"David Tang ….." Hsuanchan’s broken sword slipped and continued to stab Chen Xuandan Tian. No matter how good the magic weapon is, it is also a case that the silver sword is still a fourth-order magic weapon higher than the first-class terrace. But this also gave Hsuanchan a little freedom to move his body immediately and fly back five times at ordinary times:

Yuan’s shadow is dangerous. The tip of the sword is one meter away from Hsuanchan’s body. Even though Hsuanchan has disappeared into the aura of heaven and earth, even though Hsuanchan has practiced "Disillusionment" to five times the limit in the past three thousand years, Yuan is still chasing him tightly.
Fortunately, the nervous breakdown has arrived from one side to see this situation at this moment, and he has to hide for a while, finally helping Chen Xuan to solve the problem. At this time, Yu Xin’s three-person law has finally condensed, and a sudden gravity pressure on the yuan body suddenly slows down and then several flashes fall from the sky, and three fine vines drill out of the ground. The target is Yuan.
Yuan expression a cold eyebrows tightly intertwined in the face of the situation that there are waves before there are tigers. At this time, Han Jie’s flying sword also came from the side, and there was a third-order repair and nervous extinction, which closely pursued the side and almost surprised out in a cold sweat. Hsuanchan also got up the momentum again and killed it just visible. The situation was really critical.
At the moment, Yuan knows for himself that although it has not reached the point of a spent force, it is not far apart. Otherwise, where would Hsuanchan cut off an arm so easily just now?
Now he has the choice to stay away from it for a while.
However, even with a lot of injuries, the immortal force consumed a lot, but Yuan’s fourth-order repair was still very light after all, and he escaped the fright and chopped him with a knife for a while, and then he evaded the flash of three women’s laws and the flash of fine rattan and Hsuanchan to break the virtual blade. At this moment, he finally felt a little hard.
Look at Han Jie’s last attack. The flying sword handle didn’t evade this round of attack. He was really close to a spent force. Yuan Nai rolled on the spot and escaped this attack very awkwardly. It is talk.an excellent job if you can save your strength or think about it if you can avoid this dangerous robbery.
Yuan dodged left and right in the six-man attack, and his figure was extremely embarrassing. After two rounds of attacks, he was already covered in dust. It was a shame that he was forced into this field by six junior students who were in the second and third order. He was thrown home.
But Yuan is also very resistant. At this moment, he is really looking down on Chen Xuan’s six people. He just thought about killing them. Now the situation is just the opposite. It’s hard to say whether he can save his life.
Fortunately, I have to hold on for a moment, I have to hold on for another moment, and I will be safe when other practitioners nearby arrive.
Of the six people, Hsuanchan’s breaking the virtual blade is the most worrying thing for Yuan. What is this magic weapon? You can know it at a glance by repairing it, but it is clear that it is absolutely a terrible magic weapon by cutting off his right arm just now without blowing off dust. If you talk about it yourself, you can’t hurt it.
The power of breaking the virtual blade in the fate street is now well known. If it weren’t for the fact that people don’t listen to things outside the window, almost everyone in the fate street already knows that he once owned all the realms, and now he has soared to the ninth order to attack the celestial treasure-Xingyao Nine Treasures broke the virtual blade.
All Hsuanchan doesn’t care about being scared out. When people know that he is carrying a treasure to destroy Yuan, they don’t worry about being known by too many people, and they don’t worry about being remembered by too many people.
Tianlingbao is divided into nine levels: none, middle and sub-levels. The value of Tianlingbao depends on whether its sum is suitable for messengers.
Let the forces in the fate street know that Hsuanchan has a broken virtual blade, which is also the meaning of Wu Wen. Not long ago, about a hundred years ago, Hsuanchan deliberately showed off a broken virtual blade in the fate street. That time, it just happened that Xiao Yunlou and Xiao Yunlou rang the bell again. Hsuanchan suddenly broke the virtual blade and stopped a battle that almost made them both lose-lose.
According to Wu Wen’s words, if he wants to be an enlightened person, everything else can be called an enlightened person. Now, the enlightened person represents a smooth road to cultivation. It is a future Buddha and a Buddha that is several times stronger than ordinary Buddha, such as Jiuyao Buddha. Even if there is no such abnormal thing as Xingyao Nine Treasures, it is too big a problem to choose two or three.
Anyway, sooner or later, the broken virtual blade will be concealed by the master now, and it can’t be concealed unless Hsuanchan has always refused to let this baby lend it to others except him, and the other party will drive it in the dark. No, that root is a wave. Who will be silly and have a magic weapon? That’s an idiot. It’s better to show it aboveboard to make others covet and at the same time make people scruple.
Of course, there is probably something hidden in it, but Hsuanchan doesn’t understand it and is too lazy to understand it.
