"Little girl, don’t talk nonsense. I just rushed to save the King’s Palace to help her get up. What are you afraid of attacking him in the dark?" Zhou Huo knew that he couldn’t achieve his goal today, so he importuned. Anyway, there was no witness and he was not afraid.

You!’ Lin Jieyu was very angry about Zhou Huo’s laissez-faire, but there was nothing he could do.
"Since this is a misunderstanding, let’s not bother the King’s Palace. Let’s hurry to treat the wound. If the wound is infected, we will be in big trouble." Seeing that what we want to do has been completed, Liu Liangchen intends to leave.
Since Zhou Huo and Liu Liangchen are not in the beginning, Zhuo Lunyue has also been put away. To be honest, I really don’t have to be their two opponents to fight.
"Princess Temple, I suddenly found that my antidote needs to be improved. Why don’t you and I talk about it outside and let my senior sister heal the temple?" Thanks to Lin Jieyu’s ability to figure out such a lame excuse, it is also painstaking to create an opportunity for senior sister.
Will Snow Lotus agree? After all, no woman would like her man to be alone with his old lover, but unexpectedly, Snow Lotus agreed.
"Yeah, I also have questions to ask Flower Fairy. Let’s go outside and talk about it." Snow Lotus actually took the initiative to pull up Lin Jieyu and quickly walked to the outside of the lane to leave this dark silence to the two of them.
Zhuonongyue and Muqingfeng were both caught off guard by this arrangement. When Zhuonongyue saw Muqingfeng’s chest was still bleeding, he leaned over and took out his gold sore medicine and smeared it carefully.
Smelling the faint fragrance of the nose seems to evoke his memory. Mu Qingfeng wants to say something, but his throat is blocked by something. He doesn’t know that Xuelian means that he doesn’t know if he doesn’t know, so that this beautiful fairy can no longer suffer from acacia.
"Don’t say anything if you don’t know what to say. Let me give you the medicine for the last time. It’s still in Changlin Town. There are some things that don’t have to be forced to meet tonight. I’m very satisfied. It’s better to forget about the river’s lake. From now on, there will be no crescent moon." Zhuolong Moon sounds a little shaky, but her hands are really stable, as they were in the inn that day
Speaking of this, Mu Qingfeng knows that he can’t have anything to do with this beautiful fairy. It seems that it’s time for fate, but he doesn’t know if he can be as calm as Zhuo Langyue.
Lane strange quiet lane snow lotus son and Lin Xieyu but at each other.
"Hey, didn’t you ask me a question? Why didn’t you say a word after you came out?" Lin Jieyu’s lively nature made her kill her in such an embarrassing environment.
Saussurea gently asks, "Sister doesn’t want to talk to me about the antidote, so why don’t you talk?"
I found that Xuelian knew that she was trying to explain Lin’s words. Some don’t mean that she doesn’t understand why Xuelian will obey her own meaning. It should be very powerful to do what she thinks.
"At the very least, I am happier than your senior sister. I can get along with people I like day and night. Although I can’t share my favorite people with her, I can give her a woman who is sorry when I say goodbye. I hope you will forgive me if I can do this." Xuelian said lightly.
It took a while for Lin Jieyu to write a novel, "Thank you!"
Not long after, I saw Zhuo Nongyue holding Muqingfeng out. Muqingfeng’s body wound has been wrapped up by Zhuo Nongyue, which is a little bleeding, and his steps are a little frivolous.
"It’s over to you," said Zhuo Nongyue, putting Muqingfeng’s hand in Xuelian’s hand.
After that, Zhuolong Moon took his school sister’s head and disappeared in the moonlight without looking back. Mu Qingfeng was still reminiscing about walking out of the alley and Zhuolong Moon said in his ear that "take care of yourself before the meeting."
I don’t know how long it took Mu Qingfeng to say, "Let’s go home. My brother wants to tell us something today, but it is obvious that he is being watched. We still have to savor the process today."
Muqingfeng is somewhat absent-minded, but in view of this situation, Xuelian is also embarrassed to say something.
Seeing the Nangong Jinyu Zhou Huo on the other side is not so calm.
"I can take Muqingfeng’s head when I come to the Temple of the World. I didn’t expect Mr. Zhan to speak out to warn me of my good deeds. Do you have to give me an explanation?"
Nangong Jinyu heard that he almost killed Mu Qingfeng. Of course, he was concerned about the matter of falling short. He was waiting for Mr. Zhan to explain, but he would not doubt Mr. Zhan’s position. He had heard about the festival with Mu Qingfeng. It was absolutely impossible to reconcile.
"Can Mu Qingfeng, the world temple, stop prairie people from getting the antidote when he dies?" Mr. Zhan asks
"This, of course, can’t be an antidote, isn’t it?" Nangong Jinyu is not stupid enough to understand the meaning of Mr. Zhan.
