Before he landed on his knees, Lin Feng quickly got up and said, "Helping you is what I should do. Brothers and alliances should always help each other. As for the escort, I guess I advise you not to listen. After you get it done, you and Ape Liang will discuss it. After that, you will be the deterrent force in my hands. Think about it. If more than 500 people or even more than 5,000 people use the original soul to stab thousands of people to use the extreme atavism, what is the scene? " Windson set a goal for the people in front of him and painted a blueprint of hope.

"good." Soames roared with confidence.
Windson was startled by him. This guy has a big voice.
Look at the overall situation. It’s almost the same. Windson began to lift the source blockade for Yuanmou people step by step.
In fact, this is not difficult. The prediction just now was a bit conservative. I was not familiar with it for the first time, so I delayed a lot of time, but it was much simpler later. However, the source location of each Yuanmou person is different. Every time, we have to look for forest air, and the source energy fluctuation under blockade is very small and has strong concealment, so the degree of forest air is still not improved very quickly.
In the next few days, more than 100 people were solved every day than the day before, and it only took more than ten days to solve them all. In the middle, Lin Feng has to show up every day and gradually get familiar with Hogg and the accompanying guards.
Windson is going to use Samuel’s identity to find aliens from other original planets who have been escorted back. They are all going to be sold as slaves and looted materials. But this process must be cautious. This time, if it is not that you have not been to these planets of the Science and Technology Alliance, Lin Feng can choose to teleport directly.

Chapter three hundred and thirty-two Masks (below)
"By the way, do they know the location of those planets?" Windson repented at the thought of here how much time was delayed. Every day that the slaves are brought back late is an extra day of danger.
Windson came to the independent space and looked at the soldiers in intense training. At the same time, they were more eager to get to the central planet of the universe alliance.
"Ape Liang, do you know the route to the central planet of the Universe Alliance?" Windson find apes bright eager said.
The ape nodded and said, "I know, why do you ask this, boss?"
Windson also didn’t answer the ape’s bright question and said with a smile: "That’s good. You go out with me. Show me the way. "
Ape stopped Lin Feng with a smile and said, "No need, I have a star map here. The location and information of all the cosmic alliance planets are marked on it. "
Ape bright said I don’t know where to make a silvery white palm smart terminal.
Windson embarrassed laughed: "It was my mistake. Haha. I don’t have to play anyone for a few days to go straight to their lair. "
The reason why Lin Feng didn’t tell them that there were still many slaves was that he didn’t want them to get too excited and wait until he rescued most of the slaves.
Otherwise, these people must be clamoring for reckless action. If you have independent space and soul-destroying discs in your hands, you will have the capital to be invincible. If you add them, it is likely that the two races will be deeply hurt. Increase unnecessary casualties.
Lin Feng doesn’t want to see this scene. Let them practice well. Lin Fengyou feel that they will definitely use it in the future. Since Lin Fengyou merged Jinlong, they have a strong hunch ability for the future.
Although it’s vague, it’s better for windson to do it himself when he feels competent. This period of time, Lin Feng has been too busy to hang out with his wives, but all the women understand Lin Feng’s behavior very well, instead of disturbing him, they concentrate on practicing. This makes Lin Feng feel guilty and gratified.
After Lin Feng came out, he was not busy looking at the map, but prepared to deal with these Samuel’s guards.
Windson called Hogg in at the moment when Hogg came in and closed the door. Instantly wrapped Hogg in the field of five elements.
"Who the hell are you?" Hogg didn’t seem surprised. Condensate voice asked.
This is a sentence that makes windson very surprised. Has he already revealed that he is a fake Samuel?
"Does it matter who I am?" Windson is ready to take action anyway, so he is no longer concerned about anything. Instead, he is more interested in how Hogg is now a fake.
"Important. Of course it is important. " Hogg was very calm, although he was surprised at how Lin Feng became so much like Samuel and what ability he used to make himself unable to move, but he was more angry.
Hogg assisted three generations of planet leaders in their diet, daily life and security. But it’s the first time I’ve met a situation like today. This makes the old housekeeper who has not missed for many years very angry and let others change the young master under their own good eyes. I feel very puzzled anyway. He wanted to take advantage of windson thought he was a shoo-in and let his guard down. Understand these questions and where the young master is now and how Lin Feng dropped his bag under his strict protection.
What’s more serious is that Lin Feng knows a lot of things that only Samuel knows. Hogg has asked a lot of confidential questions several times without trace, but Lin Feng has answered them all.
This also shows from the side that the data source of Lin Feng should be whether Lin Feng, the young master, could have mastered so many things and killed the young master. If Hogg hadn’t brought up Samuel since childhood, he really wouldn’t have recognized Samuel as a fake. = = = = Even if it’s just a guess, it’s uncertain, so Hogg hasn’t taken any action, but today he was inadvertently robbed by Lin Feng.
"Then can you tell me how you realized that I was a fake?" Windson rest leisurely asked in the chair.
"Fake land is fake land. I brought Samuel up from childhood. I know what shit he pulled. I can see that there is something wrong. If I hadn’t asked some confidential questions, you could have answered them and wasted so much time to confirm them, you wouldn’t be in this situation. You would have been a prisoner. " Hogg still said quietly as if it had nothing to do with his comfort.
"Are you so sure you can escape? Or deal with me? " Windson narrowing her eyes asked.
"I’m just a little curious. Now that you’re sure I’m sure I can’t escape, why don’t you just satisfy an old man’s last wish?" Hogg said without hesitation.
"Why should I do this?" Lin Feng took a sip of tea and asked, "Just because you are old, just because you are so excited?" .
"Hey hey you are upset? Still afraid to reveal your identity? What are you worried about? Worried that your prisoner will reveal your identity? " Hogg’s expression has finally changed, but this expression is more of that kind of contempt, which makes Lin Feng very unhappy.
"You don’t have to use this trick anymore. I won’t say anything. Don’t you care about the safety of your young master?" Windson for hogg’s confidence comes from where is very puzzled.
It doesn’t look like Hogg has a plan.
"Shit." Windson denounced with a loud voice "almost fooled your empty plan. Besides, I don’t need your guidance on how to do what I like. So I can’t realize your wish for you. If you don’t open your cards, then I won’t hesitate to harvest your life. I hope you don’t mind. I sympathize with you for dying with so many questions. "
"Ha ha you this is the field? Then what do you think of mine? " Hogg smiled strangely.
Windson was surprised that the name of the field had never been improved. How did he know that?
"How did you … hey?" Lin Feng was attracted by Hogg’s words and ignored Hogg’s movements, but the next moment Lin Feng felt that Hogg had disappeared in an instant, and people could still see it in the field, but Lin Feng could not feel it. It seems that Hogg has become an independent existence in the field and is not controlled by the field.
Windson pupil shrinks. What is this means? There is nothing to fix for Hogg now. Besides, Hogg’s moment of movement just now didn’t come from any imposing manner. What skill is this?
Is windson doubt when LAM Raymond suddenly saw the painful eyes from Hogwarts turbid fundus.
"Ha ha, I know you are using scientific and technological means to achieve the level of cultivation, right? And your source of strength should not be the energy of nature. Can this so-called field last long? I don’t know if it’s okay at this age. " Windson asked strangely, and his eyes deliberately aimed at a certain part.
After all, Hogg is a man when he is old, and he cares about that very much.
"Bastard, you forced me." Hogg is finally angry, and it seems that he will try his best.
Windson smiled suddenly Hogg felt that the forest air in front of him seemed different. It’s still the familiar face hole, but now it’s like a blooming flower with dazzling light. Hogg directly looks at Lin Feng’s eyes. What kind of eyes are they like an abyss? Once you get into it, you can’t extricate yourself. It’s so long and deep.
Hogg’s vicissitudes of life eyes dare not look Lin Feng in the eye. But after the match, it can’t be moved. The angry look in Hogg’s eyes is getting less and less. I feel like I want to fall asleep. My eyes are closed, but the feeling of fatigue and laziness is full of the whole body and mind. The field that appeared around Hogg is gone, and the anger that exploded for the sake of men’s face is gone.
Hogg’s consciousness is gradually being stripped of his body, as if he saw his own body below, but his consciousness is constantly rising and rising, and he only feels like a kite flying is broken.
Hogg himself opened his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood. My eyes are still closed and flat on the ground.
This is the skill of soul sutra. Lin Feng now likes to use soul sutra more and more, and he has become lazy, which is like fighting and killing before. Now he has begun to worship and kill without seeing blood.
After some soul-searching, Lin Feng learned from Hogg that it was not how powerful Hogg was, but that the level of science and technology was a little high, and that was just a short-term effect that Hogg went beyond his level.
And a device on Hogg gave him the ability to hide his strength. Because Hogg’s strength is mostly reflected in his brain, he is also ready to use the spirit to control Windson just like Lin Feng used the soul sutra.
But the spirit level of windson itself is higher than that of Hogg, and the means recorded in the soul sutra can be achieved by Hogg’s scientific and technological devices? Now the reason why Hogg is not dead is that Lin Feng doesn’t want him to die, but Lin Feng was dumbfounded just now.

