"There are many opportunities such as source stones and source crystals in this world. It is not common for others to go out and collect them. If you don’t go, you will miss them."

"As the saying goes, if you want to do good, you must first sharpen your weapon. I have the most detailed map of all the shopping malls and jewelry stores in Star City so far. Do you want a copy?"
Said and handed a book.
"Ah …" Zhou Jia chuckled and squatted in front of the booth.
"Miss Qian is quite good at doing business, but since you have such things in your hand, don’t you go out and collect them yourself?"
"Kidding" Qian Xiaoyun shook his head.
"Isn’t it a death wish for a weak woman to go out with her children?"
If she looked around her eyes and pointed out something,
"There are many experts coming in this time. As far as I know, there are several in nine, and they also have many companions."
"Fighting alone like you and me is just prey in the eyes of others."
The danger in this place can come not only from zombies and monsters, but also from the source stone and crystal. If you have an organic conversation, you will definitely do it.
But …
"Can there be ten masters?"
If it’s nine, he’s not afraid
Although I don’t know if Qian Xiaoyun’s strength should be just nine words, it’s not too dangerous.
Qian Xiaoyun hung his head to sort out the booth
"But there are not many Ye Jia and Ji Jia, and there must be ten of them, but you don’t want to meet them, do you?"
"Say yes" Zhou Jia nodded and picked up the book.
"How much?"
"You and I have saved my life." Qian Xiaoyun looked up with sincerity.
"If you sell others twenty source stones, you can give ten."
"…" Zhou Jia Zhang mouth some language.
"I seem to hear that you just sold ten source stones to another person?"
"Really?" Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes are blank.
"You must have misheard me."
"… let it be" Zhou Jia sighed lightly and stretched out his hand to touch the source stone. It seems that this rescuer is not so good.
"Going …"
Just then, a group of people came from the exit and swarmed in, forcing the stalls on both sides to retreat again and again.
"People from Hei Di, West Side!"
"How did they come here?"
"I heard that I came to talk to the Star Emperor."
"What can we do with him? This guy is a control freak and a pervert, not much better than the mad king …"
Many whispers have crept into my ears.
"When the Red Crescent didn’t appear, Hei Di was a master of mind. Hypnosis secretly controlled several consortia in Star City." Qian Xiaoyun low mouth.
"When the end comes, he manipulates others to help him hunt walkers, and his strength is advancing by leaps and bounds, and this person has a strong desire for control."
"He actually wants to find someone to share the sample. Ji Jia is very tight."
Zhou Jia’s eyes contracted thoughtfully
After coming for a few days, all kinds of news flew all over the sky, which made him know a lot about the current situation in Star City.
With a military background, Baidishuang, the southern district of Jijia, reached a merger and planned to unify the four districts and gather all the ethnic groups.
Because no one in Ji’s family dares to plan to play the Star clan again.
The Ye family and others are all looking for source stones and crystals in the city, which is also something that vagrants often do.
of course
In secret, all kinds of fighting are indispensable.
There are often people who get lucky and find a pile of source stones in a warehouse, and then they are intercepted as soon as they start.
There are also two loafers fighting each other for a jewelry store.
And so on……
Is it dangerous?
"The mad king of the North District is dead!" A piece of news made Zhou Jia’s ear quiver consciousness stimulate the talent of listening to the wind to extend somewhere.
"What? How to die? " Someone exclaimed in a low voice
"The White Emperor made him mad, and the king naturally didn’t agree, and then the position of the North District base exposed the walking corpse."
"Three-headed white-eyed zombies with dozens of red-eyed zombies and don’t know how many ordinary walkers breached the north base and killed the mad king …"
The white-eyed zombie is the king of the walkers.
Zhou Jia has never seen it. It is said that they have a little spiritual strength. Even the four kings are not necessarily rivals.
It is said that there were more than four bases in Star City, and his base was shattered. More or less, there were some white-eyed zombies.
Whether it is the market world or the world.
The most powerful is never man, but monster.
"How did this happen?"
"Bai Di dares to break the rules. The location of the base in the four districts cannot be exposed. This is an agreement reached in that year, otherwise it will be punished together!"