When thinking about all this clearly, I will hesitate a little.

At present, there are two research directions if we want to study the abnormal situation that telepathy nova radiation makes the ability chain of telepathy gene generate autonomous excitement and accelerate.
The first is to continue to strengthen the telepathic nova and increase the telepathic nova to see if new abilities or new discoveries can be found. The second research direction is to condense the telepathic gene ability chain and quickly upgrade it to see if there will be new discoveries or new abilities.
The second research direction of Xu tui feeling is to condense the ability of telepathic genes, and it is more likely that there will be new discoveries or new abilities.
However, there is a high probability that this discovery may be the general auxiliary ability of chicken ribs.
Then the position of this new star will wave.
Although there are many positions of Xu tui nova, it can’t be a wave, just like Xu tui nova has many auxiliary abilities, but there is no wave.
Xu tui is hesitant because of this.
But what if you find something different?
After all, this kind of direct increase of one power nova to another power nova has not been found among all practitioners of Blue Star.
This may be a direct increase.
You know, at present, the increase of power nova in the nova force field to its power nova is actually an increase of force field tilt.
The increase rate is about 5%
However, if there is a direct increase, which is much more than 50%, then if this combination of increases is developed, the target ability will be greatly increased.
"Let’s give it a try. Maybe there will be new discoveries.
Even with the increase, I can afford a new star position.
However, this discovery is of great significance to the whole blue star power.
Besides, it may not be a wave … "
A decision was made in a flash.
Spirit instantly sank into the telepathic gene ability chain.
Fifteen minutes later, a new star with a heavy halo power appeared in the new star force field
This is the new star of telepathy.
Just Ningxing successfully retired and tried again.
Increase the telepathic nova to six stars halo and then telepathize.
This time, when the telepathic nova telepathically dispersed, the telepathic nova was excited again, which not only accelerated the power cycle of the Ministry, but also made great progress.
Telepathy enveloped the new star of telepathy, which seemed to be strengthened to some extent.
Xu retreat at the same time urges the telepathic nova and telepathic nova to spread in all directions.
There seems to be nothing unusual to find.
There is no malice in the place where people, including Ulla, have telepathic feedback.
However, Ulla is more wary of Xu tui, which can be felt by both telepathy and telepathy.
"It still hasn’t reached the level of causing qualitative change and continues to strengthen."
The instant retreat will once again send massive source energy directly into the body to strengthen the spiritual resonance nova.
However, after only half an hour of strengthening, the practice stopped when the new star of spiritual resonance was not strengthened to the double star halo.
Because the underground pulse source energy of asteroid 77 has been consumed by 90% and the remaining 10%, this is the lowest warning line.
More than 10% of the residual underground veins can be sent to the channel for normal operation, which still requires a lot of source crystals.
If the underground pulse force is less than 10%, then it is possible to send it to the channel and it will collapse and be difficult for the gods to save.
The promised retreat can temporarily stop practicing.
As soon as the seal of the immortal emperor of Antarctica was collected, it fell back to Xu tuiti.
The seal of the Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica stopped ingesting the earth’s pulse power, but in five minutes, the concentration of source energy in this temporary uniting hall changed from one hundred times to a barren state.
This has changed so much.
It’s like being treated like an emperor and suddenly becoming a beggar.
All members of the expeditionary force opened their eyes and looked back at Xu.
Eyes full of expectation.
In particular, it is the first time to try to cultivate Li Qingping, Wei Bin, Mei Sen, Bu Qingqiu and others in this way.
For example, Li Qingping almost broke through to the six-star star at this time.
But the source can be gone!
"The science of uniting the suspended continue to search for war, to 77 asteroid treasures in major cities search source crystal and all kinds of strategic materials.
Time limit is three hours!
Dare to be killed by rebels during the search! "Xu back to the command.
In this case, Li Qingping and others can still execute orders if they are still wanting to return.
At the same time, Xu retreated and all the increases were telepathic and then telepathic.
For an instant, all the members of the Blue Star Expeditionary Force, the Nova Force Field, presented Xu’s retreat.

Gradually, the ships are getting closer and closer, and soon everyone can see that the ships coming from the opposite side are indeed the army of the Daqi dynasty. Among them, there are people who were ordered to ride a captain and lead troops because they participated in the tournament meeting, and there are also real soldiers of the Daqi dynasty, Na Yingwu Hou!

Chang Sheng looked at Ying Wuhou from a distance, and his eyes and pupils suddenly shrank. Ying Wuhou finally appeared!
Chapter 624 To add sin
Once I saw him, I was still weak, but he killed me easily. Now I won’t be afraid of him!
And this time, we have saved the grain and grass, and we still win more with less. See what you can say!
"Hum! Fucking thing! "
Suddenly, before the ship of Ying Wuhou docked, Ying Wuhou suddenly said coldly, "Somebody take these guys who violated military orders to Hou!"
Ying Wuhou’s voice fell and everyone was stunned. What happened? Violation of military orders! Who violated military orders?
Fang Wen heard Ying Wuhou’s words, but his eyes turned cold and suddenly he came out. "Ying Wuhou also asked you to make it clear how we violated military orders!" "Seven Emperors" Ying Wuhou shouted at the Seven Emperors with a hand. "Since the Emperor wants to ask that Hou, I will tell you that Hou wants you to hold each other this time. Who told you to kill each other? Are you the only ones who are good? Hou had already planned to let you hold each other, and when the other army came here, he led the army to cover and kill each other from the rear, but you actually defeated each other before and broke the plan! "
Yingwuhou far looked at Fang Wen’s eyes with a flicker of a fade. The seven emperors actually have the heroic spirit!
And that guy …
Ying Wuhou’s eyes fell on Yue Yichen again. He hasn’t broken through this time, but he saw at a glance that the guy named Yue Yichen turned out to be a lucky star! I am lucky, and this luck will get stronger and stronger with time!
"We are responsible for holding each other?" Fang Wen immediately sneered at the words of Ying Wuhou. "I wonder if Ying Wuhou reached this order again. What don’t we know?"
"Don’t know?" Ying Wuhou followed with a sneer. "Hum Hou won’t talk nonsense. You are the emperor Hou who didn’t execute you and benefit you, or wait until the capital has an emperor to deal with him personally …"
Ying Wuhou shouted at his hand coldly, "Start arresting people for Hou!"
Ying Wuhou’s voice just fell and several figures rushed out behind him!
Chang Sheng looked at him from a distance and knocked down the figure. Suddenly, it was cold in my heart. This heroic warrior killed himself and ordered himself to be so despicable. He didn’t receive his orders. It’s really a crime to add to the list!
But if he wants to kill himself, does he have this thing?
"You bully Changsheng Changsheng and kill you!"
Chang Shanda drinks his legs and pushes his whole body. Suddenly, he rushes to the opposite side like a left arrow!
Ying Wuhou bed immediately smiled when he saw Chang Sheng leaving, waiting for you to do it!
"How dare you be presumptuous!"
Ying Wuhou suddenly binged drinking and his body flashed from the ship to Chang Sheng.
Chang sheng’s heart is cold and hum. Can’t you finally help it? It’s better to see how powerful you are today!
Looking at Ling Feilai, Ying Wuhou Chang Sheng raised his fist and ran his posture. He hit the opposite Ying Wuhou with a heavy punch, which was also a punch.
For a moment, their fists suddenly collided.
For a moment, if Hong Zhong’s loud noise makes a heavy sound, it turns out to be like rolling thunder and shocking everyone’s ears.
The surface of the sea is because the two men met this time and rolled up several high waves.
On the coast, Yingwu Hou took a slight step back, but Chang Sheng took three steps back.
"How can this Ying Wuhou be so strong!"

