"You don’t blame ShiShu is my fault ShiShu …"

"ShiShu didn’t hit me, also didn’t scold me is … my own bad"
"Master, are you quarreling?"
"I’m fine. I’m really fine."
So Xiao Jing understood that he was framed by Liu Yuan Bai. Maybe it was rival in love.
After seeing through Liu Yuan Bai’s true face, Xiao Jing told his senior brother many times, but he was reprimanded.
In the face of Liu Yuan Bai’s repeated provocations and ridicule from his classmates, he cried around like a falling night, but there was no light.
No one believe what he said.
There are rumors that the real people in Qingxiao are jealous of their teachers and nephews, and they have repeatedly slandered Germany for being unworthy.
At one time, Liu Yuan Bai grinned cunningly and made a stinging remark, which made him push people even more.
Xiao Jing frowned and pushed him backhand, but Liu Yuan Bai fell down crying and rushed out of the door.
Here we go again. This familiar scene is repeated.
Xiao Jing was cornered and laughed uglier than cried in front of Liu Changyuan.
"That’s enough. I’m an apprentice. I know it!"
"White children are pure and not as thoughtful and jealous as you are boring."
"Xiao Jing, how did you become like this?"
Hehe, how did he become like this? He ….. has become a nuisance.
Xiao Jing is crazy about repairing, acting strangely, and the protagonist is beaten in the face like a poor tool man, which promotes the plot.
While testing his mental fluctuations, Uni-President said, "In the first half of your life, you are lucky, and in the second half, you are unlucky."
"You have extraordinary qualifications and high understanding. You can fly to the celestial world without falling halfway, but you are trapped in love."
"You changed the kendo and practiced the sword day and night, and finally achieved something. Lu Changyuan held Yuanyang’s double swords and made the double swords combine to make the sword method famous all the way."
"You love Lu Changyuan deeply, laugh at what he laughs at, and are angry at what he is angry about, forgetting what is good in your heart, even at the risk of being saved by demons in the battle against demons."
"After you became famous as a young man, your bad luck was repeatedly planted in Liu Yuan Bai’s dark ways, and you were coldly ignored by your brother, disappointed by your master, and laughed at by heaven and man."
"The true gentleman of Wenyuan and his apprentice two of a kind have a companion’s trace. You are heartbroken and do not hesitate to seek a turn for the better, but you return with hatred."
Xiao Jing said with a smile, "BGM is very emotional, but I can’t cry."
Unifying the background music silently, "it is a small means to make the host integrate into the role better."
Xiao Jing pulled a long tone and suddenly said, "Not interested."
"Please take the host seriously!" This time, the unified voice accelerated with three points of anger. "The plot can’t collapse or it will be poor in the future."
"Well …" Xiao Jing pondered for a moment and knew, "So you are artificial intelligence with feelings and self-judgment."
Then you can’t treat the system as a tool. Is it his help?
Unified "…"
What’s the matter with this host? In a few words, it takes the lead.
This moment is unified
Xiao Jing unawares continued, "cannon fodder, I am the one who promotes the development of the plot."
Unified "yes"
"Interesting. Come on then."
Is it good or bad that the system is silent and the binding host is too rational and too intelligent?
A moment, the plot officially begins.
Xiao Jing’s thoughts are unclear, and the heat wave is rolling, ups and downs in the surging emotions/tides.
Panting, he staggered towards the forest.
"Brother brother help me …"
At this time, a cold voice came, "Xiao Jing, you are crazy. How dare you flatter me? Let me go!"
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Chapter, chapter
Xiao Jing smiled mournfully and staggered towards the room.
How many days have you been indifferent to him? When you meet in a hurry, your eyes are cold as ice.
Xiao Jing’s heart is like dying embers. He was hit in the chest by the magic repair, and he was aching faintly. He was unwilling to ask his senior brother to change his mind!
In front of Lu Changyuan, sitting cross-legged on the bed, his face was flushed, his clothes were loose, but his eyes were cold. "Are you crazy and cruel to me?"
Xiao Jinghong’s lips are like blood and tears. "Brother, you finally look at me."
Regardless of disdain or jealousy, you have me in your eyes at this moment.
Lu Changyuan’s face was livid, and he scolded, "It’s insulting for you to act absurdly and abandon yourself!"
Lu Changyuan couldn’t understand how his younger brother became like this.
They grew up together since childhood, and they practiced together with Lu Changyuan. How old are they and senior brothers? They have high hopes for Xiao Jing as brothers and friends.
Once they held double swords to sweep away evil spirits, and they were also famous for fighting against various factions.
Gradually Xiao Jing went astray.
Uncle Shen, he is jealous of the young teacher’s nephew’s repeated verbal insults and even hurt others. He still refuses to repent after being reprimanded by his elders.
He ….. Not worthy of holding a sword!
Lu Changyuan turned his head and closed his eyes.
Xiao Jing’s heart is sour. Now he doesn’t even want to look at himself.
A robe as thin as a cicada falls to the ground, and a wisp of fragrance fills the air in the abode of fairies and immortals. Xiao Jing’s clothes are half-faded, and her bones are as beautiful as ice and jade.
He smiled lightly and sat astride the man’s waist. A pair of jade arms wrapped around his neck, and his tender lips were like apricot flowers blooming with a light red color, inviting to gather.
"Brother" Xiao Jing blew on the man’s lips and murmured, "Your chest is so hot that you are … upset."
Lu Changyuan lost his temper and said, "You are crazy!"
At the moment, Xiao Jing pretended to be smiling, but the corner of his eye was misty. "I have long been crazy …"
Xiao Jing’s eyes are firm as if she were determined to poke the man’s skirt out at random, kiss his lean chest and bite like anger.
Warm lips sticking to the skin, the man’s body suddenly froze.
"Xiao Jing, how dare you insult me?" Lu Changyuan was always cold and offended by him again and again, and he flew into a rage.
"What a sin?" Xiao Jing looked at him with sad eyes and asked, "Brother, did you forget that you asked me to be a companion?"
He’s been waiting for this vague idea year after year. Have you … broken your word?