"Ahem ~ ~ elder ~ ~ I don’t know if the younger generation and others have offended the elder, but please ask the elder to be honest ~" Although he was also injured, Liu Zong also vomited an one mouthful blood stasis, but he had to get up respectfully and asked that the present person was beyond his imagination, and it was definitely not him to offend.

"Roll ~" in the middle-aged man instantly fell beside Ye Guchen and then coldly looked at the distant Fu Luzong. They all jumped out of such a sentence and took out a grain of Dan medicine to shoulder Ye Guchen and left for the East.
"Well, I’m afraid it will take a long time for my little ancestor to recover from such an injury. I have a healing potion, but I don’t have it with me. Ancestor Yu Fuzhao asked me to send my little ancestor to the stars and then go back by myself. But what if anything happens to this little ancestor?" The old man in the clouds frowned and looked at Ye Guchen lying beside him and muttered to himself.
But then with a sigh, it’s not up to him to decide. Now that the ancestor’s old man’s house has decided, he can resign himself to fate!
After a wry smile accelerated, I came to a vast sea for half a day. I chose an island to discard Ye Guchen in the face and turned to leave. However, when I left, I left a puppet beside Ye Guchen for forty or fifty meters. This island has no fierce generation, but it can also ensure that Ye Guchen is safe until Ye Guchen wakes up or is rescued. This puppet will be guarded here.
I don’t know how long it took Ye Guchen to feel thirsty, and his chapped lips muttered, "Water ~ water ~ I want water ~ ~"
It’s obviously a sign of qi deficiency and weakness. I want to struggle and get up with my eyes open, but Ye Guchen feels that my eyelids are moving like a broken body, and I can feel the pain immediately.
It was Ye Guchen’s best effort to be able to shout out the faint sound, and then he heard a soft sound. Although the master didn’t look like it, the sound was quite soft and beautiful. "If you bear with me, I’ll get you water ~"
Then Ye Guchen felt a cool and sweet water flow into his mouth, and his head was lifted. There was a soft feeling behind him. How do you say that feeling? It was very warm, it was very warm, and it made people feel comfortable.
And after a while, there was a warm current coming into my body, which seemed like porridge, but Yuzryha’s lonely belly felt a sense of fullness.
Although Ye Guchen has reached the stage of breaking the valley, now Ye Guchen is injured after all. The so-called breaking the valley means that when the body has reached a certain level, it does not need to ingest nutrients in food, and it means that it needs to refine the aura of heaven and earth to itself, so there is no need to eat. However, Ye Guchen is now in this state, the whole body circulation is destroyed and his body is broken, and then the elixir is also damaged. It is no different from a disabled person to guide the aura of heaven and earth into the body.
Therefore, he desperately needs this food.
I don’t know how long it took Ye Guchen to calculate, but Ye Guchen can be sure that at least four or five days, the owner of the sound is taking care of himself, feeding himself water and a small amount of food. Take care of himself. This Yuzryha Guchen is very moved. Although I don’t know who the other party is, I don’t even know the name of the other party, Ye Guchen is very moved by this person and secretly vows to repay this person when I get better.
Four or five days later, Ye Guchen finally opened his eyes and came into view. He was about seventeen years old, with a round face, big eyes, small nose and thin lips. A pure beauty like this is rare for a girl with long hair hanging down her shoulders. It is definitely that kind of pure and lovely type. If you change your school, it will definitely be the most beautiful protagonist in the campus drama. The pure appearance is really pitiful.
"Ah ~ you’re awake!" The girl was holding a bowl of water in this bamboo house, and she looked at Ye Guchen with a surprised face. When she saw this Ye Guchen wake up, she suddenly felt a little happy and said that obviously Ye Guchen woke up and made her very happy.
"Who are you? Where am I? " Looking around, I looked around this humble bamboo house, and the furniture that looked very shabby and simple, Ye Guchen immediately looked at the girl’s face in front of me and barely revealed a smile and asked in a low voice.
"Here? This is the cloud country in the sea of stars. My name is Fluttershy. You found me at the seaside when I went to the village ten days ago. I saw that you were injured and nobody took care of you. Are you okay? A lot of words in the wrong novel network "Fluttershy smiled and looked at Ye Guchen in front of him and said that when he said this, he couldn’t help but look at Ye Guchen, but by chance, he felt a little embarrassed and his face turned red.