"My daughter reported that she was deeply committed …" Taurus muttered to herself.

"Niu Ge what are you talking about? I have sold my clothes back, waiting for you to trade remotely! " ShenXiaoYu looked at Taurus a gawk sample some coquetry said
When Shen Yong saw this scene, his eyes seemed to flash with a strange brilliance, but he was the most clever and didn’t see anything humming a tune to log in to his game.
"Oh, good!" Taurus came to her senses. Although her heart is still rippling, her face is calm. There is no way to be a great god. There must be a great god!
This equipment can be said to be a Taurus growth booster. Without it, there would be no cash cow. Although there is some reluctance in my heart, I must give up in order to win the game and life!
Shen Xiaoyu stole a glance at Taurus after changing into a new suit. What’s the matter? He’s not handsome, but he can’t help blushing slightly.
With Shen Xiaoyu’s family background, the suitors can row from their home to the train.
It is Shen Xiaoyu who has always been proud of pursuing her. Some of the boys don’t catch a cold, but Gao Fushuai didn’t have to pick anything. Unfortunately, it is rare for a beauty to have a heart by all means.
Taurus, Taurus, can you actually make Shen Xiaoyu favor you? Is it difficult to be the first person to look at you just because of your star compass?
After Shen Xiaoyu bought the rope, he ran out of the highest land city. According to the guidance of Taurus, journey to the south ran for two hours and reached the edge of the cliff.
Everything in Jinniu sent a message to the hotel supervisor, falsely claiming that it was inconvenient for the leader to resign from other places and handle it at will.
After two rounds of chatting at the bottom of the cliff, it was a slap in the face. Almost every inch of land was trampled by Taurus. I looked at my character status display, such as:
Taurus male
Level 15 Experience 15/15
Power 5
Agile 3
Intelligence 13
Lucky 1 (this fixed value is only increased by reliable equipment) +3.
Attack power 5+137 (attack power of the sword of the brave weapon)
Defence 3+331 (highest defense suit)
Anti-injury force 35%
Sperm (blood volume) 1/1+35%
God (Magic) 2/2+5%
Qi (skill value) 1/1 (this fixed value can only be restored to 1 point per minute when the star summons special skills)
Blood-sucking 1% (each attack can convert the opponent’s damage by 1% into his own health)
I took another look at my own unique Bao Xingyun stamp, which is still gray, and the time axis shows 2h1.
Hehe, Taurus secretly smiled. The game has been less than 23 hours since now! And I’m afraid I can’t even believe yesterday that all this is from this lucky stamp!
Taurus has always had an idea that he didn’t have a chance to practice, that is, what would happen if he stamped his own compass with the lucky stamp? The star compass in his hand is different from other players. Everyone else is black, but he is golden. As the saying goes, people are as bold and productive as they are. Wait for two hours, and it will be quick.
Taurus looked at Shen Yong, who was in full swing with a group of people, and surrounded a ten-level small BOSS.
"Depend! ! Point your back! Didn’t grab it! " Shen Yong slammed the mouse.
"Female earth bat star fragments!" Shen Yong took a cigarette and rushed into Taurus. Hehe smiled and said, "Those guys in the dynasty are so arrogant that there is no end. Look, the blue suit broke out again!" Said the backpack mouse a stroke point a helmet with red awn.
Gengetsu helmet level 1 (seven pieces of Gengetsu suit can activate hidden attributes)
Defense 33
Increases God value by 2%
"They robbed me of the rest, and when I entered the city, I found an auction house to slaughter the king’s eggs!" Shen Yong said with a bad smile on his face.
Taurus looked at his compass and saw that the star slots of Tianjie Star and Dog Star were flashing slightly … Alas, there is no way to wait now!
At this moment, Shen Xiaoyu said, "I let go of the Niu Ge rope. Come on!"
Taurus is busy adjusting the screen angle, and sure enough, a gray hemp rope is attached to the cliff.
"Is the head tied firmly?" Taurus asked.
"Don’t worry, tie the tree!" Shen Xiaoyu’s voice is sweet and soft. Maybe she didn’t even realize that she seldom speaks in this tone at ordinary times.
Shen Yong was slightly surprised and took a look at Taurus, only to find that this guy is focused on climbing!
Haha, it seems that someone can finally cure my unruly sister! Shen Yong secretly happily continued to play the game. In fact, he was more worried that although Taurus promised to give him the order to build the alliance, he didn’t give it when, but he didn’t have the nerve to urge himself. He could wait for Taurus to climb the cliff and try to ask again.
Chapter 15 The highest day star god-Huang Zhen
Taurus managed to climb the cliff and looked at a black velvet. soft armor couldn’t help feeling as if he were a natural person depending on the tree jade god.
When creating characters, the game will automatically beautify the appearance and image. In the game, the jade god is a little more beautiful than Shen Xiaoyu in reality. Plus, the perfect radian is completely outlined, and Taurus looks a little dull for a while.
"Wow, the Red Devil!" Jade little god corners of the mouth with a ponder radian came up and looked at the Taurus silver plough who suit is to let Taurus with added a few minutes of power.
"Taurus, you killed so many people. Miss today will send you back to the city for good! If you are ready soon, you must admit that you are beaten and stand at attention! " Jade little god said that he had raised the sable claw gloves, and three long sharp swords flashed in cold light.
After listening to it, Jinniu really had a kind of dumbfounding feeling that he would die. He once saved his mink claw gloves and said, "Come on, Jade Girl, I promise not to fight back!" "
Jade god is really rude. He is a claw without hesitation.
One o’clock …
"No! Come again! " Jade little god looked at Taurus’s head and floated a small one. His heart was horrified and he immediately punched again.

This one who was not careful was hit by a shovel, and the king of Panshan Mountain suddenly groaned in pain.

