She thought it might really be necessary for someone like Huang Yinxuan to appear once, and maybe Huang Yinli could finally feel at ease.

When Shinohara Snow was pulled back to Tianzi Room on the second floor by Su Ling, her cheeks still showed an indifferent look, which was obvious and some were not quite awake.
The Tianzi room on the second floor has already been contracted by the old burn man!
At this time, the whole second floor is one of our own!
When Su Ling took Shinohara Snow and slowly walked into the room of Huang Yin Xuan, she saw some crowded scenes inside.
Although the crowd may be a little too much, all the men in the family were present, including Yushu and others.
At this time, everyone was surrounded by the soft couch, and Huang Yin’s glass and Huang Lao were brought out directly from the palace of Qi and Chu State. Doctor Wu was feeling the pulse with a dignified face.
Su Ling and Shinohara Snow looked at each other at the same time and immediately went into the wing.
When I heard the pace of the two people, the rest of the room looked back and knew that the lover was surprised when he saw Su Ling coming back.
But at this moment, people are talking about burning old eyes when they see Su Ling, and suddenly some obscure dark mountain flashes.
Su Ling pretended not to see it!
She thinks she will not tell anyone, including Huang Lao, about her bet with Xia Fei Mian.
This time, she let Shinohara Snow choose her own way to the future.
"Report to my report that the toxin of the strong man has not invaded the strange meridians, and it is fortunate in misfortune! But even so, the poisoned arrow still cut his skin, and a little toxin has penetrated into the skin. If you want to remove it … I’m afraid … "
In the quiet room, Wu Cure too much suddenly told the old burn.
And his words haven’t finished, it’s obviously a little difficult to look at the soft couch and his thin lips are a little pale.
Seeing this, Huang Yin Xuan smiled fearfully and said, "Tell the truth, old man!"
Doctor Wu doesn’t know the true identity of Huang Yin-xuan. He’s just a savage, and he doesn’t care what he calls him.
In particular, his so-called attitude, Doctor Wu, happened to see that Huang Laosan nodded without hesitation and said directly, "If you want to remove it, you may need to gouge out the damaged part so that it can be completely removed!"
This is a more two more wait! There are three shifts today to make up for the number of words owed yesterday! What a group!
Chapter 255 Huang Yin glass convulsions!
"If you want to remove it, you may need to gouge out the damaged part so that it can be completely removed!"
Cure too much Wu said Su Ling clearly heard a breath of cold air from Shinohara snow beside him.
She can understand Shinohara Snow’s mood. If it is because of saving her fruit, she needs to gouge out the meat. Anyone may have a bad conscience.
What’s more, in her Su Ling’s view, there is no reason to do so after Huang Yin Xuan finished.
Because she can clearly see the disharmony between Huang Yinxuan and Huang Yinli.
Of course, it’s not just Shinohara’s snow that surprised me. Even the three-dimensional glass and the old one couldn’t help looking at each other. Dark colors also emerged in the expressions of the two men looked at each other.
"Is there no other way?" Silent for a long time know burn old line of sight to burn three-dimensional xuan fear expression when I couldn’t help looking at wu cure too much low.
Cure too much Wu smell speech expression some obscure unutterable and looked at the burn three-dimensional xuan couldn’t help opening explained "report examine his poisoning if you want to drug clear worthless old man needs a long study.
But I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble if I can’t get rid of this poison as soon as possible … "
"Don’t talk nonsense! Just gouge out a piece of meat! Or I will die! "
In all the different expressions, instead, it was burn assumed that Xuan looked at all the people with great fear and then quite a bit bright and clear.
And this scene obviously makes Shinohara Snow feel even worse. She stopped at the same place and started to feel a little soft.
How can she repay this favor?
As the saying goes, things change.
However, she felt that all the rhythms of her life had been disrupted since she refused to marry her mother emperor.
If ever she was able to talk and laugh in front of everyone.
So nowadays, even a simple smile is quite extravagant to her.
She doesn’t know if anyone has experienced betrayal of both affection and love, and she will understand what bone erosion is only after she has experienced it.
"The old man you hurry! Ye, I don’t want to die yet. If you delay treating your Lord, you will be the only one who asks! "
Burn three-dimensional xuan milli reluctantly even tone of voice is still strong steel as if to gouge out the meat is not him.
Soon after seeing this, Huang Lao San looked at Huang Yinxuan with deep eyes and asked in a low voice for a moment, "Do you really want it?"
"What’s this? It’s not like I haven’t experienced something worse than this! Stop talking nonsense and hurry! "
Burn three-dimensional xuan bold tone really without any hesitation is very afraid.
At this moment, Shinohara Snow suddenly felt that she and Huang Yinxuan seemed to have an illusion of being in the same boat.