When I heard it, there was a pile of debris and a small piece of puddle liquid five or six meters away from the soul beast. The atomization speed was particularly fast, but it was only in the blink of an eye that a white fog condensed around the puddle.

The trematode can’t hear the sound, but it won’t miss the aura fluctuation. The white fog just appears, and it’s still twisting its body wildly. The spirit beast jumped over there, just like before, and then opened its mouth and gave the whole ground a bite.
Just as non-evil practitioners are invaded by excessive resentment and anger, the soul beast sucks excessive pure aura into the body, and the strength of the body will compete with the aura of the body invader. It is inevitable that there will be a result, and how it will affect the body depends on who can take the wind.
Look at all kinds of convulsions and twists of the spirit beast. After a while, it will become gentle. Many people will know that its physical strength is still much higher than that of the aura swallowed into the body. Hu Yingxue won’t feel bad about how many bottles of spirit liquid it swallowed, not to mention whether they have been diluted or not. Those quantities are absolutely enough for her to throw out a lot.
Next, Hu Yingxue keeps throwing the bottle out of his hand. Where is the broken bottle? It looks more and more chaotic. The spirit beast will pounce on it, just like chasing the frisbee puppy, but the puppy will immediately chase it after seeing the owner throw the frisbee. It will rush to it when it feels the aura fluctuation getting stronger.
This process is stunned by many people, many of whom can’t help but convulse at the corners of their mouths. A behemoth is lured around eating mud. This scene is indeed shocking at this time, but what makes people more concerned is that Hu Ying’s eyes jump with her every time she throws a bottle out on the sidelines.
The spiritual liquid base on the market is condensed by advanced practitioners, and the purity is far worse than those naturally formed. The worst natural spiritual liquid has an aura concentration of 30%, while the highest concentration of human condensed spiritual liquid is about 25%.
Exposing to the air will generate a large spiritual fog. The aura concentration of this level of spiritual fluid should be less than 50%, and the aura concentration will be 25%. The spiritual fluid will be used as a baby, but Hu Yingxue will take it out and throw it to the soul beast. How can you not let people feel blood dripping from your heart when you go out in one breath?
However, Hu Ying’s snow trip in this situation is not a wave effect. After seeing that the soul beast’s body twitches more and more after eating the mud every time, it means that the aura it swallowed and its physical strength have gradually become equal.
Because there are two tigers fighting for each other, the body quickly develops from swallowing the spirit fluid to not convulsing at all times, but even so, the spirit beast should be quick to react. Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan throw a bottle together, and it can still rush over as quickly as possible.
Where the bottle is sent is controlled by Mu Tianxuan. He always chooses an empty place and there is no overlap. Every time the spirit beast runs over, he lowers his head and bites it, which makes the square have many pits of different shades and makes it swallow a belly of mud.
Bottles are made of lingshi, and like lingshi, they can completely absorb soil and stones, which is different. Many people can refine them into things that can come from others by some means, but no matter who can digest and absorb them.
Although it is whispers, the same is true of the soul beast. Because it swallowed a lot of soil and paved the square slab fragments, the stomach of the soul beast has already bulged obviously. Now it is like a trematode. The dirty position is just like the trematode. The stomach of the trematode is in the neck. When it is too bulging, its head can always lean back.
Swallowing too much soil is not only inconvenient to bend your head and turn your head, but also the stomach is too heavy, which makes the whole body top-heavy, and it is difficult to find a balance point for a while, so you can accidentally fall when you twist your body, so the body of the spirit beast is twisted more and more, but it is getting slower and slower.
Listen to the plop, and twist it as if to tie a few knots in your body. On the surface, the soul beast seems to have been tortured by the nature of trematodes. Hu Yingxue didn’t think it could be defeated so easily, but this time she didn’t throw the bottle out again and didn’t gather together to check it out. Instead, she waved her hand and condensed it into a layer of enchantment to cover the people nearby.
Enchantment just condensed to lie motionless on the ground. The spirit beast suddenly raised its neck high and shook its head in the order of back and forth, left, right and left. After doing this for several times, it stretched its neck with its head down against the ground.
Because of being squeezed, the neck of the soul beast swelled up with a big bag and shook for a while. After a few minutes, it was seen that it opened its mouth and spit out a large piece of blood-stained mud and stones, except for the blood and stones attached to the surface, which were very dry.
Except that the aura is gone, how can you spit it out if you swallow it? The largest stone fragment is nearly two meters long when you swallow it. When you spit it out, it is still so big, that is, a few small corners are missing. Looking at it, you can imagine how painful it is to spit out those stones. That’s how those bloodshot eyes come from.
