When the gods move, they give orders, and the whole swarm of individual nest units disperse and flee in different directions.

There must be a worm nest in the zerg’s difficult place that will not be destroyed. Once sufficient resources are obtained, it can turn over completely in a short time.
After the first world war and the energy loss in the sea for decades, the number of insect nests dominated by Siming is not much, but there are more than 30. Even if one of these insect nests is not destroyed in case of enemy, this means that the population continues its vitality.
Looking at a worm’s nest swimming like a giant centipede, quietly disappearing into the darkness, Si Ming’s master is also relieved.
The mother nest is more cautious to stay in the opposite direction of the battlefield. Look for an opportunity to quietly lurk a floating meteorite not far away.
Although it is stable here, it is very common that there will be some floating meteorites without violent energy turbulence in the universe.
The hidden breath on the attachment surface of the insect nest is extremely inconspicuous and slowly swims with the meteorite floating.
The wormhole behind him is getting bigger and bigger, and the breath is getting more and more obvious.
This is the reason why the master of Siming dare not stay here, otherwise the wisdom of the star beast is very low. Once the attention of those huge ships is attracted, it is not enough for people to kill these insects.
The zerg’s greatest advantage is its huge explosive capacity and desperate worm sea tactics, which is the magic weapon for the zerg to defeat the enemy.
Si Ming dominates this zerg. After repeated destruction, it is at its lowest ebb. Without the number advantage, the roots dare not confront a powerful man head-on.
Sure enough, the swarm dispersed, and soon a group of warships came in this direction.
Shining warships are as beautiful as art floating in the sea of the universe.
Among these warships, there is an extraordinarily large black hull with a prismatic shape, which is as big as the earth. Around its center, warships form a huge battle group.
A huge glass wall at the forefront of this prismatic warship can clearly see the hull. A group of green-skinned creatures dressed in uniform, with big heads and long arms, manipulate buttons in an orderly manner, sitting or in their own posts.
There is also a robot walking around the cabin doing some sex or auxiliary work.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-three Zerg explosive growth
In the direction of the warship command room, a green-skinned creature made an epaulet just like other creatures, and a glittering six-pointed star marked his commander’s identity.
Seeing the commander with a dignified expression, he projected a three-dimensional picture through the big window of the spaceship.
"Forward coordinate position Юг 65432 wave analysis Wormhole is being generated" is the universal Haitong language.
"Wormholes are being generated?"
The commander’s dignified expression showed shock and pushed the chair up directly.
"Displacement wormhole! It turned out to be a displacement wormhole! "
"quick! Report to the Imperial Army immediately that we have found the displacement wormhole! This is a great achievement! Great work! Ha, ha, ha. If I’m lucky, I’ll be knighted and get rid of my civilian status! "
The commander was soon pleasantly surprised.
The title of Moyun’s Fifth Reich is extremely valuable. Even though he is a fleet commander and a middle-ranking officer in the army, he has won the title of nobility despite his military achievements in the battle. This is his heart disease.
Seeing the opportunity coming, how can he not be surprised?
"It’s the commander!"
Someone immediately promised a neat chest-length ceremony, turned around and manipulated the precision dashboard to give instructions.
"The 61st, 62nd, 63rd, 64th and 65th squadrons immediately accelerated to occupy the coordinates around the wormhole."
"The body fleet is moving fast!"
The commander skillfully issued a series of orders.
The imperial fleet has a perfect charter, and what kind of reaction should be made in case of any situation is exactly stipulated. It is only necessary for commanders to issue orders in accordance with the charter, and special reactions are needed only under extremely special circumstances.
"It’s the commander!"
In the neat promise, all the personnel in the whole fleet are busy.
Soon a large number of ships buzzed and twisted around … Jump! The whole fleet has appeared around the wormhole by disappearing for a moment.
In the distant battlefield, more and more fleets leave the battlefield and turn around when they are far away from those star behemoths, that is, jump immediately.

"I look forward to your performance."

The figure in Demogorgon’s mind also goes with it.
And [Demogorgon] looked at his boss’s famous [Demogorgon] inexplicably knelt on his knees and knocked on his head, and even learned to bark on his stomach, and he gasped.
However, the law can explain what magical event just happened.
after that
Don’t wait for their reaction.
After the dog called [Demogorgon] leng leng, his expression ushered in a new change.
Extraordinary complex changes
Unexplained change
It is hard for human beings to imagine that all kinds of emotions are gathered in the middle.
Like grief, like despair and like joy …
That’s a rather abstract expression.
Sadly, I dare not show it, but dare to show my happy expression for my master. [Demogorgon] has already realized the high meaning of acting.
Even if the best actor comes, he will never perform such a complicated expression.
Even his hands are a little inexplicable after watching it.
I feel sad from my heart as if I were experiencing human suffering!
Then I saw Demogorgon crying with a smile.
Laughing excessively and crying sadly _ _
The hearer is sad, the listener is crying, and the whole palace is shaking all over the salt marsh.
The huge wail made the earth tremble, divided the sky and made all the monsters cry silently.
Even the blood pole [Barlow efreet] heard his pants wet.
Although they are not very literate, they usually don’t wear pants.
Urine is the magma that affects the environment too much.
In the face of all this incredible development
"Great [demon king-Demogorgon] is really crazy? ?”
[Demogorgon] Many genera are at a loss
Besides, some people are wondering whether they want to show loyalty.
Others think it’s true. It’s a little small. Maybe they need to moisten themselves …
Sad interest retreated to the door …
before long
Howl finished [Demogorgon] finally raised his head.
The sprawling huge deformed body also slowly got up.
Two skulls
No matter whether it’s the relatively rational one or the relatively violent one, only the violent emotion of Lun Bi shows poor and fierce light at this time, and the huge pressure in his eyes is constantly overflowing from that strange body, which brings great pressure to every guy in the palace.
After swallowing saliva
One of his genera trembled and tried to speak.
"Positions …"
But in an instant
I haven’t said a few words yet
[Demogorgon] The thick long tail behind him is directly biting and smashing the strong body of the other party.
Make a number of broken meat sauce spread all over the field.
"I’m … very sad, very sad, very angry and desperate …"
In that cold tone
[Demogorgon] Words are jumping out word by word.
At the same time
His figure disappeared in situ.
Beyond imagination!
The speed is much faster than the reaction speed of the guys outside the field.
And bloody and crazy killing also directly targeted at the brutal slaughter of every guy in the field …
[Demogorgon] Never allow yourself to be seen by this group of guys in front of you. They must die!
Chapter 174 Inevitably need to face things
[Demogorgon] Is that possible to hide from Olga?

Ah! The punishment of smashing and flying thousands of miles at night didn’t pay attention to the punishment of thousands of miles at night. I looked at my arm and burst into screams again. My fist broke straight from my middle finger to my wrist. My fist was cut in half. I suddenly realized that the punishment only felt a great pain in my hand.

