"Before don’t listen to the city people talk nonsense, phoenix bamboo is what person we still don’t know? Only those fools in the city will believe those stupid things. "Phoenix has always been angry with Fengzhu, and naturally she is good."

"But it’s just that a young player walked up to the village head Feng San Shu and Jiu Shu, even if her man is General Xu, but now it’s just a executioner in the city. What’s the big deal? I can’t do it for a while and see how she ends up."
Feng has something to say. Feng Zhu and Xu Zhongyong can naturally hear Xu Zhongyong’s eyes flash across the angry Feng Zhu and say, "I’ll do it."
Phoenix bamboo said to the village head, "Village head, we still need finger thickness. Bamboo mountains are everywhere, so let Phoenix have to find some. The more the better." Village head listened to the words and immediately instructed Phoenix to go to Phoenix and was unwilling to be scolded by the village head and ran to the mountain.
Fengzhu looked at Feng’s back and laughed. I wouldn’t ask Fengzhu to run out if he couldn’t slip away today. Feng felt that his back was cold and he always felt that he was going to be unlucky today. He tripped and fell to the ground without stabilizing his body.
Hearing the laughter from behind, Feng was angry and ashamed and didn’t dare to go back and get up and run. No matter what he did, they went to the village head’s house together.
When I arrived at the village head’s house, Fengzhu picked up the finger-thick needle, which was not too long, and the needle tip was ground to be very fine. The needle hole was as thick as chopsticks, so the needle hole was still too big. "Bring a glass of water." The village head came into the house to exercise and handed it to Fengzhu.
Fengzhu poured water into the needle, and the water flowed into the injection. Fengzhu said to Xu Zhongyong, "Squeeze the needle until the water dripped." Xu Zhongyong followed suit, and he mastered it easily.
Fengzhu satisfied nodded his head, and there were about one hundred needles. After two people cooperated to flatten it, Xu Zhongyong said, "I know how hard it is." Then he flattened one and handed it to Fengzhu.
The phoenix bamboo was watered and tried, and it was indeed a drop by drop. The phoenix bamboo smiled with satisfaction, while the man seemed to be greatly encouraged and full of energy. After a while, more than 100 needles were pinched, and the man looked at the phoenix bamboo and seemed to ask for praise.
Fengzhu didn’t speak, but raised his sleeve and wiped his forehead sweat, and her move made the man’s eyes bright and he bent down to let Fengzhu wipe his sweat. The warm atmosphere between them made others feel that they should not be in the way.
Feng Youhan’s eyes were dim. From the beginning, he didn’t have a chance. Xu Zhongyong was so kind to Fengzhu that he even felt guilty about loving Fengzhu. Maybe he should let go and not like her. He can protect her as a sister.
Fengzhu has no family. If Xu Zhongyong bullied Fengzhu, he could protect her like a brother. She came to a village, but she didn’t have five relatives. Wouldn’t it be better to protect her like a brother?
Feng Youhan seems to have suddenly walked out of a dead end. His eyes suddenly lit up and his breath changed. Even Fengzhu and Xu Zhongyong could feel that they were looking at him at the same time.
Feng has a silly face and a simple and honest smile and asks, "What do we need to do?" If you want Fengzhu to support you, you will become stronger, so he should go to the border. He has to break through a world to give Fengzhu a place to live in.
Feng Zhu didn’t know that Feng had a foolish idea and said, "Wash the village head’s house and fill the animal intestines with moth-killing liquid medicine."
They nodded and began to get busy. After another cup of tea, Feng came back with a bundle of fine bamboo, which is just right for an infusion tube. Now everything is ready to see if she can find a way to make it.
Fasten the needle bamboo, and then the other end of the bamboo will be used as an infusion bottle from the animal intestine. Fengzhu takes this wonderful shape and leads people to the mountain.
Fengyou was just about to follow them, but she heard the sound of "these bamboos are far from enough", which obviously means you’d better go by yourself and not follow us.
Phoenix wants to refute, but when she looks at the village chief and stares at him, she can’t refute herself and act alone again. In her heart, she is thinking about not being proud too early. She can’t save Chinese fir for a while and see how you end up. It is estimated that she will become a village joke again for a while.
The first volume 5 get rich road
It’s no secret that Chinese fir has recruited moths in Fengsha village. All the villagers saw so many people going to the mountains to worry, and people gathered together.
"What happened to the village chief Mao Shan? Can you still save it? " Some people are worried that there is little land in the village, and the villagers rely on Chinese fir to reduce taxes every year. If Chinese fir dies, the villagers will definitely start land reclamation, otherwise where will they get the money to pay taxes?
The village chief shook his head and replied, "Feng Shantou has figured out a way and we are going to try it!" Although Zhang county magistrate promised not to pursue the responsibility of Fengsha village, the head of Fengsha village also hoped to save these Chinese fir.
"Fengzhu wants to find a way?" Someone in the village laughed. "Village head, you can’t go to the hospital in a hurry, even if you are in a hurry. She hasn’t even seen Chinese fir, but can you figure out a way to save Chinese fir?" Many people are skeptical.
The village chief can’t guarantee that the Fengzhu method will be managed, so he said, "You can try it, but you can’t think of other ways."
"I don’t want to try it. It’s just a delay." Someone wrote, "Our family should wait until the spring of next year to let men open a few acres of wasteland so that they can grow something in the next year. When it comes to autumn, it is better to sell some money to offset taxes."
