After thinking about it, I decided to appease a bat king first and then go to the suburban bat king for food after what happened in Li Xian.

So Yun took out the piece of Li Xian from her pocket and gave her the address, which is now a "Tongrentang" in Guanqian, Suzhou. She started to turn left and right in the city and circled dozens of lanes. Yun determined that those who followed her should not be able to catch up in a short time and quickly swept away in the direction of Guanqian Street.
Guanqian Street got its name from the Taoist holy land, Xuanmiao Temple, which was famous in the Song Dynasty, so the street name was Tianqing Temple. Before and after Tianqing Temple in the Yuan Dynasty, it was renamed Xuanmiaoguan Street, and then changed its name to Xuanmiaoguan Street. Tongrentang, the former street, is located next to Guanqian Street’s right eunuch alley. Although it is getting late, you can still vaguely see that there is a slight light shining inside. It is never too late to talk about the doctor’s door.
After thinking that he didn’t go in through the main entrance, Yun slightly thought that whether those who followed him had been dumped or not, he had better be cautious and jumped around the backyard.
Leaping into the backyard of "Tongrentang", the clouds are blindsided, and the verandah is winding and winding, and I can’t see where to go. I am wandering ahead, and the footsteps are faintly ringing. Clouds are busy at the foot of the wall to see the movement of the courtyard. There are two people coming out of the left cloister, one with a lantern and the other with a lunch box. Both of them are Tsing Yi hats and servants dressed up to listen to the lantern. "Li Shifu is a well-known doctor, but you say that the martial arts master who came here tonight really has the ability to force such poison?" Another person replied, "There is a saying that man proposes, God disposes. To put it bluntly, Li Shifu is just doing his best. So little let’s’ Tong Ren Tang’ be worthy of others."
"But it’s a pity that this young lady is so beautiful and so fragrant and dead." The servant of the storm lantern continued to say that it was a pity.
"Then what can I do? This is called the misfortune of a beautiful woman. So if you remember to marry a wife, don’t look too beautiful or it won’t last long." That box was very emotional.
"Don’t talk about the stunning beauty for a long time, even if it’s an hour, it’s worth my death!"
"Shh … if his family hears you, you really won’t live for an hour!" Box scold a way
Listen, these two servants have a general understanding of the situation, so Li Xian seems to be trying to save a stunning woman and help detoxify herself.
"This river’s lake is really interesting. How can a beautiful woman be either poisoned or poisoned? Another one?" Yunxin hesitated to see Li Xian.
Chapter 10 The bat king looks like himself
After much deliberation, the cloud decided to meet Li Xian first. After all, I promised others during the day and they promised to solve their identity problems.
Cloth then cloud followed the two servants all the way to the front of a wing in the west. The box hand knocked at the door, "Li Shifu brought you dinner."
Cloth door creaked. Li Xian came out of the room and took the box. "Isn’t that Yungong here yet?"
Cloth "No, it should be soon, right, Li Shifu? Don’t worry that he will bring it to you as soon as he comes to school." The hurricane lamp interface said.
Cloth "Well, go to rest if you are all right. When Yun Gong comes, he will tell me." Li Xian was disappointed to hear that Yun had not arrived yet and waved back the two servants.
Cloth cloud when the two men go far, then crept to the front of the wing and gently knocked on the door.
Cloth door hit Li Xian again, and it was Yunyun who was about to say that Yunyun was busy. He gestured that he should not make a big noise. "In today’s Wulin, Li Dage’s famous position is not unknown, and he didn’t come in from the main entrance. Please forgive me."
Cloth "Brother Yun is really sincere to others, but if I guarantee that you will be transformed, it will be considered that someone saw you go in through the gate, and he must not know which one is you!" Lee Hsien-hsiao smiled confidently. "Although I don’t have the uncanny craftsmanship of doctor Wang Gubai to make a stunning beauty, there is still a little bit of a change of scenery."
Cloth "so I thanked Brother Li first here, so I dare to ask Brother Li if I don’t know what I can do?" Cloud listened to his guaranteed ticket, and he was also very happy to finally get rid of this depression of being chased all day.
Cloth "it’s quite a story. Brother Yun might as well come into the room and listen to the eldest brother from the beginning." Li Xian pulled the cloud into the room and sat at the door to discuss it in detail.
Cloth "Dare to ask Brother Yun if he knows the family of Gusu Mu?"