"Artifact" His mother’s blood sword turned out to be an artifact. I his mother forgot this vicious thousand miles night is Liu Bai’s favorite brother. I forgot to have an artifact. "Looking at a broken palm, my face was cold and chills, and I quickly swallowed a Dan medicine to treat the palm injury.
Punishment, another big change, made everyone blindsided again, while Wang Tingchen was a little angry that he had not been able to teach this thousand miles of night well, and this anger was also dispersed.
Punishment is just a moment’s carelessness. It’s so miserable. This thousand-mile night will calculate the diabolical technique and look at the punishment. Wang Ting’s heart is suddenly cold. "Fortunately, it’s not yourself! Fortunately, it’s not yourself! ….. "Wang Hall bore touched his face with cold sweat, such as the old chanting corners of his mouth.
Chapter two is here!
【 Chapter 573 Real blood floating shadow 】
Whoo! Hundreds of miles from Tianyin Mountain, Wan Liyun, in July, the candle was hot and the sun was shining straight down on everyone’s head. The scene was quiet again. The punishment in the sky was condensed and cut in half, and the left hand fell to the ground in a thousand miles, and the corners of the mouth were stained with blood.
It took less than a minute to start the war, and the battle was unexpected and tragic. Three stars fought for thousands of miles and the emperor was injured, and the punishment broke out twice.
"good! Very good! I didn’t expect you to calculate the blood moon magic work. It was really strong enough and strong enough. I always liked it. The corners of my mouth twitched like excitement, but somehow it was caused by great pain in my left hand attached to my brain nerve.
The punishment is extremely painful and resentful in my heart, and my carelessness is painful and resentful. My opponent is cunning. The arrogance of this thousand-mile night was all pretending to be a root, not a girl who was not deeply involved in the world, but a vicious and resentful woman with ulterior motives. First, she was arrogant to confuse herself, and then she tried her best to stimulate herself to lose her cool. She suffered two big losses repeatedly.
Thousands of miles have made the punishment extremely angry, and the anger has turned into’ vicious’ and’ resentful women’. From these two words, it is enough to say that the punishment has been gnashing its teeth at the thousand miles and resenting that it has always been led by the nose. The punishment has slowly recovered and calmly pondered over its gains and losses just now.
The strength of the two stars emperor was really strong, or the blood sword bounced back from his statue body, and the protective blood evil spirit didn’t prevent it. It was seriously injured to the body, and the five houses also had the blood evil spirit to protect it, otherwise, the punch just now was not dead and half-disabled.
It is even more unpleasant to be hurt by your own strength, and this punishment has just been hurt by yourself twice. Even it will be strong and won’t stay strong. It will be difficult for the two stars to fight against their firm but gentle spirit. It seems that they have to come up with the last trick and think for a long time.
The palm of your hand was cut open, swallowed Dan medicine, and quarreled with it to suppress blood loss. It was okay for the time being, but the left hand could no longer exert its strength. Several bruises were also cleaned up. Those tangled blood fog finally cleared the scars on the body surface, and it took a day or two to heal. After being punished, the wound finally looked at a thousand miles away, and there was a flash of tyrannical yoshimitsu in his eyes.
Peng! This punishment didn’t wait for a thousand miles of night to attack, but the momentum went to a thousand miles of night, and a hand broadsword flashed and flashed, and a whistling knife went straight for a thousand miles of night, and the punishment was not far behind.
Hum! Thousands of miles of cold hum with one hand and one yang with several firm but gentle strokes, and straight cut to the storm. Two stars emperor’s imposing manner and two miniature eyes flashed a red light towards the rush, and the punishment did not dodge at all, but even met directly, and the bloody fog also broke away again.
Peng! The shock wave hit the gas with strong momentum, forming a wild flow and breaking away, and the punishment knife mans also cut straight into the cold blood fog of thousands of miles! Crashing bombing didn’t go crazy, but the knife gas was swallowed by the blood fog. After the blood fog rolled, it was found that the knife gas disappeared like this.
"Grandma * this recruit again! I really don’t believe it when I am old! " Suddenly and violently, I saw the blood fog suddenly and violently rushing to the face, and my eyes were cold and my body was hard to live.
Zheng! As soon as the blade turns, a more dazzling knife shines straight up and goes straight to the blood fog in front of you. Opening your hand is to force your body to retreat back at a faster speed.
Jo! Force out two stars emperor knife mans suddenly and violently flashed the elegance crazy bully knife mans like nine days dragon stretched out its claws and brought up a series of cracks, broken screams and straight blood fog.
Peng! Sharp knife mans broke the thick blood fog and opened it. The blood fog was cut into two halves. Boom! Knife mans straight to fall to cut to the blood palace.
"Not good!" Xingqi blood ritual suddenly and violently surprised, Xingqi, double-day suddenly and violently surprised and looked at the blood Yang Palace knife mans blood Yang Palace, but still had the blood Yang master and Chiba and others this knife to fall into practice, and so on, and still survived. After a thousand miles of rest, the knife mans still had the emperor level.
This punishment should be murderous, and it’s really a death to be murderous against a thousand miles of night! Are you all right, sister? Can’t have something? Mom * This Younger is too restless to make trouble for himself.
Suddenly and violently surprised at being split into two parts, the blood fog ceremony raged in the sky, and suddenly and violently flashed a swearing word into the punishment of a thousand miles of night. The punishment force suddenly and violently cut out the two stars, and the artistic conception moved. Life in a thousand miles of night already has a great threat.
Jojo! The sharp knife light shines with clear color and falls straight towards the blood Yang Palace.
"Don’t!" Looking at this scene with two eyes suddenly and stupidly, the sharp knife mans actually wrapped up more than half of the blood, Yang Gong Xue Yang Xing Qi was also angry, but because of the far-reaching first aid, it was more important that both of them could not suddenly and violently appear.
Peng! With the knife light, I want to fall to the Blood Yang Palace, and a sudden bright sword light will flash and explode at the same time! Samsung bucket statue sword light hard blocked the knife mans a clear color figure emerged is to keep blood Yang Gong Qing bucket statue.
The heart-pounding scene of Blood Yang Palace is just blood Yang and Xingqi, etc. There is not much carelessness in the field. Everyone is surprised to see that the two pieces of scattered blood fog are not thousands of miles away, but the artistic conception and punishment are unfolding, but they are shocked to see the blood fog.
That’ll be the day! Two pieces of separated blood fog were quickly closed and slowly turned into a figure-like blood fog, which condensed out a thousand miles of body energy. This thousand miles of night actually reached a genius of body energy, a peerless genius! How old is it today? It’s less than thirty years old! They suddenly and violently surprised looking at a face of pale night.
God-level strong people can hold the skills. This thousand-mile night actually reached the ceremony and felt a little heavy face again. So it is no wonder that Jenny will let her take part in the crisis this time. It is really difficult to kill Younger with this body energy and general fighting emperor.
"What do you mean by courtesy? Didn’t you say you were sitting on the sidelines?" By the night shows the means of punishment in the heart is also a surprised, but after a surprised punishment face is sneer at.
You can’t kill yourself if you turn your body into energy, but it’s not without weakness to quantify your physical fitness. You’re afraid that you’ll be even weaker if you cut one more knife. A firm but gentle cut won’t hurt you, but it will hurt your soul.
"Punishment brother what are you doing? Hey, you have to retreat before the outcome is divided! " Qian Li’s face is beautiful and his eyes are cold. Zou looked at the gift inserted in front of him. Although Qian Li thanked the gift for blocking his face just now, Qian Li’s face was still cold.
"Let’s stop here! It’s enough for you to fight one battle. You already know your own strength. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose! Brother doesn’t want you to have an accident. Just brother is not good at explaining to the master. "It doesn’t matter if you sneer at the punishment. A thousand miles of indifference makes the ceremony condense and make a tight light way."
"Hum, thank you, brother. The battle is not finished yet. I can handle the brother. Please step aside!" The tone of a thousand miles night is even colder, and the ceremony is unexpected. A thousand miles night jumps straight from the side.
My idea was really seen through by the big brother, so I pointed out directly what this means. It’s not like a thousand miles away in the wind, and I took a quick look at it.
Although Qianliye didn’t know where she was very disgusted, the Jenny liked her brother very much, but Qianliye believed in her feelings, because she had a dangerous intuition since she was a child. This kind of gesture was always felt that something was wrong and she was not good to herself.
Intuition is essential for a strong man, and a thousand miles away has been cultivated by a master since childhood to have an intuitive sense of danger. A thousand miles away would rather not believe the facts in front of you than doubt your intuition.
"good! Be careful, junior sister. Brother will read the battle for you! " Li saw a trace of preparedness in the eyes of Trinidad night. His eyes couldn’t help but sink a face in his heart and smiled again, like an ice front retreating to one side without any surprise.
Well, what’s the matter with this gift and the thousand-mile night? Starkey’s eyes flashed with a flash of light. The courtesy, modesty and kindness to the thousand-mile night made Starkey just like it, but at this moment, Starkey felt something was wrong.
This ceremony is very wrong. How can it be so unexpected when it is so cold for thousands of miles? Is this ceremony really so noble or is it a noble face that hides an extremely imaginary face? If so, then the endurance of this ceremony will make people feel completely shocked.
"The battle is not over just now. This is not a battlefield. You can’t show your strength. Come with me!" Indifference glanced at the punishment and flew rapidly to one side at night! Hum! Punishment glanced at face blood Yang palace cold hum a straight with thousands of miles behind him.
"Presumably, the punishment adults also know that the blood moon magic pulls blood floating shadows, and I am a thousand miles away. The Hunger’s work is small, and the blood floating shadows are also small. The punishment adults turned out to be the first person to see my blood floating shadows." Facing the punishment with thousands of miles away, I threw a sentence that surprised the punishment.
"Blood floating shadow! Virtual strong blood sea ya top lighter! Really first-class fighting skills! " Punishment in my mind can’t help but float blood, floating shadows and remembering my face can’t help but get dignified. It’s really unpredictable to win or lose World War I with blood floating shadows thousands of miles away.
Howl! Stand tall and stand for a thousand miles at a time! Violent blood fog suddenly dispersed and opened! A sudden shock and screaming came straight out of the blood fog, and an ancient fierce beast’s breath suddenly spread out from the venue, and a blood-red pale stork flaunted with two blood giant wings and appeared in front of everyone.
This is-this is a blood float! The ceremony finally changed color with a light smile, and all the chambers of the bucket statue Wang Hall suddenly opened their eyes and stared at the blood-pale stork, while lying on the side of the blood, Yang Xingqi was also stunned.
Thousand-mile night really built a blood floating shadow. How can there be no blood floating shadow in the blood moon magic power? Attached to the blood yang, he got a half-remnant blood moon magic power, which can repair the blood floating shadow. But Thousand-mile night got a complete blood moon magic power. Wang Ting’s face showed a wry smile, and he also knew that when he saw himself, he dared to be so arrogant and constantly provoked himself. Originally, people had this strength.
【第574章 真正血浮影】
"Ha ha, this is the power, the power, the blood floating shadow is really powerful, and this is the ultimate power for me to close for six years." With big wings, the blood stork gave a thousand miles of excitement.
"Well, there is such a strong vice, and there is an impulse to eat blood. This ancient fierce beast is so bloody that it can affect my mind …" The bloody stork suddenly became very humanized and Zou raised his eyebrows.
Blood Floating Shadow Real Blood Floating Shadow Wang Ting bore, punishment and others are the first time to see this. The blood floating shadow was born with a tyrannical breath, and the blood beast was cruel. It really startled the two of them. The blood floating shadow is too fierce. That’s a bloody sea, stepping on the bodies of the strong at the same level and higher.
Well, it turned out to be very humanized. Looking at the blood floating shadow in the heart of a thousand miles, the blood floating shadow in the blood yang is a few feet high. It is a violent and embarrassing image, just as the dead body is manipulated by the blood yang, but the blood is a little different.
It seems that this bloody stork is a thousand miles away, and it is a bloody stork. The bloody stork now emits breath, but it is now magnified and strengthened, not a hiding stork.
This phase of blood yang is very different from blood yang, which is condensed by blood yang and blood fog, while blood yang is hiding in blood yang.
Li discovered this point, and the same stars, punishments, Wang Tingqiang, etc. have heard or seen blood yang and blood floating shadows. Everyone also found this point and frowned. Is it because the blood floating shadows changed by blood yang are not incomplete?
If it’s so wrong, it’s impossible. It’s good if the achievement method is not bloody and Yang is not possessed. Can it also turn bleeding into floating shadows?
Well, if the achievement method is wrong, it should be a thousand miles of night. Although the blood floating shadow created by the blood yang is dull, it is still the same as the blood floating shadow owned by the adults in the blood sea. They are all ancient fierce beasts’ blood, but this thousand miles of night blood floating shadow is a blood stork.
All the people and the ceremony were puzzled, and their eyes went straight into the eyes of a thousand miles of night, sneering at them. How could they know that the blood moon magic power was secret? The blood moon magic power was created by the bitter creation of the blood sea ya, and it was created by the divine power operation after the blood sea ya reached the god level, imitating the energy flow of the ancient fierce beasts.
Although the blood floating shadow is powerful, it has a fatal danger, that is, the blood floating shadow will affect people’s minds, and the bloody beasts in ancient times are the most tyrannical and vicious ones.
Imitating such a violent blood beast, although its fighting capacity is violent, it is easy to bite itself, making people indulge in killing and lose their humanity, and finally it can be transformed into a truly fierce ancient beast.
His master got this blood moon magic skill and was selected by himself. He had to make great efforts to deduce it several times according to the principle of this achievement method, but he made some modifications to this achievement method again, but gave up the most cruel blood and chose a warmer blood-pale stork.
I don’t know where the blood yang came from, but I can be sure that the blood yang achievement method will definitely not be blood yang. I dare to practice it with this half-disabled and half-lacking achievement method, and I have also cultivated the three-star bucket statue and the bloody floating shadow. This requires great perseverance and courage, and I still admire myself for it, but I succeeded with the help and guidance of the master.
"Hum! What about the blood floating shadow? It’s not an animal yet! Dare to stare at the old don’t split you "was staring at the hair with a bloody eye for thousands of miles, and the punishment was so violent that a silvery white broadsword once again raised a clear color and quarrelled with it.
"The punishment is rampant!" Hum! Unexpectedly, the silver broadsword flashed with a clear color knife, and the right hand held the broadsword and swooped down at the blood beast. A wave of his hand was more than ten Pentium clear lights.
Howl! Blood storks, two blood eyes, red light, a flight of wings, and a small giant wind will naturally form and roll towards punishment and go to howls! Two blood claw a lift sharp red claw mans also suddenly and violently screaming straight to meet.
Boom Boom Day knife shadow flying claw mans radiant, a clear red two violent airflow rolling with the sky suddenly and violently rubbing and biting the red light from time to time Yao Tian suddenly and violently flashed to light up the whole day, and the violent gas strength of Yinshan Mountain also rushed out from time to time and slammed into the earth.
Jo! A blood-red claw attacked the straight claw from the side of the punishment, and a side peak hundreds of meters high collapsed with the blood-red claw light.
Zheng! A color-clearing knife cut through the back of the blood stork and cut it into a mountain peak. The 100-meter giant peak was cut in half by a one-size-fits-all straight line, forming a day-like peak.
Hum! Boom Blood storks and punishment are staggered and broken together from time to time. From the middle of the war to the clouds, hundreds of miles of clouds roll in Tianyin Mountain, and from the clouds to the peak ridge, Gu Song’s boulders are smashed by the momentum of the two, and they all collapse and fall.

