Cloth "The elder is really knowledgeable. It really evolved from Shaolin’s’ Diamond Finger’. I won’t be lucky. It’s a shame to be able to use tangible things to do things instead of the’ robbery finger’!" Yun is disappointed that he can’t make a breakthrough.

Cloth "Old words haven’t finished yet" Yun Xiaoyou doesn’t seem to be pure "Diamond Finger" and "Diamond Finger". It’s absolutely impossible to hit a star weapon with many normal fingers … "He said with a long breath," It’s absolutely impossible to cut off … "Mu Ting’s tone was full of terrible sighs and bitterness for later life. He never thought that cloud martial arts was incredibly strong and eccentric!
Cloth "The jade flute is made of cold jade from Beihai, even a big knife and axe may not cut off a copper coin, so the fracture is so flat …" Ximenxing is like talking in a dream, and the sound is getting smaller and smaller.
Cloth "Brother Yun is really amazing. He can shake off an axe and hurt his arm. He is really a young hero!" Ju Tianwei has dislocated his arm at this time. He is a northerner with a heroic temperament. Instead of being defeated, he laughed heartily. "It’s so good that no one has knocked off an axe yet. Haha …" Who will fight with him recklessly with that kind of weapon? Of course, it has not been knocked off …
Cloth "I wonder if you would like to teach a younger generation?" Cloud said this is really a simple invitation to fight and want to play more heartily, but it sounds like continuing to provoke Muting without any excuse.
Cloth and he doesn’t intend to dodge. To be fair, Mu Ting also knows that his decades of skill may not be better than that of the cloud, and that the odd skill of the cloud seems to greatly increase the attack power, but his years of experience have also found that the cloud has few weaknesses. Today, with his understanding of these weaknesses, relatively targeted measures should be able to barely defeat this young man.
Of course, Mu Ting overestimated Yunyun’s strength as a typical "professional talent", but for one thing, he lacked experience; for another, it was difficult to deploy strength; for another, it was difficult to attack him directly; although it was difficult to hurt him, it was enough to defeat him.
Bu Muting stopped talking. Go ahead and hit him with one hand. It was just a few days ago that Guo Shifei, the general protector of peak tower, tried to be patient when dealing with the cloud. Yun had seen this trick earlier, but now it is different from the past. When the means of attack were scarce, Yun didn’t want to pop up a copper coin with his left hand and fly to Mu Ting’s palm. He still didn’t know what to attack him at this point, so he countered others. Frankly speaking, this is not desirable. Sometimes some people are the strongest and just the weakest. Occasionally, such bold attempts are likely to have no effect …
Cloth copper coins rushed to Mu Ting’s palm like flying feathers and meteors. Mu Ting’s posture did not change or accelerate, but the copper coins flew slower and slower like falling into the water. Finally, they stopped near Mu Ting’s palm and fell to the ground. Mu Ting is an expert in many things. Apart from the magical power of "turning the stars around", he also has a soft and vigorous nature. He claims that his softness and purity are better than Wudang’s "Tai Chi vigorous spirit".
Buyun knew that he had enough money to see this situation, so he knew that the expert fruit of "Tianbang" was uncommon. Seeing that Mu Ting’s palm was still hitting slowly, he couldn’t help but try "King Kong fingering", but he wrote a "self-narrative post" by the Huai Su monk in the Tang Dynasty.
Chapter II King Kong Law
Shihuaisu’s calligraphy is true and vulgar, and his surname is Qian Changsha. The immigrant Jingzhao Genjyo Sanzo was born in the first year of Xuanzong, and his death year is unknown. His natural disposition is indulgent, and his exquisite calligraphy can only succeed Bo Gaoxu, saying that a generation of wild grass crowns can be obtained from contemporary famous families, especially from Zhang Xu’s two kings. He can be original and innovative, and Linchi’s craftsmanship is profound, so Zhang Xu’s eponymous self-description posts represent the grass with thousands of words.
Cloth and self-narrative posts are really wild grass. When they are immortal, they are 41 years old, but they are in their prime of life. This post changes and expresses their academic achievements. Although they are a little conceited, they are different.
Buqi’s strokes are strong and thin, and most of the characters are bold and unrestrained, but the strokes are still gradually frustrated and turning, and the skills are the same. Look around, the words are white and wide, and the meaning is profound and the statutes are ready.
When practicing the diamond fingering, Bu Yunyun learned how to draw quickly and give consideration to the strength. The connection is even more touching and walking without stopping. This post will be vividly displayed at will. The word while dancing is vigorous and powerful, and the gesture is indulgent.
At this time, Yun ignored the Mu Ting’s high-five method, and wrote his own words wholeheartedly. It is really a very abstruse art, especially the wild grass writers are often full of omissions and in a state of excitement, and the readers feel a certain emotion vaguely from the ink, but Yun knows this well, and he has devoted himself to the creation of the limit.