Perhaps it was awakened by the pain in the stomach. At this time, the soul beast was no longer completely influenced by the nature of the trematode, and then it raised its head high, and then it could be seen that some characteristics of the trematode were quickly replaced by those of other animals.
The biggest change is that the head turns from flat to round, and it turns out to be an ape’s head. The ape has eyes and ears, so the spirit beast no longer relies on perception. Perhaps that’s why the spirit beast changed its head for the first time.
I have regained my sight, and my body is still shaking. The spirit beast turned to look at Hu Yingxue and others who opened their mouths with a barrier. However, because I swallowed Reiki before, I was still destroying my body from the Ministry. This roar sounds very emboldened.
Hu Yingxue blinked. She knew that to avoid being influenced too much, generally, the spirit beast made three different biological characteristics at the same time. Seeing that the spirit beast changed so much, she propped herself up and made a small gap to throw a sealed spirit liquid bottle over there.
The bottle was thrown in the past, and the spirit beast kept watching it fall in front of him. When he found it, the first reaction of the aura spirit beast should be to stay away from him, only to find that his body almost jumped at the bottle mouth and rolled the white fog bottle to control his body. It immediately retreated back like a disaster.
Thanks to the spirit beast, it can figure out whether the total trunk of the body or the head of the trematode turns into an ape, and then two monkey arms are made at the side of the head. This kind of appearance is not only very strange, but also really uncoordinated. It is a simple turn, and it has to be shaken several times to stabilize the body.
Hu Yingxue was almost struggling for a few times by the spirit beast to hold his body funny, but my heart still didn’t relax at all. Instead, I clenched my hand holding the hilt of the Five Lingjian because I was no longer worried about being vomited all over. She raised her hand and dispersed her head.
At this time, some changes have taken place in the opposite spirit beast again. The trematode trunk is rapidly shortened and expanded, and then differentiated into limbs and the main trunk neck. The two monkey arms are gone, but this time it will still make people feel very uncoordinated.
I have to say that the transformation of the soul beast’s body shape is like building blocks, but it is still chaotic, but this time it is even funnier. The main trunk is a black bear with an ape head and all the limbs are bird legs. I don’t know if the head and body are assimilated before, but the size of the limbs is different.
You can imagine how bad the balance will be when your legs are short and long. I want to look down and see the reason for the instability, only to find that it is actually a day, and then my head reacts. After turning my head around, I find that my body is difficult to maintain balance. After some adjustments, it will be short, long, thin and thick. Although it is still strange, it will not let flexibility drag me back when I am less active.
After the adjustment, the soul beast slightly defied Hu Yingxue and other practitioners, raised its head and opened its mouth to see if it wanted to roar, and both claws on its side were ready to beat its chest, but there was no sound at all.
Hu Yingxue didn’t stop the spirit beast from adjusting his body because this process consumes a lot of strength of the spirit beast. This kind of consumption is absolutely nothing at another time, but this spirit beast has swallowed a lot of reiki before. Although it can be regarded as a straw, it is enough to press the balance to the reiki side.
Taking advantage of the wind, Reiki did a lot of damage to the soul beast’s body. The soul beast wanted to look up and scream. At the same time, there was a group of Reiki swimming in its body to the position of the animal nucleus. Because of the collision between the animal nucleus and the soul beast’s body, it was temporarily interrupted, which made the body stand there directly.
Because of being swallowed by the spirit beast, the aura will move quickly from the animal nucleus to other parts of the body. For a moment, the spirit beast finds itself moving again, but this movement requires a lot of discounts, but it can be moved but cannot adjust its body strength.
Mu Tianxuan has just told the spiritual beast’s status sound at this time to the practitioners in the square at this time, which is why no one attacked the spiritual beast’s body transformation process and saw it motionless and no one rushed to make a move.
Everyone was waiting for the spirit beast to take the initiative to attack each other, but they did a series of things that made all of them very surprised and dumbfounded, and prepared for the battle. After raising their sharp claws, they made a big turn, waiting for Hu Yingxue and them to come to their senses. The spirit beast had jumped back into the huge pit in the backyard of Lingdan Pavilion and Danfang.
Having prepared for the battle, the target turned and ran away, which made many people feel that they had punched cotton, but Hu Yingxue said at this time, "Be careful, everyone. The real trouble is coming."
Hu Yingxue’s voice just fell in the giant pit, and a string of screaming sounds a little urgent. It was still echoing at the mouth of the cave, and then he jumped back to the soul beast, flapping his wings and flying out of the pit, leaving a chest and a number of feet behind him to calculate the length of the wound.
Before the soul beast flew high, several shadows appeared in the crater. One of them matched the characteristics of the tiger, leopard and jackal. The soul beast catapulted and jumped up. The body shape of the soul beast appeared behind the neck of the former soul beast, which was bigger than the former one. Directly, it wanted to soar and was caught.
