What a natural hunter!
You can adapt so quickly in this environment.
After a few seconds, a huge head slowly emerged from the water.
A poor tiger is so entangled in its rattan that he can’t move.
But it’s not the only hunter. There is a leopard, two lions, another white tiger and a small bear beside it.
A group of animals exchanged glances with each other in a daze and fear, biting the vines of Daniel in vain, but they couldn’t even chew a little skin.
Daniel Cleisthenes cried that he finally found something more interesting than catching rabbits!
Why didn’t you find that there are such interesting animals in the world? Are they playing hide-and-seek with me?
You’ve caught so many. The owner must be very happy!
Master Cleisthenes can lick his face with all his heart!
Moreover, the watery environment also made it very excited. It stretched itself wantonly in the water and then stepped on a huge splash happily and ran to the shore.
"Team … captain …" Just now, the special police turned to look at it and suddenly exclaimed again.
"Said the animals here temporarily no matter we come back to deal with …"
"No … no! Captain … Something hunts tigers … "
"It’s almost time for everyone to prepare!" The captain drank a lot to make everyone concentrate.
At this moment, the small special police flashed all kinds of monster films in their minds.
What the hell was that?
What the hell has escaped from the wildlife park!
When they got off the boat, everyone lined up and had a very short conversation …
"Dear colleagues, according to speculation, except for a small number of fleeing beasts who fled to Jia Hu City, most of them fled to Niu Shan Town. Now, the lives and property of residents in Niu Shan Town are threatened by beasts. We must go all out to protect their lives and property. After this return, I will like it …"
"Team … captain …" The words did not fall just now, and the small special police called to get up again.
Captain, frown. Do you have any discipline?
Just as he tried to criticize, he heard a messy dog barking and yelling from behind.
"Left, left, alas, alas, alas, you stupid tiger can’t even walk in a straight line! Where to run! Master Zhuang, I told you, pulling a cart or a dog or a tiger can’t pull a cart! These stupid cats! "
The captain turned his head and saw four or five tigers tied with reins and struggling to pull Xiangqian Che to run. Several big dogs beside him drove them like sheepdogs.
When I saw dozens of policemen, tears flashed in the eyes of several tigers. Uncle policeman, you can help! Help!
Chapter 262 Jia old man is not happy
Several villagers in Chencun, Niu Shan Town took several special police officers to the door of a house and said to the police, "Here you are! It was scary just now! "
"Yes, just now this tiger suddenly broke in and was almost killed by a dog!"
"Fortunately, we quickly drove away those dogs before we rescued the tiger!"
"Yes, yes, I’m finished one step later. I’m still scared to jump …"
As soon as the swat police were on the verge of death, they listened and listened. How did they feel wrong? They carefully looked through the window probe and saw a young tiger sleeping inside. It was not much bigger than a cat. Several swat police officers were in distress. No wonder this little thing was almost killed by a dog!
Since the shore came to support the special police, they were divided into five teams to search for them respectively, and the third team searched for two hours, which was the first beast they caught.