Nine head worm was just about to go after it when he saw the clouds churning. A huge sky-high python appeared and opened his mouth to bite nine head worm. He quickly took off and saw that the python was not able to take a chill.
It’s really a winding mountain python!
A huge snake with black scales circled the Wuyin peak and the head of the snake held high and stared at nine head worm, Wu Ming and others.
Here, nine head worm has also shown that flapping his wings and culling is bound to take the lead.
Wu Ming looked around at the group of ghosts. There was the king of Panshan Mountain and those ghosts who would resist, but they were also trapped animals. They didn’t care much. Just now, he seemed to notice that there was a gaze staring at him in the dark.
Such as mans back!
If it is true, heaven and earth will pour out all kinds of monsters.
"Spit blame you where to go? Look at Gan Kun in my sleeve! " Hong Haier stretched out his hand to learn Wu Ming’s urging avatar, but unfortunately he couldn’t get home improvement.
"Boss, stop them."
I don’t know when the bear hides in front of me. Duh, jump out and aim the purple bell at a few ghosts. Suddenly, it’s fireworks, poison and sand. When I shout, I will burn a few ghosts to ashes. I don’t know how much more powerful it is than before!
"Master, how can I make it bad for you to do it in your sleeve? Do I have to change my cassock or something? " Hong Haier looked around shirtless and thought it must be because he didn’t wear that big sleeve robe.
"You should practice such spells as sumeru mustard first, and then we’ll see when you can put those jade bottles and bowls into thousands of people to learn again." Wu Ming said that he didn’t grope for hundreds of years at the beginning or asked Zhenyuan to perfect his sleeve.
Speaking, King Panshan of nine head worm has fought a terrible battle. The big holes in the snake body shed scarlet snake blood like a honeycomb, and nine head worm is also uncomfortable. Nine heads are covered with three or four samples, all of which are poisoned by snake venom.
Wu Ming immediately stretched out his hand to pinch the Panshan King, and suddenly he was horrified to find that his body had suddenly changed two or three feet in length. nine head worm held out his claws and buckled seven inches at the sight of this exultation, and immediately flew in front of Wu Ming with it.
"Sir, I brought this evil animal."
At this time, the Three Immortals of Tiger Force also came to report that more than 114,000 evil spirits were caught in bottles, but it was convenient and the evil spirits were crowded.
"Good to collect some horses and return to the hanging mountain."
As soon as Wuyin Mountain is removed from the demon world, all that is left is some big cats and kittens.
Immediately, Wu Ming took the bear and returned to the carriage. nine head worm clawed the king of Panshan and pulled the car. Behind him, a group of ghosts and gods came to Hangshan in a mighty way.
The ground already looks like a big city, and the efficiency of Asura people is quite high.
From the crack in the abyss, three wolves and demons fell in front of the gate of the mountain. When they heard the smell of Wu, they immediately jumped into the sky and greeted them with their tails swinging.
Wu Ming, who has entered the Nine Realms, is just as aware of the underworld. Here he can borrow the ghost power of the demon world. I’m afraid it’s not bad enough.
"Sir, what should I do with this evil animal?"
The king of Panshan Mountain is finally afraid of twisting his body and begging for mercy at the moment.
Wu Ming looked up at the strange scene of the interaction between the ice, snow and sea of fire and immediately said, "Lock it in the middle, and I will punish the beast in the nether world and feed it if there are ghosts and gods who make big mistakes."
Immediately, the gods of the nine nether realms built chains together, and the six-character mantra of Wu Mingshi locked the body of the Panshan king, Yuan Shen, and was thrown into the ice and fire realm by nine head worm.
In an instant, a sad cry called out whether ghosts and gods or Asura looked up and could see the huge body struggling with ice and fire, but somehow saved a life
Asura clan to three asura king at a glance to see clearly the victim Panshan king not fear.
Tama Yan Kou said, "When we went out for a trip, the nine true kings would have such changes. The more we got to know each other, the more I was afraid of him."
Tama Yan is naturally very interested in this neighbor. With the exposure of the Yellow Flower View, many things can’t be concealed after the integration of the three gods of Wu, and the Asura family has got a lot of news. The more difficult it is to fear.
"When Pelogash is about to be promoted, will it not be enough for our four kings to compete?" Sakya asked.
It’s hard to shake one’s head.
Immediately got up and went to visit Wu Ming to discuss the name of the new city.
Huanghuaguan is located thousands of miles west of Lion Camel Ridge.
Earlier, the Buddha mother, Peacock King and Bodhisattva turned into a demon and became the lion camel cave master, and the green lion Nai became the second master, so that she could be small.
When the Bodhisattva came, it forbade the monsters in the mountain to eat people. Not only that, but it also made the demons recite the scriptures three times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This made the monsters unbearable and almost ran all over. Some of them were wise, old, sick and disabled, and they could not run for two or three thousand monsters.
Not eating meat for several years makes both the green lion and the white elephant look like dishes. If you haven’t tasted it, it’s okay, but this time it’s a demon and you won’t eat people. What’s the reason?
If it weren’t for beating the two, it would have been abandoned.
This day, King Peacock suddenly called the Second Demon.
"Aren’t you going to eat people?"
The green lion and the white elephant look at each other. Has this guy changed sex?
"You don’t have to eat it." The green lion said that the Buddha’s light was too strong some time ago, which scared the Second Demon to eat fast and recite Buddha every day for fear of being removed.
"That Tang Sanzang was a Tathagata in his previous life, and there are few treasures in his younger brother’s world. If you catch him, you can eat whatever you want. I’ll tell him where the Tathagata is," said the king.
The second demon couldn’t help but stare at the news. "Really?"
The peacock king immediately smiled "seriously"
"Ha, ha, ha, good boys, hurry and guard the main roads of the mountains. We’ll catch the Tang Priest to eat!"
Chapter 5 Emperor Li Yin Asura acknowledged the Lord.
"Congratulations on the promotion of the real Wang Dianrong to the great emperor, and on behalf of the Asura family, I have come to congratulate you!"
Wu Ming was promoted to Jiuyou Emperor, and the original specifications of the Real King’s Hall were naturally unsuitable. Many skilled craftsmen were stepping up their efforts to revise Wu Ming’s name, so they tended to entertain Domoyan.

On that day, Li Yan’s skill was absolutely enough to directly push the big fellow prime minister to a desperate situation. Now, this wise prime minister has a beast roaring in his heart, and it is possible to break free from the cage at any time.

