As the spirit rose, Xu Ren finally found some traces in the college. There was a faint smell of blood in the white-gray photocopying area, but this smell of blood was deliberately processed like being directly absorbed by lime photocopying.

There are two possibilities in this situation. First, someone in the yamen servant deliberately hides the smell of blood if there is any. If so, the murderer of this person is likely to be hidden in the yamen servant. There is another possibility, that is, killing the family knows that the yamen servant will make lime copies of these people’s bodies, and deliberately processing the smell of blood, although he can remove the smell of blood by other methods, it can be hidden in the lime copy.
Xu Ren thinks that the latter is mostly possible, and the person who sucked the JingXie from this family is probably the monk who cultivated The Hunger Gong, so he dared to come out and suck the JingXie from the living. Most of the time, this person had trouble practicing The Hunger Gong or was seriously injured and had to rely on the flesh and blood of the living to maintain his life.
Xu Ren frowned. More and more, he felt that his idea should be very close to reality. There must be a problem in the cultivation of The Hunger Gong Ren or a serious injury caused by difficult recovery. This is the situation.
Thought of here, Xu Ren is no longer delayed in this homestead and flies directly away from the hospital to Yizhuang here.
Yizhuang is usually a lonely place, so is Yizhuang in this town, a hill a few miles away from the head of the village.
The mountain is not high, and the highest place is only six or seven feet away from the flat, but this is indeed a mountain.
Xu Ren was extremely fast, and after a few flicker, he had already reached the hill.
Yizhuang is not as simple as a few pavilions. There are high walls around it. This is to prevent some wild cats and dogs from sneaking into Yizhuang to eat the bodies of the dead. At the same time, there are high walls around others passing by, so I don’t have to be too afraid of the high walls. There is a big pavilion in the courtyard, and the pavilion is also separated by half walls.
Yizhuangshi is also guarded by someone. He is an old man in his sixties with rickets. His eyes and pupils are cloudy. Don’t wear a wine bottle gourd in his waist. His face is red and he should drink no less.
The old man swayed along the big courtyard path step by step.
Xu Ren frowned slightly. The old man should be an ordinary man without friar fluctuation, but Xu Ren always felt that he was not an ordinary man.
"The man has a special power that will exert great pressure on me." On the middle east inflammation of nourishing the soul beads when Xu Ren frowned.
"I know it should be a ghost." Xu Ren has suddenly realized that there are many kinds of monks in this world, one of which is a special name. Some people also call them ghost. These people are almost turbid. It is said that their eyes are turbid but their eyesight is not affected. Moreover, their turbid eyes are a kind of ghost house that can accommodate ghosts, but their physical ability has a strong suppression on ghosts.
I came to Xu Ren to sneak into Yizhuang, but since the other party is a ghost monk, it is not polite to sneak in like this, so Xu Ren jumped from the high wall and turned to the main entrance.
When Xu Ren jumped from the high wall to find the main entrance, the old man with muddy eyes smiled and smiled back at Xu Renqian’s position.
"The elder was traveling. The monk suspected that a few people died in the village before. They may have come here specially to see those bodies." After arriving at the gate, Xu Ren knocked on the door and directly said what he had come for.
"Come in, come in, you don’t think it’s too heavy, just go and have a look, but be careful." The old man staggered and knocked on the door and didn’t stop Xu Ren from seeing the mummies who had just been moved here.
"Thank you, senior" Xu Ren gave the old man a deep gift.
"Young people’s statecraft is a week". The old man’s face smiled. Xu Ren called him a predecessor and he did not deny it.
Xu Ren also you’re welcome directly to the several bodies parking position.
In fact, this large area of Yizhuang is where the bodies of this family are parked.
Xu Ren lifted a corpse in the lid and gave birth to black cloth. This is a seven-year-old child, which should be a girl, but at the moment, the seven-year-old girl’s body is shriveled and her appearance becomes very scary.
Xu Ren took out a piece of bamboo stick and gently dialed the girl’s mummy. Her eyes were shriveled and she found information.
Xu Ren released the spirit and included the little girl’s mummy when it was not long. A red ShaQi flew out of the little girl’s eyes.
Xu Ren carefully observed this blood ShaQi trying to find the meaning clue.
This blood ShaQi very bossy feel Xu Ren immediately after the breath of life.
Xu Ren was then detained with a wave of his hand. It’s not the first time he’s dealt with a sufficient amount of blood. It’s really terrible, and he doesn’t want to provoke it, but he still doesn’t pay attention to this small share of blood.
After watching for a while, Xu Ren’s face showed a dignified color. There was a familiar smell in this blood ShaQi and it was two.
"I didn’t expect you to have such a training at a young age, but I was always blind, and I didn’t even realize that these people had such a harmful smell. How did you notice it?" The old man looked surprised when he saw Xu Ren holding a small stream of weak blood in his hand.
