, ha. If I’m lucky, I’ll be knighted and get rid of my civilian status! "
The commander was soon pleasantly surprised.
The title of Moyun’s Fifth Reich is extremely valuable. Even though he is a fleet commander and a middle-ranking officer in the army, he has won the title of nobility despite his military achievements in the battle. This is his heart disease.
Seeing the opportunity coming, how can he not be surprised?
"It’s the commander!"
Someone immediately promised a neat chest-length ceremony, turned around and manipulated the precision dashboard to give instructions.
"The 61st, 62nd, 63rd, 64th and 65th squadrons immediately accelerated to occupy the coordinates around the wormhole."
"The body fleet is moving fast!"
The commander skillfully issued a series of orders.
The imperial fleet has a perfect charter, and what kind of reaction should be made in case of any situation is exactly stipulated. It is only necessary for commanders to issue orders in accordance with the charter, and special reactions are needed only under extremely special circumstances.
"It’s the commander!"
In the neat promise, all the personnel in the whole fleet are busy.
Soon a large number of ships buzzed and twisted around … Jump! The whole fleet has appeared around the wormhole by disappearing for a moment.
In the distant battlefield, more and more fleets leave the battlefield and turn around when they are far away from those star behemoths, that is, jump immediately.

"I look forward to your performance."

The figure in Demogorgon’s mind also goes with it.
And [Demogorgon] looked at his boss’s famous [Demogorgon] inexplicably knelt on his knees and knocked on his head, and even learned to bark on his stomach, and he gasped.
However, the law can explain what magical event just happened.
after that
Don’t wait for their reaction.
After the dog called [Demogorgon] leng leng, his expression ushered in a new change.
Extraordinary complex changes
Unexplained change
It is hard for human beings to imagine that all kinds of emotions are gathered in the middle.
Like grief, like despair and like joy …
That’s a rather abstract expression.
Sadly, I dare not show it, but dare to show my happy expression for my master. [Demogorgon] has already realized the high meaning of acting.
Even if the best actor comes, he will never perform such a complicated expression.
Even his hands are a little inexplicable after watching it.
I feel sad from my heart as if I were experiencing human suffering!
Then I saw Demogorgon crying with a smile.
Laughing excessively and crying sadly _ _
The hearer is sad, the listener is crying, and the whole palace is shaking all over the salt marsh.
The huge wail made the earth tremble, divided the sky and made all the monsters cry silently.
Even the blood pole [Barlow efreet] heard his pants wet.
Although they are not very literate, they usually don’t wear pants.
Urine is the magma that affects the environment too much.
In the face of all this incredible development
"Great [demon king-Demogorgon] is really crazy? ?”
[Demogorgon] Many genera are at a loss
Besides, some people are wondering whether they want to show loyalty.
Others think it’s true. It’s a little small. Maybe they need to moisten themselves …
Sad interest retreated to the door …
before long
Howl finished [Demogorgon] finally raised his head.
The sprawling huge deformed body also slowly got up.
Two skulls
No matter whether it’s the relatively rational one or the relatively violent one, only the violent emotion of Lun Bi shows poor and fierce light at this time, and the huge pressure in his eyes is constantly overflowing from that strange body, which brings great pressure to every guy in the palace.
After swallowing saliva
One of his genera trembled and tried to speak.
"Positions …"
But in an instant
I haven’t said a few words yet
[Demogorgon] The thick long tail behind him is directly biting and smashing the strong body of the other party.
Make a number of broken meat sauce spread all over the field.
"I’m … very sad, very sad, very angry and desperate …"
In that cold tone
[Demogorgon] Words are jumping out word by word.
At the same time
His figure disappeared in situ.
Beyond imagination!
The speed is much faster than the reaction speed of the guys outside the field.
And bloody and crazy killing also directly targeted at the brutal slaughter of every guy in the field …
[Demogorgon] Never allow yourself to be seen by this group of guys in front of you. They must die!
Chapter 174 Inevitably need to face things
[Demogorgon] Is that possible to hide from Olga?

