After a long time, he became an otaku in other people’s eyes. Of course, the people in their family compound are not so fashionable. Instead, they use another word-"worthless"
He thought of watching a Japanese TV play, and there was a short story about a lollipop that people would find their potential after eating. The protagonist ate a lot and found a lot of potential, but none of them were suitable for making money. Among them, there was a talent who played football but could dribble. Which professional team would want it? The best protagonist discovers that his greatest potential is criminal talent …
For Chang Sheng, rebirth may be a lollipop that lets him know what his greatest talent is. Without this experience, he may not know that he can actually be a football coach and do a good job until his death … His life may go straight to the end as usual.
Sometimes he occasionally thinks of such a future when he is addicted to the game, and then feels scared and scared.
Then he will go to sleep and sleep, and he will sound the same.
He didn’t travel through it. He is now in college. When he wants to practice guitar and become a singer, he never thought that he could walk with a star like Avril Lavigne in the exotic heart of Los Angeles and watch other people perform in the street.
Your own fate is thus bifurcated.
I think it’s quite touching. I always win. I took out the money from my pocket and went forward and put it in the other party’s guitar box
After thanking Chang Sheng, the black artist pointed to Avril Lavigne, a colleague of Chang Sheng. "Hey girls, you are the first to listen to me sing today. Thank you. Can I ask you to sing a song?"
Avril Lavigne, wearing a cap with a low brim, smiled. "I can’t sing with five tones, but I have a suitable candidate!" "
With that, she pushed the winning out.
"This is a pop singer from China! He sings very well! " She also announced to the people around her
These tourists like to watch the excitement and are not afraid of things. Adults are booing.
"China singer? Oh, my god I have never heard a China singer sing! "
"Do they sing in Chinese?"
Chang Sheng was suddenly pushed out by Avril Lavigne. He froze for a while and then reacted. What happened? He turned his head and glared at Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne smiled brightly at him.
The black man is also booing "Come on, man! Don’t be shy! Performing in public is nothing rare! "
His constant victory is shyness and nervousness.
The onlookers also whistled and clapped their hands to encourage them to win.
Changsheng naturally won’t perform in public, but he is nervous. He went to the underground tunnel to sing before the university was necessary. Now he is the head coach of the first team in La Liga. What big scene have you never seen?
Now this is a small audience.
So he went to take the guitar handed him by the black man without affectation.
"Dude can play the guitar? Ah … I forgot that you are a China pop singer! " This black man is very enthusiastic, but he talks nonsense and has a lot of bullshit.
He gave the guitar to Changsheng, so he stepped aside and sat down to have a rest.
Changsheng hangs his guitar on his shoulder.
He took a deep breath when he held the guitar.
I haven’t touched this thing for a long time …
He fiddled with a string at random, listened to it and then tuned it.
I was surprised to see him so skilled that the black singer whistled.
Avril Lavigne, on the other hand, kept smiling and looked at Changsheng.
She was not surprised at all, because they had talked about music the first time they met, which was better than her singing.
Changsheng has tried his voice. He hasn’t thought of anything to sing yet.
He froze for a moment and then a song appeared in his mind.
So he plucked the strings and sang.
The slightly hoarse voice instantly attracted the ears of those listeners as if it were magnetic.
Everyone is joining in the fun, and no one will recognize how beautiful a China tourist can sing.
But many people’s faces changed when the first sentence of Changsheng was sung.
Watching the laughter disappear and replaced by a serious expression.
With a straight face, his eyebrows showed a happy smile.
In fact, they can’t understand what the China people mean by singing lyrics.
But music is a common language. The charm of a good song lies in whether you need to understand the lyrics or not. You need to listen to the melody, and you can hear the feelings sung by the singer.
And Changsheng really sang very hard this time.
Because of his own experience, he saw his "brother" experience and at this moment it all became his experience and empathy.
"It’s not easy to talk about hesitation and achieve the ideal …"
Even if you have confidence, your fighting spirit is restrained.
Who decides me to go or stay in the universe in my heart?
Want to wave to the ideal with both hands!
Avril Lavigne has never heard this song before, and my uncle never sang it to her.
Although she thought uncle sang the song "Haitian" very nice, it also had a different flavor.
"How high is the question? Your heart is higher than the sky. You are confident and can’t die. It’s never too old!"
Singing and singing, he thought of his two past feelings. He suddenly roared, "Oh-oh-oh-I have a story from my heart! Write every happy and sad dream by hand! "
"Oh-oh-oh-even though there is trauma, I don’t retreat. My dream will be achieved one day and I will find my heart. The dream world will finally be visible! !”
Is to find your own heart and dream that the world will finally be visible!
I came into this world by myself to realize my dream.
Now we are on the road to the dream world, although the road is tortuous and full of thorns along the way. In some places, there is no road, so we need to chop a road ourselves.
But walking along this road, you can see the scenery that your previous generation could not see.
As the head coach of a professional team, YY characters can lead the professional team to win in this battlefield where there is no smoke, and the fans cheer when the whole stadium rings and your name is shouted. When Hertha is led to overcome the economic crisis and finally win the championship, he always wins. There is a feeling that "the whole world is at my feet".
This road has only just begun now. Although it has encountered various difficulties, it is always impossible to be laughed at and questioned, but it is no longer hesitant to regret it.
Because he is convinced that this road is the best way for him to walk!
Avril Lavigne was also touched when she saw Chang Sheng singing so deeply.
Although she couldn’t understand what Changsheng was singing, she thought uncle must have experienced this song, otherwise he wouldn’t be singing so emotionally with his eyes closed.
It’s not like a love song to listen to the melody so passionately …
She remembered her uncle telling her stories about his past.
Maybe it has something to do with those past experiences