After a short pause, Chunyukang and his men walked along the predetermined route again.
Time passed quickly, and another month passed unconsciously.
This month, Li Yan and Yingzhou army have entered the Tang Dynasty, but during this period, he encountered too many magical things. Three days after the initial split, he met a magical thing to build a city with 500,000 magical things in it, and there were hundreds of thousands of magical things in the army.
Because of oneself and others, the city was suddenly flattened without much cost.
However, seven days later, a more magnificent city appeared. In the eyes, it was the city where the chief of the Tang Dynasty lived. However, it has now been replaced by magic. The number of magic here is even greater, with a total of one million magic troops of 200,000.
However, the number of Li Yan still has an advantage, and the avatar in his own field still won the battle easily, but the army also suffered losses for the first time, and nearly a thousand monks died
After this time, Li Yan became more vigilant, but the vigilance was not because he and others took the initiative to fight or fight.
The third time was that Li Yan and others touched an army of magic weapons twenty days later. Obviously, once the news that they and others destroyed the magic weapons went out, the magic weapons had been reflected and organized to fight back.
Well, the number of this army is not far off the mark, and 500 thousand is still within the range of ourselves and others
With the end of a great war, Li Yan won again with his four satraps, but the army also paid more than 16 thousand monks’ lives. All this was because of him. If it were less, the golden flame covering 100 thousand miles would lose less than 200 thousand this time. You know, the strength of the magic army is not weaker than the big fellow’s troops
The battlefield really doesn’t play tricks, and the loss of each other should be half-to-half. Even if the monks have weapons and armor in their hands, they have to pay half of the enemy’s losses.
Li Yan Yingzhou’s army, besides, the monks who divided the army did not say anything more, and the losses were definitely heavier than him.
Then ten days later, he took the army to destroy several monster cities and stopped in a mountain range to rest.
Li Yan sat on a butted face with a hint of fatigue, and the mighty armor was also dyed. I don’t know what color blood was, and a scent of blood and ShaQi filled it as if it had rushed out of the sea of blood in Shishan not long ago.
"Where is the current army?"
A soldier next to him said, "General Hui has arrived in Dongchuan County, and two more counties will lead to the original capital of Datang."
"It seems that the March is quite fast, and it’s almost the capital of Datang in a month." Li Yan said that although the words were easy, his tone was full of dignity.
Because everyone knows all the way, it seems that the more you go to Beijing, the more magic things you encounter. Although all the magic things are wiped out, there are 50 magic handsome men in that army. If there are not more powerful people here, the losses will definitely be more than 10 thousand.
"If you can’t go like this, there will be more and more magic troops. Maybe it will be a million. The big magic commander will also reach one hundred, and even more troops will have to overtake us and wait twice as long. If we are ready for war, our department will be here." Embroidered bamboo came over and said at this time
Li Yan smiled lightly. "I’m not worried about a million troops. I’m worried about whether there will be a God near the capital of Datang. A monk named Ying from the royal family of Daqin gave me a map. There is a county called Ximu County near the capital of Datang. We have to go there if we want to go to the capital."
"What now?" Embroidered bamboo asked
Li Yan said, "keep walking, the army will not lose much. We still have 400 thousand troops. Don’t just turn around and leave?" Is there any news of his four-way army? "
"No, they lost their news ten days ago, but according to inference, they should also be about two or three counties away from Beijing. It is hard to say whether they can meet in Beijing at last." Yuan Fang sighed with emotion and then he picked up the jars around Li Yan and gulped them up.
Li Yan gave him a strange look. "This is the last few jars of wine in my ring, and I’m going to seal them up and put them back later." He had prepared a lot of wine before he came, but it was not enough to share some with others besides drinking it himself.
He now realizes that he has some regrets and should fill up the department of things.
But then Xiaoru whispered, "Handmaiden, there are still many children-in-law here. If they are not enough, you can ask them for it." She knew that children-in-law are excellent and have no shortcomings, but they like to drink and get drunk when they are happy. She always intends to keep some for future use.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and thirty-seven War breath
"Ha-ha, it’s all your own things. Don’t be so stingy. I’ll pay you back a few hundred altars after razing the monster city." Yuan Fang didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He continued to gulp down "I didn’t expect to be able to take the army to fight in the sky in the end. Isn’t it a little poetic for you? Don’t you write two sentences at this time?"
As soon as his words were finished, embroidered bamboo and Xiaoru looked forward to looking at Li Yan.
There’s no woman who doesn’t want her man to be brilliant in literature and capable of writing and martial arts.
Li Yan got up at this time and looked at the mountains and rivers in Wan Li in the distance. "I thought that Jin Ge iron horse swallowed Wan Li like a tiger," but he frowned when he was about to read it.
"A good word swallowed Wan Li like a tiger" Yuan Fang clapped his hands and smiled "I told you you were the first scholar. If you go to be a student, I will see that those princesses in Datang are not allowed to tie you home to be a son-in-law."
Embroidered bamboo and Xiaoru’s beautiful eyes are flashing with obsession. They are all literate people, and they can’t taste this poem. Although there is a short sentence, it is full of heroic feelings.
"There is a situation." Li Yanshen said that his field never recovered for a moment, and he felt a momentum that was slowly rising. The momentum was formed by the gathering of several magical things, just like the gathering of troops. The momentum was so great that it exceeded 400,000 troops on his side.
"What’s the situation? Won’t have a magic army again? "Yuan Fang asked quickly with a mouthful of wine.
Li Yan said, "It’s almost not the first time to meet an army. This feeling can’t be wrong, and the momentum of gathering the army has surpassed us in just a moment and is increasing."
"No, more than us again? Didn’t you just destroy the 500 thousand magic army the other day? " Yuan Fang got a fright.
Li Yan replied, "This time, the number is more. Go and command to prepare."
"Really want to fight?" Embroidered bamboo face with a hint of concern
Li Yan said, "If you don’t fight, you can just gather the army. We won’t fight now. When their army is finished, it must be us. They have just joined the army and should not have assigned a commander yet. We have a good chance to beat them off guard."
"I know that I’m going to prepare." Embroidered bamboo hesitated and soon left Yuan Fang’s side, and several generals also turned to leave the army.
"Are the children all right?" asked Xiaoru with a complicated face.
Li Yan looked at the distance and said, "This world war I is more determined than before. If we can’t lose, we will be wiped out."
"We will win if we have children," said Xiaoru with a face of conviction.
Li Yan ha ha smiled and slapped the girl’s ass through the armor. It didn’t feel good. "It’s good to say that I will win this battle." When I said this, I felt a strong self-confidence. If the coach doesn’t have self-confidence, then I can win with the army.
Small shavings charming body a shock gently hum beautiful eyes suffused with colchicine beautiful and charming looking at the children seems to have no shi children for a while …
Li Yan was in a good mood when he saw that the servant girl was so charming. Is it true that when he molested the servant girl, he pulled out the painting halberd and drank a "white jade unicorn?"
"Hey!" Not far from the mountainside, the white jade Kirin smashed the mountain peak and rushed out.
Kirin likes to play with water, and white jade Kirin is no exception.
In the middle school, the white jade Kirin oscillated the water stain on her body and then flew to Li Yan’s side. Li Yan jumped and sat down again and flew in the middle school.
At the moment, the army is ready.
Li Yanshen said, "Xu Sheng is not allowed to lose this battle. Everyone has to die, including me. However, the magic army is not endless. After winning this battle, we will join forces with the capital of Datang. At that time, most of the magic weapons in Datang will be killed by us, and the plan of killing the Han emperor will be completed. Half of the big fellow can also be destroyed by Paul and other family and friends. Maybe we will die sooner or later, but not today. Maybe we will all get back to the big fellow alive, but not today because we are fighting with 400 thousand troops."

Jade Duxiu’s eyes are slightly condensed together, and the little divine light flows in her eyes, and she doesn’t know what to think.

