The players who are least affected this time are all in the back line.

This may have something to do with the psychological quality of the defenders.
Because they are always being abused, their psychological quality is not good, and I am afraid they will collapse early.
They were beaten because they didn’t run in before the game and were suddenly arranged as starters. Everyone needs an adaptation process.
Now it’s running in
It’s Lazio’s turn.
Derry looked anxiously inside the stadium on the sidelines.
Sampdoria shot many times in half-time for 30 minutes, and the possession rate was also dominant.
But I just can’t score.
This situation made him smell a very bad taste.
Finally, the deadlock was broken in the 35th minute!
But the goal is not the home team Sampdoria but the visiting team Lazio!
"Passareira! A powerful header! Beautiful! The front scene has no advantage at all, and it does not occupy the first record of Lazioli’s corner kick opportunity! "
"Sampdoria are sure they have a chance to win the game, but Lazio are in the lead now!"
"Lazio’s starters seem to be slightly affected. That incident has not affected Lazio as much as people think …"
Seeing Passareira score is always better than winning. He clapped his hands from the coach’s seat.
He had been worried that Lazio would be in a bad state because of his attack.
This is indeed the case.
So he temporarily changed the starting lineup.
The purpose is to minimize the impact of this incident.
But he was always worried before Cesc Passareira scored.
I’m worried that these players have been hit hard because they are good at hiding themselves.
Now it’s okay. Lazio is one goal ahead. As Lazio is used to playing, it’s much easier to play after leading.
Delli naturally knows what Lazio is good at.
It’s going to be hard to kick them ahead of the game.
But now Lazio is in the lead!
The coach looked very nai with his hands open on the sidelines.
When Sai Passareira jumped up in the penalty area and headed the goal, none of the Sampdoria players around him jumped, so he watched the football strengthen and Castellacc guarded the goal …
Only then did he realize that the attack on Changsheng had a great impact not only on Lazio but also on Sampdoria-making Sampdoria players underestimate their enemies!
Their Lazio players are deeply affected and out of shape.
So they can easily beat Lazio …
Delry remembered that he had never said such a thing to them …