In the eyes of others, especially the enemy Mu Ting, Bu Yun’s madness is simply a dragon cult, which means that the fingering end is faster than adding rules, and it’s like hitting the highest realm "disorderly cloak" in the words. Freehand brushwork really makes people sneak attack from the desire to change the direction, but what can be faster than the posture of King Kong? Yun easily turns around and still writes his "self-narrative" to Mu Ting, but fortunately, Yun Fenfen refers to the disease and seems to hurt Mu Ting with a wry smile and a back move.
Without Mu Ting’s pressure cloud, it will be like Youlong’s sea, and then it will be bound to the backyard wall to get sick. "Huai Su’s Changsha is young and devoted to Buddhism, Zen and leisure, and it is quite a good pen. However, I hate that I have not been able to see the miracle of my predecessors far away, so I took the stick and traveled to the west to see the contemporary celebrities …" There are a total of 126 lines, a total of 690 words, and I walked with dragons and snakes, breathed through Changhong, painted sand like a cone, and flowed like a river.
Cloth "happy! What a time! !” Cloud at this time, where is the usual formality and propriety? It’s wild, freehand and full of business spirit. The tragic generosity of the legendary swordsman makes people feel that he can play sad songs, vomit blood and cry at any time for more than ten years. It’s not because he is lazy and neglected to practice, but because he doesn’t have the kind of free temperament that a child or a monk with many disciplines can have. Although Yun Zishan has been framed and experienced in where will you go, he is no longer the disciplined and pedantic monk who used to be in his heart. Another soul is gradually waking up and others are like bones and fleshy images.
Cloth "Good method, good skill, good young hero!" Muting couldn’t resist the doubts in his heart, and this outstanding young man began to drink.
Cloth "The younger generation broke the wall of the older generation on a whim, but please forgive me." Cloud looked at the wall and the word wait for a while went out for a while. God returned to his usual face and became so light that he could listen to the sound mumbling tunnel "Maybe I will not be able to write better crazy grass in my whole life …"
Cloth "This doesn’t matter. Just call some coolies to repaint in two days. Brother Yun doesn’t have to blame himself!" That Jutianwei woman.she said it was really a wet blanket.
Cloth "Ha-ha, this wall will change if it dies, but now the value of leaving Brother Yun is multiplied. When Brother Yun becomes famous in the Jianghu in the future, it is necessary to let people know that Brother Yun once stayed in my Gusu Mu’s home in Mo Bao and it will become a beautiful talk." Mu Gang said with a smile.
Cloth "Just now, you said that old Mrs. Yun Xiaoyou has trusted your martial arts now. I wonder if you and Dr. Li will help my daughter when you are ready?" Mu Ting suddenly figured it out and got to know Yunmu. He was very satisfied with the young man.
Cloth "before it’s too late, it needs to be done as soon as possible. If the poisonous force invades the big hole of the human body, it will be impossible to save him." Li Xian can only interrupt at this moment, and he is also stunned by the magical martial arts of the cloud, and he has a good grasp of the treatment of Mu Rou.
Cloth "but I still can’t send the force out of the body, let alone control it to flow in his body." The cloud is worried again.
Cloth "Oh, where is this from?" Almost everyone can’t help asking when they hear this strange thing.
Cloth "in fact, this is the case …" Lee Hsien explained this problem more than Yun.
Cloth is amazing after hearing the whole story. "Yunxiaoyou is really unheard of, and the old man is not sure that he can make Yunxiaoyou freely make such a force. It seems that this matter still needs Yunxiaoyou to ponder on his own, but if it is a word, it is not impossible." Muting did not make it clear that there seems to be a room to hide.
Cloth "would like to hear more" cloud is very interested, even if he can, he will be very happy. After all, this is progress.
Cloth "Just now, when I was looking at the true qi of my little friend, now my little friend can’t concentrate on dantian because it has a dark energy. I just tried to eliminate this dark energy, but now its potential and counterattack are very great. But if I suppress it for a while, I still have the ability to let my little friend dantian flow for a while." Mu Ting continued, "Although no one has practiced this all-around physical strength, no one can know if you want to make it work, but if you suppress dantian, you can practice it casually for a few days."
So that’s it. No wonder Mu Ting is so stupid and dead. Frankly speaking, it’s really humiliating, and it’s even more dangerous and there are many variables. It’s really nothing to pay attention to, but if you think about it carefully, there’s no better way
Cloth "in that case, let’s take action. It will change over time." Yun said that at least we can feel a control, and Yun felt that it was not bad.
Cloth "then we will give you Miss Mu’s wing from icehouse after the medicine" Li Xian also agreed.
