Guming suddenly felt a soft mass on his abdomen, and the other hand was just about to get bigger in his mysterious area, and his abdomen ached slightly.

"Don’t …" Gu Ming instantly reacted by grabbing each other’s two hands behind his back and pulling away to prevent him from infringing on his heart.
Yi is more exciting when she twists. How long has it been since she experienced it? I was worried that I couldn’t recover, but now I’m finally relieved. My hands are loose and my other hands are touching my back.
"Blare … blare …" Gu Ming also relieved and turned to the other side’s mouth and leaned in to breathe for a moment and it was not smooth.
"Tickle … tickle …" Yi Guming.
Turn over, roll your lips and stick them together tightly. Deep in your throat, you can’t help purring.
"Yi … uh-huh … I’m hot …" Holding a burst of ancient tea was thirsty and seemed to be on fire.
Suddenly, the other person’s head attacked the other person’s mouth, sucking his breasts and abdomen, which had been treasured for more than 20 years. Instead of showing pain, he was full of curiosity and joy.
"Don’t … don’t … easy …" Gu Ming noticed and cried shyly, covering her chest with her hands and struggling quickly.
"Uh-huh" is not willing to look around reluctantly, and the delicate skin in the mouth is slightly astringent with meat flavor.
After a while, it was easy to look up and stare at Guming with undisguised desire, but looking at each other’s look, my heart sighed slightly and silently conveyed the true qi to resolve the full desire.
Gu Ming’s eyes are somewhat resistant, and some are blurred, shy, and like orchid. "Will you stay with me for life?" Yi "seeing each other nod and move their lips is somewhat the pronunciation of the word" willing "
Gu Ming felt a hot heat flow in his heart and lungs, and he was filled with comfort. His right hand couldn’t help but hook Yi’s neck slightly and let his head lean against his thick muscles and protrude his shoulders from his body.
Gu Ming’s face is shy and happy, and his long hair is as thick as ink, and there are still a few strands of long hair on his left side. His cheeks are flushed and his eyes are closed, and his eyelashes are trembling gently to show his mood.
Easy to lift his left arm to the right, and then put Gu Ming’s head slightly to press Gu Ming’s head. It’s easy to take the opportunity to put his arm into her neck and forearm to take her shoulder.
Gu Ming leans to the right, his head, occipital muscles protrude, his shoulders protrude, his left hand hugs his waist, and his knees bend slightly, much like a couple who have slept together for a long time.
Easy to be full of love, my mind spread to the middle of the night to watch the ancient tea, but I saw her gorgeous as peaches and plums, charming and unusually pale yellow shorts embroidered with a few shy flowers to be released, showing her round hips with a slight bow and a steep desire.
Easy eyes can’t help but shine. "It’s been more than a year since the date of calculation." There is a faint fragrance and a smell on the nose, and the hand can’t help but poke around.
Gu Ming jiao hum half opened her eyes, and her hips shook and changed hands. She burst into a smug smile and called out "Yi … Yi …"
"pa!" A slight tremor in Gu Ming’s hips is easy for his left hand to be unclear and he can’t remake his face. He gently exhaled a polluted air and laughed. "Also called Yi? Is it time to change the name? "
"Elder brother Yi …" Guming said shyly.
"I didn’t hear you clearly just now." Yi slapped her hip again.
"Brother Yi …" Gu Ming said with a long sound and then blushed and buried his armpit.
"… nameplates … younger sister … hehe …" Yi’s left side and right hand also clung to Guming’s delicate and charming face, not from a burst of ecstasy.
Gu Ming was called by this "sister Ming" and her heart was like eating honey. She saw the other person’s slightly handsome face turn around and gave it a sweet kiss, then buried her head in his chest.
It’s easy to recover, full of doubts, and I don’t want to say anything disappointing. I can’t help but move the embroidered pink single blanket and shake it, and then I will open the cover for two people.
"Catch the road in the middle of the night, let’s just sleep. We’ll talk about it later." Easy light tone is no doubt. Put your arm around her in a comfortable position, close your eyes and let all your thoughts relax gradually.
"Well," Gu Ming snorted with joy, feeling each other’s body temperature, touching each other’s skin, sticking together tightly for months, and finally turning into a deep love, leaving all unhappy things behind. Nothing is more important than getting along with him.
The fourth volume GanKun copulation Chapter one hundred and thirty-one The warden was removed.
At noon on the 2 nd, the scorching sun hung high in the blue sky and shone on the prison. It was very clear and the clouds did not know the Tibetan side
But the bedroom of Guming’s residence is a bed, and they are sleeping soundly. They are tightly wrapped and penetrate into it without leaving a gap, but they see that their limbs are entangled badly.
Gu Ming’s breathing is steady, and his left leg is easy to clamp, and his right leg is stretched straight and his charming body is close to his chest, and his left hand hugs his waist, while his right arm clamps the small hands in both sides of his body, which is easy to straighten and tilt his crotch.
Gu Ming woke up early to see her lips open and close, her long eyelashes quivered slightly, and her sleepy eyes were half open.
Her right hand was squeezed, and she felt a little sore, but she felt a hot meat stick appear in her hand. What is this?
Hold it for two more times, and suddenly it will tilt and stir for a while, and it will be thick.
Suddenly, my hips moved, and I was so shy that I looked up at each other and looked at myself with a half-opened eyes and a microstrip smile on my face.
"Uh-huh …" Gu Ming raised his right hand and was so shy that he blushed like a bright flower and was buried again.
"Ha ha ….. you’re a bold girl." Easy to be lazy and sound up and gently pat Guming’s hips from time to time.