These are beyond this time, when the power has just entered the field of the true god, and the energy gained in just a few seconds was completely digested by Su Li in these three hours, and his strength has further increased.

But Su Li also found a new problem, that is, his body almost no longer integrates these newly gained energies.
He has a faint feeling that his body can now devour fusion energy, which is a temporary limit.
After all, even if the world of the true God has almost exhausted energy, everyone is like a vessel, and there is a limit to the energy that can be sustained, not an end.
Su Li, who just got all the energy, opened his eyes and prepared to do the same thing again to get high-dimensional energy from the real world behind this giant door.
Suri, who started the super-dimension, stepped in one step, and he had five seconds. When deducting the time when he entered and exited the giant gate, the true god world could not exceed four seconds.
In these four seconds, he didn’t dare to wave. This time, he failed to launch the limit and reached 65 kilometers. The sacred field further swallowed up more energy, and sacrificed the third talent to make the ancient city as large as possible and devour this high-dimensional force.
Soon after five seconds, Su Li immediately retreated again.
Falling back into the sacred tower, his mouth gasped and his forehead was full of excitement despite cold sweat.
Just after the changes in the sacred realm and the further strengthening of the ancient city, Su Li felt that she could enter the state of true god and extended it. Now she should be able to support it for about six seconds.
This time, the harvest is even greater than the second harvest. The sacred field is full of massive and higher-dimensional power, and the ancient city is also full of unimaginable energy.
With this enough energy, Su Li decided to make a good sacrifice of this ancient city, from Fangxing Universe to Fanggu City, including all the buildings inside, to refine it.
This time, Su Li practiced and integrated for five hours, and his sacred field reached an amazing kilometer.
There is a sacred power in the sacred realm, and it is more and more horrible. As he breathes and breathes, this sacred power turns into a huge illusion, which is looming than the illusion of the sacred dragon.
Su Li sacrificed the immortal furnace, the immortal bone sword and the immortal dragon into this looming sacred dragon, and constantly sacrificed it. He wanted to sacrifice the immortal furnace, the immortal bone sword and the dragon into a super-dimensional weapon beyond the current dimension.
If his ideal ultra-dimensional weapon is really refined, Su Li has a feeling that the ultimate god, let alone the Dafa God, can be pressed to death at will, fearing that even the Taoist priest can kill it with one blow.
In those four seconds, he swallowed energy in the ancient city and even went beyond the field. The ancient city is now more and more magnificent, and all the buildings in it are completely revealed.
The ancient sacred weather became more and more intense, and the change of the altar was the most obvious. Even if he didn’t summon this altar, the black figure would take the initiative to dance. This altar can now automatically sacrifice the consumed energy as a sacrifice.
This is not a good phenomenon for Su Li, but now he can stop it. Of course, now he is no longer afraid and will not deliberately stop it.
The altar’s desire to revive has gradually come to an end, especially after Su Li obtained the Transcendental Person.
When the owner of this altar is resurrected, he will have a battle.
The owner of this altar may be a fallen statue in the past, and now Suli has the confidence to challenge the statue.
Half a day later, his strength changed dramatically again, and he stepped into the ultra-dimensional state again and entered the giant door for the third time.
This time, Su Li’s ultra-dimensional state lasted for seven seconds.
The growth of body energy enables him to maintain the state of super dimension for a longer time. This time, three crystal nuclei of his vigor also change and actively absorb the energy of this super dimension.
The three crystals of his spirit were originally the ultimate sanctification level, and these days, he has been drawing on the power of faith. Now, when he regains this dimension, his energy has faint signs of becoming immortal and sacred.
Suri crossed his legs and sat in his sacred field, only two kilometers away from reaching the breakthrough standard.
This time, Su Li’s cross-legged practice took more than ten hours to completely integrate and digest all the energy gained from the higher dimensional world. His sacred field has grown to 1 km, which has reached the limit of senior gods and reached the standard of being promoted to the top gods again.
However, Su Li failed to break through the promotion to a higher level.
His Shinto is not perfect enough to reach the top level of God.
The first two promotion conditions, 30,000 spiritual sources and 1 km range, all meet the requirements, but the remaining is not perfect Shinto.
Perfection of Shinto depends on understanding, and Su Li needs to realize that Bai Cang-cheng, the king of the Dharma God, has a feeling for the top gods, the peak gods and even the ultimate Shinto. Bai Cang-cheng, after all, is his Shinto. Su Li does not need to understand, but also needs to make his Shinto break through to a corresponding level.
The ancient city overhead is floating and sinking in the rolling energy. Except for the altar and the mysterious stone house outside the detached ancient city, all its buildings are under the control of Su Li.
Those buildings can be born with the mind, and they sway at will, which means that the ancient and sacred atmosphere are intertwined, and the tower with the ancient banners has a tragic atmosphere.

