Wu Min said with a wry smile that you have a good temper. Look at your temper

Chapter 119 117 Rumors
To tell the truth, Lin Jin has always felt that she has a good temper. If a person with a bad temper is tossed around by a black cat, he would have quit cutting.
But I was really angry last night. Fortunately, I didn’t say the word "get out". It doesn’t seem that the black cat swearing dictionary has not been punished for this.
But! Wu Min this guy really owes!
Lin Jin’s face was unhappy. He sat in the amphitheatre and glanced at Wu Min from time to time. He glared at him and then reached under the table and gave him a hard twist on his thigh.
"What the hell happened to you last night?" Class too chat Wenxuan curious twist a head to Lin Jin asked
Last night, after Lin Jin’s trouble, he brushed his teeth and washed his bed directly, while Wu Min hid from the sanitation at around 10 o’clock and was in a hurry to urinate. Cai Jianlai woke up and said that Lin Jin had gone to bed, which made him shivering and poked around from the sanitation, causing many students in two dormitories to complain constantly. Because one sanitation was occupied by Wu Min, they also ran to his dormitory to go to the toilet.
Wenxuan is still at a loss until now. Why did Lin Jin lose such a big temper last night? Can’t he really be slapped by Wu Min? If I’m really afraid that Wu Min was killed by Lin Jin as soon as he finished.
"He told me rumors" Jin black face explained a stretch table hand to Wu Min waist is a good pain Wu Min face distorted but also dare not say anything even dare not hide.
"Like what?"
There is nothing like the rumor that Lin Jin put his head on the table. Otherwise, if Wenxuan is a big mouth and accidentally says it, his class name will be ruined.
Although he doesn’t have a good name now
Although I went to bed early last night, Lin Jin listened passively to the teacher’s lullaby and made him feel sleepy. The whole person was sleepy and had the illusion that he was a salted fish.
Today is ten o’clock in the morning, and the class is still two classes in a row, totaling nearly two hours. The first section of the class is over, and after ten minutes’ rest, Lin Jin plans to go out to the vending machine to buy a bottle of water to drink.
I was just about to get up when I suddenly heard two girls crossing the aisle and met him.
"Lin Jin seems to be a real girl, and she feels more and more beautiful. If she has long hair, she doesn’t have to spend it in classes."
"How could it be that a girl wouldn’t live in a boy’s dormitory?"
"I heard that Lin Jin seems to be a pseudo-mother, and the maid is him."
"Lin Jin seems to be a man with a woman who just wants to be a girl."
"Lin Jin seems to be a couple with Wu Min. I heard Feng Jing say."
"Are you? That’s great. "
Sitting position Lin Jin listened to a stupid face. How do you feel that there is a rotten woman in these two sisters? He looked up and looked at each other with the same Wu Min.
"It must be Feng Jing …" Jin gnashed her teeth and set her sights on Feng Jing in the first row.
"I don’t know, do I?" Wu Min wants to give Feng Jing a break. After all, most of this matter can be blamed on him. "Feng Jing wouldn’t do such a thing, would he?"
Lin Jin remembered that temporary one, that is, he was asked to suppress scheming bitch Feng Jing. This guy, the original Lin Jin, didn’t like it very much. After all, he wore a mature suit and didn’t look like a student’s costume. He also thought it was an aesthetic problem or Feng Jing’s precocity. As a result, it was found that the guy was really as said and written as M was a scheming bitch!
I cann’t believe you’re preaching that he’s gay with Wu Min? ! Forget it, even though he was told that he was a man and a woman and wanted to change sex? !
Maybe it’s Feng Jing who gets into trouble. Most people think Lin Jin is very similar to the maid who posted it, but they won’t recognize that he is gay with Wu Min or a man and a woman.
I wouldn’t be so resistant to black cats if I wanted to be transgender, okay? Even swearing every day makes the black cat turn me into a sister every day, okay?
Lin Jin glared at Wu Min. If it weren’t for Wu Min, this guy’s mouth, address unknown talked with Feng Jing. Now this matter would not involve Lin Jin.
"Feng Jing this guy! Scheming bitch! Green tea! " If you can swear, Lin Jin will definitely scold Feng Jingzu for ten generations. He stared at Wu Min’s eyes and asked Wu Min, "What are you going to do now? My reputation is ruin by you! "
"Well …" Wu Min rubbed the bar with one hand, thinking about how to stop Feng Jing’s absurdity.
However, Feng Jing did this to make her feel a little good about her because she just broke up and rejected Feng Jing and Wu Min, who suddenly felt disappointed.
"Ask Feng Jing out and tell her that you two are absolutely impossible!" Lin Jin took out his mobile phone and took a look at it. It was about a day and a half before the temporary deadline. "Give it to me at the latest! Otherwise, my class and even the school will be ashamed, okay? !”
