"Director, the audience received rave reviews. Weibo is crazy."

"Shh, I know. Watch and learn."
Began to succumb to excitement. It’s so competitive.
Female anchor "Dear viewers, friends are today’s news department"
Hearing this sentence, the leaders were really relaxed this time, because the program had reached the end. At this time, Su Luo followed the inscription machine with the words "Please watch the weather forecast next time" and "Goodbye for nothing". What ended up and turned to the weather forecast and it was perfect.
But when did suluo play the card word device according to the routine? I don’t have that thing in my eyes
Reading in sections 394
"We don’t have a holiday until the earth explodes.
We don’t rest until the universe restarts.
In the wind and rain, we are all waiting for you here during the festival.
We don’t have four seasons. There are two seasons. You see, it’s peak season, and if you change the channel, it’s off season.
This is a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, a joint note, and a joint note.
You don’t have 4g, but you still have wifi. Your mobile phone traffic points will make me shine for the rest of your life.
Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t leave the weather forecast later. "
On-site leadership is forced
The members of the program group are dumbfounded
The audience watching the program is completely messy.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty On the correct way to type the weather forecast
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha"
"That’s awesome."
"The pit master is mighty"
"In the first paragraph of the country, 6 became a 9."
"The pit owner Li Shizhen Pi sign language teacher is stupid again. Poof, ha, ha, ha, ha."
"The sign language teacher’s face is smiling and his heart is numb."
"Sign language teacher asks for a pass"
"sign language teacher, I quit."
"Hahahaha rhymes with the madman’s pit owner crossing the road, and I won’t even help your grandmother."
"The earth doesn’t explode, we don’t have a holiday, the universe doesn’t restart, we don’t have a rest basket, and you let you show off. Oh, my God."
"There is no four seasons, no 4g pit owners are too stalked, and if you don’t tease, you will die."
"The owner of the pit is talking about the paragraph with a clear pronunciation and mellow voice, which is simply bursting."
"Pit owner, I didn’t expect you to be such a news anchor."
"I don’t think it’s funny enough to talk about the seriousness of the pit owner. Haha"
"I’m sure I’ll make a joint bet. If I can’t kill you, I’ll make a joint bet."
"That’s enough. I promise I won’t change the channel, okay? I won’t change the channel in my life. Hahahaha."
"I can’t believe I’m watching the news channel idolize."