Yuan hopes to last for a moment, but several people in Hsuanchan want to fight for it. It is this moment that all kinds of attacks take turns to use flint. I don’t know how many tricks have driven Yuan to be in a mess. Now, every second counts. Otherwise, when other practitioners arrive at the secret, they have the opportunity to give up killing Yuan and choose to retreat immediately, even if it will leave hidden dangers.
Only one person or an influence knows that they participated in this incident, and they have a choice between being seen by a group of people to participate in this incident. Although this is likely to cause great trouble behind Huang Yuan, the broken Jiange will also become their threat.
Broken virtual blade across yuan left arm with a piece of bright blood, broken clothes, bloody teeth, just didn’t bite, just barely escaped the attack of broken virtual blade, and met with a nervous shock. The broad long knife was overbearing, and Gangfeng body raised its left silver sword to meet the long knife.
The fifth chapter fury-dragon soul chop
"touch!" The body of the sword intersecting Yuan flew back uncontrollably, and his left hand almost couldn’t hold the silver sword in his hand, while Han Jie was far behind the flying sword, waiting for him to deliver it himself.
Degree by the rain Xin three female law cast shape force dragged just slow, but also in the face of their constant attacks interfere with yuan heart anger can not help but ignite but very nai at the moment he root method to do what Hsuanchan, nervous destroy two biggest threats always chasing behind the situation is very dangerous Han Jie wench casually put fly sword can not be ignored, otherwise one wrong step will be wrong yuan for the first time fell into such a mess.
Suddenly, Chen Xuan had a new move. Three exquisite and small colorful crystal balls appeared in his hand and waved and threw them at Yuan’s body.
"What is it?" Yuan in the heart of a doubt his divine knowledge shows that these three balls are not powerful, and they can be solved by waving their hands. There won’t be any problem. There seems to be no reason for Hsuanchan to throw something here, right?
Qiao Jin’s sword led Han Jie to fly Jian Yuan and tried to paddle the tip of the sword to one of the flying balls. At this moment, Hsuanchan’s mouth suddenly flashed a sinister smile.
Yuan Meng felt wrong, but it was too late for the tip of the sword to touch the ball. Three glittering spheres suddenly exploded at the same time, and three dazzling colorful lights suddenly exploded and fused into a colorful light group with a diameter of several meters to wrap his body inside.
What can these three balls be but disillusioned babies?
But now their names have been changed because of disillusionment baby. This name is really a bit … I remember that Chen Xuan was severely laughed at by him after knowing the name of this thing. Actually, if you think about it carefully, the name of disillusionment baby does have something-feminine. It’s okay if it’s a woman who creates something, but Hsuanchan is also a big man, so it feels a little awkward.
Hsuanchan also knew that when he took this name, he was a little thoughtless. He gave it to someone who told him that the first place he thought of was such a name-disillusioned baby …
Now its name has been changed-the disillusionment charm is simple and simple.
It’s difficult to move around like it’s full of paste. It’s in the range of disillusionment charm effect. Yuan feels it at the moment. Of course, the fact is not so exaggerated. The power of these three disillusionment charms is not a powerful attack for Yuan now. Although some of them are beyond his expectation, they just cause him a little minor injuries.
However, it is difficult to move, although it is exaggerated.
Even though Hsuanchan has done a lot of things in the past three thousand years, one of them is to carefully study the mysterious old man in the world of mortals to the "disillusioned baby", but although he has benefited a lot, he has not created anything abnormal.
One is that his repair is not high enough, and the other is that he is really not very good at making devices, which leads to the disillusionment of the charm. The attack power is not very strong, even if the ever-changing principle does not swing half the power, but the entanglement is to let Hsuanchan swing to the extreme.
In the past 3,000 years, I have realized that the five-order spell Hsuanchan has changed rapidly, and the disorderly and orderly changes have changed to complicated and extremely orderly changes, so the attack power has been weakened a lot. However, the five energy characteristics are mixed together and the power burst in chaos, which makes the surrounding area in a very unstable state. It is really dangerous to teleport.
It is very taboo for the master at the same level to teleport unless there are abnormal things like Hsuanchan who follow the trajectory to move, otherwise the five elements of force are mixed up to cause delay and shock, and the delay is caused by the failure of the master at the same level. I am afraid I have already lost first.
Colorful light tightly wrapped Yuan greatly delayed his mobility, trying to get rid of them, but these lights were annoying and always wrapped around his body and moved with his figure, so he couldn’t shake it.
As a last resort, Yuan Youyun’s precious energy will be scattered by a shock that will tightly wrap his colorful light.