Cloth so Mu Ting held out Mu Rou’s moving wing from icehouse and waved back all the Li Xian medicine, then he also returned the remaining Mu Tingyun.
Not long after Bumu’s "rude breakup", he frowned and gave a painful look and groaned gently.
Cloth "It seems that the medicine has taken effect, so let’s prepare it." Mu Tingbai can’t delay any longer.
Cloth "The younger generation is ready to wait for the elder to help the younger generation suppress the dark strength in the abdomen" Cloud replied.
Bu "Don’t call the elder and the younger generation so different. Since you are a good friend of children, please call me an uncle, and I will call you a son."
Cloth "late … son white uncle" cloud is a little unaccustomed but still awkward replied.
Chapter III Indulge in the past
"That being the case, let’s do it at once!" Muting no longer talks about the cloud and sits cross-legged with his hands against the cloud’s back. Luck forces the cloud to be invaded by external forces, and the cloud force immediately flows together to the "Lingtai point" on the back. When Mu Ting’s force enters a point, he can’t move forward, and Yunli is deadlocked. Yunzao expected that there would be such a situation. He unhurriedly took out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket and put the medicine inside. After a while, Muting obviously felt that the cloud counterattack resistance was weakening, so he invaded Yundantian conveniently.
The original bottle was filled with clouds, and there was no finished agent "arsenic" in it. When the arsenic entered the body, the cloud felt a stronger threat, so it turned to resist the arsenic poison, which enabled Mu Tingli to take this opportunity to reach Yundantian without hindrance, while Yun tried his best to relax his body as if he were instantaneous, so it was very difficult for the cloud to condense his strength on his right index finger, because it was just too late to condense his finger force at the moment of fighting with people, so it was not the kind of mental movement that could be maintained.
Besides, after Mu Ting pressed himself into Yundantian, he couldn’t move because of his dark strength. I don’t know whether it was born in Yundantian or injected by a very good master. He kept guarding Yundantian like a "chain lock" and cut off the path of cloud body interest. If it weren’t for the cloud being able to find another way and going through many adventures, maybe he wouldn’t be able to practice any strength in his life. Because Dantian was able to work hard, Dantian was locked and the source was broken. Where could he come from? And this force hovered over the clouds for more than ten years, not only showing no signs of weakening, but also showing a trend of increasing year by year. At this moment, there was a strong invasion of external forces, which finally showed its great power. Mu Ting felt that this force could not be suppressed and could not be solved. Seeing her daughter’s face became more and more painful, and her heart was as busy as smoke and smoke, urging her to practice hard for decades, forcing her to melt this dark energy, while the cloud was trying to stop breathing and resist poison. Suddenly, she felt huge cramps in her abdomen, and the arsenic poured into the abdomen again.
At this time, the dark energy suddenly moved, as if the hunter who had been waiting for a long time had suddenly attacked the poisonous force coming back to the abdomen, and the poisonous force took advantage of the cloud’s strength to come forward, which was fierce and stronger than that of the horse. The dark energy was intertwined and fought inextricably, and Mu Ting was left out for a while, and Mu Ting suddenly felt that as soon as the pressure was reduced, he rushed to the cloud like a burst of banks. That Yun Dantian was finally able to get through the cloud’s strength in an instant, and Mu Ting was so busy that he urged.
Buyun is eager to eat, and the physical battle has reached a white-hot state. The weakest virulence is once again forced to become black.
Cloth and toxic force once there is no threat that dark energy will no longer pay attention to the cloud body physical strength and turn to go back to the abdomen. Now the abdomen has been penetrated and it has been magically dissolved into the cloud body meridians, and this cloud body meridians can be circulated like ordinary martial arts people.
Cloth "What’s the matter with my son? Rou Er is dying!" Muting didn’t know what had happened to the cloud, so he shouted.
Cloth cloud just came to my senses. Once the body and energy flow naturally, it will run smoothly without other people’s guidance, and it will never be out of control as before. This situation is like a path blocked by boulders on the road, but passers-by can’t give directions, and the path can’t pass many people at a time; Everyone knows how to get through when the boulder is cleared of the road.
Bu Yunji clearly felt that the force could operate at will, and he was ecstatic and replied, "Uncle Mu is ready!" "
BuMuTing busy way "luck in abdomen to palace and then …"
Cloth cloud is busy. According to Mu Ting’s words, luck can really feel a hot air from the abdomen. The cloud controls it to gather in the palm of your hand and slowly press it to Mu Rou vest.
Cloth cloud hand pressed on Mu Rou’s back through a small silk coat, you can still feel the greasy skin, and your bones are as soft as silk cotton, and you almost can’t control the heat of your palms when you swing.