Chapter two hundred and forty-two Thousands of words converge into one sentence. Thank you.

When Maito Gai was separated from Harle, the whole person became soft. For Maito Gai, a person who had no ninja talent and became patient by training, his will was very firm. So Wu Tian did not make a knife cut, but created a kindergarten scene
For three days, Maito Gai was harassed by bear children all the time, which was not enough. After all, Maito Gai was determined to hold back, but these bear children kept pulling Maito Gai besides being noisy, while Maito Gai didn’t resist because he didn’t want to hurt these children. Finally, when he was free, he was soft to the ground.
Look at the people around some fear eyes, Wu day koo shrugged his shoulders and then looked at a face of vacant Gang Shou.
Gang Shou silently woke up behind him and then said, "Well, in that case, there is no need to continue the test. Wu Tian, you will endure it from today."
Gang Shou finished and left, while others dispersed. Finally, there were four people left because Wu Tian defeated Maito Gai, and there was no chance to teach Wu Tian Sarutobi Asuma to stay in Sasuke Uchiha after seeing Wu Tian sharingan. The remaining two were left because of Sasuke Uchiha, two anthomaniac Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino.
Later, Wu Tian returned to his hut, and ten artificial people had been thrown to Gang Shou. Before that, he gave some money to these artificial people. If he didn’t do this, he would be a goof. After all, others had a discussion about how members of the ninja secret organization had no money, so how to carry it out and how to lurk. Then people suspected and pondered, and then the Wu Tian plan was finished
By the way, I haven’t said anything about the Wu day plan yet. The Wu day plan is simply a game. Today, in addition to Wu Tianwai, he made ten people and became a Konoha ninja. After Wu Day, he will keep cultivating all kinds of blood artificial people and then insert them into Konoha.
At first, because Wu Tian planted artificial people, although their strength was strong, they were also of average level and the number was small. When there were more people behind them, even Konoha resisted, there was nothing to do. At most, it was just a big fight.
However, Wu Tian didn’t intend to use violence to levy konoha. Wu Tian wanted to use violence to directly train a large number of ninjas and start working directly, but there was a voice in his mind telling him that he couldn’t do this. If he didn’t do this, he would get a surprise if he could finally levy Naruto.
Then Wu Tian planned to plant artificial people to make all kinds of contributions. When one day Wu Tian didn’t need to do anything, he could easily get Konoha, the actual rule of the whole Naruto world, which gave Wu Tian a feeling of playing strategy and forming a game.
After returning to the Battleship Department, I went to the culture tank for a turn on Wu Day. Natalya has already started the final experiment. Natalya has always believed that there are very few eye-catching forces in sharingan. When this very few people accumulate to a certain extent, they will be able to turn around.
Natalya was watching the changes of a pair of eyes in a culture tank. Wu Tian went to Natalya’s side and took a look at a pair of ordinary jade hooks in the culture tank. After sharingan asked Natalya, "Did Natalya come to any conclusion?"
Natalia frowned suddenly, and then she complained, "Would you please come from the front? In this case, I just got some clues but forgot them because of you."
Wu Tian rolled his eyes without any moral integrity. Don’t say "Natalia, I’m sorry, I was wrong. Can you tell me what you found?"
Natalya rolled her eyes. "Dominating you is as shameless as ever."
Wu Tian smiled. "Thank you for your compliment. Now tell me what you found. I don’t believe you didn’t find anything."
Natalia primly said, "I did find something. Because these findings dominate your eyes, it is estimated that your eyes will deteriorate."
Wu day listened to Natalya and said that there was no response at the moment. After a few seconds, Wu day asked some mywood "what do you mean?"
Natalya looked at Wu Tian’s stupidity, and some Nai later explained, "I found the circle eye part in sharingan, and when sharingan becomes strong, it will exclude this part and dominate your eternal kaleidoscope. The circle eye strength in sharingan is close to that in sharingan’s eyes, and there is no circle eye strength at all. If you want to turn your eternal kaleidoscope sharingan into a circle eye, you need to turn sharingan into the lowest level. That’s it."
"Well, I understand what to do." Wu Tian nodded and said that he did understand the last sentence, or sharingan became the lowest hook.
"The faith exchange system will strip the power of sharingan, and I will give you an upgrade when I find a way."
"Oh!" Wu Tian Oh, after a while, he stripped off the kaleidoscope sharingan ability, but immediately he reacted and stared at Natalya. "What do you mean, when you find a way, don’t you have a way to turn my eyes into eyes?"
"No, I just found it, and I’m looking for how to make a circle eye. I think I’ve figured it out just now if it weren’t for dominating you," Natalya said in a coquetry voice.
Wu day coldly looking at Natalie yana Thalia pursed mouth a face of injustice, then Wu day turned and walked this pot, I back no longer carry the bag, Wu day left despondently.
Of course, the glass kaleidoscope sharingan has not been done for the time being. After all, Wu Tianxian is at the peak of forbearance. Only when chakra has a kaleidoscope and sharingan can the shadow ninja fight, otherwise it can fight against the average ninja.
Or you can hit the belief point and buy disposable props to face the orochimaru thunderstorm bomb before the battle. If it is not because of the four purple inflammation array, orochimaru will be trapped and abused, and orochimaru will not be afraid to slip away directly.
But in the end, he still needs sharingan. After all, Naruto, a ninja in this world, has no blood and bijuu is almost a waste. Look at Kakashi, no matter how talented he is without sharingan, he is just a forbearance.
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Handle looters
"Senior, please accept me!" People scattered about after Sasuke Uchiha knelt in front of wu day.
"I have nothing to teach you," Wu said and left. For Sasuke, this guy, Wu Naizhen, doesn’t know what to do. Now Sasuke’s life has obviously gone wrong, but the No.2 hero must be able to teach himself to be a genius even without adventure.
After returning to the battleship, Wu Tian went directly to his room for dinner and ate hastily. On that night, Wu Tian did not meditate with a younger sister rolled sheets, but sat cross-legged all night alone. Wu Tian tried to communicate with the clouds, but when the night passed, Wu Tianlian made no progress at all.
Maybe the fog will be manipulated after the hokage world is marked according to the sound in your mind.
What shall we do next? Open a hot pot restaurant. Wu Tian set a goal after turning over the bed. This year, hot pot restaurants can be fired and won’t lose money.
After the decision, Wu day began to prepare for the belief exchange system to directly exchange the magnetic furnace and the magnetic furnace pot. Anyway, the Naruto world has left the warship on Wu day.
Wu Tianyi Lela bought a house face to face. The house is not big enough, but it is more than 60 square meters. Wu Tian’s direct earth-dun-ninjutsu sank the house, saying that this ability of the earth is still quite good
Later, I exchanged a house for myself, and moved to a small building in the style of ancient Chinese architecture, with a floor of 6 square floors and 64 square floors.
Barely enough, and then a group of female artificial people were brought in as officers. The average strength was especially forbearance, that is, endurance was achieved in one aspect of body art illusion, but his ability was still moderate. This is called special endurance.
In this way, Naruto, the most luxurious hotpot restaurant in the world, opened. On average, one person can eat ten bowls of food and enjoy Lamian Noodles, and it is still luxurious and the price is luxurious.
The staff are especially tolerant of a few people, or they are tolerant of arranging luxury. What’s left is food, such as dragon meat and phoenix meat. Everything is real, that is, snakes and chickens are mutated after being processed by faith exchange system.
However, there are no eggs in luxury, and no one comes except Naruto Uzumaki, who is eating rice. I don’t know anything about hot pot!
Why don’t you go soliciting? Ok, let’s do it. Wu Tian made up his mind and went to Huo Ying’s office. He was going to take over the official business. After all, the official is not short of money, that is, making money.
Then Wu’s face was dark, and the office in front of Huo Ying’s office actually locked the door. Is there any law? But this is not important. What matters is where Wu Tian should go to pull people.
Then Wu day left the hokage office and began to hang out in Konoha Village.
"Lord Wu, can you give me an autograph?" When Wu day walked not far from the office of Huo Ying, a beautiful woman in her twenties respectfully said to Wu day and handed a small one at the same time.
Wu Tian was quite happy after he took it. Since Sarutobi Hiruzen died, the villagers will recognize themselves as Sarutobi Asuma, who is the culprit in killing Sarutobi Hiruzen.
Wu day immediately felt an impact after opening. At this moment, Wu day’s eyes began to spin wildly. Two lines of blood and tears flowed down his cheeks. Nagi Wu was just a few seconds, and Wu day’s eyes were already blurred.
Wu day turned to look at the place where the girl was just now. There was no girl thing in situ, but the explosion operator was not so powerful that it could turn people into ashes. It was said that the girl just attacked Wu Tianren.
Wu day again carefully recalled that he didn’t remember the girl’s face. This situation is very strange!
Two people appeared in the blink of an eye near Wu day, wearing animal masks. There is no doubt that the dark part is dressed up. One of the two dark parts said, "Lord Wu just happened, and Lord Huo Ying knows that Lord Huo Ying is now. Please go there."
Wu day in front of it, but his body is still a little staggered. He should say, "Let’s go! Take me to my present situation, as you can see. "
Wu day glanced at the two dark places. They had problems. Wu day had seen this dark place. Their body momentum was wrong. Compared with the general dark place, one of the two dark places was darker. Speaking of it, there was a root that met this characteristic, but the root Wu day had also seen the root. The feeling of personal darkness was much worse than this person.
In another end, there is no ability at all. These two people may be in the same group as the former woman, and Wu Tian did not reveal it. Anyway, there are warships that can’t walk at any time, and there are faith exchange systems and recently accumulated beliefs that can save lives. It is better to go out and fight them head-on
Then two guys dressed up in the dark don’t talk anymore. They walked with Wu Day. As the two guys got faster and faster, Wu Day was taken out of Konoha Village by two people.
Not far from konoha, in a cave, two fake dark places released Wu Day, and two people surrounded Wu Day with a left and a right.
"Now it’s a showdown with you. Hand over the master handle or we can take it ourselves, but it’s not clear if you can live in that case," said Wu Tian, who was threatened by the dark part with dark breath.
"Oh, I’m so afraid of feeling! Come and give me a try, "Wu day quipped when it comes to how beautiful it is to imagine two masks.
"He’s so calm, he should have something to save your life. You should try it." The guy who doesn’t have a mysterious breath said.
"Yes" guy with dark breath should then think about Wu day and then be blocked by Wu day limit Xuanwu shield. What is the limit Xuanwu shield? Come on, turtle shell is limited to Xuanwu shield. How can Wu Tian take such a name as turtle shell?
The dark man’s legs sank and stood still. On how Wu Xuanwu Shield attacked him, he did not move.
"Let me wait for you. Don’t forget that the person who killed you is called crazy war (friend 500 meters giant bit player)."
Chapter 244 Start over