Ah! The punishment of smashing and flying thousands of miles at night didn’t pay attention to the punishment of thousands of miles at night. I looked at my arm and burst into screams again. My fist broke straight from my middle finger to my wrist. My fist was cut in half. I suddenly realized that the punishment only felt a great pain in my hand.

"Artifact" His mother’s blood sword turned out to be an artifact. I his mother forgot this vicious thousand miles night is Liu Bai’s favorite brother. I forgot to have an artifact. "Looking at a broken palm, my face was cold and chills, and I quickly swallowed a Dan medicine to treat the palm injury.
Punishment, another big change, made everyone blindsided again, while Wang Tingchen was a little angry that he had not been able to teach this thousand miles of night well, and this anger was also dispersed.
Punishment is just a moment’s carelessness. It’s so miserable. This thousand-mile night will calculate the diabolical technique and look at the punishment. Wang Ting’s heart is suddenly cold. "Fortunately, it’s not yourself! Fortunately, it’s not yourself! ….. "Wang Hall bore touched his face with cold sweat, such as the old chanting corners of his mouth.
Chapter two is here!
【 Chapter 573 Real blood floating shadow 】
Whoo! Hundreds of miles from Tianyin Mountain, Wan Liyun, in July, the candle was hot and the sun was shining straight down on everyone’s head. The scene was quiet again. The punishment in the sky was condensed and cut in half, and the left hand fell to the ground in a thousand miles, and the corners of the mouth were stained with blood.
It took less than a minute to start the war, and the battle was unexpected and tragic. Three stars fought for thousands of miles and the emperor was injured, and the punishment broke out twice.
"good! Very good! I didn’t expect you to calculate the blood moon magic work. It was really strong enough and strong enough. I always liked it. The corners of my mouth twitched like excitement, but somehow it was caused by great pain in my left hand attached to my brain nerve.
The punishment is extremely painful and resentful in my heart, and my carelessness is painful and resentful. My opponent is cunning. The arrogance of this thousand-mile night was all pretending to be a root, not a girl who was not deeply involved in the world, but a vicious and resentful woman with ulterior motives. First, she was arrogant to confuse herself, and then she tried her best to stimulate herself to lose her cool. She suffered two big losses repeatedly.
Thousands of miles have made the punishment extremely angry, and the anger has turned into’ vicious’ and’ resentful women’. From these two words, it is enough to say that the punishment has been gnashing its teeth at the thousand miles and resenting that it has always been led by the nose. The punishment has slowly recovered and calmly pondered over its gains and losses just now.
The strength of the two stars emperor was really strong, or the blood sword bounced back from his statue body, and the protective blood evil spirit didn’t prevent it. It was seriously injured to the body, and the five houses also had the blood evil spirit to protect it, otherwise, the punch just now was not dead and half-disabled.
It is even more unpleasant to be hurt by your own strength, and this punishment has just been hurt by yourself twice. Even it will be strong and won’t stay strong. It will be difficult for the two stars to fight against their firm but gentle spirit. It seems that they have to come up with the last trick and think for a long time.
The palm of your hand was cut open, swallowed Dan medicine, and quarreled with it to suppress blood loss. It was okay for the time being, but the left hand could no longer exert its strength. Several bruises were also cleaned up. Those tangled blood fog finally cleared the scars on the body surface, and it took a day or two to heal. After being punished, the wound finally looked at a thousand miles away, and there was a flash of tyrannical yoshimitsu in his eyes.
Peng! This punishment didn’t wait for a thousand miles of night to attack, but the momentum went to a thousand miles of night, and a hand broadsword flashed and flashed, and a whistling knife went straight for a thousand miles of night, and the punishment was not far behind.
Hum! Thousands of miles of cold hum with one hand and one yang with several firm but gentle strokes, and straight cut to the storm. Two stars emperor’s imposing manner and two miniature eyes flashed a red light towards the rush, and the punishment did not dodge at all, but even met directly, and the bloody fog also broke away again.