"Now the past and the future have been cut off, and now it’s time to die if you show up in heaven and man, and it’s time to cut it out if you show up too forgetfully." Jade Duxiu thought silently in his heart
The past is a distant thing, and everything in the past has become a foregone conclusion. It is the starting point of all causes and effects and the starting point of people.
Appearing is the mapping of the past, but the cause and effect of the past cannot be changed, but now it determines the future. Looking forward to the past and communicating with the future, the past can be said to be too powerful.
The past is the original appearance, the jade is the only show, and the future flowers will bear fruit, which proves that Xiandao has achieved great things and is called Lingbao.
There was a burst of cocoon-breaking sound in the depths of the Jade Duxiu Yuan God. At first, it was not noticeable. After a while, it shook the world as if it were a Hong Zhong drum, which made people feel cleansed.
At this moment, Yu Duxiu is so forgetful that the Dharma is finally about to complete its transformation. Yu Duxiu has experienced five failures between heaven and man and is about to undergo a qualitative change when he is about to face reincarnation.
A vague shadow in the virtual space is constantly distorted and changeable. When the jade is alone in the whole body, it seems that the moment is limited, and it seems to be connected with the long river of time, which has been flowing downstream since ancient times and is irresistible.
Virtual vibration see jade Duxiu whole body that fuzzy twisted shadow after a struggle for a moment too Hui Jian mercilessly cut to virtual to a strange ring.
As if the chain were broken, for the sake of sound, the fuzzy shadow gradually formed and turned into an identical figure.
At this time, Jade Duxiu once again walked out of a figure with chaos clock’s appearance in his hand. If two or three people are together, they are triplets.
"I have seen Taoist friends before."
"Being original is too familiar with Taoist friends"
"Cut off the past, now only the future body can’t be cut off. If you can cut off the future body, you will get a great relief. Since the world is not plagued by the causal constraints of the long river," Yu Duxiu’s eyes have seen the jade brilliance flow for a moment, but they have stepped into Yu Duxiu’s body and disappeared in a short time
Jade Duxiu smiled gently. "I didn’t expect that it was so difficult to practice and show up if I wasn’t on the verge of death. I couldn’t cut off the original East China Sea deduction. It was really the right move for this move."
Jade Duxiu smiled gently. At this time, Jade Duxiu’s whole body was floating like never before. A person without the past is in the future.
It’s a pity that Jade Duxiu didn’t really go against the sky and be in the future, otherwise wouldn’t Jade Duxiu be the enemy at this time?
"Cutting the future body in the future is to condense the future into a ball, which can be called’ Lingbao’, and then it can be cut out and completely detached from the control of heaven and earth, breaking the long river of time is powerful."
Thought of this, Jade Duxiu’s face showed a little smile. "This key is always cut out, which is incredible for the big plan."
The strangest thing about the three-life body is that if you show up, you will never die. If you don’t die, you can come out and show up at any time, and you will never die.
That is to say, even without the blessing of Jade Duxiu, the enemy has not cut off the jade Duxiu who appeared in the past at the same time. These two incarnations are immortal, and even if they are beheaded, they will be instantly resurrected and re-bred.
Chapter 1112 Thought elixir
Cut out the appearance of the past, and suddenly I was in a good mood. I immediately got up and looked at the lotus pond and looked at the lotus leaves in the distance. "This undead medicine prescription has been deduced. Can you really refine the undead medicine? Does it have an immortal effect? I still need to wait for the seat to collect all the medicinal materials and then refine it in the furnace."
At this time, Jade Duxiu began to think about refining the undead medicine. If you can have the undead medicine to help you in the future, it will be a lot smoother with half the effort.
But no, the medicine of death is not so good. It is only with the thirty-six great magical powers of Taoism in the past and the nine turns of the elixir that such achievements have been made. Many ancestors and demon gods in this world have struggled for millions, but they have to say that there are huge differences between the two worlds.
"It’s also necessary to schedule the refining of medicine for death. Even if you fall into reincarnation in the future, you can have money for reincarnation." Jade Duxiu thought silently.
Just thinking about it, I heard a burst of yelling from outside. "Miao Hidetsugu will never help you do this kind of thing again. I didn’t expect that it was so small that I was so scared that I was so incontinent that I could be a monk now. In ancient times, the monk was far from it. In those days, I waited for the monster beast to fight to the death, even if it was imminent, my brow wouldn’t wrinkle. I didn’t expect that the quality of the monk today was so poor that it was really incomparable."
At this time, the man who turned to the sky didn’t complain, but he had already arrived first.
Jade Duxiu heard a smile and stepped out of the lotus pond. "It’s a real opportunity for you. If you kill that little one, you will definitely get the qualification to compete for the world. This is a chance for you. It’s outrageous that you should complain like this."
"Hum, this little worm is a common person, even if it is too arrogant, I don’t look to kill the bodhi old zu. I also want to kill the top ten tianjiao, which is not ranked in the top ten tianjiao. I’m sorry to kill the identity." A face of disdain.
Jade Duxiu heard it for a long time and then shook his head after a while. "Now that the ancestors have responded to this matter, it’s good to kill them. You are still picky."
The sky turned and sat down on the bluestone, and a pair of eyes looked at Jade Duxiu. "Why do you look a little different?"
"oh? Different? What’s the difference? " Jade Duxiu came to the front of the sky with his hands on his back.

When he went to Ningxiang County to deal with the haunted incident, Pei Wende made Pei Hong accept the refugees along the road and followed him to Changsha County to recognize relatives after he promised to complete the disaster relief.