"The stars sea? Izumo country? Where is that? " Ye Guchen can’t help but think that to tell the truth, this name is very strange to Ye Guchen. He doesn’t know exactly where the cloud country is in the stars and seas ~ ~ Ye Guchen doesn’t know much about this world, and many places have not heard of it before Ye Guchen entered the fix-true world.
"You don’t know a cloud country? Our Izumo country is the starry sea, 20 countries, one starry sea, 20 countries are 20 continents, and each continent has a country. Our Izumo country is one of them. How could you not know that? Is there any other country around here? " Fluttershy looked at Ye Guchen with a face of surprise and said something without saying anything. To be honest, Fluttershy knew these things or the old people in the village told Fluttershy. In fact, there is no concept about the whole continent, namely the Starry Sea and the Izumo country, Fluttershy, because she has been away from the village twice since she was born, or when she was very young.
In Fluttershy’s thoughts, Ye Guchen was scratched for a while with his own kind. He didn’t know these because there were no old people in their village to tell them.
Frankly speaking, Fluttershy’s ideas are sometimes a little too simple, that is, in this simple marginal village, there can be a new environment, and Fluttershy is afraid to suffer a big loss
"This ~ I’m from a maritime company in Datang, and I’m floating up because of a shipwreck. My life is gone. I didn’t expect to have to be saved. I have to thank the girl for saving my life. If there is an opportunity, Ye Guchen will surely be rewarded." Ye Guchen said in a low voice. Now he hasn’t recovered, and he speaks a little breathless.
"So you are from Datang! I’ve heard that there is a very big continent tens of thousands of miles to the east of the Starry Sea. Compared with it, our 20 countries in the Starry Sea are just like 20 small islands. This continent has a very big country, which is very prosperous. It is said that there are still immortals. All the 20 people in the Starry Sea want to go to Datang. I heard from Grandpa Ali that I didn’t expect you to be from Datang. Is Datang beautiful? Are there many people there? There are many immortals? " Ye Guchen told a lie, but it aroused great interest in Fluttershy. For a little girl who has lived in a remote seaside fishing village for a long time, the beautiful Datang in the old population is her dream place. Now Ye Guchen says that she is from Datang Fluttershy, and naturally she can’t help but want to ask a few more questions.
"Very? Hehe, it’s really beautiful, and it’s very prosperous there. The capital Chang ‘an alone has a population of 10 million, and the frontier soil is more than 100 thousand miles. Is it really wider than "Ye Guchen and others?" The command position of the Royal Guards was not made in vain. He was sure of the people’s heart. Seeing Fluttershy’s appearance, he naturally knew that her thoughts were unpopular, and the girl’s dream was broken, so she said so.
"Really? That ~ ~ "Ye Guchen’s mysterious Datang obviously aroused the interest of this innocent and lovely girl. A face of curiosity asked Ye Guchen about the customs and customs of Datang, and all kinds of things were much more boring than this cloud country.
Ye Guchen tells the story of Datang to Fluttershy while unconsciously snooping some news from Fluttershy, a simple girl’s mouth. After all, Ye Guchen was born in a royal guard. Although he is not an expert in these means, he will soon understand the situation here.
It turns out that the so-called Starry Sea is the sea off the coast of Datang from Wan Li, which is called the Starry Sea. It doesn’t belong to the overseas repair world, because they haven’t even heard of the famous overseas 72 islands. Ye Guchen has heard that everyone on the 72 islands is the worst in repairing the truth, and it is also the practice of Jin Wei Zhen. Obviously, it doesn’t belong to the overseas repair world.
The so-called Izumo country is just an island with a population of one million miles around Fiona Fang. The island countries in the sea rank among the 20 countries in the Starry Sea. One is the farthest country from the Tang Dynasty. The 20 countries in the Starry Sea are not far apart from each other across the sea. None of them are less than a hundred miles apart. Everyone is too small to fight each other constantly.
And his place is called Linhai Village, a remote and simple small fishing village belonging to Hehai County, the south county of Izumo country.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Fluttershy
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Fluttershy
Of course, there is an important detail that Ye Guchen didn’t pull. That is, Fluttershy said that there is no god in the 20 countries of the Starry Sea, and the god revered by this Izumo country is called Izumo God, who lives in the center of Yunfeng. Even the Lord of the country has to be dominated by Izumo God. Since the birth of the 20 countries of the Starry Sea tens of thousands of years ago, 20 gods have been traced back in their specific years.