Cloth "this naturally knows"
Cloth "What about Tianlong Shintoism?"
Cloth "slightly heard"
Cloth "then this matter will be talked about by these two families …" It turns out that Li Xian said that it was the poisonous thing that was harmed by the little leader of Mu Rou Tianlong Sect. Most of the reasons for this matter have long been known that Li Xian’s supplement was just what poison Mu Rou had, and he thought it should be in medical fields such as treatment.
It turns out that the name "Lover’s Tears" poisoned by Mu Rou is not only very toxic, but also very terrible. The poisoned person will become very promiscuous. This poison is often used by people with ulterior motives in Korea to break up the vows of love. Therefore, the beautiful name "Lover’s Tears" is obtained. In fact, this medicine is extremely vicious and banned by the Korean royal family, but I don’t know where the Tianlong Shaojiao came from.
This poison is extremely strange, and the mechanism of the disease after poisoning is not good. Although the doctor has the ability to remove its fatal toxicity and save the life of the poisoned person, the terrible vice will usually accompany the poisoned person for life. The poisoned person will be awake and intoxicated from time to time, as if he were living in a dream.
Bu Shanyun heard that the little leader of Tianlong Sect was so despicable and poisonous, and the more he listened to it, the more angry he became. After listening to that, Li Xian couldn’t help but be angry. "This beast actually did this despicable thing. If I meet him someday, I will never be spared!"
Cloth "It’s not necessary for younger brother Yun to worry about it. It’s well known that younger brother Baoyun, the secret of Tianlong Shinto, will definitely come to you." Li Xian comforted.
Cloth "afraid he won’t come!" Yunjue felt a sigh of relief and couldn’t wait to scream.
Cloth "Brother Yun, would you like to help me overcome this poison together?"
Cloth "that is, of course, I don’t know if I started helping?" Yunyi agreed without hesitation.
Cloth "This’ lover’s tears’ has never heard of any antidote since it appeared. Even if there is one, it can solve its deadly medicinal properties, but it can’t cure it radically. I think this poison can’t be cured by medicine alone." Li Xian is also very resistant to this question when he talks about it. This doubt is an admission that this poison is solved in terms of existing medicine.
Cloth "But yesterday, in the long street, I watched the cloud’s little brother drive away the toxic force and the toxic self-solution really made my brother sigh, so he came up with a medicine that the main and auxiliary little brothers could force the poison or there was still a chance." Li Xian said and looked at the cloud as if waiting for his consent.
Cloth cloud didn’t answer immediately, but lost in thought.
Actually, Yun is still at the threshold stage for luck, or he wouldn’t have made a "robbery" about his own physical operation mechanism. Although other people are completely different, it’s a cinch to detoxify and heal themselves, but he is absolutely incapable of inputting his own strength into other people’s bodies to help people drive away poison and heal. If he hadn’t been groping for luck all this time, he might have agreed without thinking, but at the moment he doesn’t know how to refuse. After all, if he doesn’t do well, the consequences would be unimaginable.
Cloth "does Brother Yun feel any difficulty?" Li Xian seems to see some clues.
Cloth "I’m afraid I can’t help it. Big brother and younger brother are very different from ordinary people, and the operation mode is also very strange. If it is not good, it will cause worse consequences …"
Cloth "I wonder if Brother Yun’s merits are different?"
Cloth "I don’t know where to start, but frankly, I don’t know anything about what luck leads to success."
Cloth "Isn’t it too modest for younger brother Yun to declare that he doesn’t know anything about luck if he doesn’t want to help?" Li Xian’s face has been displeased.
Cloth "not like this …" Cloud was so anxious that he rubbed his hands. "Little brother, I might as well see a pulse yourself!"
Cloth said, and then stretched out his wrist to let Li Xian feel a strong strength to keep all the veins of Li Xian’s fingers in the pulse gate, and then turned to cut the acupuncture points next to his pulse gate and even tried more than a dozen now. Although it is still not reasonable, it is faint.
Cloth: "So little brother Yun’s force actually rises and flows from odd meridians?" Li Xian asked in surprise that he could not believe such a conclusion.
Cloth "should be, I’m not very clear about it myself." Cloud habitually touched his head and smiled foolishly. I don’t know that Li Xian’s elder demeanor made him feel at ease and relaxed to reveal his true nature.
