Some well-known sacred places of the scorpion clan and the snake clan are ready for sacrifice.

They must protect the residents’ arrogance!
Su Yu’s cold eyes flashed through his right hand and inched forward. "Those who commit my yanhuang will kill me!"
This time, he didn’t make moves, but handed over these aliens to the Chinese Tianjiao.
His voice fell nine times, and he jumped out from behind and killed the three clansmen.
Except for Guo Min taking care of Wang Chuan’s accident, the remaining nine Tianjiao all made moves!
Shen Liao’s mantra taught them how to exert their strength, which forced them to defend and protect them for weeks.
I am proud of the Chinese people, and I can throw my head and shed my blood. Now I am armed with force!
If Guo Min hadn’t broken the anchor spell and crushed Yu Pei’s call for the emperor Wang Chuanyi’s determined protection, I’m afraid I would have fallen!
Fortunately, Brother Yi is fine. Fortunately, I arrived when Emperor Yanhuang arrived.
Otherwise, even if I kill all the aliens, I won’t be able to change back to Wang Chuanyi, the top tianjiao of Yanhuang!
The emperor has ordered me to kill those who are Chinese!
Yan Huang Tianjiao’s hatred for foreigners has been oppressed for a long time
They took out Lingbao eyes and rushed to the enemy with terrible murder!
Wang Chuanyi selected Yan Huang Tianjiao, each of whom is an enemy and two strong players.
They launched a one-sided massacre as if they were in a human condition.
"Now participating in Liao’s death and semi-dragon must fight with the Chinese people."
"Yes, Chinese people are so unwise."
"The snakes and scorpions are not big families, but a few of the top saints belong to the equal high power."
"The Chinese people who have just attacked the Wolf clan and the Elves clan can’t stop for a moment."
"But if all my Terrans were so strong, maybe they wouldn’t have fallen into such a field."
Outside the onlookers Terran practitioners have turned into a battlefield.
They talked about how relieved Su Yu was when he appeared and how he killed Shen Liao.
After all, the Chinese people have offended many enemies, and more enemies are not good for the Chinese people.
In addition, it took thousands of years for Gu Tianjiao to cultivate the Uber genius, and the top Tianjiao is even more precious!
This is enough to make the semi-dragon and Chinese people immortal!
Killing Gu Tianjiao and Shen Liao doesn’t count. He also killed the scorpion and snake saints!
Now it’s killing three ethnic groups!
Slaughtered the tenth star domain. How could Sue kill God and put a mere three clansmen in her eyes?
However, there are also many Terran practitioners who appreciate Su Yu’s toughness because the Terran status is too low. They have practiced for thousands of years and can see oppressed people everywhere.
The pressure of the Chinese Tianjiao and the cooperation of Qi Xin in the semi-dragon sacred land always tore a small plane, allowing a kin Tianjiao to escape the pursuit of the Chinese Tianjiao smoothly.
After the Tianjiao escaped, the half dragons’ murder soared, and they fought back against the Tianjiao of Yanhuang.
They looked at Su Yu with a triumphant smile on their lips.
If the half dragon knows the news of Gu Tianjiao, it will be furious.
At that time, hundreds of millions of people in the Chinese Empire will accept ethnic anger!
However, Su Yu didn’t have the arrogance to leave, and she even looked like a shoo-in.
What, he makes such a face?
"A half dragon escaped!"
"Yanhuang Tianjiao can’t stop the same level even if he wants to kill people."
"If you didn’t kill God, you would have killed someone if you wanted to stop him."
"You mean that the first saint of Xinghai deliberately let people go?"
Terrans can’t help but feel surprised when they see that half dragon Tianjiao has escaped.