"No," said filar silk. "The magnetic field around us is very strong, so we can jump by the method."

Yu Long heart a dim to listen to their conversation mom.
"Bang-bang-"Long Yu suddenly felt huge energy collided with Ark in the loud noise.
Rowling didn’t dare to delay any longer and hurried to the main control room. When there was another loud noise, Yu Long’s heart beat suddenly. He could feel that the ark had entered the meteorite group.
There was a loud noise coming from the ark, and the violent energy kept tearing at the hull. At this time, the ark defense had been played.
Even so, there will still be some slight vibrations in the ark.
Yu Long slightly hesitated a plan to personally leave the warehouse to fight against those meteorites and reduce the pressure on the ark.
The goddess of fate appeared mysteriously again. She expressed her support after knowing Yu Long’s plan, and she also expressed her willingness to go together. Later, Yu Long communicated with Rowling, and Rowling discussed with filar silk that it was feasible because the overall strength of Yu Long and the goddess of fate was far stronger than the ark.
After coming to the outside of the ark, Yu Long and Destiny were suspended in the universe. To their surprise, there were colorful meteorites everywhere.
He sacrificed the heavenly sword and tried to hit a meteorite with a diameter of about 100 meters with 50% strength, but it didn’t turn into powder, which shows the strength of the colorful meteorite
Yu Long preliminarily estimated the meteorite group around him. His power can be destroyed, but it will consume great power.
The goddess of fate sighed slightly, "It seems that there are many energies outside the space that we have never touched."
Yu Long tried several times again while thinking about various coping methods and Yu Long.
After observing Long Yu for a while, it seems that these meteorites are still moving, but there is actually a gap and distance among all the meteorites in the Ark.
If the flight technology can reach a certain level, it should be avoided.
Thinking of this, Yu Long informed Rowling of her thoughts. Rowling told her that the surface of these colorful meteorites looked static because of her detection. In fact, she told them to run and have no rules.
Now the only solution is to smash the meteorites that hinder the ark’s operation through the ark weapon system combined with the power of Yu Long’s destiny god.
After the communication between the two sides, the dragon will attack these meteorites one by one, and the dragon will roar in the universe. The whirlwind attack can smash dozens of huge meteorites every time.
Destiny’s side has not been idle, and the whole body has spread a hot breath and constantly attacked meteorites. At the same time, the Ark weapon system is also powerful.
Suddenly, the flowers were dazzled by the colorful surroundings.
Half an hour later, he flew in Fangli and finally passed the meteorite group safely. Yu Long didn’t enter the cabin. He took a life-sized meteorite and planned to go back and study it carefully to see if it could be made into a weapon. This meteorite is not only strong, but also contains great energy. Destiny didn’t enter the cabin, but she didn’t like to practice and finally went in.
Yu Long decided to continue practicing after carefully studying meteorites.
Because entering this star field today is different from before, the energy here seems to be more explosive, more crazy and more powerful
Long Yu wants to feel one carefully
Shen Ying seems to enjoy the violent energy here. When it is constantly absorbed, Long Yu’s meridians are filled with this violent unknown energy. At first, the gas nature gradually approaches the liquid state with continuous absorption and compression, and it flows slowly in the meridians like running water.
Yu Long has a feeling that his breakthrough in calmness may continue with the help of energy. At this moment, his savings have reached the critical point of Yu Long meridians, but the baby still keeps theorizing that his body may explode if he goes to Yu Long in this way.
At the thought of this, Yu Long’s incessant priming force circulates slowly and steadily along the pulse once, and the liquid energy in the circulation body will become more compressed, and at the same time, some prescriptions will come out of the meridians.
I don’t know how long it took for the liquid energy to gradually become solid. Yu Long finally breathed a sigh of relief and thought that it was worth it to come from adventure.
As time flies, Yu Long’s practice is finally over. At this time, the meridians are as smooth as high roads after just expanding, even if the solid energy runs in the body, there is no feeling.
Chapter 17 Dark Star Domain
Special Chapter 7 Chapter 17 Dark star field
P: Prehistoric example: 19,000 words burst into red snow, asking for some beating!
At this time, I feel very good. Now my eyes and ears are more alert, and my head is chilly. all of my heart’s divine power spreads in all directions, and objects will show their specific shapes in my mind
At this time, Rowling informed Yu Long to go back to Yu Long to recover her mind and entered the cabin.
Wait until Yu Long gets back, and now filar silk is quarrelling with the goddess of fate.
Filar silk stare big eyes and said, "You are still a goddess. I think you are a fox."
Not far away, Maria, the god of fate, became angry from embarrassment. She blushed and glared at filar silk and said, "What? If you have something to do, you will die with Xiaoyu. What are you yelling at me for? "
"It’s shameless. Even you say such a seductive thing. It’s the first time I’ve seen a shameless goddess like you." Silk left no cynicism.
Both filar silk and Maria, the goddess of fate, are extremely sexy and seductive. Although they are noisy, their gestures are full of wind.
"Who do you think is shameless?" Fate Maria blushed with anger and argued.
"Why don’t you make it clear to me or you’ll see?" Destiny blushed.
"Whoever is shameless is who" Silk is not afraid of the threat of Maria, the goddess of fate, and her tone is still cold.
Yu called Rowling to a low place and asked, "What’s wrong?"
Rowling didn’t good the spirit say with smile "not because of you …"
"Because of me?" Yu Long paused and said, "What can I do for you?"
"Why is it none of your business?" Rowling said, "If it weren’t for you, how could they have quarreled? By the way, the goddess of fate deliberately told filar silk that she was dying …"
Long Yuwen was depressed. This goddess is really ridiculous. Is this what the goddess should say?
In fact, what filar silk is upset about is that the goddess of fate deliberately shows off her words and provocations in front of her, and she happened to see what happened that day. Do you think she can be angry?
The two women quarreled and the enemy grew stronger.
Yu Long quickly inserted into the two hey hey way "two look in my face it calculate? Don’t make so much noise "Yu Long although know two women don’t behave in such a way, but I’m still afraid of them a fight from embarrassment.
See Yu Long come out to stop the fight.
Two women together hum a turned their heads to express their dissatisfaction with Yu Long.
"Maria, you should be too broad-minded and tolerant. It’s okay. What are you doing with filar silk?" Long Yu gently scolded, "What can’t you do for me?"
Hearing this, filar silk looks a lot better.
Obviously, Yu Long read this to people’s hearts. She protested in Yu Long and took a bite of "Xiaoyu, that’s very kind of you …".
She is happy that Leah, the goddess of fate, will naturally not be happy. Seeing that Silk is secretly playing with her hands, she unconsciously grunted, "I also said that others are shameless and I am not a good person … You all know how to tease men in public."
Filar silk is no way "? I’m Xiaoyu’s fiancee and he’s my fiance. Is there anything wrong with us being affectionate? "
"fiancee?" Maria, the goddess of fate, went on the rampage and said, "I’m still his wife?" What is a fiancee? "
Filar silk smell speech put Yu Long hands rested on her hips "what is your wife? Who admitted it? Why don’t you seal it yourself Shameless … "
"Hum!" I didn’t know you had an affair with Pangu in those days. A woman like you doesn’t deserve a Xiaoyu woman.