In this way, the first enemy to face is Su Yonglin and the rebels in Hebei under his command.

Zhao Shan doesn’t seem to have much fame and ability, but Su Yonglin is not simple. It is not easy to smash Yan Hong’s neighbor and his 20,000 cavalry.
Yan Hong’s neighbors are able to unify their troops, have meritorious military service and have excellent knowledge. Yan Hong Liang seems to be the leader of the new generation of young generals in Xu Guo, and such a leader was defeated with a powerful cavalry unit and a thousand heavy riders.
Now think about Wen Dunsi’s loyalty to Yue Fei. This traitor is not a joke. Maybe that’s how he really looks at Su Yonglin, and he really thinks that Su Yonglin is as threatening to Jin Ting as Yue Fei.
Yue Fei is a tough guy. Yan Hongliang knows very well.
Some secret sources have said that when Yue Fei’s Northern Expedition arrived in Fengfeng, the generals of 8 Jin Army were all ready to surrender and did not intend to resist.
A marshal-level figure with a high seniority who was crying also lost his confidence in resisting. Facing the surging army, he dared not stop his soft words and said that it was not too late to surrender when Yue Fei called.
It can be seen that Yue Fei had beaten them at that time and was not prepared to surrender. This is enough to see how powerful Yue Fei is.
Later, Yue Fei died in his own hands, and Jin Guo went to a heart attack. Only then did he finally reach a peace agreement with the Southern Song Dynasty and restore peace, and both sides were very satisfied.
After so many years, there will be no more people like Yue Fei. As a result, where did this Su Yonglin come from?
What’s so powerful?
He can’t figure it out.
Twenty thousand cavalry, forty thousand war horses, strategic level strength, combined with some signing troops, even the Southern Song Dynasty could become the main force all the way. As a result, World War I was defeated and suffered heavy losses.
When I came back alive, there were more than 3,400 cavalry and more than 6,000 war horses, and the war damage was extremely huge. Jin Ting was not well off financially and was severely torn by a large piece of blood.
Those officials in charge of economic accounts couldn’t wait to rush to Yan Hong’s neighbor’s family and wring their heads. The families of the soldiers who died were also in a state of turmoil, which almost caused great chaos, relying on the Beijing army to crush them.
What a loss!
Even Yan Hongliang himself is suffering from a pain in his heart.
Jinting’s military strength suffered a great blow. A strategic cavalry force was damaged, which made Wan Yanliang unable to come up with a reliable cavalry force to attack for a while.
Unless he sent his garrison out.
But then there will be no reliable garrison around him, which won’t work.
Now we can expect the Khitans and some female soldiers in Liaodong to come quickly and gather into a huge strategic force.
He will wipe out the rebels in Hebei and Shandong with such an army and then seal the forward base to attack south.
At this time, the Chinese army should also be prepared to enter the Southern Song Dynasty from the direction of Sichuan and violently attack Sichuan. Song Jun forces will try to attack the flank of the Southern Song Dynasty with Sichuan downstream.
In this way, the strategic detour was completed, and the Southern Song Dynasty was completely defeated to complete the unification of heaven and earth.
That’s simply wonderful
Yan Hongliang imagined such a future and suddenly felt in a good mood.
But returning to reality, he felt that even dealing with this Su Yonglin was not an easy thing.
This guy has a powerful and elite army, but he can confront the strongest part of the 8 Jin Army …
So Yan Hongliang feels that there is still some truth in what Wen Dunsi Zhong said, and he must not attack at will.
You have to wait until the mobilization is completed before you can crush Mount Tai. If there are not enough people, you will crush it. If you are defeated, it will be really dangerous.
Whether you can keep it is a huge problem 3.
Refueling tactics won’t work, nor will a small number of troops. We must wait until the mobilization is completed.
Wan Yanliang decided to temporarily take a defensive position against Su Yonglin in Hebei Province, not taking the initiative to attack, and not allowing frontline generals to attack at will.
So he made the female real soldiers of the mobilization department of Yizhou, Suizhou, Ansu, Xiongzhou, Bazhou and Qingzhou and signed troops of all ethnic groups to form an army to enter the wartime state.
The military resources and soldiers of the six States are under the unified dispatch of the Privy Council, which establishes a joint defense body to ensure that none of the six States will be broken through.
He wants to establish a line of defense in the six States around Zhongdu to protect Zhongdu Army and stop Guangfu Army North Road before the formal mobilization is completed.
However, it is absolutely forbidden for an army to take the initiative. No matter what the Guangfu Army has done, it is forbidden to take the initiative.
Moreover, the weapons should be kept in a formal attack order. Before the arrival, women real soldiers can have weapons, and the rest of the nationalities can’t have weapons and can do chores.
Tang Jieshi Lieliang and Tang Jiefu are in charge of this matter, but if they are negligent, Yan Hongliang will definitely blame them.
Therefore, Shi Lieliang and his servant scattered suddenly and worried about the mobilization order, but at the same time they had to worry about the six-state defense line.
The two simply divide their work, and Shi Lieliang is more familiar with administration and logistics, so they are responsible for the mobilization order.
I am more familiar with the former Hebei war, so I am responsible for the six-state defense line.
Jin Ting’s move did not escape Su Yonglin’s intelligence forces. The intelligence forces quickly informed Su Yonglin of the news that six northern States were mobilized, fortified and defended.
Chapter 264 Extremely adapted
Su Yonglin is not surprised that Yan Hongliang adopts defensive tactics.
If Yan Hongliang immediately sent troops to attack him again, he would feel strange instead.
Twenty thousand cavalry have been dried up, and Yan Hongliang is not an idiot no matter how grumpy he is. He will definitely not refuel, and the tactics will not be delivered one by one like a gourd doll to save grandpa. He will definitely join the army and call again.
The mobilization order will take quite a long time, amounting to hundreds of thousands, which is definitely not easy to solve.
It takes at least half a year to mobilize the army to launch a national war with a scale of 100 thousand people.
In order to formally launch an attack, in addition to logistics materials preparation, there are also attack route planning and materials delivery before.
The so-called three armed forces have not moved grain and grass first, and the grain and grass will be dispatched before the main force of the army is dispatched. As the army’s forward route continues to extend, it is required to pass through the grain stores designated by the state governments along the way, which can slightly reduce some logistics consumption.
One hundred thousand soldiers need more civilian workers and mules and horses to help transport grain, otherwise they will not be able to meet the needs of the army.
It will take another month or two to prepare diligently, otherwise once the logistics of the army goes wrong, the army will be at risk of collapse, let alone fighting and marching into the road.
Now it is not easy for Xu Jin Guo to mobilize him once. Once this mobilization fails, he will not want the whole Central Plains, but he can go back to his hometown in Liaodong directly.
Su Yonglin can clap breast to say this.
No matter how fast Yan Hongliang wants to launch a strategic attack, it will be this autumn and winter.
It is better to wait until the weather is colder and the main rivers in the north are frozen, so it is more convenient for the strategic attack of 8 Jin Army.
Of course, Wan Yanliang didn’t take the initiative to attack, which is why Su Yonglin wanted to see his fighting capacity restored by relying mainly on winning the victory, which was seriously damaged in the short term.
Even though a large number of wounded soldiers have returned from injury for more than a month, the combat effectiveness of the Victory Army has been restored to a good opportunity, but as far as Su Yonglin is concerned, the combat effectiveness of the Victory Army has been restored before the war.
If you come for another month or two, the fighting capacity of the victorious army will definitely exceed that before the war.
With the increase in the number of troops, the army has become more professional and more fighting will and self-confident.
The defeat of 8 Jin Army cavalry in World War I directly cleared the soldiers of Victory Army of their fears about 8 Jin Army cavalry, especially armored heavy riding. The victory of World War I completely made them no longer afraid of cavalry and heavy riding.
Su Yong and Xin Qiji, two fighting heroes who defeated the heavy riding and turned the tide, led the troops and were widely respected in the Guangfu Army.
Therefore, Su Yonglin established the system of war honours and the title of three-level combat hero after the war.
Each level has a definite award standard, which stipulates that those who have won the title of combat hero will be given priority to the opportunity to be selected, and their families will also receive more generous treatment from their families.
Su Yong, the soldiers who resisted the fierce impact of Tiefu and the Red Axe Battalion led by Xin Qiji were the first soldiers to be commended.
They stopped the Jin army from attacking the Tiefu, and their fighting spirit was not afraid of sacrifice, which turned the situation around and inspired the army’s fighting will.
All these soldiers who fought against the iron pagoda head-on, or died or lived were awarded first, second or third class fighting heroes respectively, and their families will also be properly taken care of.
If the uprising is to last for a day, we will never forget these war heroes and their families.
After the war, Su Yonglin also repaired the Monument to Heroes and the Hall of Martyrs outside the county seat.
He led the soldiers to send the memorial tablets of the dead soldiers to the Martyrs’ Hall to show their respect and eternal commemoration.
Their fighting and heroic fear made the Victory Army clear away their fear of the Jin Army, and they would never feel fear again. They would hate those Jin Soldiers and never want to take revenge on their comrades-in-arms when they defeated them.
Xin Qiji got Su Yonglin’s permission to expand the Red Axe Camp from 300 to 1,000 people, and he kept training and waited for a larger strategic decisive battle.
Xin Qiji is full of blood now. Every day, he fights hard with the soldiers to exercise his muscles, thinking that he will fight to the death with more real armor.
His body is getting stronger and stronger, and he eats more and more meat. His whole body is as strong as a sculpture, and his abdominal muscles have already taken shape.
And the whole Red Axe Camp is as fierce and muscular as him. Every day, in addition to military technical training, Su Yonglin specially approved a large number of horse meat and chicken to supplement them. protein is looking forward to their victory again.
Su Yong was injured by the command of the Huben Battalion, but he hasn’t returned to the team. The deputy commanders Ding Siyuan and Geng Xingwen respectively commanded the expansion and training.
After the original war, there were less than 2,000 people left, and the samurai camp quickly recovered to the establishment of 5,000 people. Although the number of people has increased and the number of horses has increased, the combat effectiveness may not be enhanced, and the training is still very heavy.

