Practicing life is very hard, and martial arts is very bitter, so if you feel hurt, the biggest regret is that he really shouldn’t persuade Chu Yun to come to martial arts.

In the story, the protagonists are all martial arts fast, and all of them are martial arts wizards. Huang Yi Datang Shuanglong, two protagonists, and a pair of wizards are all together.
People who go to another plane, no matter what their status is in real life, should be serious and sure to make rapid progress and become a master of days in a short time.
It’s a pity that if you have experienced it yourself, you will once again prove the sad truth that novels are all fabricated stories and lies.
If Chu Yun, Su Liang, Zhao Yi, a total of four people have the worst martial arts skills and the lowest understanding, it is if people.
He can’t understand even the most basic introductory questions.
What do you mean, where is the abdomen? Is it the lower abdomen? How can it be depressed? What does it feel like to be depressed?
This kind of idiot question is asked a hundred times a day on average, and every time he can answer him without changing his face, and Chu Yun Su Liang Zhao Yi is so tortured that he wants to faint.
The best progress among people is that Chu Yun Chu Yun is the most outstanding talented woman of the Chu family, so she was chosen as the queen. She is clever and intelligent, and she is far superior in understanding.
You can understand everything as soon as you listen to it, and you can recite it once, so you can memorize the meridians and acupoints. You need to listen to it once and remember it immediately.
She came much later than Su Liang Zhao Yi, but she was able to draw inferences about many martial problems much faster than Su Liang Zhao Yi.
A lot of difficult problems arise when she wakes up, and she immediately says that Su Liang and Zhao Yicai suddenly realize it, but when she finishes speaking for a full hour, if people are still groping their heads and being stupid, they can’t understand it.
He wanted to forget about flying skills. Because Chu Yun joined unexpectedly, he decided to practice martial arts well and show his extraordinary talent. He made a big face in front of Chu Yun, but it turned out to be counterproductive and finally he lost his face.
It’s really fascinating to see such a beautiful woman and beautiful flowers, and it’s amazing that martial arts are going on for thousands of miles. In the future, you will chase after the beauty and ask questions.
You can’t have more than a dozen skin blind dates a day when you practice your moves because of your sexual virtue.
In this situation, can you expect a beautiful girl to feel good about herself again?
If you are depressed to the extreme, you regret it for tens of thousands of times. What should you say to Chu Yun before you go to see the outside world, let you choose to teach her more about equality between men and women, and women also pursue love and strength?
The first Chu Jing Fengyun fourth hunting ground life and death
I’m still in the middle. I’ll focus on the first chapter later. Before the big hunt
The 15th day of the month is the hunting season.
This big hunting represents that the young emperor can finally grow up and take charge of the emperor, which represents a transfer of Chu power.
I don’t know how many people in the whole country can’t sleep this night, but these big men who can’t sleep all night definitely don’t include the young emperor of Chu, the first party to the big hunt.
I can’t figure out why the protagonists and supporting villains in martial arts novels are so obsessed with doing this hard work if I have been practicing martial arts recently and my back hurts and my legs cramp and I cry again and again every day.
Too tired, too hard, and too physically exhausted, the knot is that as soon as I touch the pillow, I immediately fall asleep. The next day, I am absolutely talked about not being gentle, considerate, respectful and courteous, and I dragged him directly from my dream, holding on to his dreams and waking up, and he continued to practice miserably.
Many times, if I want to have a debate on the argument whether it is necessary to practice early in the morning, I will defend the real person. However, if I have a deep understanding of the scholar’s pain in the face of soldiers, I can’t tell whether the artificial intelligence body can be flexible and rigid, and it is absolutely mechanical.
Even though he had said that he would practice, now he can’t stand the pain and wants to change his mind. Why can an artificial intelligence agent say that some programs have been cancelled by the input method?
Of course, it’s not useless to practice hard like this.
Compared with practicing, Chu Yun will be very considerate to him, and it will delay her practicing. Kissing him to wipe sweat and send him tea to be caring and attentive will make him want to hug her and cry.
It’s more delicious than shouting a suit of weakness after practicing, and the ladies-in-waiting will rub their shoulders, beat their legs, beat their legs and pinch their feet. It’s really comfortable, and 40 thousand pores are refreshing and comfortable
Every time at this time, I can especially forgive those. Prosperity has become like a cockfight, and my eyes are red, fighting for each other.
How can human beings resist such a strong temptation when they are weak? After all, we can’t ask everyone to be so noble and moral.
Whenever you are fascinated, if you don’t forget to hold yourself in your heart and comfort yourself after suffering, then relax and sleep with him after enjoying the beauty service.
Especially yesterday, when I was considerate of him, I was bound to face hard work. Finally, I gave him a hand and let him practice for an hour before he could rest.
If you hurry and fall into bed as if you haven’t slept for half a month, you usually plan to sleep peacefully until dawn.
But this is also his personal good wish.
In the middle of the night, when the autumn night is the coldest, the fact is dragged away by an artificial intelligence agent.
If you are still struggling with your eyes closed and protesting in dreams and waking, your face will not change color, and you will pick up the moon with one hand and bring in a basin of face washing water.
After a lot of training or painful lessons, if you don’t open your eyes, your brain won’t turn around. Your mouth is still protesting, but your body is shrinking and earning like a reflex. It’s worse to jump out of bed and stare at it than to stare at it mentally. You are inhuman.