When he went to Ningxiang County to deal with the haunted incident, Pei Wende made Pei Hong accept the refugees along the road and followed him to Changsha County to recognize relatives after he promised to complete the disaster relief.

After that, Pei Hong was busy with the county government, and he never formally asked Pei Wende for an appointment.
"Now the time is ripe …"
Slightly sighed PeiHong don’t know is melancholy or joy light said
"From today on, I will no longer be Ningxiang County Yin."
Wen Yan Pei Wende was slightly surprised. His eyes widened and his tone became a little dumbfounded.
"You were dismissed?"
"Is it because I asked you to accept those refugees before?"
Pei Wende knew that his previous act of going his own way would bring a lot of influence to Pei Hong, but he never thought that his move would actually make the other party leave.
"You are half right!"
Pei Hong smiled and shook his head and suddenly felt that his stubborn younger brother seemed to have some loveliness.
At the very least, the other party’s heart and worries are real at the moment, which makes the original feel that Pei Wende is too naive and Pei Hong feels a kind of heartfelt warmth.
"Accurately speaking, my transfer is a promotion."
"At a time when the court is in chaos and the major forces are vying for the father, there are signs of re-emergence …"
"It happened that someone in the DPRK recommended me to take in the victims this time, so they specially recalled me, probably to reward me."
After hearing Pei Hong’s remarks, Pei Wende was relieved.
If Pei Hong loses his official position because he is bent on his own way, Pei Wende feels that I am afraid I will feel guilty in my life.
"So are you going to take me back with you?"
"That … second sister? Did she go back with you? "
After hesitating for a while, Pei Wende decided to use the word "second sister" to call Pei Hui.
Pei Wende didn’t forget that Pei Hui arrived in Ningxiang immediately when she learned that she was in Ningxiang County for disaster relief, and she also gave herself great support.
Compared with Pei Wende, Pei Hong, a compatriot, has a stronger sense of identity with Pei Hui.
"After you left Ningxiang, she went back first."
Speaking of this, Pei Hong is also a face of nai.
I was the one who watched my sister grow up, but as a result, she became closer to Pei Wende, the younger brother who had left home since childhood.
Sometimes Pei Hong wonders if he is holding this big brother wrong.
The same mother, brother and sister. Isn’t that a little different?
"She has gone back first?"
I didn’t expect Pei Hui to go home decisively after leaving. Pei Wende didn’t know what to say at the moment.
In the end, Pei Wende can sum up that Pei Hong doesn’t seem to be well received even if Pei Jia’s family is bent on official career and has a heavy official addiction.
Chapter III Near-re-embodiment Living Buddha
Chen Lu used to be a student, but now he is a refugee in Tanzhou.
According to common sense, Chen Lu, a scholar with fame and talent, is not involved in the army of refugees like the local people, no matter how down and out he is.
However, the sad reminder is that although Chen Lu has fame and personality, he is just a bit pedantic.
I don’t like that the landlords and gentry seized the temple land and occupied the fertile land of the people in the name of "destroying the Buddha" and actually informed the government of those landlords and gentry.
As a result, it can be imagined that Chen Lu was not persecuted to death by those landlords and gentry, which was the result of the protection of the local prefect.
Rao, Chen Lu still became a refugee forced to live in other places
Chen Lu has experienced many disasters all the way, and he is used to being sinister.
Even Chen Lu himself doesn’t have much hope for his future, but lives one day at a time and never sees the sun today.
Because compared with physical suffering, it is this world that really disheartens Chen Lu.
-Zhumen wine meat stinks road has frozen bones.
This is not an exaggeration, but a fact in front of Chen Lu, a way to climb the mountain by others.
Ordinary refugees are just grass-roots bark at an eclipse.
While those landlords and gentry are holding their wives and concubines and enjoying the perfect food that ordinary people can’t eat in a year.
Even those people, parents, officials and prefects, what they do at most is to expel the hungry people living here and maintain public order.
Desperate, Chen Lu thinks that maybe this is the tragedy of this era of life!
It was not until Chen Lulu fell to the boundary of Weishan in Tanzhou that he was dismayed to find that not all government offices were like that.
In this remote place of Tanzhou, a temporary residence was built outside Yincheng, a county.
This refugee camp, which has gathered all over the country, has all kinds of strict regulations, but it has really made the people here get paid for their work and get medical treatment.
Besides, Chen Lu is different from ordinary people. He can see that although the camp regulations are harsh, each one is set up for the hungry.
It is these harsh regulations that constrain the refugees living here to truly settle down.
Because of the particularity of this temporary camp, even those bandits and refugees who have fallen into robbery have deliberately avoided it, making it an independent peach blossom garden.
After all, people’s hearts are full of meat. If it is not forced by the situation, who wants to be a robber?
To disturb this "refugee home" which was built with great difficulty, those bandits who have given their lives are more willing to retaliate against the landlords and gentry.
Of course, Chen Lu knows that not all gangsters are so conscious.
Can not hold the camp has long considered this point, not only have a special chief to patrol at twelve o’clock, but also occasionally join the nearby post to take the initiative to attack a large-scale gang near the Qing Dynasty.
After a long time, "don’t take the initiative to appear near the camp" became the consensus of all gangsters.
According to Sun Xianwei, who is in charge of patrolling this camp, this is the so-called "security zone"
It was then that Chen Lucai realized that the original founder of this camp was not the local county Yin, but a mage who was regarded as a "living Buddha" by the refugees.
In fact, the mage not only set up a huge camp near the county seat to receive the victims, but also gave alms and saw doctors in his own temple.
A considerable number of refugees in the camp will choose to come here to work and settle down only after being instructed by the mage.
After a little more stability, the people in the living camp will also go to the mage temple to make incense and fulfill their vows.
According to those wizards who have contacted, the mage is not only kind and compassionate, but also has great wisdom.
He often says to the refugees that I can let you have a full meal for a while, but I can’t let you have a full meal.