There aren’t many relatives since I got married, except my parents, and several cousins of Lin Jin have come to my grandparents, uncles and uncles. Those people have not recognized Lin Jin until now.

Even so, there are still many people coming to the scene.
Lin Jin, the third floor of the newly opened store in summer, and a group of relatives and friends on the stage in summer witnessed and wished that the master of ceremonies presided over the most important ceremony in their lives.
Get married …
Lin Jin always thought that getting married was a common thing and should be no different from getting engaged, but when she became the heroine of the wedding, when she wore a gorgeous wedding dress, she was still excited in a romantic atmosphere.
After yourself, no matter in name or anything, it will be a summer man.
Sure …
She smiled slightly and endured the joy in summer and said in her ear, "You are mine!" "
"Okay, okay, I’m your man."
In the summer, Nai touched Lin Jin’s head in a wedding dress and walked over and said, "But you are also mine."
The wedding was not simple, except for the ordinary engagement of friends and relatives in summer, which attracted many fans.
Nowadays, the fan base has become more and more huge. This time, hundreds of people simply signed up for the event. In the last summer, they chose those fans who have grown up and have independent finances to come to their wedding scene.
And the wedding live broadcast was synchronized live.
"Congratulations to Lin Jin in summer!"
"It’s so touching to watch them all the way from being a couple to getting married!"
"All shall be well, jack shall have Jill!"
The live gift brush flew up and the barrage almost covered the whole screen, which made people unable to see the picture clearly.
Lin Jin smiled and glanced at the barrage and followed the summer walk to propose a toast to those relatives and friends.
There are many more people coming to this wedding than this engagement. Even if Lin Jin had a drink at each table, she felt a little tipsy and dizzy.
In the summer, I saw that Lin Jin was a bad drinker and quickly helped Lin Jin to the table and then ran alone to continue the toast.
Lin Jin’s table is for both parents, brothers and sisters, so there are fewer people at this table, and there are a lot more dishes on the table than at his table.
Mom is a little distressed that Lin Jin is drunk and gently holds her back for fear that Lin Jin will fall to the ground.
"Have some soup?"
Mom asked Lin Jin.
"I’m so happy today ~"
Lin Jin looked up and smiled at his mother. "I want to propose a toast with summer when I get married today …"
"You are drunk."
Mother took a small bowl and put some table flower clam soup in front of Lin Jin. She continued in a low voice, "There are other things to do, such as sober up first."
"Is there anything else?"
"It’s a wedding room." Mom nai shaved Lin Jin’s nose. "Don’t worry, I said hello. They won’t go too far."
"Wedding room ….."
The house where Lin Jin used to live has been bought in the summer. He said that it is impossible to rent a wedding room.
As a result, he just opened a new store and bought a house. Now he is once again poor, and most of the house money is still bought by loan.
Lin Jin suddenly remembered his home.
She suddenly turned to her mother and said, "Buy that home in our county again?"
Mom can’t understand.
"That house was bought by my father and sold by him … for him, it may be nothing, but for me, I have lived at home for many years."
Mother looked at Lin Jin’s face and rubbed her head after a long silence.
Although Lin Jin didn’t say much about living alone with her father in the past, my mother also knew that Lin Jin must have had a hard time at that time
"All right, then."
Chapter 592 57 Drunk Lin Jin
The wedding is over.
After a busy day and drinking a lot, Lin Jin is sleepy and lying in bed.
In the summer, my parents and I began to be busy cleaning up. Just now, a group of people ran home to make a mess in the wedding room, but fortunately, Lin Jin paid more attention to the bedroom, and not many people came in to make noise, so at this time Lin Jin could lie in bed in a daze.
Although sleepy, it may be because of too much wine, but her head is unusually clear, and she always feels as if she can lie in bed and play with her mobile phone all night.
She turned over and looked at the open bedroom door, which was mopping the floor at this time in summer, and her parents were each cold-faced to help clean the house. In summer, one of them wiped the furniture and the other cleaned Lin Jin’s wedding dress outside the door.
Wedding dresses and dresses are bought directly in summer instead of renting them as most of his couples do.
Summer thinks this wedding dress is very memorable, so I plan to put it at home and take it out from time to time to have a look, even if I may never wear these two sets again.
"I’ll do it"
In summer, my father wiped the furniture and took over the mop in summer’s hand and gestured at him.
In summer, I walked into the kitchen without hesitation and poured a cup of hot water before I came to the bedroom and closed the door behind me.
Lin Jin, who was slightly drunk, had already slept, only to find that Lin Jin was looking at him with a pair of big eyes.
"So don’t sleep?"
Summer smiles gently.
Lin Jin yawned and put her head on her summer thigh. She opened her bright eyes and asked Xia, "Is the sanitation finished?"
"Almost the parents can handle it." Summer walked over and rubbed Lin Jin’s head, put the cup of warm water on the bedside table and asked her, "Would you like some water? Jiejiu "
Maybe it’s because drinking beer this time is relatively high-grade. Some Lin Jin didn’t feel headache even after drinking a lot. When drinking a few times before, because it was inferior beer, drinking four or five bottles of beer every time would make Lin Jin’s head ache more than cause him to fall asleep.
"When do you go to bed?" Lin Jin found a comfortable place to sleep in the summer, and she snorted, "I’ll sleep when you sleep ~"
To tell the truth, it’s rare to see Lin Jin talking in such a coquetry tone in summer, and with that confused face, there’s an impulse to smack her.
Um …
"I won’t sleep until my parents are gone, or you can play video games for a while?"
Lin Jin yawned again and turned over, rolling his head from his knees in summer, and then lying on the bed will put the bedside game machine in his hand.
"It seems that there are no more games to play. I know everything."
"Beat those bosses …"
Although Lin Jin has a good command of the game, it seems that he doesn’t care too much about the racing game. Plus, there are too many bosses in this game line. It’s normal to touch one or two games in one game. If Lin Jin doesn’t get the first place, she will hardly get any sense of accomplishment.