Wu Min shrugged his shoulders and simply took out his mobile phone and sent a message directly to Feng Jingfa, asking to meet on the school playground at noon today.
"If you can, slap it directly!" Lin Jin’s mind fantasized about Feng Jing’s heartbreaking expression after being slapped and suddenly felt happy all over. "Then scold her! The family scolded the past! Explain again that you have nothing to say to me. "
"Is this too much?" Wu Min sobbed and shook his head at the corner of his mouth and rejected Lin Jin’s suggestion that "it’s too much. It’s not good. Feng Jing is a girl after all."
"She is scheming bitch, not a girl." Lin Jinyi corrected Wu Min’s mistake seriously. "Do normal girls do things like this?"
Just as Lin Jin and Wu Min were discussing how to punish Feng Jingcai, she could not get over the fire but also be Japanese. Lin Jin heard two passing girls talking about him.
"Lin Jin is so beautiful. I don’t know what skin care is, and the skin is also very good."
"Feng Jing said that Lin Jin’s skin will be very good after taking medicine."
"What medicine?"
"It’s estrogen. I don’t know much about it. Feng Jing said that Lin Jin is called medicine niang."
Lin Jin’s eyelids jumped and almost rushed to the first row to hang Feng Jing and beat him up, but Wu Min noticed that Lin Jin was already angry and held down Lin Jin’s thigh for fear that he really jumped up and beat Feng Jing.
"She actually said I was medicine niang?" Lin Jin was wronged, her eyes were red and she looked at Wu Min beside her. "She actually said I was medicine niang?"
"Well, it’s okay." Wu Min tried to placate Lin Jin gently. "What is medicine niang?"
"Get out of here!" Lin Jin just looked at Wu Min with a yi tooth. "You don’t even know what medicine niang is and comfort me?"
"But I really don’t know."
After watching Wenxuan for a long time, I heard the word "medicine niang" and immediately got together to explain to Wu Min that "men who eat estrogen and antiandrogen with big JJ cute sisters are generally pretty"
Wu Min is still a face of Meng force.
"What are you so skilled?" Lin Jin turned her head and questioned Wenxuan’s sexual orientation. "Do you like medicine niang?"
"no!" Wenxuan confidently said, "I’m just curious about the big JJ cute girl!"
Chapter 12 It’s not like I hit a woman.
Lin Jin’s impression of Feng Jing is very bad. Anyway, he is now bent on revenge against Feng Jing, a guy whose god M actually announced his rumors.
As a result, the students in the first half of the class are all rumored by Feng Jing. Although the IQ of college students can’t be as low as Feng Jing’s words, it’s also very good to talk about resources. So in Lin Jin’s class, I can hear several girls from time to time talking about whether he is so beautiful or not, which is more like Feng Jing’s words than some boys have started to discuss Lin Jin.
Anyway, I was so angry with Lin Jin that I almost got sick, and the whole person was unhappy at the table.
At the end of the two-hour course in the afternoon, Lin Jin followed Wu Min and Wenxuan to eat in the canteen and returned to the dormitory. He felt a little depressed. He didn’t even have much appetite. He ordered a meat and a dish for a meal and didn’t finish eating half of it.
"Feng Jing has promised to meet me in the playground during the afternoon class." Wu Min sat in his position and looked at Lin Jin, who was lying on the table. "I’ll definitely help you make it clear then."
"The feeling is gone …" Lin Jin sighed. "Now half the class knows that I am a girl or a medicine niang."
"They can’t believe it." Wu Min cocked his head and looked at Lin Jin. "It’s just a joke for a few days at most. Just like the former maid, they will forget it in a few days."
"But as soon as they see me, they will think of it again." Jin Lin sighed and looked in no mood at all. "Half a class knows … Feng Jing, this guy will be pitted if you really go with her."
"Anyway, it’s impossible for me to be with her. I thought she had a good personality, but the mind’s eye was so small." Wu Min shrugged. Anyway, now he and Lin Jin are close allies, so he left the pot to Feng Jing in his words. "Fortunately, I didn’t promise her. If I promised her, even chatting with my sister would be derailed by me."
"That is," Lin Jin agreed to nod that Wu Min would never accept Feng Jing’s pursuit, so he should be finished. "After that, no matter how she chased you, you didn’t agree with her. If you lost something, stare at her and scold her when you met!"
"Is this too much?" Wu Min convulsed at Lin Jin and suddenly felt that Feng Jing was really capable of doing things, but Lin Jin didn’t seem to have Feng Jing’s ability to do things.
"That’s it! I want revenge! " Lin Jin maliciously tore a piece of paper in his hand to pieces, almost treating it as Feng Jing.