"Uncle Fox, why don’t you try these four women?" Xiao Wu still has a bitter face. Others only think about how beautiful his four women are and how he is with them. But have those people ever thought about when he suffers?

Fox Mountain smiled and said, "Forget it, my old man doesn’t have this blessing. You’d better enjoy it by yourself. I’ll try to explore this sea area again. You’re ready to land on that island."
Xiao Wuqi asked, "What are you doing on that island?"
Fox mountain just shook his head and walked alone to the central control room of the yellow number. Fox Mountain and sycophantic son didn’t tell Xiao Wu the truth, because at present, it’s just speculation. Although the possibility of evaluation is 80%, it’s still not 100% absolute. Saying it to Xiao Wu in advance will bring unnecessary trouble.
No sooner had Fox Mountain left than Tang Lan came along.
"Old shaw, how do you run here? I’m looking for you everywhere. " Tang Lan’s smile on her face seems to have got some nourishment from Xiao Wu. She is becoming more and more feminine.
Xiao Wu looked behind Tang Lan to see if the three women followed him. It was a sigh of relief that Tang Lan was the most docile and considerate of the four women. Although she was one year younger than him, she always cared for him like a sister.
"What can I do for Lan Lan?" Xiao Wu also revealed a smile.
Tang Lan gently punched Xiao Wuyi. "This name is disgusting. Don’t call it again. I still like it when you call me Mrs. Tang."
"That’s called Xiaolan." Call the boss-in-law, Xiao Wu won’t do it.
Tang Lan gave Xiao Wu a white, charming look and said, "Whatever. I asked you to help me test my powers. How about we find a place where no one is there?"
"Good." Xiao Wu has always wanted to find out what happened to Tang Lan’s power, but there has been no chance that Tang Lan’s proposal is just what he wants.
There are goblin fighters everywhere on the Yellow Sea, and it is really hard to find a clean place. Finally, Xiao Wu quietly put down a rubber boat and Tang Lan sneaked onto it.
This rubber dinghy is the kind that automatically inflates as soon as it is opened. It can hold five or six people, but it has no power and only paddles by manpower. Xiao Wu is rowing a rubber boat with plastic folding pulp. Tang Lan is staring at Xiao Wu with fragrant cheeks. His eyes look like he is going to melt Xiao Wu completely.
"hey! Lao Xiao, where are you going? " Qin Chloe suddenly appeared on the edge of the yellow deck, followed by Xu Qingqing and sycophantic son also appeared beside her.
"Really, do I have to report to you where I go?" Tang Lan disgruntled grunted 1.
Xiao Wu crustily skin of head and said, "Xiaolan and I will test our abilities. We will take a short turn and come back soon."
"Xiao LAN? Disgusting! " Qin Chloe will be in the hands of a wave of his hand a bite of an apple to hit the shaw five.
Xu Qingqing is somewhat unwilling.
Be sycophantic and giggle. "Why don’t we follow?"
"I’m not going to be a third wheel if you go." Qin keer white be sycophantic son a twist ass to leave.
Xu Qingqing also took a white sycophantic son and followed Qin Keer.
Be sycophantic son stood on the spot "they haven’t figured out that I am the elder sister? Damn it! "
Xiao Wu paddled the rubber boat quickly until the Yellow and two frigates were out of sight. This position is still a long way from the nameless island, but its outline can already be seen with the naked eye.
Tang Lan heaved a sigh of relief. "Hehe finally got rid of three annoying guys. Now the time belongs to the two of us."
Xiao Wu didn’t seem to hear what Tang Lan was saying. He stared at the blue water under the rubber boat and lost his mind. Previously, he thought that there were a lot of plankton in this sea area, but after a careful look, he denied that speculation because the sea water in this sea area was surprisingly clean, but the color was different.
Tang Lan also leaned over to "Lao Xiao, did you see anything?"
Xiao Wu said, "No.Did you see anything?"
Tang Lan pursed her lips. "I asked you to help me test my powers, but you came to see the sea."
"Then let’s start the test now," Xiao Wu recalled. "When fighting the four gods of the Six Dynasties yamen, I remember that you turned all the flying knives into molten iron and fought back. How did you do it? Why can’t Xu Qingqing? "
"I am different from her." Tang Lan explained the explanation of Monkey Rat again.
Hearing Tang Lan say that finish Xiao Wu leng half ring just nodded monkey rat’s explanation, although it is only a hazy explanation with no factual basis, but the shock to him is still huge.
Xiao Wu said, "Can you show me?"
"yes." Tang Lan took out a fruit knife already prepared.
Shaw five eyes fixed on the knife in Tang Lan’s hand, but saw Tang Lan’s palm just slightly vibrate, and the fruit knife in her hand was weightless and suspended, followed by Tang Lan’s hand and another move, and the fruit knife suddenly turned into a mass of molten iron and melted in the skin of Tang Lan’s palm.
"God." Xiao Wuyan’s envious way.
Tang Lan smiled proudly. "In fact, this is only one of my powers. I have another one you don’t know."
Xiao Wuqi asked, "What is it?"
Tang Lan knocked out the molten iron turned by the fruit knife before saying, "I can control people’s mental thinking."
"Is it hypnosis?" Xiao Wu asked him what he had learned from DaWei Xu, but it was a fake.
Tang Lan hesitated: "I don’t know, so I specifically asked you to be my test object. Now, Xiao, let go of your mind and I’ll see if I can control you."
"Ok," Xiao Wu said happily. "Come on."
Tang Lan took a deep breath and entered a state of mutation. Her skin became as black as a rubber boat, but her eyes were striking and enchanting blood red. She stared straight at Xiao Wu. Slowly, her eyes became more and more red, and the red light was just like essence.
Shaw five suddenly leaned away and kissed Tang Lan on the cheek.
Tang Lan smiled happily after a slight pause: "I succeeded in letting you kiss me in my consciousness!" "
Shaw five also slightly one leng he is stupid.
"Let’s come again." Tang Lan and focus on staring at the eyes of shaw five.
Xiao Wu reached out to Tang Lan this time and grabbed a milk on the left with one hand and a milk on the right with the other hand. Xiao Wu also greedily kneaded it a few times.
"Lao Xiao, what are you?"
"Didn’t you tell me to touch it?"