The reporters looked at the bloody words on the back of his shirt and suddenly felt that this sentence was not for Atletico Madrid, but for them.

They worked with Chang Sheng for a season, and they swore every time that Chang Sheng would not be able to do this, and they would not be able to do that, and they were beaten in the face every time.
So now do they regret it?
Chapter two hundred and thirty Champion is my way
According to the regulations, Hertha won the league championship trophy although it was away from home.
However, naturally, we can’t celebrate as much as we do at home.
In fact, Atletico Madrid is also very dissatisfied with giving the Hertha League trophy at their home.
They protested why Hertha was not awarded the trophy at the end of a league round.
The Spanish Football Association doesn’t care about their protests.
Whether they like it or not, the championship trophy will be awarded to Hertha at Atletico Madrid.
Atletico Madrid club will keep everything simple.
Without setting up a podium for Hertha, the football association officials directly handed the trophy to Hertha captain Pedro canizares on the turf of the stadium.
The Atletico Madrid fans in the stands have long gone, leaving more than 500 Hertha fans to witness this moment.
They were also stopped in their seats and were not allowed to come and cheer for Hertha Juan from a distance. They fought against 57,000 Atletico Madrid fans for 90 minutes, and now their voices are all dead. If they want to cheer, they will have the heart to hear it.
In this way, Hertha has no flowers, no applause and cheers, no flying ribbons, no high "We are champions" song, and dozens of journalists have cameras and flashes to hold the league championship trophy high.
But without Hertha’s glory, they don’t need to be recognized and supported by others. They entertain themselves and don’t care how big the scene is. There are their players cheering themselves at Calderon Stadium.
Captain Pedro canizares was a little excited. He was hoarse and his eyes were reddish.
He never thought that he would have a chance to win a league championship trophy in his career!
Every player is scrambling to get in touch with the championship trophy and feel the touch of the championship.
The cold championship trophy was held in everyone’s hands and stuck to their faces.
Hertha players don’t care that Atletico Madrid has left them a city. Even if they are alone, they are happy.
And even if the game is full and the upgrade fails, you still can’t escape the fate.
After the game, the press conference turned into a winning personal press conference.
Atletico Madrid coach Marcos Alonso came to the post-match press conference, answered three questions and got up and left.
He may be in a hurry to go to Hill to get killed.
He left in a hurry, and the reporters waited for a long time before they won.
When Chang Sheng came to the press conference, he was obviously wet, and at first glance, he knew it was the players.
Hertha reporters laughed when they saw him like this
While other reporters kept silent.
Looking at those silent reporters, Chang Sheng couldn’t help laughing.
Hearing his smile, a reporter looked up and glared at Chang Sheng. They thought Chang Sheng was insulting them, but it was very rude to do so.
They guessed right, and winning always is indeed insulting their manners … What is that?
"I said Atletico Madrid will definitely not upgrade. Now, does anyone have any doubts about my words?"
Journalists are more silent, looking up and staring at Changsheng, and journalists bow their heads in embarrassment.
"Tut tut what a pity it is that you are not so unlucky to want you to believe me. What’s wrong with me? No, but you just don’t believe me. "Chang Sheng didn’t sit down, but paced back and forth on the stage while taunting the reporters as if this were his own stage. He was performing a stage play."
"You and I said in hu? I’m sorry I didn’t say that Atletico Madrid’s defeat was doomed from the moment they were relegated, and that our promotion was doomed from the moment of the season. No matter how many twists and turns we went through, the final outcome could not be changed and you became the best witnesses-of course, you can also lie with your eyes closed and say that Atletico Madrid finally defeated Hertha in Calderon and obtained the promotion qualification, while Hertha was able to stay in the second division … I am very confident that you can definitely do this. "
He also mercilessly ridiculed and satirized these reporters’ press conferences as ever-victorious monologues. He talked on stage alone, but the reporters were silent and didn’t even raise their hands.
The local journalists in Hertha didn’t raise their hands to ask them if they knew that winning at this time didn’t need them to ask if it was necessary to vent their emotions freely, so he said it.
"I hope this season’s lessons can give you some experience to know that when you face me again, don’t always think about being right with me because you will always be on the wrong side … but I believe I didn’t say this. It’s a pity that if you can listen to me, you won’t be journalists …"
Changsheng shrugged his shoulders and stood with a face of regret.
"I know that some of you are responsible for reporting the second division. It’s a pity that I can’t continue to slap your faces, but although we are in different leagues, if your skin itches one day, I welcome you to come to me and I will help you stop itching."
Harvey pazos was upset when he heard Chang Sheng say this on stage because he knew that Chang Sheng’s words were actually meant for himself! He’s taking it personally … that damn narrow-minded!
Marca is a big newspaper, and its classification is very detailed. It is specially responsible for tennis reporting and basketball reporting. Football is the most popular mass sport in Spain, and its classification is even more detailed.
Journalists who are responsible for reporting on the first division run to the first division, and journalists who are responsible for reporting on the second division run to the second division. They have nothing to do with each other at ordinary times. Journalists who can run the first division are naturally elites among journalists. Of course, some of them started from reporting on the second division.
Harvey pazos is also expected to be promoted to a reporter covering the first division.
I didn’t expect to be hit in the face again and again when I met an enemy, but I finally came up with an "exclusive starting array". As a result, Hertha’s starting array was hit in the face by Chang Sheng, which was completely different from the "exclusive starting array" he invented.
This made the deputy editor-in-chief thunder furious, scolded him, deducted his three-month bonus and announced that he would never get a promotion in the next year.