After that, Pei Hong was busy with the county government, and he never formally asked Pei Wende for an appointment.
"Now the time is ripe …"
Slightly sighed PeiHong don’t know is melancholy or joy light said
"From today on, I will no longer be Ningxiang County Yin."
Wen Yan Pei Wende was slightly surprised. His eyes widened and his tone became a little dumbfounded.
"You were dismissed?"
"Is it because I asked you to accept those refugees before?"
Pei Wende knew that his previous act of going his own way would bring a lot of influence to Pei Hong, but he never thought that his move would actually make the other party leave.
"You are half right!"
Pei Hong smiled and shook his head and suddenly felt that his stubborn younger brother seemed to have some loveliness.
At the very least, the other party’s heart and worries are real at the moment, which makes the original feel that Pei Wende is too naive and Pei Hong feels a kind of heartfelt warmth.
"Accurately speaking, my transfer is a promotion."
"At a time when the court is in chaos and the major forces are vying for the father, there are signs of re-emergence …"
"It happened that someone in the DPRK recommended me to take in the victims this time, so they specially recalled me, probably to reward me."
After hearing Pei Hong’s remarks, Pei Wende was relieved.
If Pei Hong loses his official position because he is bent on his own way, Pei Wende feels that I am afraid I will feel guilty in my life.
"So are you going to take me back with you?"
"That … second sister? Did she go back with you? "
After hesitating for a while, Pei Wende decided to use the word "second sister" to call Pei Hui.
Pei Wende didn’t forget that Pei Hui arrived in Ningxiang immediately when she learned that she was in Ningxiang County for disaster relief, and she also gave herself great support.
Compared with Pei Wende, Pei Hong, a compatriot, has a stronger sense of identity with Pei Hui.
"After you left Ningxiang, she went back first."
Speaking of this, Pei Hong is also a face of nai.
I was the one who watched my sister grow up, but as a result, she became closer to Pei Wende, the younger brother who had left home since childhood.
Sometimes Pei Hong wonders if he is holding this big brother wrong.
The same mother, brother and sister. Isn’t that a little different?
"She has gone back first?"
I didn’t expect Pei Hui to go home decisively after leaving. Pei Wende didn’t know what to say at the moment.
In the end, Pei Wende can sum up that Pei Hong doesn’t seem to be well received even if Pei Jia’s family is bent on official career and has a heavy official addiction.
Chapter III Near-re-embodiment Living Buddha
Chen Lu used to be a student, but now he is a refugee in Tanzhou.
According to common sense, Chen Lu, a scholar with fame and talent, is not involved in the army of refugees like the local people, no matter how down and out he is.
However, the sad reminder is that although Chen Lu has fame and personality, he is just a bit pedantic.
I don’t like that the landlords and gentry seized the temple land and occupied the fertile land of the people in the name of "destroying the Buddha" and actually informed the government of those landlords and gentry.
As a result, it can be imagined that Chen Lu was not persecuted to death by those landlords and gentry, which was the result of the protection of the local prefect.
Rao, Chen Lu still became a refugee forced to live in other places
Chen Lu has experienced many disasters all the way, and he is used to being sinister.
Even Chen Lu himself doesn’t have much hope for his future, but lives one day at a time and never sees the sun today.
Because compared with physical suffering, it is this world that really disheartens Chen Lu.
-Zhumen wine meat stinks road has frozen bones.
This is not an exaggeration, but a fact in front of Chen Lu, a way to climb the mountain by others.
Ordinary refugees are just grass-roots bark at an eclipse.
While those landlords and gentry are holding their wives and concubines and enjoying the perfect food that ordinary people can’t eat in a year.
Even those people, parents, officials and prefects, what they do at most is to expel the hungry people living here and maintain public order.
Desperate, Chen Lu thinks that maybe this is the tragedy of this era of life!
It was not until Chen Lulu fell to the boundary of Weishan in Tanzhou that he was dismayed to find that not all government offices were like that.
In this remote place of Tanzhou, a temporary residence was built outside Yincheng, a county.
This refugee camp, which has gathered all over the country, has all kinds of strict regulations, but it has really made the people here get paid for their work and get medical treatment.
Besides, Chen Lu is different from ordinary people. He can see that although the camp regulations are harsh, each one is set up for the hungry.
It is these harsh regulations that constrain the refugees living here to truly settle down.
Because of the particularity of this temporary camp, even those bandits and refugees who have fallen into robbery have deliberately avoided it, making it an independent peach blossom garden.
After all, people’s hearts are full of meat. If it is not forced by the situation, who wants to be a robber?
To disturb this "refugee home" which was built with great difficulty, those bandits who have given their lives are more willing to retaliate against the landlords and gentry.
Of course, Chen Lu knows that not all gangsters are so conscious.
Can not hold the camp has long considered this point, not only have a special chief to patrol at twelve o’clock, but also occasionally join the nearby post to take the initiative to attack a large-scale gang near the Qing Dynasty.
After a long time, "don’t take the initiative to appear near the camp" became the consensus of all gangsters.
According to Sun Xianwei, who is in charge of patrolling this camp, this is the so-called "security zone"
It was then that Chen Lucai realized that the original founder of this camp was not the local county Yin, but a mage who was regarded as a "living Buddha" by the refugees.
In fact, the mage not only set up a huge camp near the county seat to receive the victims, but also gave alms and saw doctors in his own temple.
A considerable number of refugees in the camp will choose to come here to work and settle down only after being instructed by the mage.
After a little more stability, the people in the living camp will also go to the mage temple to make incense and fulfill their vows.
According to those wizards who have contacted, the mage is not only kind and compassionate, but also has great wisdom.
He often says to the refugees that I can let you have a full meal for a while, but I can’t let you have a full meal.

"Lin Qi hasn’t come back yet. It should have been an accident."

