Brother Wu Shenfeng lost!

What is this tone?
In particular, Ye Xiaochen’s heart rate collapsed at that time.
Just now, Liu Yu broke his nine waves with a single hand.
There is no psychic fluctuation, relying on the physical strength bunker.
"It’s a good thing I didn’t do it, or you would have hung up." Liu Yu grinned
He is in a good mood today, pretending not to hit anyone.
"You … what the hell are you?" Ye Xiaochen watched in horror as Liu Yu couldn’t feel the fluctuation of spiritual force from this guy’s body, and actually punctured his nine waves with his flesh?
Let’s just say that it’s still such a big hole when you fall from the sky … and it won’t die. This body is a Uber.
"I’m not a demon," said Liu Yu, the top leader, next to Ye Xiaochen. "How many people are there in Wushenfeng?"
Ye Xiaochen just came to my senses. Fortunately, this is not a life-and-death fight, but enrollment. This is enrollment
So he found some souls slightly and proudly said, "There are three colleges around tianyong city, and our Wushenfeng College has the largest number."
"Oh, this is good!" Liu Yu felt how high the score was when Ba came to college since ancient times.
"ah? Ok? " Ye Xiaochen felt something was wrong when he saw Liu Yu’s conspiracy.
Feelings, if he takes this person back to college, he will turn it over.
"Uh, nothing. Nothing. I haven’t asked your name yet."
"After Ye Xiaochen and Liu Yu’s younger brother, we will be classmates."
"I’ll take care of you if you have anything to do."
Ye Xiaochen wanted to rush up at that time. It was a kick. Who wanted you to cover it?
"Ahem, since you have passed the examination, this is our Wushenfeng Jade Brand. When you come here again in three days, our college will send someone to meet you."
Ye Xiaochen immediately jumped off the bird’s back and didn’t run back when he lost his jade card.
This kind of person is an uber. With Liu Yu, he feels that Chrysanthemum is particularly uncomfortable. If he fails, run quickly.
Liu Yu weighed the jade brand in his hand, and the jade was very pure. If you put this thing on the earth, you can shoot tens of billions.
After Ye Xiaochen ran, there were only a bunch of young girls left. They all looked like 19-year-old men, handsome men and charming women. At first glance, they all developed quite well.
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for installing an incredible force reward of 2 force values."
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host, the female male god will be rewarded with 5 points of force."
"Ding-dong congratulations on the host’s budding reward quenching body base liquid ×1"
Can’t move a thousand!
Gee, Liu Yu’s mouth could not help laughing.
This place pretends to force him to feel special.
"Wow … this man is so handsome."
In private, there are many girls talking about it. The girl with a reddish face is eager to move, MengMeng.
"Ding-dong, someone secretly said behind your back that you are handsome and rewarded with 4 pack force values."
"Ha ha" Liu Yu corrected a posture.
I am destined to pretend that the world is so big that I can pretend to be a Potter even by my face!
At this time, it suddenly ran away, and Ye Xiaochen turned back. It was very cool to ride that huge goshawk hovering high and high.
"That what ….." Ye Xiaochen eyes to face everywhere.
Then he saw Liu Yu take out five jade cards from his pocket and throw them directly. "Please ask Brother Liu Yu to help recruit some students."
"Me?" Liu Yu caught these five jade cards and looked at the sky with a stupid face. Ye Xiaochen was lazy and didn’t take this, did he?
How the fuck do I know how to do it? Believe it or not, I gave the jade card to a pig.
"For me, it’s no ordinary person to see Liu Yu’s younger brother’s fine bones and extraordinary looks … just give it to anyone." Ye Xiaochen explained a wave and then turned around and disappeared.
"I see who is cool to whom?"
Liu Yu wait for a while looked at the jade brand in his hand. This Wu Shenfeng can’t be. Is it Pheasant College?
"This …"
Even the big shots who presided over Yaochi have forced them to look 70 years old. The allocation of freshmen every three years is for them to do this year. First came Wu Shenfeng, such a transcendent thing, and then came a day later.
Who can explain?
Liu Yu glanced at the thousands of teenagers, and he had five jade cards in his hand.
Throw it at random. Who grabs it and who wants it?
The golden cotton swab said congratulations, congratulations, huh ~ ~ ~ Then who? Oh, yes, congratulations, let’s become the first master in the fan list.
Chapter 514 Go to the peak of life and get a virgin daughter-in-law!
"Ahem!" Liu Yuqing has cleared his throat and hasn’t spoken yet. Some parents around here can’t sit still and quickly lean forward.
"Liu’s adult, my son’s strength is now as fast as a tiger. Can you give me a jade card to go to Wushenfeng to practice and go to the peak of my life?"
This is a kind of tiger-backed, wild and savage man who looks particularly strong and wears animal skins.
With a fierce murderous look, it seems that there is no less dealing with blood.
"Well, take it."
Liu Yu regardless of all routines jade brand is thrown out.
"Thank you so much, Liu Daren!"
The strong man was so happy that he was so clever that he jumped out first!
He put the jade card in the hands of a chubby chubby little man. "Ha, ha, ha, little man, after you take it, you can cultivate the future of Wushenfeng and get a holy virgin daughter-in-law back for the old man."
Meat toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot a face of jade cards. "Don’t worry, Dad, when you get stronger, you must get a virgin daughter-in-law back."
Next to everyone, there is a black line all over his face. He is still a child, okay?
Is this a father’s failure to teach?
Liu Yu’s expression was wonderful at that time. It was really good to have ideals, ambitions and ambitions! This old man should pack to force with him.
With both he waved to the meat doodle chubby recruit "small pretty you come here"
The big fellow laughed and then pushed Xiaodong Man forward. "Go and then mix with Liu Daren."
He always feels that his son’s mixing with Liu Yu will be very popular!
"It’s Daddy"
Xiaodongman came to Liu Yu’s side, wrapped in yellow skins and covered with meat. There was a simple and honest smile on his face. "Hello, Brother Liu, my name is Dongman."
The words were followed by a perfect bow
"Good. Lautz appreciates you very much. Sit behind me."
Then many parents made a sensation. Why can the old beast ask for such an initiative? I should be able to get one myself.
"Liu’s adult, this is my child, Liu Mang, who has a flexible brain when he is young. He also needs a jade card to enter Wushenfeng and go to the peak of his life!"
"Nani? Rogue? " Liu Yu’s spirit came at that time, and he was not serious when he heard the name, so he put on a pretentious smile and said, "Well, it’s good, especially if I take this name. Lautz, you need such talents when you turn around."