Peng! The shock wave hit the gas with strong momentum, forming a wild flow and breaking away, and the punishment knife mans also cut straight into the cold blood fog of thousands of miles! Crashing bombing didn’t go crazy, but the knife gas was swallowed by the blood fog. After the blood fog rolled, it was found that the knife gas disappeared like this.
"Grandma * this recruit again! I really don’t believe it when I am old! " Suddenly and violently, I saw the blood fog suddenly and violently rushing to the face, and my eyes were cold and my body was hard to live.
Zheng! As soon as the blade turns, a more dazzling knife shines straight up and goes straight to the blood fog in front of you. Opening your hand is to force your body to retreat back at a faster speed.
Jo! Force out two stars emperor knife mans suddenly and violently flashed the elegance crazy bully knife mans like nine days dragon stretched out its claws and brought up a series of cracks, broken screams and straight blood fog.
Peng! Sharp knife mans broke the thick blood fog and opened it. The blood fog was cut into two halves. Boom! Knife mans straight to fall to cut to the blood palace.
"Not good!" Xingqi blood ritual suddenly and violently surprised, Xingqi, double-day suddenly and violently surprised and looked at the blood Yang Palace knife mans blood Yang Palace, but still had the blood Yang master and Chiba and others this knife to fall into practice, and so on, and still survived. After a thousand miles of rest, the knife mans still had the emperor level.
This punishment should be murderous, and it’s really a death to be murderous against a thousand miles of night! Are you all right, sister? Can’t have something? Mom * This Younger is too restless to make trouble for himself.
Suddenly and violently surprised at being split into two parts, the blood fog ceremony raged in the sky, and suddenly and violently flashed a swearing word into the punishment of a thousand miles of night. The punishment force suddenly and violently cut out the two stars, and the artistic conception moved. Life in a thousand miles of night already has a great threat.
Jojo! The sharp knife light shines with clear color and falls straight towards the blood Yang Palace.
"Don’t!" Looking at this scene with two eyes suddenly and stupidly, the sharp knife mans actually wrapped up more than half of the blood, Yang Gong Xue Yang Xing Qi was also angry, but because of the far-reaching first aid, it was more important that both of them could not suddenly and violently appear.
Peng! With the knife light, I want to fall to the Blood Yang Palace, and a sudden bright sword light will flash and explode at the same time! Samsung bucket statue sword light hard blocked the knife mans a clear color figure emerged is to keep blood Yang Gong Qing bucket statue.
The heart-pounding scene of Blood Yang Palace is just blood Yang and Xingqi, etc. There is not much carelessness in the field. Everyone is surprised to see that the two pieces of scattered blood fog are not thousands of miles away, but the artistic conception and punishment are unfolding, but they are shocked to see the blood fog.
That’ll be the day! Two pieces of separated blood fog were quickly closed and slowly turned into a figure-like blood fog, which condensed out a thousand miles of body energy. This thousand miles of night actually reached a genius of body energy, a peerless genius! How old is it today? It’s less than thirty years old! They suddenly and violently surprised looking at a face of pale night.
God-level strong people can hold the skills. This thousand-mile night actually reached the ceremony and felt a little heavy face again. So it is no wonder that Jenny will let her take part in the crisis this time. It is really difficult to kill Younger with this body energy and general fighting emperor.
"What do you mean by courtesy? Didn’t you say you were sitting on the sidelines?" By the night shows the means of punishment in the heart is also a surprised, but after a surprised punishment face is sneer at.
You can’t kill yourself if you turn your body into energy, but it’s not without weakness to quantify your physical fitness. You’re afraid that you’ll be even weaker if you cut one more knife. A firm but gentle cut won’t hurt you, but it will hurt your soul.
"Punishment brother what are you doing? Hey, you have to retreat before the outcome is divided! " Qian Li’s face is beautiful and his eyes are cold. Zou looked at the gift inserted in front of him. Although Qian Li thanked the gift for blocking his face just now, Qian Li’s face was still cold.
"Let’s stop here! It’s enough for you to fight one battle. You already know your own strength. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose! Brother doesn’t want you to have an accident. Just brother is not good at explaining to the master. "It doesn’t matter if you sneer at the punishment. A thousand miles of indifference makes the ceremony condense and make a tight light way."