In the first chair on the right side of the conference table sits a man about thirty-five years old. He is physically strong, and even if he sits there, he looks taller and stronger than everyone else.
Opposite him, in the first chair on the left of the conference table, sat a young man in his early twenties, who looked fashionable with yellow hair, earrings and leather clothes.
He was wearing a ring, his left index finger tapped on the desktop and then looked at the most square position in the conference room table. "This time it was really interesting. Brother Feng and I went to Tianhualou, and I was so angry that I almost got into a fight with that guy named Su on the spot, and Lin Liang Ping was even more funny. As a result, I was beaten in a panic and fled back, losing less than a dozen people. Hey, this is not exaggerated enough. I simply went to the’ new district’ and Lin Qi simply disappeared. No one came back.
The man who looked at the chair the most was Lin Liangping, the last of the nine leaders of Genesis.
Lin Liangping slightly lowered his head and seemed a little ashamed to hear this.
"Don’t blame Laojiu, sir and minister."
The man in his thirties who sits in the first chair on the right is the fourth LAM Raymond among the nine leaders.
And this is very fashionable. Young people with earrings and rings are ranked third.
LAM Raymond also looked at the first Lin Liang Pingdao: "Laojiu, please tell me in detail what forces there are in this’ Changfeng District’. You just said that you almost didn’t escape back. Is it true that you met your opponent so badly today?"
Lin Liangping gently heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. "I took my brothers into Changfeng District and soon met a five-person team. We arrested these five people and learned through coercion that they came from Block B of New World Center, which is a 63-story building."
"These people have also organized a new world, and these five people belong to this organization called New World, and the headquarters has set up this New World Center Block B. According to these five people, this New World is the largest force in Changfeng District, with hundreds of people, but they don’t know exactly how many people are relatively low-level people because of their weak strength. They know that there are mainly three people in the New World who are the most famous and the three leaders in it."
"After I knew the news, I decided to let these five people take us to the’ New World Center Block B’ to have a look."
Lin Liangping’s face showed a wry smile here. "I could easily take this’ new world’ with our strength at that time, and I could sound out the details of this’ new world’ when I came back, but I didn’t expect that we met a small group of people on the way before we arrived at Block B of the New World Center."
"There are thirteen people in this group who took the initiative to stop us on the water. I didn’t look at these thirteen people but didn’t think that one of them was the three leaders of the’ New World’ …"
Lin Liangping took a deep breath here and his face was particularly nervous.
LAM Raymond frowning slightly "beat you is this man? What’s his name? What’s his ability? It’s not easy to beat you. "
Lin Liang said, "This man’s name is Gao Shengyi, and his ability is very strange. I can’t tell him exactly, just like he can predict the future. No matter how I attack him, I always know it first. The more I fight, the more afraid I am …"
"predict all your attacks first?" Lin Liangping’s words caused others to look at him in succession.
Even that has been tapping gently on the desktop this way "really someone has this ability? Lin Liang Ping, you won’t talk nonsense because you feel that you can’t beat others and feel humiliated. "
Then the second chair on the right is a short, fat, round face. At this moment, he suddenly said, "It’s not strange to have such ability. It varies from person to person. It’s strange and not without it."
This saw his one eye and laughed. "Li Pang, you are right."
There are seven people sitting at the conference table, except for the first one that can pronounce both men and women. Six people are sitting in the first chair on the left, and the second chair on the left is a young man of about twenty-five.
He was dressed in black clothes and kept his eyelids down. He put his hands on the table and rubbed a piece of paper.
He kneaded the paper into a ball, then slowly and carefully unfolded it, and then kneaded it into a ball again and again.
He is Chen Mo, the fifth leader of Genesis.
The third chair on the left is a young man with a simple and honest face and a silly smirk. He keeps looking at the people in front of him without saying anything. This is the iron pillar of the seventh leader.
The first chair on the right is LAM Raymond, the second chair is Li Pang, and the third chair obviously belongs to Lin Qi who has not returned, while the first chair is Lin Liangping who ranks ninth.
LAM Raymond frowned slightly. "Although Laojiu lost a dozen people, he escaped back with most people. But what happened to this guy? Forty people entered the’ new district’ department and disappeared."
This way, "No matter how much, I think we should solve the problem of Tianhualou first. Su Haoshi is too arrogant. If we solve it, we will be able to devour Genesis, and then we will really monopolize the whole Qinhuai District. It’s not too late for us to slowly plot to develop in other areas. Before we are too impatient, I actually don’t agree with too many enemies. Now we haven’t even solved Tianhualou, and we have provoked Changfeng again."
LAM Raymond said slowly, "If we can solve the’ Tianhua Building’, it would have been solved long ago, but this Su Hao … still can’t find a way to restrain him from making a move."
He said that the man sitting in a black robe suddenly uttered a male voice. "This Su Hao is very troublesome. His ability is directly related to the human spirit. This is our only weakness. It is not too late to clean him up after I have worked out a method to counter his spirit. If you don’t agree to merge, you will temporarily release him. Except this Su Hao, no one else is afraid. Any one can easily clean up. We can turn our attention to other forces."
Hearing this, the monarch and his subjects nodded slightly and stopped talking.
LAM Raymond said, "Since Tianhua Building was released in advance, our best goal at present is Changfeng District and New World. It should be easy to take over and strengthen the strength of Genesis if Laojiu said that the three leaders of the New World were either killed or killed. Besides, we should also investigate the mysterious disappearance of a group of forty people who kept entering the New Area."
LAM Raymond turned to sit in a black robe and said, "Hui Jie Yang Ge, tell me whether we should deal with the’ new world’ or go to the’ new area’ first to find out about the old disappearance?"
Apparently, he said that Sister Hui and Brother Yang were Ding Hui, the great leader of Genesis, and Ding Yang, the second leader.
"Of course, it’s to find out the old disappearance.’ New World’ means that three leaders want to deal with them and can solve them at any time. I’m still more interested in the sudden disappearance of the old forty people." A female giggled in this black robe.
LAM Raymond’s spirit cheered. "So, Sister Hui, are you going to do it yourself?"
Ding Huiyin chuckled, "Of course it’s such a fun thing that I have to take a trip to see what the hell is going on with this group of Lin Qi."
LAM Raymond said, "In that case, I will accompany Hui Jie and Yang Ge to see you that day."
"No" There was a male Ding Yangyin in the black robe. "You and your subjects need to sit here. We want to merge other forces to develop Genesis, but we also need to prevent others from coveting us. In case we all leave and someone steals our home, that’s a loss of wife and soldiers. Chen Mo and Li Pang will accompany us early in the morning."
"Know" Li Pang is busy responding to the fact that he is vaguely afraid of this sitting in a black robe.
The silence is still silently rubbing the paper ball in his hand, but he still listens clearly to Ding Yang’s words and then nods slightly.
"That’s all for today’s meeting."
At this point, Ding Yang’s male voice stretched out one hand in the black robe to hold the cup placed on the table in front of him, while he drank water while the other hand held half a bottle of coke and drank it.
"Gollum" everyone else sat silently listening to the sound, watching the people in this black robe holding water cups and coke bottles in both hands and then drinking warm water and coke in the water cups.
This scene seems a bit weird.
Golden Eagle Alliance Floating Island
After a day, there are more cracks on the surface of the floating island, and the plants grown in these cracks have grown to 10 meters cm, which is amazing.
What look like a barren floating island of ore has become a vibrant full of green.
In order to protect the floating island, the floating island has always been guarded by people in turn.
It’s late hunting time, and there are many people on the floating island tonight, well over 100 people.
There was no special situation in hunting tonight. Su Li didn’t even see a monster with a general level last night. He hunted some monsters with a level of 10. After hunting for more than an hour, he gained 51 spiritual sources, which made him have 71 effective spiritual sources. He needed 2 spiritual sources to break through, and he was 129 short of them.
Golden Eagle No.1, Building B, is full of people hunting on floating island, while Building A and Shimao Center are two people away from the nearest building, 30 floors above the building, and the total number of people hunting in three places exceeds 250.
There are many monsters of Grade 9 among the monsters appearing tonight. The whole Golden Eagle Alliance successfully broke through and rose to Grade 1 tonight, reaching five people, namely Gong Xiao, Ling Yi, Wu Feng, Jiang Xiaodong and Wang Xu, and the number of people who rose from Grade 9 to Grade 9 exceeded 100, making the elite base in the whole Golden Eagle Alliance reach Grade 9.
Su Li has changed the red crescent sword into an ice python sword.
The extra moon belt was given to Jiang Shuixuan’s floating boots and to Gong Xiao.