Two people close for a while Gu Ming pillow easy shoulder light closed beautiful eyes tone barely keep calm said "… elder brother … if you don’t come back to the post of deputy warden, I really don’t want to go out looking for you. Great changes have taken place in these days …" Can’t look at easy expression with closed eyes.
Yi had been prepared in his heart, but he didn’t have mood swings. He said a word "say"
Gu Mingqiao’s face stuck to his muscular chest and breathed a sigh of relief. Faint tunnel "Things have to start from that time when you finished speaking to me … A month ago, you Lin came to check on a stable heart and left."
"But on April 25th, the capital suddenly came to a group of leaders to inspect the secret service workers, the secret service prisons and other departments from the inside out, and did they check the specific reasons again?"
"Minister Ye Nian was very passive. Many major loopholes and mistakes were found in Beijing, and then the post was reviewed. Later, somehow, he was reinstated."
"Later, I found out that you have been absent from work for more than two months. Although no one disclosed it, I still dismissed your warden position and investigated me in detail."
Yi’s left hand slaps Gu Ming’s hips with his eyes half open, and two cold lights are transmitted out.
Gu Ming’s heart was scared and tried to keep his tone calm, telling, "Then a warden was sent to take this position in Beijing. This man was called numbness. He was 27 years old. Originally, the family background of the department staff in Beijing was not new. At first, everyone ignored him because of your prestige. Later, he used his wrist. The prison staff became one …" The tone turned into hatred. The small hand was green and the index finger was easy to draw a circle on the right chest. It was getting heavier and heavier.
Gu Ming’s roots itched and then said, "Later, he began to pursue me to show his love to me. I refused to promise him, and he began to repeatedly appear in front of me. My father also started to touch me, but it didn’t work. I was so angry that I cut his sword with my cold hand and fought. Then he put me on the shelf and refused to let me touch things. I stayed in the house every day to practice." Gu Ming explained that the back gnashed her teeth and said that she hated crisp breasts, which made people dizzy.
Yi insipid said "go on"
"Minister Pan came back after missing for several months and took over the prison. It is stipulated that the prison staff are not allowed to go out and outsiders are not allowed to enter except him. Besides, prisoners in the prison will fight at both ends every three days and often die. I don’t know why. This has never happened before."
After listening to a long time, Yi tapped Gu Ming’s buttocks with his left hand and relaxed his body. His eyes were half open and half closed, but his eyes were condensed into a ball, flashing cold and cold. He calmly asked, "Did he take advantage?"
Gu Ming’s spirit has long observed that he is prone to mood swings, and his reaction is not normal. To be honest, "he patted him on the shoulder when fighting."
Yi Judo "That’s better than anything else. It’s called getting you into trouble …"
When Gu Ming heard this, his tears suddenly fell down the bridge of his nose and temples to leave a slight sob in his heart.
Easy right hand gently lift GuMing head soft said, "don’t be sad.
Everything will be fine for a while. Let’s study the little one. Kiss her beautiful eyes, leave her tears and suck them into her mouth. There are also some bitter feelings in my heart.
"Well," Gu Ming choked back with a nod, and as soon as he came back, he didn’t worry about anything himself like a backbone.
It’s easy to watch Gu Ming pity and love. At this time, her pear blossoms bring rain, her beautiful eyes are sparkling, her soft and charming body sticks to her body like a kitten, and her charming expression disappears, but it makes people love the delicate color.
The two people’s bodies are close together, and the satiny is extremely comfortable.
Gu Ming was so sad and overjoyed yesterday that he was tired to the extreme. It was easy to linger for a long sleep. He woke up early in the past and said these words. All emotions were released with him, but he felt very safe around him.
Let go of negative emotions, but then it is strange to touch and become shy. After all, it is not without the personnel department. Even if it is bold on weekdays, it is also a little shy at this time.
Gu Ming said that he wanted to continue to lie in his warm arms, but he didn’t want to get up for a while. It was very confusing. Did she want to be reserved in her dictionary? Did it come with the breakthrough?
Easy to listen to her words, although in a bad mood, nephrite Wen Xiang Huai couldn’t help but he was indifferent to physical friction and almost touched sparks. Seeing that Guming was going to be emotional again, he didn’t do anything.
"Get up, it’s already noon." Yi helped her up and said softly.
Gu Ming has a long hair and a red face, and two white hands are a little reluctant to drag the blanket.
Yi smiled and put her on the bed to make a blanket. "Since you don’t want to get up, you can sleep and have a good rest for a few days. Don’t go out these days. I don’t want anything outside to be a piece of cake until I plan it. If you get involved, you are afraid that something will happen, okay?"
Gu Ming’s heart said, "If you don’t trust yourself with his means, you can’t help yourself. Let him go if you say it."
"Well, you go. I don’t want anything. I’ll just stay indoors and practice when I’m fine, but you have to come back with me every day." Gu Ming nodded and said that he was a little embarrassed at the back.
"Know wisely that’s how it should be." Easy appreciation kissed her and got up.
"Ah …" Gu Ming suddenly screamed a little hand and quickly covered her face with a blanket, and her heart was pounding.
Reaction because she saw Yi naked naked crotch ferocious abnormal straight nod to yourself, very shy and with a strong curiosity.
Yi laughed and cast spells to clean a body and put on clothes beside the bed.
Then he waved his hand over the room, and the mysterious curtain shook a few times, and his face was covered like a silk dress.
However, at first glance, people can vaguely see an ordinary face. It is easy to pass these days of sacrifice, so that many tricks have been touched.
It is said that the appearance can be as big or small as you like, thin or thick, hidden or visible, and so on, and it is a magical anomaly with many changes.