"You …" Han Ximing was so angry that he stopped him in a hurry when he heard that he wanted to hang up. "Don’t have anything to tell you!"

"Then say it quickly!" Liang Juanbang was quite impatient. "What are you stalling about?"
"My parents went to see you in the past … my mother seems to have no problem, but my father is hard to say. I think he is a murderous face. Be careful yourself."
Liang Juanbang heart a fiercely really nervous "your dad is here? Then what should I do? "
For Han Chengyi, the father-in-law, I believe that there are few people in the world who are not afraid.
"carry it! Liang Juanbang, remember that if you want to call him a father-in-law, you have to carry it! He will definitely toss you. "
Listening to Han Ximing’s words, Liang Juanbang’s drowsiness will dissipate.
I turned over early in the room and reached out and touched my side. What happened? In a daze, she got out of bed and snorted with her eyes closed. "Liang Juanbang! Where did you go? Uh-huh … Not comfortable … "
Hearing the call, Liang Juanbang hung up quickly. "I didn’t tell you to call me early!"
No matter how big the trouble is, you can’t leave it early, can you?
"coming, coming"
Liang Juanbang trotted the trampoline and was caught by his ear early and scolded, "Where have you been?" Why run in the middle of the night? " I saw that he had a bigger temper with a mobile phone in his hand. "Are you still secretly talking? Call who? Is it Shu Jing? "
"Ah?" Liang Juanbang covered his ears and wondered, "What is Shu Jing?"
"Hum! You don’t want me to know that you two are better! " Pouting early, it’s time to settle accounts.
"Where is better?" Liang Juanbang put up three fingers and swore, "It’s never better than you think you are so stingy and dare to abandon me? I’m so good, you don’t want others to think about me, do you? Don’t let go if you don’t want others to remember you … ouch! "
After saying his word, he was pushed early. "Hum, let others remember you!"! I don’t want it … "
"…" Liang Juanbang blindsided how is this routine? Not right!
"Don’t get angry early. It’s all my fault." Liang Juanbang felt that she was really overreaching, but she insisted on fighting. "It’s also my fault that I let others remember!"
"Hum!" Squeeze your mouth early, you’re almost blind.
Liang Juanbang endure smile "sleepy? It’s only 2 o’clock now. Go back to sleep? "
"That … that you also secretly talk?" Glancing at him early is still very assertive.
"no! Resolutely not! " Liang Juanbang casually threw his mobile phone "… go to sleep!"
Coaxed early Liang Juanbang holding people fell asleep again … In Han Ximing just now, I was so early that I forgot all about it.
The second day early in the morning Liang Juanbang and early is awakened by a hurried knocking at the door.
"Master, master? Have you got up, mistress? "
The voice is very light, but it is also urgent, obviously anxious
Han Chengyi and his wife Liang Siwen arrived at the door in a dusty way. They haven’t come to wash their pajamas yet, and they have just been shouted from under the covers. At this time, they are still not awake.
"yeah!" Liang Sven frowned and sighed, "Han Chengyi, what time is it now? You can’t sit for a while and wait for the children before they get up … "
"Wait for what?" Han Chengyi stared back at Liang Siwen "you old shameless! Let your son and I let them … early? How can this be? Not married, not married, you know? What a shame! "
Section 493
Liang Sven is funny. Lift up your neck and despise and sneer. "It’s like being married to meat!"! Oh, it’ s true that when Han Sanshao said this, even the ancestors slept in the coffin and laughed! "
"You …"
Han Chengyi’s peach blossom eyes stared at Liang Siwen just now, and the early door didn’t find this fellow wearing pajamas! It was a rogue, smelly rascal!
His arm stretched out and dragged Le Xuewei over. His palm went into her eyes and sneered, "Can Liang Siwen save some noodles for himself when he is old?" What does it look like to be disheveled in front of my wife? Go and get dressed! Just your whole body … Don’t defile Xiaoxue’s eyes! "
"… huh?"
Liang Siwen, look at yourself. Although you are wearing pajamas, you can’t see it anywhere. Han Chengyi is really old and possessive!
"yes! I’ll change it … "
He nodded and turned back to his room, arguing with him for a generation. What is there to argue about now?
"Snow … haha …" Le Xuewei held Han Chengyi’s hand and couldn’t help laughing.
Han Chengyi looked suspicious. "Xiaoxue, what are you laughing at?"
"Me!" Le Xuewei pointed to Liang Siwen’s back and looked at her husband and laughed. "Hey … I don’t know if it’s because you got married and Sven didn’t get married that you became tacky, but Sven is still as cool as before!"
After a pause, he concluded, "Well … in short, you are like an uncle, and he is not as old as before."
"What?" Han Chengyi frightened nasty "light snow didn’t you see? Liang Siwen’s hair is white! "
LeXueWei cocked his head puzzled "is it? Isn’t that fashionable? "
"…" Han Chengyi gaped.
At this time, the door was pulled by Liang Juanbang, holding hands early together in front of Han Chengyi and his wife. Han Chengyi was suddenly gloomy to change the pressure. Liang Siwen will clean up later. The first thing to do is to clean up this small.