Xu Xiuya is also a bit of a headache. It’s really hard to talk to Lu Honglan well. She let go and suddenly punched a hole in the wall. "Miss, please listen to me carefully, otherwise I didn’t say that I couldn’t knock your teeth out, although I didn’t kill you."

Lu Honglan immediately closed her lips and had no teeth. Isn’t that the old lady? That’s terrible.
Xu Xiuya was satisfied with Lu Honglan’s reaction and nodded, "I can’t kill you to take the flag, and I can’t just forget it. So, miss, if you do me a favor, I will give you the mastermind flag."
Lu Honglan asked cautiously, "What are you busy with?"
"The man who escaped is Luo Jiao’s six French kings. Luo Jiao is the first cult in the world. The number of people harmed by magic spells is the highest. Some time ago, I became enemies with Luo Jiao because of the dragon soul. Now that I know his identity, I can’t let him go this time." Xu Xiuya said seriously to Lu Honglan, "Hong Lan, if you can help me kill Lei Hou and destroy Hong Kong Luo Jiao, I will give you the mastermind flag."
The fourth volume Chapter 6 Congenital confusion ()
Is there something wrong with this woman? Lu Honglan’s head is bigger than Uncle KFC’s. "Elder sister, I really can’t do it. Don’t make it difficult for you."
"You can ask Huo Daoyou to help you. You are double cultivation lovers, and it is reasonable for him to help you." There are not many contacts, and Xu Xiuya has a clear understanding that Huo Junzhong doesn’t like much. If Xu Xiuya directly invites Huo Junzhong, Huo Junzhong won’t promise her.
Lu Honglan’s face is a little bitter than bitter gourd. She didn’t want to be told by Huo Junzhong that she was eating the dead, but she suddenly thought of one thing. Xu Xiuya called Huo Junzhong’s Taoist friend Xiao Huo not a Taoist, so it must be that Xiao Huo really inherited the magical power of virtual Taoist.
What if Xiao Huo sees that he is abnormal? Wouldn’t it be more legal to explain at that time?
Thought of here, Lu Honglan’s present situation is an opportunity to tell Huo Junzhong what happened here, and say that he was not completely white and entered the body by these flags, so that even if Huo Junzhong is abnormal in the future, he will not doubt that Lu Honglan will eat the dead.
However, although Lu Honglan is going to tell Huo Junzhong about the mastermind flag, she is not going to let Huo Junzhong come to Hong Kong. Xu Xiuya, this woman has a brain problem, what to do for heaven and what to eliminate evil and accumulate merits.
There are many enemies with gunmen who are so terrible. It’s too dangerous. Lu Honglan would rather take such risks himself than let Huo Junzhong take risks.
Looking at Lu Honglan’s eyes rolling around, I don’t know what to think. Xu Xiuya is very patient and wakes Lu Honglan up. "Miss Lu, don’t try to throw me away. Although I have finished controlling the mastermind flag, if you escape, I can still attract the mastermind flag. I think that power will tear your body to pieces."
Lu Honglan is very angry. This woman is so treacherous. "You treacherous bad woman."
Xu Xiuya turned around and knocked down the whole wall with one punch and then asked Lu Honglan kindly, "I didn’t catch what you said, Miss Lu."
Ten generations of your ancestors! Lu Honglan’s tummy was instantaneous, and the man couldn’t say words and scolded Xu Xiuya for one hundred times.
But she is an actress, and she is very enthusiastic. "I say you are really a just woman."
Xu Xiuya laughed. "I don’t have this qualification for justice, but thank you for praising Miss Lu. It’s not good now that so many people have died from here."
Lu Honglan couldn’t get rid of her and followed Xu Xiuya with resignation.
Huo Junzhong rarely waited at the door to walk with Qinglan after school and took the initiative to hold Qinglan’s hand, which made Qinglan shy and very happy. So she held the hand of her loved one, studied together after school, bought food together, and walked in the streets and lanes, which was the greatest happiness of Lu Qinglan’s life.
They picked up Hui Ling Jr. and went home together. When Hui Ling left, many elementary school boys waved goodbye to Hui Ling Jr., which made Huo Junzhong admire that "you are redder than Honglan" because the singer and model have soared in popularity recently, and they are really passionate and beautiful. Honglan is at school, but the boys’ local idols have a special fan group in Sineitai.
Of course, in the eyes of these people, they are often absent from school at such a big age, but it is better to be a first-year loser. Huo Junzhong is an eyesore. If it is not for Huo Junzhong’s club, there is someone who is frightening. They have tried every means to get rid of him.