"Hum, thank you, brother. The battle is not finished yet. I can handle the brother. Please step aside!" The tone of a thousand miles night is even colder, and the ceremony is unexpected. A thousand miles night jumps straight from the side.
My idea was really seen through by the big brother, so I pointed out directly what this means. It’s not like a thousand miles away in the wind, and I took a quick look at it.
Although Qianliye didn’t know where she was very disgusted, the Jenny liked her brother very much, but Qianliye believed in her feelings, because she had a dangerous intuition since she was a child. This kind of gesture was always felt that something was wrong and she was not good to herself.
Intuition is essential for a strong man, and a thousand miles away has been cultivated by a master since childhood to have an intuitive sense of danger. A thousand miles away would rather not believe the facts in front of you than doubt your intuition.
"good! Be careful, junior sister. Brother will read the battle for you! " Li saw a trace of preparedness in the eyes of Trinidad night. His eyes couldn’t help but sink a face in his heart and smiled again, like an ice front retreating to one side without any surprise.
Well, what’s the matter with this gift and the thousand-mile night? Starkey’s eyes flashed with a flash of light. The courtesy, modesty and kindness to the thousand-mile night made Starkey just like it, but at this moment, Starkey felt something was wrong.
This ceremony is very wrong. How can it be so unexpected when it is so cold for thousands of miles? Is this ceremony really so noble or is it a noble face that hides an extremely imaginary face? If so, then the endurance of this ceremony will make people feel completely shocked.
"The battle is not over just now. This is not a battlefield. You can’t show your strength. Come with me!" Indifference glanced at the punishment and flew rapidly to one side at night! Hum! Punishment glanced at face blood Yang palace cold hum a straight with thousands of miles behind him.
"Presumably, the punishment adults also know that the blood moon magic pulls blood floating shadows, and I am a thousand miles away. The Hunger’s work is small, and the blood floating shadows are also small. The punishment adults turned out to be the first person to see my blood floating shadows." Facing the punishment with thousands of miles away, I threw a sentence that surprised the punishment.
"Blood floating shadow! Virtual strong blood sea ya top lighter! Really first-class fighting skills! " Punishment in my mind can’t help but float blood, floating shadows and remembering my face can’t help but get dignified. It’s really unpredictable to win or lose World War I with blood floating shadows thousands of miles away.
Howl! Stand tall and stand for a thousand miles at a time! Violent blood fog suddenly dispersed and opened! A sudden shock and screaming came straight out of the blood fog, and an ancient fierce beast’s breath suddenly spread out from the venue, and a blood-red pale stork flaunted with two blood giant wings and appeared in front of everyone.
This is-this is a blood float! The ceremony finally changed color with a light smile, and all the chambers of the bucket statue Wang Hall suddenly opened their eyes and stared at the blood-pale stork, while lying on the side of the blood, Yang Xingqi was also stunned.
Thousand-mile night really built a blood floating shadow. How can there be no blood floating shadow in the blood moon magic power? Attached to the blood yang, he got a half-remnant blood moon magic power, which can repair the blood floating shadow. But Thousand-mile night got a complete blood moon magic power. Wang Ting’s face showed a wry smile, and he also knew that when he saw himself, he dared to be so arrogant and constantly provoked himself. Originally, people had this strength.
【第574章 真正血浮影】
"Ha ha, this is the power, the power, the blood floating shadow is really powerful, and this is the ultimate power for me to close for six years." With big wings, the blood stork gave a thousand miles of excitement.
"Well, there is such a strong vice, and there is an impulse to eat blood. This ancient fierce beast is so bloody that it can affect my mind …" The bloody stork suddenly became very humanized and Zou raised his eyebrows.
Blood Floating Shadow Real Blood Floating Shadow Wang Ting bore, punishment and others are the first time to see this. The blood floating shadow was born with a tyrannical breath, and the blood beast was cruel. It really startled the two of them. The blood floating shadow is too fierce. That’s a bloody sea, stepping on the bodies of the strong at the same level and higher.
