"What? !” Everyone shuddered and appeared behind the five-line gate with red eyebrows, which shocked everyone.

"Why didn’t the Alexander array start? How come there is no real yuan battle fluctuation? !” The leader of the Danding Sect was amazed.
"Go out and have a look!" Finally, the old man named Fei was calm and stepped out of the ceremony.
More than a dozen other people woke up from the shock this time and hurriedly rushed to the foot of the fairy mountain with their own swords.
In the future, I will see a scene that will tear them apart at the foot of the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, there is a dark star field exhibition. More than a dozen younger brothers are limping to the ground, leaving their skins wrapped in bones. There are still several younger brothers who have been sighed and blood roots. I can’t see how many younger brothers have been killed here.
A young man in bloody clothes is standing in the remains, enjoying his eyes closed and his body rolling with strange three-color truth.
"Someone came to kill me and sent my brother Dan Ding!" The head of the Danding Sect huffed and spouted a huge black bronze tripod with a mouthful of fine yuan, and the rolling bronze tripod spouted a miserable green light and shot at the teenager who seemed to be on guard against bloodstained clothes.
6 Can make the silent curse kill hundreds of Danding disciples, and then the physical injury finally recovered by 30%. Rolling the real yuan slowly repaired the physical injury, and the wound healing rate greatly increased.
"It’s a pity that the strongest is the later period of then …" 6 Can sighed. In the ten-level silent group after superposition in his field, even those who fix the truth in the later period of then did not have the slightest resistance. Occasionally, one or two people who practice the heart armor fix the truth just slightly resisted the imprisonment of the true yuan and then were corroded by the silent curse and turned into a pool of blood.
The huge vitality is constantly pouring into the body, which makes 6 Can have a little enjoyment and excitement.
Suddenly, 6 Chan’s mouth cocked up with a smile and realized that more than a dozen Yuan infant masters, the strongest of the Danding Sect, finally appeared.
In Dan Ding, the head of the Sect offered a black bronze tripod. Instantly, 6 cans suddenly grew up with their eyes open, and their mouths squealed and trembled. Ten primal fear howled!
Huge roar is like the original bomb blasting, sweeping towards a dozen masters. Where the roar passes, the gas bursts and the vitality is blown away by the sonic waves.
A dull bronze tripod spewed a miserable green light, which was instantly blown away by sound waves. The head of the Danding Sect was horrified. I didn’t expect the enemy to be so forced!
The idea has just flashed, and the sound wave of horror howling has swept away
"Kaka … Kaka …" Several bones trembled into a piece of imperial sword, and more than a dozen experts from Dan Ding sent Yuan Ying period, except the head of the department, made a move, and the other people were attacked by horrible howling souls before they made a move.
More than a dozen corpses fell to the ground, and then the white lines of body refinement were sucked into the body by 6 Can.
The vitality of Yuan Babies is stronger than that of more than a dozen people, and the vitality of these people has made 6 Can fully recover!
Chapter 20 Destroy the Danding Sect (1)
There are three chapters in the first chapter from night to night. Learn from my study and learn from others. Friends like Num. Brothers and sisters can come in and talk about friends. The group of six islands in the coastal waters needs screenshot authentication.)
With a group of Danding disciples behind their own head, it was aggressive. In their eyes, more than a dozen uncles and uncles went out together. Even if a master of Du Jie period came, he would be beheaded by his own head, but a scene in front of him made them suspect a dream.
More than a dozen famous experts in the three continents and six islands are also considered to be the number one figures. They were shocked by a horrible howl without a move, and then in the devil’s field, they wrapped their skins in bones and mummies.
"Run!" "The devil is coming …" "All the masters are dead …"
These people dressed up to celebrate people’s panic and escape, and their fighting will was completely disintegrated by the death of more than a dozen yuan infants.
"Go to grandmaster! We still have three grandfathers! " An early Dan Ding Sect was the only sober person among these people who were busy running for their lives. They quickly turned around and ran to the secret place of Dan Ding Sect. Finally, they hoped that the elders of Dan Ding Sect were too old. Du Jie was dying. Even so, the head of the 5,000-year-old ceremony told them not to disturb them, but now it is the time when Dan Ding derivative died. They must leave!
6 Can stand for a moment and absorb the mighty vitality department. When you open your eyes again, it is already a divine light. The place where the fourth-order scattered fairy injured has been repaired, and there are still some scars left in the meridians damaged by fairy aura.