He finally rushed to the top of the monthly list on the first floor and was satisfied with getting some sacred fragments into the second floor.

Relying on the fusion of sacred fragments, he has a deeper understanding of his own field and received enough spiritual sources. He is confident that in a year or two, he should be able to break through the semi-sacred threshold again and become a fifteen-level destroyer.
At the moment, he heard that Su Li won the first news of the first floor of the sacred tower and felt his head buzzing.
Su Li? He naturally knows who it is. Isn’t it one of the five new people who just entered the first floor last month? I didn’t see his information at that time, so I took one more look at him and asked his name.
Now how to break the dark protoss Chineydy created before the ancient records became the first in the total list?
Chapter 771 Face war
When Duan Luochen knew the news, the whole people were mixed up in the crowd, quietly listening to the first sacred order of those people.
More than 3,000 old Terran saboteurs gathered together, as did the dark protoss, dark dragon, dark ghost and other saboteurs.
The first powerful vandals have reached the limit of fifteen in this level of cultivation, and they have also received sacred orders from the tribe to find an old Terran named Suli here.
The number of people on the second floor of the sacred tower of the dark protoss, the dark dragon and the dark ghost is close to 30,000.
The order was sent out, and soon the 30 thousand border breakers swept away in all directions like a black tide. They wanted to find the old Terran Suri at all costs even if they dug three feet in the second world.
Su Li made some changes in her mind after talking to Yuntang.
Their first floor rushed to the top of the total list, which caused the sacred attention of the dark tribes. It is very likely that the second floor of the destroyer will be ordered to find out their own test details. Once they prove that they are strong, they will not hesitate to think of various ways to open a sacred tower and enter the sacred tower by various means to kill themselves.
Although Yuntang said that they would try various ways to protect themselves, Suligen did not dare to give his life and death to the sacred family for protection.
He is not at ease.
On that day, Yuntang and old gods came out of the forgotten war. As a result, they were killed by different gods if they hadn’t arranged the cause before.
From this detail, he felt that the sacredness of the old Terran was a bit unreliable.
"Yuntang likes to pay attention to ostentation and extravagance, although she is a saint, but the means of doing things feel a little straight … It’s a good woman to contact her these times to see people. I don’t see any salt in the earth to make friends with such people … but I can’t count on her wily enemies to fight …"
Su Li shook his head slightly while thinking, but it involved his own life and he had to be careful
"This dark clan is sacred and untouched, but nine times out of ten, it’s also treacherous and cunning. If people want to win, they have to be more treacherous and cunning than them … Yuntang is not cunning enough, even not …"
"In this old gods heard that I don’t know how many years I have lived … I can die at any time. This situation is hard to protect myself, even if it is not crazy, I can’t count on him too much …"
The more Suri thought about it, the more dangerous he felt.
If you really want to be like Yun Tang, you need to think about it as if it were an impact on the general list, and the dark families are sacred to deal with them, and you are afraid that you will not know how to die when you die.
"Since Yuntang said that there are many ways to make the sacred enter this sacred tower, the greater the cost, the more powerful it is possible to play here, so … we must prepare for the worst."
Su Li has come into contact with Yuntang and seen her strength. Even if she breaks through the great boundary, she still has a great gap from the real saint, let alone the real god.
"Yuntanggen doesn’t know that I once killed hundreds of dark protoss in one breath on the first floor, and the other party will soon know the truth. It makes no sense for me to keep a low profile now. If there is no accident, a sacred tower will be opened, and the dark tribes will move, and it is very likely that they will enter this sacred tower to kill me …"
Su Li is more and more uneasy. Although he has four immortal bones, even if God kills himself, it takes four times, but he can’t pin his hope on this face. He is really afraid that even having forty immortal bones is not enough to die.
He has strengthened his brain for ten times, constantly calculating the white light emitted by the sun, the moon and the gods behind him, and soon he will be hundreds of kilometers away.
There are a lot of people in the distance, and the center of the crowd is the giant circle with a diameter of 100 meters.
Su Li returned here again.
But this time he restrained his breath and covered himself up in a mass of virtual reality.
As soon as the figure was swept away, he blended in with the crowd, and in an instant, when the scene in front of the array changed, he appeared again in the first giant. There were ten motionless sacred puppets, and a message appeared in his mind to show whether he was challenging.
He didn’t choose to challenge and ignore this message, but just sat cross-legged
Just before Su Li suddenly thought of this sacred tower, the second floor was nowhere to be found here.
If those dark people want to find themselves, let them look for them slowly on the second floor. What they need to do now is to seize the opportunity to break the boundary.
The world on the second floor of this sacred tower is very vast. Looking for an old Terran with a famous name is no less than looking for a needle in a haystack. The 30,000 strong people who broke the border went crazy and looked for Su Li everywhere. Soon, five or six days passed and these people got nothing.
These days, they have found many old terrans, but no one admits to being Soviet and Lebanese. On the contrary, there have been several fierce conflicts between the two sides, each with casualties.
Seeing that there is no result, the strong of these dark tribes have reached a consensus. Since no one knows who is Su Li among so many old Terrans, the simplest way is to slaughter all the more than 3,000 old Terrans who have broken the territory on the second floor.
The dark forces Terran is always at odds at all levels of the sacred tower, and there are often star conflicts. Both sides have restrained themselves, and the conflicts have controlled a small area. After all, once a large-scale conflict has evolved, no one will get much benefit, which will make its race cheaper.
This time, an unprecedented large-scale conflict broke out in Suli.
Even on that day, all the major races joined forces to strangle Chineydy, which also happened. The top leaders of all ethnic groups did not involve these border breakers.
Because of Chineydy’s entry into the sacred tower, the dark clans were already quite famous and seized the first floor of the sacred tower. At the first time, all clans didn’t doubt his disadvantages. They didn’t need to use these boundary breakers to test him, but directly tried to make moves and then evolved into a sacred fierce struggle among all clans.
Even if the dark clans gave orders to the clan destroyer, they didn’t expect that it would eventually turn into a large-scale melee among the dark clans.
With the decision that the three dark races will unite together, the number of border breakers is close to 30,000, and the first few hundred have crossed the semi-sacred threshold, and the fifteen border breakers have led the crazy slaughter of the old Terran.
On their way, they will meet the old Terran and do it immediately without asking why.
A bloody massacre finally kicked off.
There are more than 3,000 old terrans on the second floor of the entire sacred tower. If you resist this super 30,000 dark three-clan alliance?
Soon hundreds of old Terrans were slaughtered, and the scene was very tragic.
The news quickly heard that the old Terran was United by the dark tribes to slaughter the sacred tower. On the second floor, about 10,000 strong primitive Terrans organized themselves to help the slaughtered old Terran and took part in the battle to kill the dark tribes.
Then there are five or six thousand magic Terrans, more than two thousand winged Terrans, more than one thousand orcs and amphibious Terrans …
More and more races are involved, and more and more people are involved. Even if they are unwilling to intervene in the war to help each other, the old Terran, the Dragon Terran, the Forgotten Terran and the Undead Terran are caught by the strong of the dark tribes for the same reason, and they immediately rush to slaughter and be forced to endure, and they are finally involved.
This is an unprecedented ethnic chaos.

The medical staff murmured, "400 billion tons … isn’t that big?"

