"See? The life and death of these people will be decided by the old duke. If you let them die, there is nothing they can do to stop them. But you are so-called integrity. Are you really willing to watch them die? Is there someone you are familiar with in the old town owner? " Jiang Tai said

At this time, the people in the distance also saw the duke.
"That’s the duke!" The people looked at the old duke excitedly one by one.
"Lord, we support you. We’ll do what you say!"
"Old man, my life is that the duke saved the present and worked hard for the old city owner!"
"Wow!" A baby crying sound
Messy sound up to listen to these people sound old duke previously tough is more guilty.
"Old duke look at their simple faces. Do you have the heart to let them die? How precious is your integrity? Than the people of the city? " Jiang Tai drink asked.
Around all the soldiers at the moment is also a ugly face.
The old duke took a deep breath and showed bitterness. Surrender is disloyalty. Zhong Wuguo’s old duke was loyal all his life, but he didn’t want to commit treason in his later years.
Many of the generals have also been persuaded, and they are also looking forward to seeing the old duke at the moment.
"I, Jiang Taike, can be a master. If the East City can safely transition to Wu Guocheng, the officials will be downgraded and the generals in the city will be downgraded!" Jiang Tai said
"What?" The generals surprised way
You can still be a general yourself? Is it just a demotion? And some responsible officials in the periphery also have a bright eye.
"The old city owner gave the people a way out. Let the old city owner come down!" An official suddenly knelt down.
"Bold!" A soldier drink a way
But then the officials and soldiers around bowed down and said, "The people in the old city are koo!"
"The old city owner asks you to save the people!" A group of officials and soldiers pleaded.
The old duke looked around and knelt on the ground. He was horrified and looked at Jiang Tai.
How long has this, this, this been? Jiang Tai will all surrender? All surrendered?
"Mr. Jiang, you, you, how are you? It’s amazing!" The old duke stared at his eyes and cried in horror
"Thank you for the old city!" Jiang Tai smiled with a slight ceremony.
Jiang Taibai East City officially surrendered from then on.
"alas!" Old castellan’s bitterness shows self-effacing color.
Jiang Tai looked at the people in the city and said, "The old Lord has decided to stop here, and everything will remain the same in Gedong City. There will be no more war!"
"Lord Ying!"
"Oh, great, finally don’t fight!"
"Thank you, Old Lord!"
"My son is not worried!"
There was cheers in the city.
The owner of the old city is showing a blank color.
"Zhong Wuguo has already lost the hearts and minds of the old city owners. Have you seen it? This is the people’s hearts and minds, and the people’s hearts belong to God’s will. What do you have to regret? " Jiang tai laughed
The old duke looked at the people blankly, and the original people would be lost, but finally everyone cheered?
I was at a loss for a while before I looked at Jiang Taidao again. "Mr. Jiang is so powerful. Mr. Jiang first went into the city to seduce the people and lead them to appeal, then intercepted the distress letter and cut it off. Our hopes were dashed, and then the sword was cut off. We were determined to kidnap the people when we were dying. I waited for the official position to win people’s hearts and control people’s minds. Today I have learned a lot and turned against the city by myself!"
"God’s will is the trend of the times. I just follow the trend. Thank you for the old city!" Jiang tai laughed
Chapter 50 Ice crystal poison world
Jiang Tai surrendered to the East City. At that time, the people were surprised to see the tower Jiang Tai. Many people learned that there was no need to fight again, and there would be no more casualties. They were grateful to see Jiang Tai’s gratitude and thoughts, and their merits poured into Jiang Tai’s place.
Although it is not appreciated by all the people in the city, it is also appreciated by one tenth of the people. It is also a huge number of merits that Jiang Tai has entered the sea of rules.
The rules are massive. Shoufo looks at a golden merit cloud overhead, which covers merits and auspicious feelings. This is the merit that all Buddhist brothers gather together.
Although it is not much, there is always a process of growth.
Jiang Tai rode back to forty thousand troops.
At the moment, 40,000 troops almost looked blankly at Jiang Taiyuan, whose morale was like a rainbow, ready to fight for a fight, but as a result, the guard took ideal city alone and made all the soldiers feel sorry for him.
"I ordered to leave 3,000 troops. This must not disturb the people. I must not insult the soldiers, and I dare not listen to the military law!" Jiang tai coldly at a teenager’s way