"But these are all so-called even if you have a big thing, I can’t break the rules of the Flower Magic Palace!" The palace master continued, "If you want to enter the Flower Magic Palace as a guest and see it, you must follow the rules of the Flower Magic Palace!"

"oh? Flower magic palace rules? " Xiao Fan nodded and said, "Whatever you want!"
"Very good and refreshing, then … Xu Juan is going to prepare for a three-five-array!" Palace Lord light said
"What? Do you really want this smelly man to break into three or five arrays in the palace main hall? " Xu Juan was surprised.
"Don’t worry about him, just tell him. If you want to talk to me about something, you must have the corresponding strength, otherwise you will talk about everything!" The main tone of the palace gradually dissipated.
"What is the three-five array?" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said
"Hum know smelly man, wait a minute, you will know what hell is like! That’s three difficulties and five powerful arrays! " Xu Juan said contemptuously
"oh? Then come and let me try! " Xiao Fan laughed and immediately went to Xu Juan’s face. There was a hint of coldness in her eyes. "And … I have already seen the real hell and I like it very much!"
Xu Juan was scared and sat down. Just in Xiao Fan’s eyes, she instantly felt the horror from the bottom of her heart!
What the hell is this man …
That’s weird!
Xu Juan swallowed hard.
Of all the people she has met, there has never been such a strange guy.
It seems that … He is not a human being.
Because at that moment, she didn’t know if she was delusional.
Xiao Fan eyes she saw not things but … Stars!
You can see evil in people’s eyes, anger, lewdness and all kinds of things, such as fire and cold.
But I’ve never heard of stars in anyone’s eyes!
Maybe even Xiao Fan himself didn’t realize this. It’s not too weird to say that there are stars in his eyes.
In a valley in the magic flower mountain range …
The first cold flame in the three-five array!
In this case, there is a level of Warcraft-cold flame dog in captivity!
This dog has two heads, one burning like a flame and the other surrounded by frost.
The level of Warcraft is equivalent to stepping on the soul to the level of distraction. However, in front of Xiao Fan, this head is thirty feet high, and its head has been spraying flames, while the head is spraying frost, but it has the initial level of distraction!
That is to say, this cold flame dog will be divided into nine levels of Warcraft if it is more severe.
And the cold flame dog’s feet are full of bones, and almost all of them are men! Judging from those bone scars, the points were chewed and left behind.
"There are real masters and heroes in the three or five arrays, but I have seen many smelly men like you, but most of them have become small food in the first place!" Not far away, Xu Juan said with a sneer on her face that her heart has obviously hated Xiao Fan deeply.
"Small double? Is this puppy’s name? " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and glanced at the cold flame dog.
Cold flame dog saliva cross-flow suddenly toward Xiao Fan bite.
"I don’t know if a puppy dares to disrespect me!" Xiao Fan suddenly opened his eyes suddenly and faintly uttered two words "Back!"
A burst of cold flame dogs suddenly stopped in the middle, and immediately two pairs of eyes flashed with fear and luster, and fell into shape like a mountain before Xiao Fan!
Still sobbing in his mouth seems to be extremely scared.
"What’s the matter, Xiao Shuang attacked him and bit him? Isn’t he your favorite food?" Xu Juan shouted how she shouted that the cold flame dog dared not move and lay down before Xiao Fan.
"There is no such thing as an animal, which is ten million times more capable than human beings in some aspects, that is, it has self-knowledge in the face of being several times stronger than it!" Xiao Fan said lightly and walked on.
"What? This … this can’t be a small pair, but it’s equivalent to having an initial training! " Xu Juanshen couldn’t help looking at Xiao Fan figure with a shudder. A inexplicable fear flooded my mind again.
"This is your three or five array? It’ s really not enough! " Xiao Fan shook his head. "What is a card? My time is precious. You’d better not wave too much! "
"Hum! Crazy man, don’t let us spend the magic palace so easily, let’s talk about it when you can get to the end! By the way, since I built the Flower Magic Palace for more than 1000 years, two people have been able to break through the three or five arrays. One is the witch in the main hall of our great palace, and the other is the Lord Dongsheng, the king of the eastern land in this whole demon world! " Xu Juan bite bite lips I rebuke way
"oh? Did Ba Jue also break through? That means that these three or five arrays are nothing to be afraid of! " Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick a way "according to what you say seems to have a saint fairy realm master to rush in the past? If I’m not mistaken, the witch is also a master of the realm of immortals in her dreams, right? "
"Hum, that’s it! How’s it going? Scared, huh? Despair, huh? It’s a pity … you have no choice and no turning back. One of you is death! " Xu Juan cold hum a way
"Death?" Xiao Fan licked his lips. "I’ve been on the verge of life and death many times, but … I’m afraid it’s because you don’t have this ability!"
Said Xiao Fan stepped into a valley and came to the second!
The second bee is hideous
There are tens of thousands of monster bees, the most horrible creature in Warcraft, in captivity here.
The level of hideous magic bee is not very high, but it is only six levels, which is even lower than the first cold flame dog. Two levels of single hideous magic bee also has six levels of Warcraft, which will not pose much threat.
But terrible is terrible. This kind of Warcraft is best at group action and cooperates with each other as one.