"I’m a little princess" with a head ring made of leaves. Little Hui Ling has a small chest and is confident. With living in the city, she has become more and more temperamental. The poor children are in charge early. Xiaohui is more sensible than ordinary girls of the same age. Compared with red, blue and blue, she is the most favored by Master Huo.
This dual environment training and her good talent make her very dazzling among children of this age.
Huo Junzhong picked up little Hui Ling. "Okay, does our little princess want ice cream?"
"Yes," Hui Ling Jr. said, "I want to eat with nuts."
In Huo Junzhong’s memory, it seems that it is the first time that Qinglan has told him what he wants. It is great courage for her to say this sentence when she looks at Qinglan’s red ears. If it is not for eating, Qinglan finally has the courage to act like Huo Junzhong like a little woman.
So cute Cymbidium makes Huo Junzhong feel that his heart is pounding and his heart is racing.
"Good!" Huo Junzhong came to the cold drink stand with Hui Ling in his arms and bought one or three people for three people, talking and laughing all the way home.
This is the red earth. Are people happy?
Huo Jun’s central head seemed to be filled with a warm emotion. At this moment, he forgot Xiandao, abandoned the past and did not think about the future.
Life is the present moment, and the warm and sweet feelings make Huo Junzhong dizzy.
He gawked at walking hand in hand in the street with Qinglan, and he had never felt this kind of happiness in his life. This kind of satisfaction was never obtained even when he swallowed then.
"Congratulations on the success of Daoyou Yuanshen"
The joyful sound made Huo Junzhong wake up from the calm and he didn’t notice that he was actually watching himself.
"This is … Yuan Shen?" Huo Junzhong was startled to see that he was really a man who had no sense of substance, but he could feel it so clearly. Everything around him was just like a direct orientation stereogram imprinted in Huo Junzhong’s mind.
He turned around in a wheelchair and the white man was carrying an ice cream.
"Zhu Zhenren? How can Miss Saya be you? "
"Why can’t I come out for some air?" Talking to Huo Junzhong’s Yuan Shen is a romantic reality. Zhu Youneng Huo Junzhong has never seen him willing to leave his cave. I didn’t expect to meet him at this time. This difficulty is even more incredible than seeing the President of the United States in the street.
"How can you forget the beauty of the world of mortals if you don’t understand the beauty of the world of mortals? It’s a pity that family or love is my fate, otherwise I really want to love a game well and I must be able to enter a higher level."
"Love Zhu Zhenren you a lot? For example, Miss Saya pushed a wheelchair and Saya bowed slightly to Huo Junzhong to thank him for this sentence.
"Ha ha ha, Xiao Huo, you should know that it is not difficult for us to make people love us. It is difficult for us to love others. If there is love in heaven, God will be selfish, so that we can be private. If there is love in heaven, the world will perish."
"Is it right or wrong for us to be affectionate?"
"There is no right or wrong for us, Xiao Huo. The most important thing in everything in the world is to balance the yin and yang. It is the law of this world that love, hate and hatred are the foundation of all souls formed by human beings. This is not allowed by heaven. Do you know what is the biggest difference between us gas refiners and ordinary people?"
Huo Junzhong seriously replied, "Different strength?"
"What does Dapeng have to do with Wan Li and the sparrows?"
"This … please Zhu Zhenren?"
"Evolution" Zhu Youneng was in a good mood and said happily, "The biggest difference between Xiao Huo Lian Qi Shi and ordinary people is that the evolution of human beings must be completed step by step after a long period of time, while we Lian Qi Shi completed the ethnic group in an individual body. Perhaps it will take thousands of years to evolve, and it is impossible to cover the forward and reverse roads."
Huo Junzhong thought about Zhu Youneng’s words and said slowly, "All human beings have a great understanding of the law, and we have completed the evolution of the monomer. When I was in the United States, the immortal said that the heaven in our world was dead. Zhu Zhenren also said that what I was looking for was the fate of heaven caused by Alaye’s knowledge, and the source of consciousness of all sentient beings was the world of mortals and seas, which means that the fate we said was actually formed by human consciousness."
"You got it right, Yuan Shen failed. Even if the sentence is said 10,000 times, you are literally understanding it, but you can’t really understand the meaning of Alayer’s knowledge of the world of mortals, seas and oceans. Now congratulations to Huo Daoyou. You have finally entered the innate realm. From today on, you are both immortal."
"Did Zhu Zhenren ever have a real heaven?"