"No, not at all," Xiaoyun said. "The mass of 400 billion tons is only one-third of the mass of Pluto … There is an asteroid with a diameter of more than ten kilometers. What impact will such an asteroid have on the sun? -it is not as much as the energy released by a large solar flare. "
"So that’s it." The famous doctor nodded his head and was relieved.
As time goes by, an hour flies by. Due to the interference of sunlight, the detection satellite has captured the real picture of the robot army. The workers have optimized the picture several times and finally managed to see some small black spots.
At this moment, those little black spots merged into the sun one by one and finally disappeared.
Xiaoyun’s thoughts have also drifted to the sun with those little black spots. Although he can really see those scenes, Xiaoyun can imagine that kind of picture.
There is no clear dividing line between the sun and the universe, where the matter will gradually become thinner with the distance from the sun. This is a slow process, and so is the process of the robot falling into the sun. After being close to the sun for a certain distance, the robot will move forward quickly, and they will have severe friction with the outer atmosphere of the sun, and the degree of friction will increase with the proximity to the sun. At the same time, the degree of temperature magnetic interference will increase rapidly, and the robot will eventually die before falling into the sun, and their bodies will continue to move forward and eventually burn the thick solar atmosphere.
Their roots have no chance to go deep into the sun, because the sun’s atmosphere is too thick. In a vague sense, the thickness of the sun’s atmosphere can exceed 1 million kilometers. Even if the coronal layer is not calculated, the number will be 2,000 kilometers, which is still far more than the earth, not to mention the extreme environment there.
Xiaoyun knows the body structure of robots very well. Xiaoyun knows that with the properties of robot body materials, they can’t even wear the corona layer, but they can’t even reach chromosphere, let alone some places.
Exhausted robots will pull out bright fireworks in the sun’s atmosphere and die in splendor. Their impact will not affect the sun except for slightly changing the elemental composition of the sun’s atmosphere.
"They are scattered individuals, and they will all burn the sun’s atmosphere," Xiao Yun said to the doctor. "If they are clustered together … robots in the core area may still have a chance to touch the sun’s surface, which is different from asteroid impact because asteroids are a polymer and robots are not."
The impact lasted only a few minutes. After a few minutes, the monitoring satellite had already photographed the robot, so Xiaoyun knew that this robot army that had almost destroyed the human base … had gone to heaven.
However, the subsequent impact is not over. At most, the second impact from the Mars Robotics Corps will come in one day, at most, the impact from Jupiter Robotics Corps will come in ten days, and Neptune Robotics Corps will come in fifteen days. In these large-scale impact events, there will be small-scale wandering robotic corps hitting several times. After the large-scale impact event, the scattered robots from the outside sun will continue to hit.
The whole impact process may last for years.
It’s not just the sun that will be hit by the robot legion. After the deception plan is implemented, all the stars in the universe will be hit by the robot legion. They will choose the nearest star to hit, which means that the Nanmen Ertianyuan Sirius Luhrmann star … every star system will have an impact event.
Xiaoyun doesn’t know the specific impact of the afterstar, but Xiaoyun knows that … all stars will not be affected by these impacts, no matter how violent they are, the stars will continue to operate according to their own orbits and continue to radiate light and heat as before, as if the impact had never happened.
Robots are demons, but they are also ants. They are not even ants in front of the huge stars.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-three Death
Xiaoyun’s health is getting worse and worse. After the execution of the deception plan, Xiaoyun didn’t go to accept the doping plan again. Without the drug support, Xiaoyun’s spirit and physical strength were like being taken away, and the whole person collapsed.
The latest physical assessment form of the medical team: Xiao Yun can maintain his healthy spirit as before at most if he continues to receive drug injections, but Xiao Yun has at most five days to live. If he does not receive drug injections, Xiao Yun will be very weak, but he can live for several months to a year.
If the choice is obvious, things have dominated the deception plan and saved the whole mankind. No one wants Xiaoyun to die like this, even if he dies and can live for a few more months.
On the contrary, Xiaoyun doesn’t care about death. Xiaoyun has always looked at life and death very lightly. He hates it more than Xiaoyun. At this moment, he is so weak that he can even travel in a wheelchair. He always thinks about himself normally. Xiaoyun once thought about receiving another drug injection and then spending the last few days of his life in a sober way, but he wants to come to General Cherff and will not agree, so he can.
As time goes by, the great goal of rebuilding the homeland led by General Cherff guides more than one million disabled people to try their best to repair the earth’s ecological environment, and in a few months, they have received initial results. Less land is no longer bleak and yellow, but appears, which means that green fields are full of vitality, dead bones are buried and new life is reproduced.
The atmospheric structure is also slowly being adjusted. If it goes well, it will be restored to its original state in five years, and the marine biosphere is slowly being repaired. Everything is full of hope.
However, Xiaoyun’s life has reached the end of his life. Xiaoyun’s health is getting worse and worse. Now he can even ride in a wheelchair, but he can lie in a bed surrounded by various medical devices.
People are doing their best to delay Xiaoyun’s death, but this day is inevitable after all.
Early in the morning, General Cherff hurried to the ward, and some attending doctors dared not look into General Cherff’s eyes, but shook their heads sadly, and then stepped back. General Cherff’s eyes were a little desperate.
"Did Zhenfa save Xiaoyun?" General Cherff’s words trembled a little. "I can do whatever your medical team needs at all costs … can’t I really save it?"
"General, I’m sorry, we really tried our best," the doctor whispered. "Long-term drug injection has taken away all the vitality of Xiaoyun, and his organs are inevitably weakened. Even hibernation technology can prevent him from dying … we really have no way."
General Cherf’s look darkened.
"If you want to see him … go and see him. He doesn’t have much time," said the doctor.
General Cherff waved his hand and said to the people around him, "You guard the door and I’ll go and see him."
There was no sound in the neat ward except that the medical machine occasionally dripped. General Cherff came to the hospital bed and looked at Xiaoyun, who was trapped in the bed and was dry and thin for a long time.
"Xiaoyun, I’ve come to see you," General Cherff said.
Xiaoyun didn’t respond is eyelid beating slightly.

Take the most basic’ Jing Dian’ as an example. It is all the top achievement methods in day order, and it also includes many magic achievement methods, demon achievement methods, even ghost achievement methods and spirit achievement methods!

Malaria and blood shura are also welcome. I immediately found a method that is most suitable for me. I plan to try it as soon as I have it.
Besides, in the "Dan Dian", there are all kinds of prescriptions, Wang Dan medicine and Dan Fang, and there are many Xiao Fan’s root methods to check the prescription, which must be the Zundan medicine and Dan Fang!
Xiao Fan grabbed a’ nine dead metempsychosis Dan’ prescription and looked at it and was immediately attracted.
After the quilt, if you have experienced nine frequent death experiences and arrived at the last time, you will be thoroughly remoulded, and your qualifications will be improved several times.
"Gee, what a nine dead metempsychosis Dan. I’ve almost died nine times since now, haven’t I? How high will it be if I can take one of these pills the most? " Xiao Fan left his mouth and looked at the materials needed for refining this Dan medicine, then conveniently put the prescription back in the distance.
I’ve never heard of the joke noodle material myself. Maybe it’s unknown whether it can still be done now!
However, with these alchemists, it means that if you have the opportunity, you can try to refine a higher and better Dan medicine. It is a challenge and a pleasure for him as an alchemist!
Xiao Fan was overjoyed to be in the "Hall of Instruments".
The refiner is even more depressed than an alchemist in the immortal world today.
Many refining means and methods have been lost for a long time. Someone can refine the magic weapon. There is already a generation of refining masters.
In the present day, all the holy magic weapons and even the magic weapons of Wang are ancient. Today, no one can have the ability to refine these magic weapons from the roots of Yunhe mainland.
There are not only many refining methods, but also many ancient refining experts’ experience and experience, and there are also several magic weapon refining methods of various orders in the whole’ Hall of Devices’.
Xiao Fan hurriedly immersed in a little understanding, and then I got a boost.
It turns out that the principle of the refiner is similar to that of an alchemist. If you know it deeply, it is estimated that it will not be long before you will know a way of refining the refiner. After some repeated practice, it is not difficult to refine an ordinary magic weapon by your own practice!
I tried to think that if the backbone of Qingyang League had a few magic weapons, when people were overwhelming against the enemy, they would have to run away!
"By the way, now that you have a higher limit of malaria, can you let more people enter here to practice?" Xiao Fan hurriedly asked
"Hey, hey, it’s natural to bring in a horde, and now I can slow down the time to a thousand times, which means that the outside year is a thousand years, which can be compared with the time flow in the underworld!" Malaria pride ratio said
"But the resources and cultivation conditions here are hundreds of millions of times stronger than the Yin boundary. There is no need to worry about the support of the boundary stone mountain!" Xiao Fan eyebrows a pick excited to laugh.
"Ha ha, the conformal predecessors really gave me a gift! I can’t wait to see what’s in his sub-hall. With these things, I don’t need to pay attention to what the magic alliance teaches me! " Xiao Fan has already seen a picture in his heart. Here, he practiced the scene of the Qingyang League middleman holding the magic weapon and abusing the enemy.
"Xiao Fan, come and see this sub-hall. It’s a little interesting that there will be such a thing!" Go out before blood shura suddenly turned back and said to Xiao Fan with a full face of surprise …
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