Well, it turned out to be very humanized. Looking at the blood floating shadow in the heart of a thousand miles, the blood floating shadow in the blood yang is a few feet high. It is a violent and embarrassing image, just as the dead body is manipulated by the blood yang, but the blood is a little different.
It seems that this bloody stork is a thousand miles away, and it is a bloody stork. The bloody stork now emits breath, but it is now magnified and strengthened, not a hiding stork.
This phase of blood yang is very different from blood yang, which is condensed by blood yang and blood fog, while blood yang is hiding in blood yang.
Li discovered this point, and the same stars, punishments, Wang Tingqiang, etc. have heard or seen blood yang and blood floating shadows. Everyone also found this point and frowned. Is it because the blood floating shadows changed by blood yang are not incomplete?
If it’s so wrong, it’s impossible. It’s good if the achievement method is not bloody and Yang is not possessed. Can it also turn bleeding into floating shadows?
Well, if the achievement method is wrong, it should be a thousand miles of night. Although the blood floating shadow created by the blood yang is dull, it is still the same as the blood floating shadow owned by the adults in the blood sea. They are all ancient fierce beasts’ blood, but this thousand miles of night blood floating shadow is a blood stork.
All the people and the ceremony were puzzled, and their eyes went straight into the eyes of a thousand miles of night, sneering at them. How could they know that the blood moon magic power was secret? The blood moon magic power was created by the bitter creation of the blood sea ya, and it was created by the divine power operation after the blood sea ya reached the god level, imitating the energy flow of the ancient fierce beasts.
Although the blood floating shadow is powerful, it has a fatal danger, that is, the blood floating shadow will affect people’s minds, and the bloody beasts in ancient times are the most tyrannical and vicious ones.
Imitating such a violent blood beast, although its fighting capacity is violent, it is easy to bite itself, making people indulge in killing and lose their humanity, and finally it can be transformed into a truly fierce ancient beast.
His master got this blood moon magic skill and was selected by himself. He had to make great efforts to deduce it several times according to the principle of this achievement method, but he made some modifications to this achievement method again, but gave up the most cruel blood and chose a warmer blood-pale stork.
I don’t know where the blood yang came from, but I can be sure that the blood yang achievement method will definitely not be blood yang. I dare to practice it with this half-disabled and half-lacking achievement method, and I have also cultivated the three-star bucket statue and the bloody floating shadow. This requires great perseverance and courage, and I still admire myself for it, but I succeeded with the help and guidance of the master.
"Hum! What about the blood floating shadow? It’s not an animal yet! Dare to stare at the old don’t split you "was staring at the hair with a bloody eye for thousands of miles, and the punishment was so violent that a silvery white broadsword once again raised a clear color and quarrelled with it.
"The punishment is rampant!" Hum! Unexpectedly, the silver broadsword flashed with a clear color knife, and the right hand held the broadsword and swooped down at the blood beast. A wave of his hand was more than ten Pentium clear lights.
Howl! Blood storks, two blood eyes, red light, a flight of wings, and a small giant wind will naturally form and roll towards punishment and go to howls! Two blood claw a lift sharp red claw mans also suddenly and violently screaming straight to meet.
Boom Boom Day knife shadow flying claw mans radiant, a clear red two violent airflow rolling with the sky suddenly and violently rubbing and biting the red light from time to time Yao Tian suddenly and violently flashed to light up the whole day, and the violent gas strength of Yinshan Mountain also rushed out from time to time and slammed into the earth.
Jo! A blood-red claw attacked the straight claw from the side of the punishment, and a side peak hundreds of meters high collapsed with the blood-red claw light.
Zheng! A color-clearing knife cut through the back of the blood stork and cut it into a mountain peak. The 100-meter giant peak was cut in half by a one-size-fits-all straight line, forming a day-like peak.
Hum! Boom Blood storks and punishment are staggered and broken together from time to time. From the middle of the war to the clouds, hundreds of miles of clouds roll in Tianyin Mountain, and from the clouds to the peak ridge, Gu Song’s boulders are smashed by the momentum of the two, and they all collapse and fall.