The assassin didn’t catch it, yes, but they did catch several South Vietnamese spies.

These young women mingled with the newly entered palace, and they happened to meet them when they caught the assassin and let the homing pigeons go.
Because their homing pigeons had already flown away, they didn’t know what news these details gave South Vietnam.
At present, Chu Yao knows about this matter. After learning that he caught the details of South Vietnam, he put people into the dungeon and didn’t Zhang.
In addition, I know that there are Yan Re, Meng Ran and Yun Shao, all of whom are from ChuYao’s mouth.
As last night’s incident was a bit big, everyone knew about Wang Zhaoyi’s assassination.
Many people in the palace suspect that some people may see that Wang Zhaoyi is now in favor of this talent.
But they just have no evidence.
Although Wang Zhaoyi’s assassination didn’t catch who did it, no one in the palace dared to dismiss her now.
After all, when the emperor heard that Wang Zhaoyi was assassinated, he left Meng Shufei and Yuncai for Anning Palace without saying anything.
Let’s not talk about talented people. Meng Shufei is the favorite of the emperor on weekdays. Now Wang Zhaoyi can leave Meng Shufei. I’m afraid that Wang Zhaoyi will be the emperor’s new favorite in the future.
On the morning after Wang Zhaoyi’s assassination, Chu Yao received the news that Sang Yan was going to the border between North and South in the early dynasty.
"Does he want to fight in Beiqi?"
I don’t know but now that they have reached the border between North and South, I’m afraid they will arrive at the border in a little while.
To prepare for the war, the minister heard his own emperor saying, "With so many troops, their purpose this time is to open the border gates of the Imperial City and let them reach the Imperial City smoothly by avoiding the war as quickly as possible."
Hearing ChuYao say this, the ministers immediately started talking noisily.
The minister who told ChuYao about it also showed reluctance. "The emperor …"
Sang Yan brought so many soldiers this time, so he wanted to prepare for the siege. Now, instead of defending, the emperor directly let the enemy reach the imperial city without a single soldier. Isn’t this a bit wrong?
Although he knew that the emperor wanted to avoid the war, it was obvious that he couldn’t do it without fighting …
What the minister wanted to say was taken away by Chu Yao. "I have my own countermeasures to do as I say."
This ChuYao sentence also blocked the other ministers’ words, and other ministers saw that ChuYao said so and naturally wouldn’t persuade anything.
Chuyao to tell the truth, don’t get Sang Yan to the best place to attack the Imperial City on time after four days.
Meng Ran had told him that the police station there would catch the Eye of the Eye when Yan Re and Eye of the Eye made an appointment four days later, and then try to catch Sang Yan.
Although this world is a game world, Sang Yan’s invasion of this world has really affected the development of this world plot.
Because it affects 3 thousand small world order, the police will take him back for questioning
Not to mention Liu Yingying … After verification, it has been confirmed that Liu Yingying’s real identity is indeed the blogger who released the theme song of Guqin.
If she is an ordinary player, forget it, but she is boyfriend and girlfriend with this Sang Yan, so she can be arrested and questioned together.
On the other side, ChuYao arranged a meeting for Meng Ran.
Meng Ran invited all the concubines in the palace to her palace, and now she sits in the main seat and slowly shakes the round fan in her hand.
"The emperor said that he would make a private visit in a few days and wanted to take some sisters out of the palace to play together. Today, it is precisely this matter that you are invited to come."
Sitting there, Yun chuckled, "Sister Shu might as well talk about how to go out with the emperor?"
Watching two people play YanRe "…"
Chu Yao told her not to worry last night that he had a way to get Liu Yingying to come out with them in five days.
When she heard it at that time, she also had an idea. I didn’t expect … That’s it?
Micro-private visit … Which emperor also takes a princess on a micro-private visit?
Why don’t you still give Meng Ran this last job? What did ChuYao do?
Although Yan Re felt some words in her heart, she joined the performance with a smile on her face.
Seeing that Yan Re started her acting career, she said with anger, "Yes, Sister Shu Fei, you said it ~ My sister also wants to have the opportunity to go out with the emperor."
She has been used to coquetry and femininity for the past two days.
Sure enough, this opening, she looked around, well, caused a lot of discomfort.
But she just doesn’t care. Who told the emperor to spoil her?
See YanRe and cloud shallow so cooperate with Meng Ran said with a smile, "the palace thought for a long time and finally decided on the fairest way to draw lots."
Chapter 5 Chapter 5
When soon came and eye elder brother agreed five days later.
During this period, Chu Yao’s attitude towards Liu Yingying has improved significantly, but this attitude is obviously not his own will.
Liu Yingying couldn’t help but feel happy when he saw more and more rewards.
After all, I have received the most rewards recently except that Wang Zhaoyi is myself.
Her biggest goal is to bring down Meng Shufei, but before that, she still has to fight Wang Zhaoyi.
But what puzzles Liu Yingying is that although ChuYao’s attitude towards her has improved significantly, he still hasn’t called her to serve her.
Sleeping is absolutely impossible for Liu Yingying.
After all, playing mahjong is a goof. They hope that Liu Yingying won’t know that this is not just a game world for the time being. They have no intention of letting ChuYao call Liu Yingying to serve the bedroom.
In the end, the two candidates were just like Yan Re imagined, one was Liu Yingying and the other was her.
She was able to go to nature, not only because Chu Yao chose her, but because she was coquetry with the emperor in front of everyone.
But it’s quite in line with her annoying Wang Zhaoyi.
Today’s plan has been roughly made.
Yan Re and Liu Yingying followed ChuYao to leave the palace.