The spirit beast’s nature of devouring the same kind is much heavier than that of the Zerg. It should be aware that the trematode has changed to be a trematode. The spirit beast is a little weak, and other spirit beasts feel a good opportunity to increase their strength. When it is pulled to the ground and followed, it will be embraced.
At this time, the five-spirit sword in Hu Yingxue’s hand was lifted, and the blade flashed with five colors. From time to time, it seemed as if the dragon shadow was condensed and circled around the blade, and then it was drilled back into the sword. You can see the dragon shadow drilling out of the blade with a slight turn of your wrist.
After circling around the sword, the dragon shadow did not escape into the sword, but quickly stretched its body size and wrapped it around the sword. A more dazzling brilliance suddenly exploded and the dragon shadow disappeared, instead of hovering in the dragon pattern on the sword.
It’s like finally finding the release channel. Hu Yingxue aimed the five spiritual swords at the opposite side and sent them inside. A sword Gang was forced to escape from the dragon pattern, but the total length of the sword Gang was more than one meter, and the total length became more than two zhangs when he bowed his head and raised his head.
On the other side, a few soul beasts were chased out from behind. Once upon a time, the soul beast pulled a piece of meat and was about to put it in his mouth. The distance between the two sides was not far. When Hu Yingxue threw out his sword and split it into the pile of soul beasts, they were raising their claws and didn’t even pass the chest position.
Aware of the danger, several other soul beasts retreated and stayed on the ground. The soul beast could not move because of its body. The soul beast could watch the sword gang fall on itself, but Hu Yingxue’s sword gang didn’t get a real increase. The power was not great. A long and deep wound was left in the chest of the soul beast and it didn’t split in half.
Although this sword didn’t kill the soul beast, it split its core out of sensitivity to power. Before running a few soul beasts, it immediately went around and grabbed the core. When several soul beasts collided, they fought.
In order to control the attack direction of the sword Gang, when releasing the sword Gang, some gods will be attached to the surface. These gods will not only play a similar role in navigation, but also bring simple information such as where to hit the target back to the owner’s head. It is for this reason that Hu Yingxue found that she had just hit the soul beast nucleus.
At most, the energy in the beast core is 13 kinds in its heyday, which reduces its stability by nearly half. Because it is not so stable, the beast core was hit by a wandering aura in other bodies and made a very fine crack. What a coincidence! Unfortunately, her previous sword split in that crack.
Finding this, Hu Yingxue quickly once again enveloped everyone in the real yuan condensation barrier, and Yang said, "Everyone should pay attention to strengthening defense."
Chapter 42 War soul beast legion ()
Don’t Hu Yingxue explain why others should be careful. In addition to quickly strengthening their own defense, several people joined hands to quickly condense a barrier around the square to separate it from other places.
Hu Yingxue turned to look at it, but didn’t say anything. She knew that the influence range of the soul beast explosion was very small. Although the changeable trematode soul beast was higher than their Mahayana period, the influence range of the explosion was 100 meters, and their pile of soul beasts was about 200 meters away.
Don’t know this, those people will cover the whole square, and then they want to reinforce it again after the enchantment is arranged. This time, before they start work, they hear a loud bang in the pile of soul beasts.
Although it was loud, Hu Yingxue and others didn’t feel the air pressure. People on the ground felt the ground shaking after the sound started, and the shaking amplitude was very small, just like any body repairer who punched the ground at random to cause vibration.
Look at the spirit beast over there. Just now, there is only one spirit beast that is huddled together. That is, the spirit beast that combines the characteristics of the tiger, leopard and jackal. Its strength is higher than other spirit beasts. When it finds that there is a problem with several spirit beasts competing for the animal nucleus, it quickly changes into a pair of wings.
Several other soul beasts didn’t find any problems. Although one of them found that the boss suddenly flew and followed, it was already too late and was being scrambled for the beast’s nuclear bomb, which formed a black whirlpool among them. It was instantly caught in the whirlpool with one foot attached.
Probably because the spirit beast’s attribute is swallowing and assimilating, the black vortex is like a black hole. Whatever is caught in it is like Shi Niu entering the sea, and it disappears.
Just like the soul beast that was finally involved changed into a shape like a hill, at first glance, it was bigger than that whirlpool, but the volume of the whirlpool that was involved in the black whirlpool did not change at all, but it did not see any movement.
Seeing this vortex, it is estimated that most people imagine that if they are involved, they will feel numb and numb. Fortunately, the changeable trematode consumes a lot of nuclear power before the beast, and there is not much vortex left. After a while, the speed can be seen by the naked eye.