Actually, her attention was focused on him.

"Sister, will I go to your company for an internship after the New Year?"
Wen Qing beside ask
"Well, it’s arranged. You can go there at any time."
In fact, tenderness hopes that she will go there early, but this girl is really not lazy.
"Even we Xiao Qing have to work, and I regret even if I die," Yan suddenly said with emotion.
The three sisters immediately panicked and called mom at the same time!
Yan immediately looked at me. I was wrong. I was wrong. I apologize.
"punish you for drinking a bowl of soup later!" Wen Qing immediately said
Yan nai nodded and drank a bowl of soup, so he must drink another bowl of soup.
Gentle also laugh at this little girl to learn tingle.
"Sorry, aunt, I have something to do at school temporarily, so I can’t stay for dinner. I’ll see you another day."
Belle suddenly went to their mother and bowed and left.
Yan was taken aback and then got up and looked back.
Wen Liang is still cooking in the kitchen and hasn’t come out.
"What’s the matter?"
Yan worried and asked
Gentle, but I don’t doubt how long. In fact, Belle has been seen in the park.
The earth is so big, there are so many people, of course, there is no sex.
No matter how satisfied their families are with their state, not everyone will envy their life and not everyone will get used to it.
Fortunately, they don’t live for others to see.
Is gentle and a little worried about tenderness.
After dinner, I looked at my brother tenderly, and I was not too different from usual, and I was more worried.
Yan couldn’t help it. How did Belle go?
"Didn’t she say she had something at school?" He asked.
"If you two are not suitable, you should blow it with her earlier. It’s better to have a short pain than a long pain." Wenyi said a sentence with chopsticks.
Gentle immediately cold shot in the past, she just unwilling to shut up.
"Actually, Belle is a very advanced girl. She doesn’t like girls like me and my second sister who make a living."
WenQing is very WenYi but cold hum a..
"You two are really lazy," Yan scolded
"But if she wants to marry into our family, she must accept our family situation, and she will accept our sisters even if they are lazy."
"Xiao Liang’s girl is proud of her sexuality, so please indulge her a little," Yan said.
"In the future, if you get married smoothly and live together, it will be the two of you, our brother and sister, but just spend time with your mother once a week. Belle should not show her face to everyone like today. What do you think?"
Gentleness is not as easy as Yan.
When I first met Belle, I felt that the girl was very unique, but she should be very easy to get along with the arrogant rural children with her uniqueness. Perhaps this metropolis made her too nervous.
But tonight’s tenderness is not happy, let alone the presence of elders. It is also his heart that Wen Liang cooks something for his sister and mother in the kitchen.
Although belle is distressed and gentle, doesn’t it take a degree to feel distressed and taste?
Yan Lou came to see her off when she left tenderly in the evening. Looking at Yan tenderly, she walked slowly and couldn’t help wringing her eyebrows. Have you been uncomfortable recently?
"Maybe I went early to exercise too much, and my legs were a little uncomfortable." Yan said in a low voice and then grabbed my daughter’s arm and walked out together.
"Have you been in touch with Teng Yun recently?"
"He called me a few days ago," he said softly, then turned around and walked forward.
"If you are not feeling well, you must tell me never to support our brothers and sisters, but you are indispensable."
Yan nodded and smiled. Are you busy recently? Why have you become so nagging?
Gentleness is right. I have to giggle. Even my mother thinks she is wordy. It seems that she is really a bit of a mother-in-law.
But she is still afraid that her heart is not enough.
I’m afraid some people yearn for her nagging but can’t hear it.
In the middle of the night, I drove home gently and quietly, and there was nothing but wind beside the road, which was more thrilling.
I still remember that it snowed early in the year when she was pregnant, but this year it was in the middle of the twelfth lunar month and there was no trace of snow.
Section 179
When the car gets home, follow the slender path in the yard to the door and stop.
It’s still full of lights and tenderness. From the big glass screen, I can see the scene inside. Is Professor Yuan alone watching any family ethics drama?
But I didn’t expect Professor Yuan to follow the video "I’ll let your daughter-in-law tell you when she comes back."
Professor Yuan immediately said to the people in the video when he heard the gentle footsteps, and then got up to meet your gentle husband.
"You …" Let’s chat!
Gentle haven’t say that finish tablet has reached his arms gentle nai.
"You two, we NianLia have nothing to talk about. I was just telling him that he came back to bring me a gift. Didn’t you say that you haven’t received a gift for a long time a few days ago? I’m going to bed first. Your father is waiting for me. "
Professor Yuan said and ran away, gently holding the tablet and walking upstairs.
"Let me show you a view."
he said
Gentle didn’t want to video with him, but she was afraid that her mother-in-law wouldn’t be happy. She planned to talk about it after the building. When he said to show her the scenery, she raised her tablet and looked at it.
Snow outside the window …
It’s absolutely beautiful