At this moment, he doesn’t have much immortal strength left. It’s really precious. It’s not even when he doesn’t have Dan medicine. Even if Dan medicine doesn’t recover a few cents at this point, it’s better to fight for more time to get this Dan medicine. The opportunity gives Hsuanchan and them a good opportunity to get close to him
"Hey, hey ….." Chen Xuan smiled and hid in the evil sword of physical weakness. Now he is extremely broken in the hands of the Yuan attack. Six people have completely surrounded him while this is less than a breath. Even Han Jie, who is monitoring the movement nearby, is no exception.
Just yuan just managed to pull a little distance and be disillusioned with the charm of the spirit. This procrastination department has done work.
Looking at the six people, the face is as heavy as water, and the sword is as evil as Chen Xuan’s. By this moment, he has given up the luck in his heart. At this time, he has chosen to give it a chance, so maybe he can win a chance to hide. It is gone. He is surrounded by six people. Where can he hide?
Scared out a knife and then split Yuan without dodging. You can hide and raise a sword and resolutely meet Long Dao. At this moment, scared out Long Dao suddenly lights up a dragon shadow. In the constant bullying of the blade, with a hint of majesty, the emperor grows stronger and harder and splits Yuan.
Yuan Xin’s mind is coagulated.
There was a loud ringing noise, and the swords of the two men collided again. They fought hard against a blow and destroyed their bodies. They couldn’t help flying backwards and out of his own control, while Yuan Ze stood still and occupied the wind strongly.
However, it is a slight smug smile when flying back, and it flies out hundreds of meters in an instant, forcibly stopping the body from reversing its shape and going to Yuan again.
"Poof …" A mouthful of bright red blood gushed out from Yuan’s mouth and sprayed on the front of the silver sword. The blade seemed to bear the impact of blood for a moment, showing several subtle cracks.
This is the most powerful trick to kill the dragon’s soul-the dragon’s soul can attack several times in an instant just like the fierce mountain of the broken sword. However, this is not a secret skill of the Tu Temple. Naturally, it will not have a huge side effect on the body like the fierce mountain of the broken sword. It is inevitable, but it is negligible. Unless the dragon’s soul is madly raised to dozens of times, it is a hundred times. It should be noted that the dragon’s soul can cut power, but it can be adjusted and it is much better than the fierce mountain of the broken sword.
Yu Xin’s three girls kept the formation of surrounding Yuan intact, and he had the chance to escape. At the same time, they each released their own flying swords to attack Yuan remotely, and then Han Jie’s flying swords reached Yuan’s front first.
Take a deep breath, Yuan takes two quick steps back, four or two moves, and then takes a sword to fly Han Jie’s flying sword, and then takes another two steps back. The left-hand silver sword faces three flying swords coming from three different directions.
Opposite Hsuanchan, he has made brute force to face Han Jie, and he can also make skillful efforts. However, in the face of the third-order nervous destruction, Yuan has his own self-cultivation, and there is no other way to go.
Yu Xin, Lan Ling, and Cui Ling, three female flying swords, attacked Yuan from three different directions. Yuan Jian easily picked up Yu Xin’s flying sword, Lan Ling’s flying sword flew away, and the third fragile flying sword suffered the same field.
Just then Lan Ling’s eyes suddenly flashed a smile.
"Whew ….." Sharp broken suddenly sounded Yuan Yi Jing and consciously flashed to the right. A small sword with a handle and a half inch was suddenly shot from the grip of the brittle spirit and violently stuck in the middle of Yuan’s chest, which was left and a finger wide, and almost hit the air pocket in the key sandalwood.
"Shout … not that silver awn" Yuan was secretly relieved, and his hair stood loose in shock. Although this small sword handle caused him a lot of damage, it almost hit the key in Tan, but after all, it was not a broken blade. Otherwise, how could he still be alive at the moment?
It’s nothing if you want to die and still get hurt.
"Yes, that silver awn!" Yuan’s heart suddenly started to get up again, but those hairs have not yet finished standing up. Yuan suddenly stared in amazement and slowly lowered his head and looked at the silver light group inserted in his abdomen. At this moment, Yuan finally recognized that this was the ninth-order day treasure of the famous world-broken virtual blade! Alas … Before dying, it was also a vision.
Scared out body suddenly and a knife to bully the yuan body split several pieces and joint yuan god together to eliminate clean.
Chapter VI Tuyuan Tianzun
"Mom, this tough guy is finally dead!" Hsuanchan breathe a sigh of relief back still stay in yuan body broken virtual blade heart also really a little liberation feeling.
The key of dantian was hit accurately, and it was hit by a magic weapon of this level. Even if Hsuanchan can’t wield a ten thousandth force to break the virtual blade, it won’t do if Yuan wants to die. If dantian is broken, he will temporarily lose his fight back and die. What else can he do? Flash "nervous flicker to Huang Yuan next to a knife cut him wearing a ring left palm with this thing, this is definitely a knot.
At this moment, three figures suddenly flashed around six people, not far from Hsuanchan. Several people were taken aback and consciously made a defensive posture.