"Predecessors didn’t find it because they didn’t practice The Hunger Gong before. I can find it because I have just seen such blood ShaQi since not long ago." Xu Ren smiled. Since it is determined that it is blood ShaQi, then these people died of death. It must have been absorbed by Brother The Hunger Gong, a practitioner.
"oh? It’s not easy to see a person who has cultivated The Hunger Kung Fu and still be able to live with his friends, but I don’t know what you are going to do with this bloody suffocation? " The old man nodded and didn’t doubt what Xu Ren said.
"This simple blood Shaqi is not an enemy or an enemy. There is a special blood Shaqi food-eating insect that can be swallowed by it." When Xu Ren spoke, a black bug flew out of the robe sleeve.
This bug is a spirit-eating bug, and immediately after it flies out, it pounces on Xu Ren’s blood ShaQi, and it will be swallowed up soon.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-three Two and a half acquaintances
"Little friend, this spirit worm is a bit strange. Do you have a name?" The old man in Yizhuang, a small town, looked at the black bug in Xu Ren’s hand and swallowed his face directly. His expression became more surprised.
"This is a celestial spirit worm who likes to eat all kinds of spiritual materials. They also have a feature that they are not afraid of blood and blood." Xu Rensi reasoned that it seems inappropriate to tell the elders that this worm is called swallowing a heavenly worm or a spirit-eating worm. Out of caution, he took two kinds of spirit-eating insects from their names, and removed the words swallowing a heavenly worm and leaving a celestial spirit.
"It’s really a strange bug with such power." The old man’s eyes seem to flash a little light. Maybe he also thinks that it is rare for a spirit bug to devour blood Shaqi.
"The elder has a problem. The elder should mean that Zhong Ghost Xiu knows who killed this family?" Xu Ren turned his attention to the ghost repair old man. Actually, it’s only a few miles from the town where the family was killed. Maybe the old man really knows about the murder of this family.
"Since my little friend has seen through my identity, I don’t hide that I really don’t know what happened when this family was killed that day, but the day before this family was killed, I felt a very strange smell in the town, saying that it seems that it is not right. It should be that two smells were abruptly twisted into one smell, but that smell is not like being swallowed up by your spirit worm before." The old man recalled it for a while before saying to Xu Ren.
"The elder is also a guardian here. Didn’t you go to see it or simply ask what happened?" Xu Ren frowned slightly. Although the old monk is a ghost, his fighting capacity may not be strong, but after all, he is also a long-term defender who watched each other kill the town people. It seems a bit unreasonable.
"Little friend, you think too highly of me. I may be able to fight World War I for ordinary monks, but for people at that level, if I go there, I will die and be blind. Although I have lived for a long time, I am not tired of living and dare not go to die." The old man shook his head by himself, but he didn’t hide that he was a ghost, but he didn’t do it, of course, and he didn’t dare.
"Predecessors are very direct. Since predecessors dare not provoke that smell, I wonder if I know where he has gone now." Xu Ren didn’t say much. Everyone’s life is meaningless once. Several irrelevant people take their own lives.
"Little friend, I can’t fight, but it’s ok to find someone. It’s very special for me to have two waves of spirit. I am also impressed by him. At this moment, I should also hide the town. It’s really courageous for a family to board that family, but because of this, they didn’t become the target of that person, because if something happens to this family, that person will be exposed." The old man guarding Yizhuang seems to be willing to help that person hide something and directly disclose the whereabouts of that person to Xu Ren.
"oh? It seems that this man is really courageous and still dares to stay here. He is really afraid that someone will find his head. "Xu Ren frowned slightly. He didn’t expect that the man would dare to stay in town after killing people.
"Art experts are bold. Anyway, people like me can pray that if he doesn’t bother me, where can he dare to bother him?" The old man guarding Yizhuang laughed at himself.
Xu Ren didn’t say much, but he found out a few bodies left.
There was nothing unusual in the first few, but when he found out the last man, his eyes froze instantly
Because one of the eyes in this man is not an ordinary eye, but a glazed eye, this man must have broken one eye and didn’t want to be blind all the time, so he replaced the blind eye with a glazed eye. Although he couldn’t let him see things, he made others feel inferior.
This person’s glazed eyes are not just ordinary glazed eyes. This kind of glazed glass is valuable. The most important thing is that this kind of glazed glass has a special ability, that is, it can be reflected in the picture at a certain time.
Xu Ren suddenly stopped. This is also when he saw the picture in the glazed eyes. The person in the picture is the ghost repair old man who is not far from him. More importantly, the place where the old man appears is not Yizhuang but this man’s home.
"What a ghost repair doyen. I didn’t expect that you are not only a ghost repair but also better at telling nonsense. Killing this person is you." Xu Ren stared at the ghost repair not far away and said coldly.