Cloth "but younger brother Yun said that you don’t even know luck, so …"
Cloth "in fact, this is the case …" Yun roughly described his unfortunate experience when he went to treasure hunting, and proved the authenticity of the certificate, especially showing Li Xian the king of vampire bats in his back.
Cloth "blood bites!" Li Xian exclaimed, "It turned out to be blood!"
Cloth "blood eats? Not the vampire bat king? " Clouds are strange.
Cloth "vampire bat king?" Li Xian, opposing wait for a while, looked at the King of Vampire Bats lying still in the shelf. "Vampire Bat King" is a saying to form that some individuals with strong adaptability are extremely powerful. Vampire bats live in groups. Generally, there are often tens of millions of them, and one or two such variants occasionally appear, which is the King of Vampire Bats. In fact, the so-called King of Vampire Bats is a general term for all different powerful vampire bats, and some people have tried to make two different variants of Vampire Bat King mate to cultivate the second generation of Vampire Bats with their parents’ ability, strong vitality and extreme bloodthirsty Li Xian said in one breath, obviously he has a lot of research on this.
Cloth "No, it’s not bloodthirsty. It never bit me …" Yun wants to say that the bat king is not fierce, but think carefully. If he is not strong enough to sit there and forget the bottom of the peak, he will be dead.
Cloth "This’ blood bite’ is the original four years ago, when Tianlong taught Suzaku Venerable, I don’t know how many Wulin players died in their mouths, but today it’s really admirable for younger brother Yun." Li Xian looked at the bat king from crying.
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Chapter 19 But do your best
"ah? Then is this blood bite the one that Suzaku Venerable cultivated more than ten years ago? "
Cloth "shouldn’t be wrong, younger brother Yun. This blood eats the infamous number of dead people in those days. You may even bring it against you." Li Xian looked at the cloud and said earnestly.
Cloth "since I have received it, can I still drive it away?" Besides, if an animal knows anything to blame, blame it for harming others and the wicked! If I don’t drive it evil, what can others do? " Cloud doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with this.
Cloth "I don’t know if this blood eats all the way?" Li Xian suddenly asked.
Cloth "when it meets any small animal in the mountains, it will feed on its own," Yun replied.
Cloth "has this blood ever hurt anyone?" Li Xian never let go of the clouds.
Cloth "er … from the point of view, I won’t let it bite, even if it is maliciously provoked or waiting for an opportunity to sneak up on people, it will never hurt people to death."
Cloth "is still sensitive to blood!" Li Xian frightened to disgrace after listening to "so-called’ nightmare’ sensitive blood eats! !”
What’s such a strange name? Big brother is surprised again? "
Cloth "There are two stunts in the four bloodsuckers, and each has a strong body, such as a gray wolf, which can no longer fly, but is poor in strength and cruel in nature. It is often called’ Force Blood Bite’, but because of its fierce bloodthirsty, it is difficult to control, it was poisoned by Suzaku himself, and the other Suzaku always likes to let him bite his opponent’s throat when he is in trouble, but it is a headache to kill the enemy immediately." Li Xian quickly watched the sleeping bat king. The sensitive person is quick and the degree is amazing. "
Cloth "I can’t believe that this little guy still has some tricks. I didn’t even show them." Yun said, gently hand in hand to follow the bat king. It should be said that blood eats fur and blood eats comfortably in the dream, twisting the body to express happiness. After this time, cloud blood eats has been quite familiar, but blood eats is not psychic, but in the cloud, it has barely learned Ting Yun’s command and action, not just relying on the cloud to return his feat. Now I know that this blood eats has been domesticated in the wild for more than ten years. The return of the motherland has restored its natural ability. However, the brand that was engraved in its subconscious since childhood (I don’t know whether it is appropriate to say this) has not been erased with the passage of time. Perhaps the distant memory has slowly revived from the moment when it clouds its shoulders. If it really has a soul, it should be unforgettable. The loneliness at the bottom of the valley for more than ten years has finally been changed by this new shoulder. How can I say this time, this blood bite will bring to the rivers and lakes? Maybe one day I will know
Cloth "Brother Yun, you’d better get rid of this blood bite before anyone recognizes its true face!" Li Xian saw that Yun didn’t take his words seriously at all and couldn’t help but persuade him again.
Cloth "If a big brother friend made a mistake before, but now his mind has changed, can he be given a chance?" Cloud laughed.