This has aroused Ye Guchen’s interest, saying that Ye Guchen is a god who sneers at this shit. It’s impossible to be a real god. It was in the evil extreme Sect, and I occasionally heard that there were ancient gods. However, if those people are not extinct vertically and horizontally, they can sweep the fix-true world with a wave of their hands. The root of their role is not in this ordinary people’s world. If there are twenty celestial myths in this starry sea, how can they live here? Anyone who comes out at random can wipe out the whole realm of repair. Who can stop it?
It seems to Ye Guchen that the so-called twenty gods are probably the ones who fix the truth, and the ones who fix the truth are absolutely impossible to be the so-called gods.
I suspect that these twenty gods are very interested in Yuzryha Gu Chen, but Ye Gu Chen didn’t think much about it at this moment. After he woke up, he went to observe his physical condition. It can be said that his body is in a mess everywhere. Although some places have improved a lot, most places have serious injuries, dirty broken bones, cracked bones and injuries everywhere. This Yuzryha Gu Chen is very depressed. According to Ye Gu Chen’s rough calculation, it takes less than half a year for him to recover from the injuries he suffered in the meridians. Dan’s internal organs are still damaged, so he needs to be nourished by the aura of heaven and earth. It takes about a year for his body to recover and be able to move its true strength before he can repair it.
It’s not too short to say whether it’s long or short in a year for the fix true person, but Yuzryha Gu Chen wants to return to this evil extreme case of the northern branch of Flame Peak, which is a very frustrating thing for Ye Gu Chen. This time Ye Gu Chen even returns to Tianjinshan, and Yu Mei Nina and Xiao Bai can leave it there first, but I think there are evil extreme cases. According to them, there should be nothing.
Then came Ye Guchen, who was slowly recovering from his illness. He lay in this Fluttershy home for more than two months, eating and drinking like a dead man every day. On weekdays, he also told Fluttershy about the customs of Datang. Of course, Ye Guchen didn’t know anything about Datang. He copied his hometown, but he still said that Fluttershy yearned for it.
The two became more and more intimate. Of course, one thing I have to say is that Fluttershy is an orphan whose parents died more than a year ago when they went fishing at sea. She also relied on mending fishing nets for various families to make silkworms and weave fabrics. Birthday is not plentiful. It is already the limit to be able to support herself alone. It is very difficult to add Ye Guchen to a drag bottle in Fluttershy, but she still hasn’t given up Ye Guchen, an orphan in Yuzryha. She wants to give those real money to Fluttershy in this Gankun Ring, but she is startled to find that she can’t move the real money. Even Gankun Ring can beat this Yuzryha solitary ring,
But fortunately, two months passed quickly. Ye Guchen, although not good, has recovered a part of his bones. Most of them have recovered. Although they have not recovered, they are limping, but at least they can walk in bed.
In the evening, after a hard day’s work, Fluttershy rushed back from the outside and showed a little tired. After seeing Ye Guchen, he showed a smile and immediately said, "How? Hungry? There are many words in the wrong novel network. I’m going to cook! "
Talking turned and walked towards the humble kitchen in the courtyard outside the door, but then Ye Guchen seemed to hear a cry. Although he had no strength, his six senses were still keen to cry. Although it was not big, Ye Guchen was able to hear it clearly. This Yuzryha Guchen unconsciously frowned and walked slowly towards the door. Try to put some light and place Fluttershy.
Approaching the kitchen slowly, I saw Fluttershy crying in front of the rice jar. The expression of pear flower with rain was heartbreaking. Her hands were covered with blood. A colorful bird appeared in Fluttershy’s hands. The bird Ye Guchen knew that Fluttershy raised a bird called Xiaocai, which was very good with Fluttershy. It is said that Fluttershy’s parents gave it to Fluttershy when he was a child in Fluttershy. Before Ye Guchen appeared, the bird was Fluttershy’s partner. I didn’t know that this Xiaocai died when I followed Xiao Die. This made Ye Guchen frown unconsciously, but she did not move. She watched quietly outside the door.
