Beside Gu Jingke’s forehead, he hung three black lines directly. Seeing that the three men were coquetry and gagging, they lost their former high-cold temperament. It turned out that she had another side in front of her family.

"Grandpa, are you here for something?" Mu Ming took the master’s wrist and tried to ask
Master eyes a stare old urchin temperament obvious dew will canthus hard to suppress the red injustice way "nothing can’t come to see my baby granddaughter? Grandpa misses you so much that you don’t welcome me so much, so I’d better go! "
As soon as he turned his figure, he went to the airport. Mu Ming quickly grabbed people to avoid him. She shook his hand and sneered, "Grandpa just wanted to go back when he got off the plane. You really said that you missed me!"
Master immediately stopped and took Mu Ming’s wrist. "Let Grandpa take you to eat."
Before he took a step, he seemed to have just found Gu Jingke staring and asked, "Who are you?"
Section 73
Don’t stay Gu Jingke self-introduction master immediately blew his eyes "listen to man wench said my baby granddaughter has a boyfriend, isn’t it you? Is it that you want to rob people with me! "
"Hitting" Cheng Man didn’t expect the master to get her out so soon. Now she wants to get out of this troubled place quickly without waiting for her to talk coldly. "Where do you want to go?"
Cheng Man quickly straightened up and waved his hand. It looked like he was saying "It’s none of my business". She said with a bitter face, "I didn’t go anywhere!"
No wonder there is a word "professional pit teammates for a hundred years". This master has been pit for a hundred years, which is simply a pit for generations.
Look, Muming’s eyes can directly freeze her to death, live and die.
Gu Jingke didn’t expect the master to ask so directly. After thinking about it, his thoughts changed slightly and he sipped his lips and smiled. "You are right. I just want to rob people with you."
Cheng Man mouth slightly open this Gu Jingke said not too explicit! Look at Muming again and see that she is also standing on the spot. It is obvious that something unexpected happened. I raised my hand and made my strength pinch a tender thigh.
"Ouch!" Cheng Man proved that he was not dreaming, then raised his hand and rubbed his eyes and patted his face. Gu Jingke was still there confronting his master.
I just want to ask you if Gu Jingke has forgotten to take the medicine before my master sends his hair to Muming, but I don’t want to wait for her to move. Cheng Man looks at the right time and pulls her wrist, which makes her unable to move.
The master was so angry that he almost jumped through the ceiling. "Who is your little bear child who dares to rob my granddaughter?"
Mu Ming, a grandfather with a black line, actually took the real line of sight and swept to Gu Jingke to signal him not to talk nonsense, but the latter didn’t look at her at all. Looking at the master with a dignified face was like facing an enemy.
"Your granddaughter and I are in love. How can you beat Yuanyang?" Gu Jingke banished unhurriedly asked.
This sentence almost made the old man angry and vomiting blood. Everyone familiar with the Mu family knows that the old man is serious on the surface and his only granddaughter is a full-fledged urchin.
Mu Ming mercilessly picked up his eyebrows. This Gu Jingke is just watching the scene of bustle. One more word can kill her.
In the trend that the war is about to intensify, she glared at Cheng Man and crustily said, "Grandpa, let’s get out of here first."
When the master heard her talk, he immediately smiled at her, which was simply turning his face faster than turning it over. "Grandpa listens to you."
Put the suitcase on. Mu Ming was just about to take over the master’s nose and cold hum. He directly pulled people away and left Gu Jingke with a sniffle. The corners of his mouth were a little messy. This master was just tense, but now he is using him as a labor force.
Except that some of them are too justifying a fault, they are also cute, and they are in a slightly happy mood when they rush to catch up with the people in front with their suitcases.
The three men found a hotel close to Muming’s residence, settled the master, and Cheng Man was ready to slip away. "Master, I have something to do, so I’ll go first?"
It’s true that she asked, but her figure was already close to the door and she was about to break out in a second.
Listen to the master’s lukewarm words and immediately brake Cheng Man’s footsteps. "Man, your grandfather also clamored to come before I came, but I strongly refused to ask you if I should make a message now and tell him that you are not doing well …?"
Cheng Man immediately gathered in front of the master with a smile on his face. "Where do you think I am healthy and shiny!"
"I remember when I was at the airport, someone said that he was black and thin and still said that it was unfair." Cheng Man convulsed at the corner of his mouth and immediately sat down on the sofa. If she didn’t want her master to run, she would never leave now.
Master, when you practice to such a high level, you are black and treacherous!