Chapter three hundred and thirty-three New identity (on)
By searching for the soul, Lin Feng is not the mastermind in this matter, and there are people standing behind the house of lords to manipulate it.
And everyone is just that man’s pawn. This is the information that Lin Feng extracted from Hogg’s brain. Hogg has been controlled for a long time. This control is more of a kind of cooperation. Once people live longer, they think most about how to live longer.
And Hogg? In his opinion, this has nothing to do with his position. After all, he is very loyal to the Samuel family. But what Hogg didn’t expect was that he got deeper and deeper after being bought by the mysterious man, and finally even got Samuel’s family in. Perhaps it was because of guilt that Hogg was particularly concerned about Samuel’s comfort, which is why he was cautious and anxious when he learned that Lin Feng was impersonating Samuel. Finally, even at the expense of crash and burn, I want to use the spiritual cultivation method from the mysterious man and want to die with Lin Feng.
"I didn’t think there is a behind. This is a cosmic case. I’m afraid it’s not as simple as dealing with the original life. It is more likely that there will be a planned invasion of this plane. " Windson thought with a frown.
This matter must be handled with caution. As a member of this plane, I am afraid that the Earth Alliance cannot stand idly by. If the universe alliance is scattered by the forces represented by this mysterious man, the Earth Alliance will not be spared. This is actually a problem. As long as the forces of the mysterious man are solved, everything else can be said.
But where should we start? Samuel, a pustule, seems to be looked down upon at all. The boy didn’t even use his brains on him. He just controlled his father’s waste and wanted to do something. Their stall is very big, using the introduction of joining the universe alliance with the earth alliance. Attract the attention of most people and then divide and disintegrate the strength of the cosmic alliance. This time, they are all allied with more aggressive planets, and other planets will inevitably not be controlled by them. How to do it?
Windson thought about it with a frown and didn’t know how to solve it, but he knew the seriousness of the matter and seemed to need help. The people below can’t move at will. But Samuel is still steaming. I wish I could find a way to get the evidence and go to the central planet of the universe alliance. There must be their more important weights. Only by grasping their weakness can we catch them all and leave no future trouble. Windson looked at Hogg in front of him, and pitied that Hogg might still have a chance if it didn’t happen. But now we can only destroy him humanely.