But then Fluttershy said, Yuzryha’s lonely heart hurts like a needle. I almost couldn’t help but shed tears. Seeing Fluttershy crying and constantly removing Xiaocai’s feathers, she sobbed and said, "Sister Xiaocai, I’m sorry, but I can’t eat at home. I didn’t go out today and found a buddy. People in the village were not well off. The other day, they could give me a hand, but recently the tax came again, and there was no surplus grain in every family. Uncle, they have removed fishing and haven’t come back yet. I’m hungry, but Brother Ye hasn It’s not good to eat those shoddy rice all day in the past few days. You can’t be hungry. I also have no way for you to forgive my sister and repay you in the afterlife. "
Yuzryha’s lonely heart felt uncomfortable. I didn’t expect that Fluttershy would personally kill the pet person who was dependent on her life. If she didn’t reach a certain point, she would never do so. Especially, a kind-hearted girl like Fluttershy, Ye Guchen, knew how to look at people. The command of the Royal Guards made him have a very accurate eye for people. Fluttershy, an inexperienced girl, was definitely the kind of person who was soft-hearted to the extreme. Don’t say that she personally killed a bird who was dependent on her life. She was afraid that she wouldn’t even kill a live fish. Now she actually did this. Yuzryha Guchen didn
"If I can get away from here, I will definitely take away Fluttershy and make her prosperous and live forever." Ye Guchen couldn’t help but think of talking like this. He slowly left here and didn’t rush in, but as if he didn’t know that this matter was not Ye Guchen’s cold blood, it was really his white. If he walked in at this time, he would even make Fluttershy more sad.
I didn’t say much. After returning to the house, Ye Guchen slowly did some restorative movements. He wanted to recover his body quickly. Once he recovered, such a thing would never happen again. Even if he recovered his strength by ten percent, it would be enough for this mortal to give this Fluttershy luxurious food.
In a short time, Ye Guchen smelled a fragrance, and then Fluttershy walked in lightly with a ceramic cauldron in his hand and slowly brought it to Ye Guchen with a show of disapproval. He said, "Ye Dage, you have been waiting for a long time. Come and eat quickly. Today, several uncles in the village went out hunting and just met me. I gave you a bird. I gave you a soup. Ye Dage, you are still injured and weak. Eat more."
Fluttershy’s expression and Fluttershy dialect Yuzryha’s lonely heart is another pain and can’t help but say "thank you Fluttershy"
He didn’t ask much or ask Fluttershy for dinner as usual. At that time, Fluttershy sometimes had a hard time at home and always let herself eat first, but she choked back the past. Ye Guchen knew that she always liked to ask Fluttershy if she had eaten before, but today Ye Guchen didn’t ask much, but quietly said nothing and abruptly ate this little lottery.
Frankly speaking, Fluttershy’s craft is good. This soup smells fragrant and the meat is delicious, but Ye Guchen’s heart is like a knife. He has never eaten anything worse than this. The taste is not from the taste, but from the heart. Ye Guchen has a strong sense of guilt in his heart, but he has lived up to Fluttershy’s kindness and stopped stimulating Fluttershy. Ye Guchen swallowed this little lottery and didn’t even let go of a little soup residue.
This appearance made Fluttershy’s face slightly show a smile. After Ye Guchen had eaten, he packed his things and said to Ye Guchen, "Ye Dage, you rest first and I’ll clean up."
Say that finish turned to leave but leave Ye Guchen sitting here alone looking at the moon in the sky with mixed feelings at the moment.
After packing things, Fluttershy returned to his room. He didn’t ask questions as usual. He made the bed for Ye Guchen. After Ye Guchen slept, he returned to the room by himself. In the middle of the night, Ye Guchen fell asleep, and she heard this Fluttershy room crying faintly. In the middle of the night, her belly unconsciously called this Yuzryha solitary Chen. I didn’t know what to say at the moment and could sigh repeatedly.
Early the next morning, this Fluttershy was driven out and hasn’t come back until noon. Ye Guchen was worried and felt that he was always lying like this. It’s not the case. You can’t put all the burden on Fluttershy. You can’t move because you were seriously injured. But now that you have improved a lot, you can walk in bed and your body has recovered a little. You shouldn’t lie at home like this and rely on Fluttershy to support yourself. Fluttershy had the heart to kill Xiao Cai yesterday. What about today? If you can’t get some food today, can’t Fluttershy cut the meat and sell the blood? Is that still a thing?
Whether it is out of human nature or Ye Guchen’s personal self-esteem, he won’t allow such a thing to happen, absolutely not.