Mo Xiu’s body, Zhen Yuan, once again reached a purity of 25, and at this time, only seven quenching Yuan Dan were consumed, and there were still three quenching Yuan Dan whose drug power was completely lost.
And Juyuandan has two drugs that have not been consumed.
Just as Mo Xiu was preparing to refine them in one breath and hit a higher level, a spirit pigeon flew up in the abode of fairies and immortals.
Another summons.
Moxiu smiled.
The incident happened this time, which shocked the Purple Lotus Society. To avoid the recurrence of this kind of incident, the summons has also changed, and there is an atmosphere of being a master inside.
Pack up and call Mo Xiu to Xiao Moer’s abode of fairies and immortals.
In the past month, Xiao Moer has made great progress in practicing in the abode of fairies and immortals. She has broken through the second layer and once quenched Yuan Dan, and she has not digested it. In this month, she has continued to refine Zhen Yuan, making Zhen Yuan more pure and reaching the third level.
Say goodbye to Xiao Moer, and leave the abode of fairies and immortals without carrying the Arm Monster.
Now the Arm Monster has evolved into an adult in a large number of magic pills, especially the magic pills. The second-order top monster beast is not far from the third-order monster beast.
Once it becomes a third-order monster beast, the arm monster will undergo a qualitative change and its strength will soar.
Before leaving the abode of fairies and immortals, Mo Xiu had a meal in the abode of fairies and immortals, but he didn’t find Xiao Moer running out again to kiss him with a wry smile and left the abode of fairies and immortals.
But Mo Xiu didn’t find that Xiao Moer was biting Hun with his teeth in his abode of fairies and immortals with a face of chagrin.
This time, the place is Qiaobei Wangdong Mansion.
In fact, Xuanwu Hall was generally in the abode of fairies and immortals of Qiaobei King, and Moxiu didn’t know about it before he was deceived by Blanc’s summons.
At this time, there are already 20 monks in Qiaobei King’s Cave House, four of whom are core members on the seventh floor of the construction period, and the rest are full members on the seventh floor of the construction period.
Moreover, Moxiuzhen Hun is strong enough to feel that these people are really Hun.
A closer look at Moxiu found that he knew many monks among them.
Heart, Wan Li Yang, Eastern War, Threshold, Shui Yue.
In the past month or so, there have been more than a thousand monks in the complex, including Minqi and Shuiyue.
It is not surprising that these people joined Zilian at the beginning and will appear here, but a few people got up and started to salute when they saw Mo Xiu.
"Deacon Mo!"
Don’t take an instant white these people are their own hands and can’t help wondering.
"Ha ha! Teacher Mo, these people will be your hands from now on, just as you all know each other. It is more convenient to put them together. "Qiao Beiwang came out of the house and said with a smile.
He was followed by Ying Chen. At this time, Ying Chen came forward and patted Mo Xiu on the shoulder. "Don’t be surprised by the fact that each hall and rudder club are divided according to the region."
"Like the bodhi old zu of our Purple Lotus Club, the backbone of the club was originally from Purple Lotus District, and most of them were monks from Zongmen, Purple Lotus District."
Moxiu suddenly realized and nodded and asked, "I don’t know what it is this time?"
"Seize the Fairy Edge Area and send it to the array," said Qiao Bei Wang Shen.
Chapter 52 The Dark Devil’s Attack (Third Night)
The third night is sent out! Ask for a monthly pass!
"These jade slips are the specific information of the central bank. You may wish to have a look."
With this, Qiao Beiwang shook hands and typed more than 20 jade slips, which accurately fell into everyone’s hands.
Everyone looks carefully.
Xianyuan District is one of the 100 districts under the jurisdiction of Zhengdao League. There is a medium spiritual vein in Fiona Fang, which is named after it.
In Zhengdao League, Xianyuan District is a second-class area, and the strength of all the clans is extremely strong, which is many times stronger than that of the Chaohai area where Qingyang Sect is located.
However, unfortunately, Xianyuan District is located in the handover area of Heiku Zongzhengdao League, and it is also the most severely affected place in every Hundred Wild Wars.
This time, the Black Devil Sect also launched a strong offensive from Xianyuan District.
And the dark Lord’s offensive is to send troops from Xianyuan District.
Sending troops is the lifeblood of Zhengdao League.
If the Daodao League Fiona Fang is thousands of miles away in such a vast area, it will take a lot of time for monks in the then-Dan period to fly once, but it will be even more troublesome for monks in the practice period to fly all over.
Therefore, in the Zhengdao League, long-distance transfer depends on sending the array.
There are also levels of delivery. The delivery of Zhengdao League in each district is a giant delivery. Just sending array is a large-scale sending array; Each country in each district sends a medium-sized array; Sending troops to the country is a small one.
Giant array can send hundreds of Wan Li, tens of millions of miles, large array can send one or two hundred Wan Li, medium array can send hundreds of thousands of miles to small array, and there are more than ten or twenty Wan Li.
It is by these sending arrays that the whole right alliance will form a whole. Once the sending array is lost, the whole area is almost equivalent to a blind spot.