6 Can’s eyes turned to those who fled the Danding Sect, and they were like snails in front of 6 Can in the late stage of integration.
Wind walk!’ 6 Can sneer at a wind walk’s instantaneous start-up figure suddenly disappeared, but in wind walk, it started to make 6 Can unexpected things happen. In the fast movement of wind walk, it was caught in the ray of thunder.
At this time, the knowledge of 6 can gods has reached an amazing Mahayana, and the problem is easily found in the later period. Perhaps the reason for this battle is that wind walk and Lei Dun have a little fit, and the combination of the two has soared by more than 100 times in wind walk.
Can be slightly stunned and then ecstatic. Although it is magical, it can’t be invisible. It is a huge problem. Now it can be combined with wind walk and solve this problem. At the same time, because of the strong knowledge of 6 Can gods, wind walk can now believe that even in front of the four robbers and scattered immortals, he can hide his figure and will not be seen again.
In a short span of six seconds, Chan has entered the fleeing brother of the Danding Sect.
"Curse of Silence!" The devil’s voice sounded in their ears for more than ten miles in diameter, and all the areas were illuminated by 6 cans in the silent curse range.
"Ah …"
Screaming one after another, the royal sword and flying brothers kept falling like raindrops in the middle. 6 Can wind walk never stopped hesitating, and the wind swept past all the places where Dan Ding sent his brothers, and the amount of blood was huge. Life energy was constantly converging towards 6 Can’s body.
At that time, the Danding Sect wailed and there was blood and rain everywhere.
Danding Pai Mi Di is not as fairy-like as Danding Pai Qianshan. In a huge cave, there are several huge stone gates, but the fallen leaves of the cave are covered with a layer of roar by the dust of cobwebs and dead leaves.
In the early days of the famous Dan Ding Sect, the younger brother suddenly dropped his flying sword in the cave, which greatly impacted and aroused the dust all over the sky. This younger brother did not hesitate to raise several real yuan with one hand and suddenly shot at the middle stone gate.
A series of crits broke out, and a Xiaguang jitter Shimen ban was forcibly broken.
"People dare to run wild in Danding Sect!"
Shimen angrily drank Du Jie’s monstrous momentum and spewed out, pressing the younger brother in the early days of the name then hard to the ground.
The famous brother spat out a mouthful of blood and cried out, "The Master Zu Danding Sect is about to be wiped out. The masters and uncles have been killed in battle. Please come out!"
"what!" The monstrous momentum suddenly dispersed, and at the same time, the strong men with different expressions stepped out quickly.
"Qi yuan is you! Tell me what’s going on! " One of them seems to be in his twenties, but he has a bald head. The Taoist priest asked urgently that this early person of then was responsible for taking care of his brother outside the cave on weekdays.
"Grandmaster Fengyuan, go quickly or the Danding Sect will be wiped out!" Qi Yuan cried bitterly, and now he has completely understood Zhang Luan’s behavior.
With a wave of his hand, the sleeve of the old Taoist robe flashed a golden light and people disappeared into the cave.
At this time, 6 Can killed almost all the personnel of the Danding Sect, and now it is pushing the silent curse to sweep the Danding Sect like a mine detector and never let go of anyone.
Suddenly, a strange smile appeared on the corners of the mouth of 6 Can’s body, and wind walk walked in the direction of the hall of Danding Sect.
"The fanatics are so bold!" As thunder thundered, Dan Ding sent a peerless strong man to pour in and surrounded 6 Can tightly.
Yes, good! A junior in the late stage of integration dares to sweep my Danding Sect! "Wait until you see that 6 Can didn’t hide Xiu Fengyuan’s old road, but smiled with anger. A young player in the late stage of fitting unexpectedly destroyed the foundation department of Dan Ding for five thousand years, which made this pie-sending old man feel sad and let the blood and tears flow out of his eyes.
The other seven experienced people are also indignant, offering Baoding in succession, waiting for Fengyuan to make this fanatic refine his Yuan baby and make him wish he were dead.
"One person in the middle of Du Jie, one person in the early stage of Du Jie, one person in the early stage, three people in the out-of-body period, and three people in the Danding School, some of them are much better than the five elements!" In the face of people’s siege, 6 Can didn’t care about repairing people and nodded slightly. I didn’t expect the Dan Ding Sect to hide such strength.
"Kill my brother Dan Ding!" At this time, Fengyuan Road pointed to Bai’s own sect as usual, which provoked such a daredevil malefic.