Muming sitting on the sofa eyebrow eye is full of cold color directly to Cheng Man see weak body leaned over next to Muming pulled skirts, "Little Muming, don’t be angry …"
Glanced at Cheng Manmuming directly close your eyes to see the end. Cheng Man was nervous and turned around in his mind thinking about how to calm her anger.
"Girl, you and Man go out first." The master pointed to Gu Jingke with a bad face. "You leave it for me."
Mu Ming suddenly opened his eyes and called out, "Grandpa, what do you want to do?"
"Girl, don’t worry about what I do. I just don’t like him." Master snorted and urged, "Get out of here. I want to talk to him."
Cheng Man have it both ways pulled people away from the battlefield door quickly "bang" and was closed to isolate the inside and the outside into two places …
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The two men went to the door to meditate. I didn’t expect the master to lock the door flat and agile. She dropped her eyes on Cheng Man. Cheng Man was limp and erratic, but she didn’t dare to bump into her eyes.
At the end of the day, Cheng Man couldn’t resist hanging Muming’s wrist directly and shook it. "Don’t be angry. You look after Jingke and you are really impatient. Are you happy with him? Worse … "
Seeing Muming looking at her, Cheng Man’s eyes closed and said directly, "What’s more, Gu Jingke’s little girl is very different from you. What he said at the airport just now is evidence. You see, you are perfect for each other. It’s just a testimony to let the master come over."
A monosyllabic word from the nose, Muming, snorted, "So you sold me?"
Cheng Man quickly shrank his neck and dared not say a word, but the door was another war, and the atmosphere was explosive.
As soon as the master locked the door, the aura suddenly turned cold. Did you finish just being kind and kind? Even the old urchin’s play to depend on momentum disappeared. I stared at Gu Jingke with a cold chill as if I were going to eat people.
"Do you trust Gu Changyuan?" Master walked to the sofa and looked up at the people in front of him.
Gu Jingke walked to the front of him with a young mouth and looked at his master’s face and felt more and more cordial. He said "Yes"
But the master pouted and refused to buy it. "You stay away from my girl. She doesn’t like you!"
This arbitrary tone Gu Jingke felt that hanging three black lines on his forehead was not enough to smoke his mouth. "Where did you see that?"
"I don’t think she likes you at all." The master glanced at him with a cold hum. "My girl, I know best, will tell me if she likes it. If she doesn’t tell me, it’s just a lie!"
When it comes to the end, the master was so wronged that his voice suddenly disappeared. At this time, he seems to have returned to the appearance of an old urchin. As he said, he knows the man in front of his granddaughter … very good.
It is reasonable for his granddaughter to like him, but her granddaughter is also an excellent person. There is nothing worse than this man. The master’s eyes are palpitation and he is deeply entangled.
"She may not have come to tell you yet." Gu Jingke is still smiling with exquisite language. "Then I wanted to give you a surprise, but I didn’t expect you to know that the news had rushed to R City before you worked miracles."
Shaking his eyebrows, the master was not flattered by this flattery, but angered, "This is not a surprise. This is a surprise!"
His baby granddaughter is being treated with anger, and he will make angina pectoris. The master looks depressed and his face is slightly black. He stares at Gu Jingke with full eyes. Ten women who have lived alone for many years are dissatisfied.
Gu Jingke’s eyes "Shu" slightly coagulate to know that this master is very spoiled. Muming’s eyes stare at the master’s eyes without any ripple, and then he said, "Muming, I will spoil her how you spoil her."
I always feel that the meaning of this sentence is wrong. He said, "A lover’s pet is not a relative’s pet."
He said that he would seriously shock the master directly. For a long time, the master raised his hand and patted him with satisfaction. "I like a good personality, but I like it. My granddaughter is another matter."
He lived eyes looked at Gu Jingke "and how much love history do you have in total? How many times have you been in love? "
Slightly one leng Gu Jingke didn’t expect the master to ask so carefully, which is simply a matter of detail!
Even asking such a thing as love history, although the master dotes on Muming, I didn’t expect to be so fond of him. If he has experienced emotional changes, I’m afraid he won’t get this master’s approval in his life.
See Gu Jingke didn’t answer. Master got up and went to Gu Jingke’s side and raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "Men always have affairs. Tell me this old man and I won’t blame you."
Master smiles softly, but in Gu Jingke’s eyes, it is very strange. He will never believe that this master is telling the truth. This fancy cover-up is just to make him tell the truth. Master, the fox’s tail is hidden too deep!
"I said that I can’t trust you?" Gu Jingke didn’t move in situ, even the master patted his shoulder and didn’t look at his hand.