Chapter three hundred and seventeen Score crazy (in)

Tang Wenlong raised her arms like a swan proudly.
When the red light came on, he watched the basketball cross the highest arc and rise higher and higher.
Then at the high point, it kept circling and rolling to attract and gather the audience’s eyes and head through the hoop!
"Ah ~" field a sigh.
"This damn guy has entered again. How can he be so accurate?" Warriors fans sat up angrily and put away their signs.
On the way, Tang Wenlong and Whiteside, the first dog leg, jumped sideways and hit one, then high-fived other teammates one by one.
"Well done!" Coach Collins gently encouraged.
Tang Wenlong smiled and sat down before he looked up at a big screen hanging on the side of the venue with personal data of each player.
15 points in the first quarter!
The Warriors really didn’t do their best to defend him. How did you build up your confidence in insisting on rotation and not double-clamping? Tang Wenlong himself wondered that two or three people would come to him after encountering other players’ estimated rotation dislocation, but the Warriors would rather watch him play singles than miss anyone.
"They played the Celtics a few years ago." Tang Wenlong thought of the Celtics’ tactics in the playoffs in the rookie season and the Warriors’ defensive rotation now.
However, the Celtics had Gatt, a monster at that time. The line defender may be the best defender in history. One arm can defend from the three-point line to the penalty area.
He’s imagining a game here, but the Golden State Warriors have a wave of climax.
Jarrett Jack, the backup point guard in Curry, is in excellent condition with his head bared. His street style changes direction, tearing the 76ers’ defense and then sending out extremely steady assists.
The first benefit was veteran Richard Jefferson, and Jack played with him. Two people helped each other to score, and the substitute quickly equalized the score to 35.
"What’s wrong?" Collins quickly called a timeout. Today, the state of the 76ers’ bench was super bad.
After the timeout, Butler’s jump shot was interfered by Drummond Green or missed Collins. The white face turned black. This timeout is equivalent to calling no eggs.
Tang Wenlong blinked, and the score advantage established in the first quarter vanished.
The audience was attacked by the Warriors’ substitutes, and they went crazy with excitement. The Warriors showed more fighting power and gradually overwhelmed the first 76 players in the league.
Tang Wenlong touched the nose some sit still.
Collins sat firmly until the seventh minute, when the Warriors led the 76ers by 5 points 4-35, which slowly changed Tang Wenlong.
I just got up from the bench and walked to the technical stage on the sidelines to get ready. When the fans saw it, they unconsciously hissed.
When they got together, it turned into a frenzy, which startled the referee on duty. Today, he played very well. When he saw that Tang Wenlong was ready to appear, he suddenly realized, and then he got his whistle ready and blew a dead ball at any time to replace him.
Mark Jackson correspondingly changed Curry, Thompson and others.
Drummond Green got two rebounds awkwardly for five minutes when he changed the court, but he didn’t score a point. Jimmy Butler was also changed on the other side. He was also in poor condition and made great achievements on the offensive end.
David Lee scored the second penalty, and the Warriors led the 76ers 42-35 by 7 points.
Tang Wenlong asked for the ball at half-time, and Lori came across, and Tang Wenlong caught the ball and swayed in the same direction, and then stepped out in the opposite direction. The breakthrough was simple, but his first step was big and fast like a flash.
Defending him is Barnes, who played in the second half of the quarter and contributed a wonderful dunk to regain his confidence and state.
However, one of them failed to guard Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong is not in a hurry to dig deep into the line. Today, he feels good. He simply stopped the jumper in the middle distance. With Superman’s wingspan and bouncing Barnes, it was a slight interference.
"Hey!" Hit 2: 37 to break the scoring drought compared with 4276 people.
There was a slight sweat on his forehead. Collins wiped his forehead without trace, then smiled again and sat back on the bench without forcing.
Thompson missed the jumper and the rebound was grabbed by Whiteside.
The offensive and defensive rotation Tang Wenlong to the arc top position to organize the attack.
He patted the ball all the time, and the 76ers followed the tactics in an orderly way. Whiteside ran to the high position to cover Tang Wenlong’s pick and roll.
Then on the other side of the young line, Joey Leuer cut the ball and ran back. Ray Allen covered the ball. Ray Allen had a chance to measure the ball before Tang Wenlong.
Ray Allen catches the ball and throws Tang Wenlong to kill the line.
The basketball hit the rim and then hit the backboard. Ray Allen made a quick shot and missed three points.
David Lee at the bottom of the basket gave the card owner a happy look at the thin center behind him. The rebound in the backcourt is assured.
At this time, he seemed to hear a "caution" sound in the noisy venue.
I haven’t thought about it yet, but suddenly it’s dark overhead, and the spotlight is covered and a shadow is cast.
"What the hell!"
Tang Wenlong’s magic weapon jumped up and grabbed the basketball with both hands in the sky, and slammed it with a thud, while at the same time, he couldn’t stop bumping into David Lee and Whiteside, knocking both of them to their unstable centers of gravity and almost falling down.
"It’s too fierce to lie in the trough!" Old fans in Jinzhou Bay swore and felt as if they had seen the ancient Zhang Emperor.