"Is it possible for Mu Qingfeng to marry the grassland bead and take over the grassland forces after his death?" Mr. Zhan asked through
Nangong Jinyu shook his head. It’s already said that no matter what efforts he makes, he won’t get grassland forgiveness.
"Then I have one last question. Killing Mu Qingfeng can really solve the world’s hatred, but it will really offend the grassland forces and Beiyan Wangfu. How can it help our great cause to set up two such powerful enemies when we are not fully prepared?" After Mr. Zhan asked, he was not in words. He believed that it was impossible for Nan Gong Jin Yucong to be witty and unexpected.
Think for a moment the nangongshan jinyu back to Mr Zhou said; "Director Zhou, I hope that from now on, you will not advocate, especially not go against the wishes of Mr. Zhan and the general. If you act without authorization again, you will go back to Baizu Sect and continue to play with worms. Do you understand what I said?"
"I will never do it again after obeying orders." Although I was extremely unwilling, Zhou Huo chose to follow.
Although it’s different from his own plan and delivery, it’s always that Muqingfeng was injured. It’s always a bad breath from the library. What should I do now that Nangong Jinyu is more duplicitous?
Since their master is not talking, it’s time for the three of them to disperse. Soon after, Mr. Zhan deliberately slowed down. When Liu Liangchen came to his side, Mr. Zhan suddenly pulled him and whispered in his ear, "General, it’s a beautiful night today. Why don’t you and I have a drink in the month?" You know, I recently got Beiyan’s secret spirits. "
Although Mr. Zhan is warmly invited, Liu Liangchen always feels a little cold. What makes him most afraid these days is that this city is very shrewd and there are not many words. Maybe this is the Hongmen Banquet.
"How the general afraid of cheating? With you, I have no one else who doesn’t understand martial arts. If there is something wrong, I am no match for the general, "Mr. Zhan said gently."
"This wine is in treasure. Don’t you want to taste it or are you afraid it’s poisonous?" After Mr. Zhan saw Liu Liangchen sitting down, he looked at himself faintly and didn’t mean to move the cup at all.
Knowing that Liu Liangchen didn’t believe in himself very much, Mr. Zhan nai smiled and poured out a glass of liquor from the hip flask. The liquor looked up and drank it like a warm current, which instantly made him feel that the night was not so cold.
"Although the general is wary, he will never do such a thing as alcohol poisoning. In fact, he also has this hobby. If the general doesn’t want to talk to me, he can turn away and never stop him." Mr. Zhan seems to be addicted to alcohol. After drinking one glass, he felt that he was not satisfied and gave himself another.
Liu Liangchen is waiting for a powerful person to be shocked by this scene. Since Mr. Zhan didn’t mean to harm himself, it’s not a big deal to drink.
"Good wine!" Liu Liangchen almost coughed with a glass of hard liquor on his back, but instead of liking it, he grabbed the hip flask from Mr. Zhan and filled it for himself.
"It seems that the general is also a sexual lover. I didn’t expect you to have a soft spot for northern spirits as much as you do now. I don’t know why you like spirits. Why would you turn your back on your master and turn to the facade?" Mr. Zhan took a bite of the food, Beiyan specialty is the most delicious, and this liquor is really not changed for a fairy.
"Didn’t I say that the reputation of war is a straw bag? It’s better to come to the Nangong world with a large number of adults and have a future here." Liu Liangchen said quietly
"Oh, yeah, but now I don’t think so. Just think I’m a general who talks nonsense after drinking. Are you interested in listening?" Mr. Zhan got up and gave Liu Liangchen a glass of wine.
"The plague in the grassland has always been a mystery, although it is not a martial arts person, but it is not so strange to the hundred feet teaching. If they go through all kinds of hardships to make method worms and are cracked by the so-called Hua Xian girl in a few hours, then this hundred feet teaching is not necessary unless …" Mr. Zhan deliberately pointed to his glass without words.
Liu Liangchen naturally wanted to know what Mr. Zhan knew, so he also filled Mr. Zhan’s glass.
"Unless the little girl gets to know the medicine, she can analyze the formula according to the antidote, but this brings a new problem. Where did she get the antidote? Or Mu Qingfeng, how did they know that the source of the plague was a worm? " Mr. Zhan took the glass and waited slowly.
"Said here is not our time. If I remember correctly, when we went to attack and kill idiots, I’m afraid we would have returned home if it wasn’t for the general’s hand, that is, the general got our world trust. But it’s strange that the fugitive Zhan Qing didn’t appear in the battle guard. Is it because he was so seriously injured that he died in the barren hills? But now I am more willing to believe that another ending is that he was killed and shaved his head and wore a monk’s robe! " What a war! Mr. Zhan’s analysis is absolutely right.
