The only one that is intact is Zhao Qing country, because his home is far from the center of the village.

"Boom …"
The explosion went on and on
Mortar tanks were blown up in the first place.
Ammunition in the mortar has just been punched into irregular lines and flew to different places, just like a fairy scattered flowers.
"Boom …"
The group of foreigners were not lucky enough to have several shells hit them.
Hundreds of people were turned into dust in the explosion.
Even if Muhai’s position is not lucky.
Fortunately, Muhai reacted quickly enough to stop the irregular ammunition when he saw it coming.
The shell directly formed a shield in his hands and exploded.
"Boom …"
The trees around Muhai were torn into several pieces and flew around.
Dust rushes to the sky like waves.
"Xiaohai, are you okay?" Tang Yu looked at Muhai with concern.
Muhai smiled and stopped bloodthirsty.
Seeing that his clothes were burnt to slag on his arm, even though his arm was blown a little bit.
"small sea"
Tang Yu took out a handkerchief from his bag and gently wiped it at the sight of a burst of heartache.
"Nothing, a little injury," Muhai said.
"It’s okay. It’s broken," said Tang Yu.
"Thank you, Xiaohai," Zhou Qian said sincerely.
Just now, Zhou Qian was still in a daze, and the shells flew over. If Muhai didn’t react quickly enough and fell to the top of his head, would he still be alive?
"No" MuHai smiled and said.
"Da …"
Just after the explosion, machine guns came from afar.
Then there are submachine guns, rifles …
From time to time, grenades exploded in the gun.
It’s like being on a battlefield
Muhai pulled the two men to the ground and lay behind the boulder at the first time.
Although it can resist flying bullets, it doesn’t have the necessary wave strength.
Muhai slowly looked up and squinted into the distance.
I saw that army tanks and mortars were blown to pieces hundreds of meters away, and many mutilated corpses were scattered around.
Its appearance is terrible.
Other soldiers who were not bombed to death were ambushed from behind when their ears were still roaring. The machine gun spit out a long snake and swept down a soldier in an instant.
Fortunately, these soldiers reacted very quickly. Find a hidden position and shoot back.