"Hey hey you found it’s a pity that you don’t feel late? Stepping here is doomed to your death in Xu Ren! " Ghost repair eyes are no longer hazy and gloomy, but have been replaced by blood ShaQi.
"Are you Tan Sui, the elder of Piaoyun Mountain?" After the elimination of Piaoyun Mountain, Xu Ren also searched the monks in Piaoyun Mountain and found that the characteristics of those who escaped from the Xu family that day were very similar to those of the elder Tan Sui of Piaoyun Mountain.
Today, after the old man showed blood ShaQi, Xu Ren felt the familiar breath, but he couldn’t be completely sure, because this personal breath was different like Tan Sui.
"I didn’t expect you to remember me, so I wondered how you can always hide here and touch you everywhere." The old man in Yizhuang stared at Xu Ren’s eyes and generate showed a strong sense of murder
"You don’t finish this breath is Tan Sui Murphy …" Xu Ren suddenly thought of a possibility.
"Hey, hey, you’re really smart. You guessed it again. Now I’m not all Tan Sui." The voice suddenly changed into a young voice, "I’m still Lu Xin."
"I didn’t know that you two had become this pair of people don’t ghost not ghost appearance but you two injury also not light? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to absorb the blood of a few ordinary people to recover the injury. Your practice is simply outrageous. Since I touched it today, I must completely kill you two. "Xu Renliang has drawn his own Xinghai sword.
"Want to kill me? It’s not that easy, but the old man doesn’t have time to pester you. I know you’re fierce. You’ll revenge for ten years. Let’s meet again soon. "Tan Sui, Lu Xin and Er Yi, an old man, suddenly straightened up and became a teenager, and then saw him wave his hand and then the whole righteous village shook.
"Not good!" Xu Ren gave a bad dark call, and then he felt that the earthquake broke out and the powerful impact broke out from his feet.
At this moment, Xu Ren didn’t want to wave a few round things like shields directly and flew out and wrapped his body into a ball in an instant.
In a moment, Xu Ren was thrown to the higher level by a powerful impact. When he fell, Yizhuang had been razed to the ground.
At the beginning of Xu Ren’s shock, he didn’t expect that the elders of Piaoyun Mountain, Tan Sui Shaoshan, had become so decisive after the combination of the two worlds. When he met him, Lien Chan directly detonated the ambush here without fighting.
Xu Ren exhaled a breath slightly, and this time it was thrilling, thanks to the golden carapace behind those shining golden mandrills that he brought out in the ancient land.
After coming out of Taigu Mysterious Land, Xu Ren will refine the golden carapace of shining armor and mandrill from there into a set of defensive instruments. The defensive force of the instruments has reached a high level, and it should barely be able to stop the monk in the abode of fairies and immortals from hitting today. Although the explosive power here is strong, the medium damage force is worse than that of the monk in the abode of fairies and immortals. Only by this set of defensive instruments can Xu Ren escape from heaven.
If we know that the ghost repair is Tan Sui, the elder of Piaoyun Mountain, and Lu Xin, the master of Shaomen, pretending to be Xu Ren, we can’t easily let this person go, so we will spread our spirit to find the trace of this person.
Although Brother Tan Sui, Lu Xin and Er Yi were cautious enough, Xu Ren’s powerful spirit still showed some clues, mainly because people were afraid that Xu Ren would not dare to confront Xu Renhou in the bone and even run very hastily. Otherwise, it would not be easy for this person to find their trace by means of Xu Ren’s spirit.
Follow the clues left by the man, Xu Ren traced them all the way out for more than a hundred miles, and the last hillside drove the man out
"Damn, do you have to kill them all?" By Tan Sui and Lu Xin, a monk gnashed his teeth at Xu Ren.
"Don’t want to keep you continue to hurt those koo people?" This time, Xu Ren has long remembered what he said, and his sword has already flown to the man’s side.
See Xu Ren attack to that by Tan Sui and Lu Xin together a monk quickly fight back.
Now this guy is really miserable. Tan Sui, the great elder, also had a fairy device, and he lost it when he attacked the Xu family. Now he has a sword with a multiplier in his hand.
Bang bang—
Xu Ren’s attack directly broke through the man’s defense, forcing the man to meet with a sword in his hand. However, although the strength of the two men after the merger of 2001 was still not up to the level of Tan Suisheng, it was not weak, but it successfully resolved Xu Ren’s offensive.
Xu Ren didn’t succeed once, and he was not discouraged. He directly waved Xinghai sword and launched a more violent attack.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Struggle deep in the soul
In the face of Xu Ren’s attack, Tan Sui and Lu Xin joined together and a monk rose up to resist. Although their current state is bad enough, they are still alive. Today, if he can’t pass the hurdle of Xu Ren, they will end up dead. Moreover, because he is now two incomplete souls, even he can’t imagine what the result is after death. Anyway, it should not be too good. Whether he can enter reincarnation is also unknown.