In the divinatory symbols of Taiyi’s ancestor, the emptiness seems to be like firecrackers ringing off the hook.
Chapter 6 Jade bodhi old zu
Too easy to teach ancestors around a slightly illusory fuzzy slowly flow, only to see that there are congenital hexagrams derived from the other side of the world, corresponding to the various forces of congenital hexagrams. That force is constantly circulating, and one side is constantly deriving from the virtual side, and the strength of life is slowly flowing from the fingertips of too easy to teach ancestors and twisted towards the virtual world.
"It’s just Fang Xu. It’s too easy for my ancestor to brag. I have the cheek to say that I have built Fang Xiaoqian’s world, but it’s thick-skinned and endless." Jade Duxiu smiled gently after listening to the words of too easy ancestor. If you say that heaven and earth can master the laws of heaven and earth, who can get jade Duxiu in this world?
From the world in the palm of the avatar’s hand to the three thousand chaos, the understanding of the laws of the heavens and the earth has reached all kinds of limits. If Yu Duxiu was not afraid enough, he would have been able to rebuild Gan Kun and shattered this world.
The congenital divination figure is turbulent in the virtual world, and thick earth qi rises to the sky, only to see that the virtual world suddenly tears the tiger god and rushes out with a little mess
"It’s weird that you’ve blown up the cowhide of this old guy, but you can really make the Hanazono Sakura world hit a higher level, but I didn’t expect that it’s just that even the imaginary dimension is not dreamland. It’s a long way from the virtual derivation, and I dare to say that I can be a real joke." Although the tiger god is a little embarrassed, the whole body is disordered, which shows that it’s too easy to teach the ancestors that the virtual world has not suffered.
The ancestor of Taiyi is still as light as the wind and clouds. "Now you have touched the doorway, and it won’t be long before you can start preparing for the creation of the virtual world. Then you can ask for your own happiness."
Said but see too easy to teach progenitor instantaneous convergence around the virtual world and then look to the distant SIRS quasi fairy, quasi demon god eyes little divine light flow "how many years for millions have not seen this kind of grand occasion all the strong gathered in my fairy flourishing age is coming"
After that, I saw that the ancestor Taiyi sighed gently and turned to look at the other ancestors. "You Taoist friends may see that this place is secret?"
The Terran Nine Godfathers silently looked at it but shook their heads in secret. "The formation here is very complicated, but it is wonderful to show some similarities in daoist magic. If it is wonderful to show it again, maybe you can see some flaws. It’s a pity that we are too late to study that special technique, otherwise we can see some ways here."
In the virtual world, Jade Duxiu’s eyes slowly opened his left hand and slowly dragged a jade disc in chaos clock’s eyes to blink. "The gathering of all the ancestors here is bound to be turned upside down. If you want to win the treasures in the hands of all the ancestors, you need to spend a little more time to eat them. The battle here is a natural formation. If I add a pigment key, I will definitely give all the ancestors a surprise."
When he said this, he saw that Jade Duxiu slowly disappeared in the void and disappeared.
In the distance, Xu Na The Hunger touched The Hunger in the sky, and his eyes flashed. "Miaoxiu wants you and me to help him seize the treasure and resolve the cause and effect. Should this matter be considered?"
The Hunger looked at the distant clouds, transpiration, congenital large array, and a flicker of color flashed in his eyes. This is an innate treasure. Can it be easily given up?
Smile gently while facing the sky. "Nature is helping, which can resolve cause and effect. Nature is good. The key is helping. Wonderful show didn’t say that I wasn’t allowed to wait for myself to win the treasure, didn’t it? It’s just to help him. If the treasure falls into our hands, it naturally belongs to us. "
"The most important thing is that the Godfather Demon God gathers here and wants to seize the treasure, even if it is not big, even if it can’t seize the treasure, it is worthwhile to resolve the wonderful show cause and effect. The only thing in these days that makes me unable to see the details is that there is a wonderful show. This guy is too weird to resolve the cause and effect early, but it is good." He muttered to the sky.
That The Hunger smell speech is also agreed to nod "yes, yes, this statement can resolve the cause and effect. It’s always good. This is too weird. The seat seems to see a familiar gas machine, but it’s not sure."
Yu Duxiu, the highest peak of Taiping Road in Zhongyu, quietly meditates cross-legged.
But see wonderful show front virtual rolling the jade bodhi old zu round body jade show front rolling endlessly revealed MengMeng body fan dead people don’t want to big eyes mouth is noisy way "that wonderful show small this is innate spirit root was born, you are sent an avatar is uneasy but not really to seize the innate spirit root".
Jade Duxiu smell speech looked at the jade bodhi old zu with a frown. "The bodhi old zu is surprised at this. If I really go to be discovered by the Taiping ancestor, even the ancestor will punish me, but it is not worth it."
