Qin Guan also faced the siege of two immortals.

And Xia Yi and Xia Zi’s brother and sister joined forces to resist the attack of a statue of the fairy king and took a slight advantage.
However, in addition, there are two fairy kings and the strong resistance. These two fairy kings have killed more than 20 people in a short time in the elite of Tiandao Zongtianxian.
"Get together and lean over."
Qin Guan saw that the elite brother of Tiandao Sect kept falling, and his eyes were red and he roared with anger. In the face of besieging him, the resistance of the two immortals became more intense.
At the same time, the blood phoenix demon emperor and Yiyang, the quasi-emperor, also fought.
Yiyang’s heart is eager to catch the root of the blood phoenix demon emperor. Without patience, he can directly shoot the quasi-emperor’s power and surge toward the blood phoenix demon emperor.
Blood phoenix demon emperor eyebrows slightly wrinkled in the face of Yiyang attack eyes both pitfalls and worried.
In ancient times, she was a famous demon emperor, facing a mere statue of quasi-emperor, but she was seriously injured at this time, facing Yiyang, but she was in the wind
In particular, she also needs to protect Xia Qi and let the blood phoenix demon emperor be tied behind his back.
Fortunately, the blood phoenix demon emperor has so many years of experience in the celestial world. Although the strength of the seriously injured body is not as good as that of Yiyang, he can also compete with Yiyang with experience.
At that time, Yiyang, a statue of quasi-emperor, had no distinction with blood phoenix demon emperor.
"Damn silver pine fairy king, come and help me."
It’s not difficult for Yiyang to attack for a long time. When the demon emperor turned his eyes, he saw that Wan Jianzong had an absolute advantage on the other side. There were two fairy kings who were still slaughtering fairies, and he immediately called a fairy king to help him.
The words sound just fell and silver mans flashing a figure suddenly appeared beside the Gu Yue.
The silver pine fairy king has such a name because his treasure is a silver pine, and every pine leaf is as sharp as a silver needle.
The silver pine fairy king is a famous treasure at first hand. A silver pine stands in heaven and earth, and its leaves are as dense as steel needles and come towards the blood phoenix demon emperor.
Blood phoenix demon emperor frown deeper.
Such an attack can’t resist her, but in the face of such an attack, her attention will definitely be divided, so it will be difficult for her to compete in the face of Yiyang’s attack
Yiyang reveals a ferocious attack, which is more fierce and roaring. All kinds of powerful magical powers are flooding towards the blood phoenix demon emperor.
In a short time, several wounds appeared in the body of blood phoenix demon emperor.
On the other hand, Qin Guan and others are even more miserable, especially more than 200 elites of Tiandong Sect, who are still suffering from the slaughter of a statue of Xianwang.
Qin Guan and others watched a statue of the fairy king slaughter the elite fairy brother of Tiandao Sect, but it was difficult for them to save their lives.
"Blood phoenix demon emperor, if you are smart enough to surrender to me honestly, otherwise it will be hard for you to be famous in ancient times today, and the demon emperor will suffer some hardships."
Yiyang eyes with a ferocious smile and complete drink a way
"Wan Jianzong, I remember that the Double Emperor imprisoned me, and I haven’t got revenge yet. You will cheat me again today, and I need you Wan Jianzong to bleed into a river."
Blood phoenix demon emperor cold mouth eyes flashing with deep hatred.
Imprisoned by the Double Emperor for so many years, her strength has not recovered, and now she is surrounded by Yiyang, and her hatred for Wan Jianzong has reached a limit.
"I’m afraid you won’t have this chance if you want Wan Jianzong to bleed into a river."
Yiyang cold hum a finger is Wan Jian qi now cold light twinkling, pitfalls Lin however formed a sword net towards the blood phoenix demon emperor cover.
This is Wan Jianzong’s most famous tactic of killing Wan Jianzong.
The real sword tactic is that 10,000 swords are all real, and the eye is shining. Obviously, not all swords are real, but most of them are swords.
But even so, its power cannot be underestimated.