Thought of here, Liu Liangchen couldn’t help pressing the hilt. It seems that Mr. Zhan has seen through his identity. Tonight, he wants to make a night attack on Muqingfeng, but he will appear with Zhou Huo. It seems that at that time, four people around him have been suspicious of themselves. Liu Liangchen is one hundred percent sure that he can kill Mr. Zhan and then walk away.
"The general is going to start work? Don’t worry, listen to finish. Now, if it’s really harmful to the general’s heart, he won’t invite you alone. What if the general doesn’t calm down and listen to finish? If the general is still not satisfied in the end, why don’t you just take me, the champion of Liuyang? " Mr Zhan didn’t show any fear.
"In fact, General He is really good at calculating. First, he made a move to get the trust of the world, and then he knew our specific plan. If you guessed right, then the root of the idiot wouldn’t have died, but you saved it, so you would know that the cause of the grassland plague was a method insect rather than a natural disaster. Then you can get the antidote by half-robbing. Zhou Tongling told me that the antidote was brought by him from Baizu Sect. I think the drug delivery man has died suddenly in the wilderness, and then the general’s suspicion has been successfully cleared. I have to say that it’s really beautiful" Mr. Zhan
"Sir, this is a joke? Besides, even if Mr. Wang says it’s true, what can I do with this strength? I’m afraid I’m not in the world, if I have sinned against Nangong and betrayed Ling Wangshi. " Mr Liu Liangchen is stable to drink with war picked up the glass and he gently touched a,
"This is also a mystery to me. I didn’t think of another possibility until this evening. You are related to Beiyan Shibai and you are someone else!" Mr. Zhan firmly said
Mr. Zhan would have a good life, but he came to this conclusion through these clues. Although it is not 100% correct, it is also close. After all, it is no problem for Mu Qingfeng to say that he is from Beiyan.
"Mr Said so much can there be evidence? I don’t think so, otherwise I wouldn’t come to talk alone, right? " Liu Liangchen raised his glass.
"General do things in the survey for a long time also failed, but the general is not afraid of me to debunk you? Even if the general martial arts is high, it may not be many bodyguard opponents, right? What’s more, Mr. Zhou is in charge of "War seems to have settled Liu Liangchen,
"This wine is good. I don’t know if Mr. Zhan has any possession for me. You know I’m good at it." Liu Liangchen didn’t panic at all. He was very obvious about the wine problem directly. Mr. Zhan was suspicious of himself tonight, but Liu Liangchen thought it over carefully and seemed that he was not afraid of Mr. Zhan.
"The general is still so calm, unless he believes himself to be higher than me? Do you think Nangong Jinyu will believe you as before? " Mr. Zhan said with a smile
"Since Mr Honest, how can I hide? Yes, I’m from Beiyan Wangfu, but Mr. Wang also made mistakes. Why don’t we just expose it? " Liu Liangchen drank a dry glass of wine without looking at Mr. Zhan.
"There will be a mistake? Then I’m all ears. "Mr. Zhan is in no hurry.
"It’s a pity that I can’t stay here and fight with Mr. Zhan when my identity is exposed." Liu Liangchen put his glass down and stared at Mr. Zhan closely.
"Sir’s biggest mistake is to do it tonight. I think Mr. Wang has guessed that my identity will take Zhou Huo, but Mr. Wang should never wake up when Muqingfeng is dying. It is impossible for Mr. Wang not to see that it must be more beneficial than harmful to kill Muqingfeng on the spot. Although it may cause a lot of trouble, it is worthwhile to get rid of the world’s worries. I don’t know why Mr. Bai changed his mind halfway and actually woke up. If you can talk, can I help you?" Mr Liu Liangchen motionless at war.
Hearing the revelation, he said that he wanted to be steady. Mr. Zhan actually shook his hand and left warm drinks along his wrist, but Mr. Zhan frowned and hesitated to look at the desktop.
"Everyone has secrets!" After a long time, Mr. Zhan sighed and saw him put down his glass. He said word by word, "Since you and I both have secrets, it seems impossible to live under one roof. How about this? You and I take a step back and let you go back to Yan Wangfu today. You keep your mouth shut about my things tonight? Let’s get together and part. "Mr. Zhan was surprisingly reconcilable.
"Sir, if you trust me so much, aren’t you afraid that when I go back, I will announce everywhere that my husband deliberately left his hand tonight and the assassination failed?" Some Liu Liangchen don’t quite believe that Mr. Zhan is going to let himself go. Although Mr. Zhan is alone here, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a post-move. At the very least, Sineitai, the mausoleum palace in his hand, can’t handle it himself. I didn’t expect him to finally let himself go, which really made Liu Liangchen confused, but he didn’t look like a joke.