The newly opened wasteland has not been taxed for three years. Many people in the village have already planned to start land reclamation in the spring of next year because of the accident of Chinese fir.
At the beginning of this statement, many people gave up hope that Fengzhu would come up with a method, and even faintly ridiculed it, which made Xu Zhongyong’s brow wrinkle more and more tightly from the beginning to the end. Who is Fengzhu so busy? Not yet. I saved the people in Maoshan village and paid taxes
There was a flash of dissatisfaction in the man’s eyes. He asked the village chief, "How many Chinese fir trees are there in this deep mountain of the village chief and how many are there in everyone’s body?"
**** *w*w*w****8 ****
"A total of more than ten thousand stand to each body has 25! Every summer, cutting down some Chinese fir and then growing small Chinese fir from the roots left in the ground is inevitable. "
Xu Zhongyong took a look at those gossipers. Since you are so ungrateful, don’t blame me for being rude. "If the village chief Fengzhu can save these Chinese fir trees, we will also save the 25 of our family."
Those gossipers quit. "Fengzhu is in charge. How can you do this? Since I have figured out a way to save everything? "
Fengzhu put his arms around his chest and said, "Do you want me to save you? Fine. Why else should I help you? I’m kind and kind. I didn’t expect to be busy in and out, but it’s thankless. In this case, I won’t be the good man. Who wants to save his Chinese fir? Pay 250 articles first. "
Fengzhu didn’t want to collect money at first, but some people’s mouths are so hateful that you can’t be too polite to them, otherwise they will, of course.
Those gossipers stubbornly said, "It’s all a village. How dare you collect money? How did your parents teach you before they died? "
Phoenix bamboo eyes instantly cold "since you are so educated, how dare you talk about me in front of me? How dare you force me to help you now? Still think that I was a soft persimmon? Ask for help and have a begging attitude. Even if you give me money, I won’t help you. If you can, then find a way to go yourself! "
There are not many unreasonable people who can read and write near Fengsha Village. Otherwise, after Zhang Wu came here, he would not have come up with a way to control evil, because fools are too difficult to educate.
Just like Fengzhu is helping them now, but these people not only don’t have a good word, but also secretly show disdain for Fengzhu. If she doesn’t respond, then she is purely a bitch.
Chicken three uncle and chicken nine uncle heard the villagers unappreciative talk is also very angry directly to the phoenix bamboo do the Lord "your conscience is eaten by dogs? It’s getting more and more outrageous. You are so spineless now. Don’t beg Fengzhu to save your Chinese fir for a while, or my old man will make you kneel at the ancestral memorial tablet. "
"It’s ridiculous? You can’t help you like this, but people still beg to help you? I think there are still too few things that don’t know what’s good or bad. I’m in charge here. If anyone wants to save Chinese fir, pay 500 yuan to Chinese fir every family, and you must be cured. "
The two oldest people in the village got angry, and everyone was shaking. Listen, when they heard that two people doubled their money, they secretly complained, but they didn’t dare to refute it. They had never seen these two stable elders go on the rampage like this. Obviously, they were angry.
Fengzhu was still very angry when he heard what his uncle and uncle said, and he lost his temper in an instant. There are 400 Fengzhu in a family of 500 wenfengsha village. The money is so good that he earned 220 silver.
At this moment, Fengzhu sincerely thanks those troublemakers. If they hadn’t made such a fuss, Fengzhu wouldn’t have thought of making this windfall. Suddenly, I feel that they are not so disgusting!
It seems that every time someone comes to her, she makes a small profit. At first, she gets some prey. Later, Feng Youtian lost her forty-five taels. Then Feng Dagui bought a supplement for Xiao He, who didn’t like to eat. Now she has to give her two hundred taels of silver in vain.
There is a way to get rich in the eyes of Fengzhu. Come on, let the storm come more violently. Make trouble with her as much as you like. Then she pointed to this and made a lot of money.
Everyone else on the journey is dead. Only Fengzhu is in a good mood, moist and moist, and her eyes can’t hide her smile. I don’t know what she thinks. Like a little fox, Xu Zhongyong quietly twisted Fengzhu’s small nose and spoiled it and said, "Little money addict."
Isn’t it 220 silver? Look at this joy. If he puts all their property in front of this little money addict, I wonder if she will be crazy!
Phoenix bamboo said nobly, "Sister Ma will make a lot of money. What do you want to eat? It’s my treat! "
The man looked at the little woman with excitement, and his eyes were a little dark and nonmagnetic, and the voice gently sounded in her ear, "Anything?" Does the hint in the sound mean no
However, in the excitement, the phoenix bamboo didn’t hear it, but she nodded generously. Even if it was abalone and shark’s fin, she invited it up. However, the man reminded his lips and played a charade against the phoenix bamboo. "I’ll tell you later."
Looking at the man’s deep eyes, Feng Zhuduan shivered. She always had an ominous premonition!
When everyone went to the deep mountain, Pteridium aquilinum took a homemade infusion set and stuck the needle into the bark, and then tied the infusion bottle containing the liquid medicine to the trunk. Just after Pteridium aquilinum was finished, the village chief patted his thigh and shouted, "Wonderful, why didn’t I think of it? This moth sprinkled medicine on the bark in the tree, and it naturally had little effect. It was easy to kill the moth by injecting the liquid medicine into the tree!"
In fact, the village chief also knew that the problem was in the tree, but he couldn’t think of a solution. The tree died when the bark was stripped off. Now the phoenix bamboo just solved this problem, and a small hole in the bark naturally won’t die.