[This is the so-called’ magic’? 】

You don’t need to hold a spell and practice it like a spell. Pei Wende’s speed of playing the god’s foot is much faster than that of normal practitioners, reaching the point of heart curse.
This means that Pei Wende has a high degree of fit.
Or how long does it take Xu Bule to press Pei Wende to sublimate Shenzutong to the degree of heart mantra like Bodhisattva Buddha’s light?
By that time, Pei Wende will be able to truly tap the powerful potential of God’s Foot-and-Mouth.
Because Pei Wende knows in his heart that making himself as light as a swallow and greatly increasing his strength is only the most superficial benefit of "God’s Foot", and even the entry is not counted.
"Shenzutong" can be called the six magical powers of Buddhism because it deconstructs and strengthens the physical changes.
According to Zen master Lingyou, if the yogi can bring God’s Foot into full play to the realm of heart mantra, he can control his own physical changes to a certain extent.
At that time, it is a normal phenomenon that the limbs will be reborn and the body will not rot.
In fact, this is also the reason why many virtuous monks do not rot after their death, and the relics show themselves.
Even if you don’t deliberately pursue God’s foot, Buddhist practitioners will naturally show some physical wonders after opening three veins and seven rounds.
"Is it actually six magical powers?"
At a glance, I recognized Pei Wende’s body changes and informed. Chen Zhengdao was surprised to stare big eyes.
There are many different schools and branches of Buddhist practitioners in this era.
However, it is recognized that Buddhist practitioners who can practice the six magical powers must be "enlightened" in all aspects of essence, qi and spirit.
In time, once this "awakened one" grows up, it will surely become a Buddhist with several great virtues.
After all, unlike magic, avatar can’t be obtained through long-term practice and study, and it is more a symbol of identity and ability.
"I really want to talk. This is the entry-level six avatar."
I don’t know what Chen Zhengdao thinks, and it doesn’t matter what the other person thinks …
It didn’t take long for Pei Wende to quickly adapt to this feeling of being as light as a swallow and walking as fast as flying.
Of course, Pei Wende knows that this is not his real weight loss.
It’s that 40,000 thick muscle fibers in his body, and the hundreds of millions of cells spontaneously became active, which brought him the illusion of being as light as a swallow.
In this state, Pei Wende jumped out of a few meters away with a pedal.
Then the second and third steps …
The pace is getting faster and faster, and Pei Wende finally seems to be out of the bondage of gravity. Every leap spans several meters.
Pei Wende estimates that even playing those martial arts games before crossing may not be such an exaggerated and inhuman performance.
The only regret is that Pei Wende’s mastery of the mind is to strengthen his physical fitness, but he can’t strengthen his lag ability like real weightlessness
Otherwise, Pei Wende, who came from the 21st century, can definitely put this powerful leap into full play.
Rao, Chen Zhengdao is also amazed at Pei Wende’s talent.
"Entry-level six magical powers?"
"Do you think I’ll believe such a lie?"
Look for a long time stay PeiWenDe disappear back Chen Zhengdao a tone that the other party can’t hear muttered.
"If this can be regarded as an introduction, those practitioners who can walk hundreds of miles may not even touch the threshold."
Chen Zhengdao suddenly frowned at the thought of this-because suddenly he thought of a possibility, a very possible fact.
"And so on almost forgot …"
"If your master is really him, then what you call" getting started "may be really" getting started "."
Look a little rain or shine uncertain dim to Chen Zhengdao quietly clenched his fist.
"After all, he’s a … crazy monk."
Chapter 20 The town that never sleeps in the Tang Dynasty
Jingfan Town is one of nine townships, ten towns and one at the foot of Weishan.
At the same time, it is also the largest settlement except local counties.
According to official statistics, there are more than 1,000 permanent residents in Jingfan Town alone, which is close to the level of a sparsely populated county.
What makes Yu Jingfan Town so prosperous?
In addition to occupying a strategic geographical position, it has four access to township roads and official roads
The most important thing is that Jingfan Town is the interchange of Weishan and Long Mai. It is said that people living here will be promoted and rich, and their grandchildren will be blessed.
For Pei Wende, who has never studied geomantic omen, he doesn’t know whether this widespread statement has scientific basis.
But it is undeniable that Jingfan Town is indeed the richest town in the surrounding area.
Even Pei Wende often goes to Xinkang Town. In terms of simple prosperity, it is also the same as the law, scenery and numerous towns.
"It really deserves to be the most prosperous town at the foot of Weishan."
After all kinds of pedestrian tracks gradually appeared in the township road, Pei Wende slowed down his pace and ordinary people entered Jingfan Town.

New order means new cake.

This time, I will miss the opportunity because I am afraid to avoid it.
Interests or trivial matters will be suppressed by other people’s rules in the future if they do not take the initiative.
After listening to this, King Sanyang knew that the situation was serious and solemn. "In that case, I will stay in the town to patrol the heavenly army. If the hades are up to no good, they will ruin the road of the dead and directly attack the underworld!"
Zhou Tianjun heard his scalp tingling and hurriedly said, "If you don’t want Hades to post an invitation, the door will be a guest. If he really does something, it will make the Three Realms laugh."
Baoguang Daxian mused, "Seeing Pluto means that it is not easy to recast the road of the dead through the three realms with the help of Shinto."
"This time, I will accompany Zhenjun to stop by and see if Pluto can learn from the Dihuang world."
He, the true gentleman of Guangyuan, cooperated with Terran Shinto to create an unprecedented celestial world instrument.
Even Bao Guang, the Great Immortal, is proud of the number of treasures refined, and has a strong interest in this Shinto method.
Wang Xuan nodded primly and said, "When it’s convenient, please come to the heavenly king and I’ll see what the keeper wants to do!"
Jiuyou first floor
This place was almost smashed during the Three Realms robbery.
Even after a hundred years, the pulse has not recovered.
Looking around, large mountains and collapsed plains are spread over tens of thousands of miles, and long cracks are covered with snow and ice, and the fog is surging.
The chaos of the earth’s veins forms strange areas. The ancient battlefield breeds evil spirits and wanders around strangely.
Now there are occasional ghost practices on the first floor.
Nine deep and remote sky has been repaired, and the dark clouds are rolling all over the sky, and the bloody thunder is roaring constantly.
The long horn resounded through the heavens and the earth
Black fog surges up in the deep pit of Wan Li, Fiona Fang, in the central snowfield, accompanied by the screams of armored fighting animals.
This is the third world war, when Huntian Xiaoyao Emperor shocked the world, and the sword light blasted out of the hole, which directly opened the second floor of Jiuyou.
Although the ground vein has been restored, the barrier is still weak, which has become the access channel for the army of hades.
The leader is Li Yuan.
He still wears a mask of cold evil spirits, and after scanning a circle, he orders, "Prepare for the guests!"
The legion immediately dispersed.
Djinn zombies with a height of 100 feet and nine secluded places are carrying a law column and slamming into the ground pulse.
I feel that all kinds of ghosts of the army are screaming strangely in the snow field, but they are quickly obliterated by the rocket arrows.
As a huge stone pillar stands up, the original gloomy and sticky land suddenly surges and rotates.
This has never happened before.
Three realms of clear air rising and turbid air falling, nine secluded places are getting heavier and heavier, and ordinary methods are hard to drive.
Even Dihuang used the Shinto multiplier to get twice the result with half the effort. It took the five Xiao brothers a thousand years to build Yinxian City.
But now Jiuyou Long Mai is easily driven.
This is the difference between Taoism and Dharma. With the achievement of Tai Su’s Tao Jun, the method of Hades’ phase has also spread.
Within a moment, the array arrangement was completed.
Booming …
With the operation of the array, a large piece of ice in the snow field breaks and the wind howls, and a huge spiral pattern gradually forms in the center of the array.
The thick black light of the steep mountains went straight into the sky.
Thick dark clouds break the big hole, and the dark central sky does not break like glass, revealing the deep emptiness behind it.
Nowadays, it is very lively.
Past Dojo stands tall, or Buddha shines brightly, or Tai Chi rotates, or mixed elements are filled with colorful colors.
There are still many floating boats, but all of them can sail in virtual space, which is by no means an ordinary treasure ship 2.