New order means new cake.

This time, I will miss the opportunity because I am afraid to avoid it.
Interests or trivial matters will be suppressed by other people’s rules in the future if they do not take the initiative.
After listening to this, King Sanyang knew that the situation was serious and solemn. "In that case, I will stay in the town to patrol the heavenly army. If the hades are up to no good, they will ruin the road of the dead and directly attack the underworld!"
Zhou Tianjun heard his scalp tingling and hurriedly said, "If you don’t want Hades to post an invitation, the door will be a guest. If he really does something, it will make the Three Realms laugh."
Baoguang Daxian mused, "Seeing Pluto means that it is not easy to recast the road of the dead through the three realms with the help of Shinto."
"This time, I will accompany Zhenjun to stop by and see if Pluto can learn from the Dihuang world."
He, the true gentleman of Guangyuan, cooperated with Terran Shinto to create an unprecedented celestial world instrument.
Even Bao Guang, the Great Immortal, is proud of the number of treasures refined, and has a strong interest in this Shinto method.
Wang Xuan nodded primly and said, "When it’s convenient, please come to the heavenly king and I’ll see what the keeper wants to do!"
Jiuyou first floor
This place was almost smashed during the Three Realms robbery.
Even after a hundred years, the pulse has not recovered.
Looking around, large mountains and collapsed plains are spread over tens of thousands of miles, and long cracks are covered with snow and ice, and the fog is surging.
The chaos of the earth’s veins forms strange areas. The ancient battlefield breeds evil spirits and wanders around strangely.
Now there are occasional ghost practices on the first floor.
Nine deep and remote sky has been repaired, and the dark clouds are rolling all over the sky, and the bloody thunder is roaring constantly.
The long horn resounded through the heavens and the earth
Black fog surges up in the deep pit of Wan Li, Fiona Fang, in the central snowfield, accompanied by the screams of armored fighting animals.
This is the third world war, when Huntian Xiaoyao Emperor shocked the world, and the sword light blasted out of the hole, which directly opened the second floor of Jiuyou.
Although the ground vein has been restored, the barrier is still weak, which has become the access channel for the army of hades.
The leader is Li Yuan.
He still wears a mask of cold evil spirits, and after scanning a circle, he orders, "Prepare for the guests!"
The legion immediately dispersed.
Djinn zombies with a height of 100 feet and nine secluded places are carrying a law column and slamming into the ground pulse.
I feel that all kinds of ghosts of the army are screaming strangely in the snow field, but they are quickly obliterated by the rocket arrows.
As a huge stone pillar stands up, the original gloomy and sticky land suddenly surges and rotates.
This has never happened before.
Three realms of clear air rising and turbid air falling, nine secluded places are getting heavier and heavier, and ordinary methods are hard to drive.
Even Dihuang used the Shinto multiplier to get twice the result with half the effort. It took the five Xiao brothers a thousand years to build Yinxian City.
But now Jiuyou Long Mai is easily driven.
This is the difference between Taoism and Dharma. With the achievement of Tai Su’s Tao Jun, the method of Hades’ phase has also spread.
Within a moment, the array arrangement was completed.
Booming …
With the operation of the array, a large piece of ice in the snow field breaks and the wind howls, and a huge spiral pattern gradually forms in the center of the array.
The thick black light of the steep mountains went straight into the sky.
Thick dark clouds break the big hole, and the dark central sky does not break like glass, revealing the deep emptiness behind it.
Nowadays, it is very lively.
Past Dojo stands tall, or Buddha shines brightly, or Tai Chi rotates, or mixed elements are filled with colorful colors.
There are still many floating boats, but all of them can sail in virtual space, which is by no means an ordinary treasure ship 2.