What happened? A cold and arrogant voice came.

Looking back, everyone saw that the bearer was not a cold general Guo Zhang. He was wearing a light blue brocade robe and a jade belt inlaid with precious stones. He was tall and upright, and he rode a brown and fierce horse to the gate, followed by two figures, one green and one white. It was his lieutenant and strategist.
See the general. The soldiers knelt on the ground, and the sound broke out.
Leng Peiyuan, three men riding horses, came slowly. His eyes rested on the standing man and looked at his strange clothes. There was a flash of curiosity at the bottom of his eyes.
Get up. Leng Peiyuan swept all the soldiers. What’s going on?
Report to my general, this man wants to break into the city. The first soldier took a glance at his hands with his fists and replied.
Chapter ninety-nine Your daughter is also called Bend
Report to half the army. This man wants to break into the city.
The first soldier took a glance at the man with his hands fuels and answered.
Oh, Leng Peiyuan picked the knife-shaped eyebrows sharply, and smiled at the male eyes and thin lips with an unpredictable smile.
The man looked at the horse’s back and the man greeted him with a cold look without weakness. Zhang Jun’s face was expressionless and he smelled as cold as cold Peiyuan.
Full of verve
Cold PeiYuan deep eyes flashed at the bottom of the man a little appreciation. It seems that this man is not as curious about him as ordinary people. The micro-side eyes found Ruan Yiying Lin Chengqi around him with a curious look of appreciation.
Brother is going to town. Pei Yuan looked back at the man and said, Take another look at him. I think this strange dress has aroused the suspicion of the gatekeepers.
It’s obvious that the man nodded.
Brother, let’s go in together. Leng Peiyuan said he was also curious about male identity, but there were also many people around him. They were whispering, which was really not a place to snoop.
The man glanced at him and thought about his eyes, but it didn’t look like a worthy eye to see Leng Peiyuan’s eyes clarified. Besides, just now these soldiers called him General. Maybe it was an opportunity for him to come together, but altruistic forces could help find his daughter.
A good man nods and his eyes are light.
Brother can ride a horse. Leng Peiyuan asked him that three people riding a horse can’t always let this man walk behind them.
The sight of his wife riding a horse in the pasture flashed through his mind, and his eyes flashed a trace of pain and yearning.
You go and lead a horse to come and Leng Peiyuan said to a soldier.
Did the soldier turn around and untie the horse from the tree, but wondered in his heart why the general invited him to accompany him instead of curing the man’s crime? Confused and puzzled him, or did Cong hide the question in his heart?
The general came, and the soldiers brought the horse over.
Brother cold PeiYuan toward male hand way
Thank you, replied the man, for coming to the white horse brought by the soldiers, and turning over, he sat down on the horse’s back neatly, holding the stiff rope with his slender hands and holding it with a pistol.
Let’s go, Leng Peiyuan. He rode his horse and took the lead in the gate.
The man rode a white horse and followed Ruan Yiying and Lin Chengqi on horseback.
I’d like to send the generals and soldiers to visit us from afar.
Brother, I don’t know where you came from. Look at this outfit. It’s not like me. It’s a glorious imperial dynasty. People are cold and Pei-yuan drives Ma Nan. He looks at him side by side and says, Is that strange outfit? Even he knows several countries and doesn’t look like him.
The man glanced at him faintly and looked at him curiously on both sides of the street. Other people knew that this dress would attract eyebrows, of course, but he also hoped that it would arouse curiosity to hear him dress up like this at this time, so that the chances of finding her would be greater.