On the roadside, I held up the contract and said with a smile, "Don’t worry, I will keep an eye on this project."

Donnan Su nodded. "I believe you." Although this project can be done better, he is willing to give her a chance to learn.
"Thank you!" There happened to be a taxi coming over. Sue was so busy that she waved and stopped the car door and said, "Then I’ll go. Bye!"
"Goodbye!" It wasn’t until the taxi went far that Nantang Su walked towards the company.
Su Kang and Lu Haolong hadn’t come back when Sue came back to the company.
She didn’t care to go into the office and get busy.
There are many preparations to be made for the construction of five projects together in the coming years.
At this time, Liu Zhengying in the sanatorium is in a temper and scolds in front of the dean, "How much money do I invest in your sanatorium every year that even individuals can’t take care of me?"
Dean wiped his forehead sweat and quickly said, "Sue, don’t worry. My horse will send more people to find it."
Su Kang swallowed his temper and asked, "When did you find out that he was not there?"
"Before … the day before yesterday?"
Section 31
"The day before yesterday was early?" Su Kang said in a bad tone, "That is to say, people may have disappeared the night before yesterday."
"… is" although I don’t want to admit it, it’s a fact. Dean’s calf is shaking.
He didn’t expect such a thing to happen.
The day before yesterday, the nurse pushed the door and didn’t see anyone. He immediately sent someone to look for it, but he searched all the nursing homes and still couldn’t find anyone.
He didn’t dare to call Su Kang to try his best to find it again.
But two days later, people still haven’t found him, so I have to say
"You can go to die." Su Kang really wanted to slap him.
No matter how big the sanatorium is, there are only these places. Why do people say that it is gone?
Dean scared and took a step back. If he really annoyed Su Kang’s son-in-law, Liu Yichen might end his nursing home then.
No, Su Kang once told Wu to live in this matter, and no one can tell him, which means Liu Yichen doesn’t know.
If Su Kang doesn’t talk to Liu Yichen, he won’t bother him.
Dean heart slightly relieved.
"Find the horse for me again." Su Kang yelled at the dean and arranged for someone to find it again.
Su Kang sat on the sofa in the dean’s office with his eyes closed, waiting for news.
The dean didn’t dare to move in front of him, for fear of being scolded by someone who displeased him.
A flurry of footsteps came in from the corridor.
Su Kangmeng looked at the door with his eyes open.
Dean also stared at the door nervously, expecting good news.
Lu Haolong took the lead in coming in and looked at Su Kang and shook his head.
Su Kang closed his eyes and suppressed his anger. "Have you looked everywhere in the nursing home?"
"Yes," Lu Haolong said in a low voice
The dean’s legs and stomach are shaking, and people are left here in case they can’t be found back …
Not necessarily back. Dean shook his head and comforted himself.
Su Kang thought for a moment and asked, "Is there monitoring at the gate?"
Dean one leng busy say "yes"
"Take me to see" Su Kang said and got up and took the lead in walking out. The dean hurried to the front to lead the way.
A line of people follow the dean goes to the monitoring room.
The security guard on duty locked the time in the night before yesterday.
Everything looks normal. There are two security guards on duty at the door. Occasionally, there are several nursing homes where workers come in and out and don’t see Wu.
Su Kang looked carefully behind the screen with his arms around him, and everyone held their breath, hoping to see from the small screen that they were looking for someone.
Finally, at dawn, Wu walked out of the nursing home and two security guards on duty fell asleep because they were too trapped against the wall.
Dean of a face red Lu Haolong mercilessly stared his one eye.
Su Kang turned and looked at a crowd and ordered, "Ma An sent someone to a nearby place to find him. An old man’s brain doesn’t know how far he can go."
"Does Sue always have to call the police?" If the police intervene to find Wu, the chances will increase, and the dean will please and ask
Su Kang coldly stared his one eye. "Dean, I think you should retire. Your brain is not working when you are old."
Dean’s face swelled as red as pork liver, and he remembered that he had been telling not to tell this story since Su always sent Wu in.
Isn’t he hitting himself in the face when he suggests calling the police now?
Su Kang turned his attention to Lu Haolong. "Do it yourself. Don’t disturb others. It is necessary to find people for me."
"Good Sue" Lu Haolong bowed his head slightly to ensure that he would go out with a group of security guards in a nursing home to find someone.
Su Kang tired rubbed his eyebrows and looked at the dean trembling with a sigh. "Well, dean, why do you remember this matter? Don’t spread it out except knowing a few people in the nursing home. When others ask, say that Wu is not feeling well in the hospital for a few days."
"Good Sue" dean busy nod should way
Su Kang walked out of the control room and walked directly to the gate.
Stopped at the door and glanced at the two security guards on duty. It was the two men on duty the night before yesterday.
The security guard immediately gave a standard military salute, "Sue is always good!"
Su Kang light Cu frown out of the nursing home car commanded the driver car.
Dean at the gate, waiting for Su Kang to go back just visible, looked at the two security guards at the door and said lightly, "You two go to the finance room to check out and leave."
"What?" The security guard asked in some panic.
"Because … I don’t like you!" When the dean finished speaking, he lifted his foot and walked into the nursing home. Soon after, two security guards replaced their workers.