Speaking of which, Jade Duxiu looked at the round jade bodhi old zu. "Besides, the immortal’s fighting power is incomparable. If I really go there, it will be a big trouble if my body is broken by the immortal."
The bodhi old zu jade smell speech rub hands eyes going round and round looking at jade Duxiu is flashed a bit urgent after a while to breathe a sigh of relief, "really, you have no confidence in yourself now."
"Oh" Jade Duxiu smell speech looked at the jade bodhi old zu but remained silent for a long time before he said, "What does bodhi old zu mean?"
The jade bodhi old zu heard that it revolved around the jade unique show, but it was a hey hey smile. "You saw the Godfather’s Thirty-Three Heavenly Wars and suppressed the universe, but you didn’t compete with the Godfather. You are always afraid that if you provoke the Godfather and fail, you will be broken and fall into reincarnation. Yes or no"
Jade Duxiu laughed at the smell speech but shook her head and didn’t answer.
That jade bodhi old zu looked at jade Duxiu, but it was a selfish way. "The bodhi old zu knows your worries and your difficulties. You can be confident in yourself. You may have been able to protect yourself in the hands of your ancestors now, but maybe you can win by fighting."
"Oh," Yu Duxiu heard that his eyes were moving and his eyes were shining with a little divine light. "The bodhi old zu seems to know the fairy realm very clearly."
The jade bodhi old zu hey gave a strange laugh. "Your sneak attack on the ancestor of Taiping is a test. This time, sending your busy person with treasures to the wilderness is not only another test, but also a test of the true strength of the ancestor."
Jade Duxiu smell speech eyes flashing staring at the jade bodhi old zu "bodhi old zu seems to know something and know what he wants most in his heart"
The jade bodhi old zu hey gave a strange laugh. "The bodhi old zu knows what you want to know most now, and knows more about your worries. You have to promise the bodhi old zu one thing, and I will tell you all about the secrets, realms and capabilities of the immortals, so that you can worry about you from now on?"
Jade Duxiu quietly looked at the jade bodhi old zu and always felt that this old guy was not very reliable and seemed to be hiding something.
At this time, Yu Duxiu regretted that he didn’t ask this person all the details when he was in the lunar world.
"I don’t know if the bodhi old zu has any conditions, so I might as well say something about it." Jade Duxiu looked at the jade bodhi old zu, but it looked like an ancient well.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you have a crush on the bodhi old zu. You are really not mistaken. You are very ambitious when you are careful. I really expected to peep at more than the bodhi old zu." The jade bodhi old zu looked at Yu Duxiu and promised himself, but he laughed wildly. The roundness seemed to be a basketball. The size of the body was laughing and rolling in vain.
Chapter 7 Congenital Lingbao Immortals Really Know-how
Looking at the smile, turn it over and turn it over. The jade bodhi old zu’s jade is unique, but her face remains the same. It’s light to look at the road in her eyes. The jade jade plate is circulating endlessly, but she sees the jade plate flashing slowly, but she sees the mysterious and unpredictable innate rune avenue, and the gas machine is flashing endlessly, emitting immortal gas machine.
Perhaps I noticed that the jade bodhi old zu suddenly stopped rolling and then solemnly looked at the jade show. "If I am taxiing, I still need to lend you three treasures. There are big secrets in your three treasures, but if you allow the bodhi old zu, the bodhi old zu will tell you that the secret department of Xiandao will not hide anything. This is the information of Xiandao, which even ordinary quasi-immortals may not know."
Jade Duxiu smell speech gently smiled "lend me three treasures such as through doom? Can bring information to bodhi old zu can satisfy being original. It’s also a hindrance to lend you Du Jie. "
The jade bodhi old zu heard the words and nodded, then suddenly his face became solemn and he said to Jade Duxiu, "You can use your magical powers to turn this heaven and earth upside down, but our conversation today can’t be known by outsiders."
Jade Duxiu nodded when he heard this, and the turbulence in his whole body suddenly turned upside down. When the jade ancestor saw this, he slowly sorted out his language and then said, "Are you a godfather against heaven?"
Jade Duxiu smell speech did a little meditation for a while before slowly flashing a spirit in his mouth and eyes. "Godfather even mastered a certain law of heaven and earth."
The jade bodhi old zu chuckled, "The force of law is illusory, elusive and unpredictable. How can you master the force of law?"
Jade Duxiu smell speech is one leng and then shook his head. "I don’t know if I’m clearly afraid that I’ve already proved it."
The jade bodhi old zu smiled gently. "Do you think there is a difference between the godfather who used his magic weapon before and after?"
Jade Duxiu heard a flash of light in his eyes, thought about it for a while, and then looked at the jade bodhi old zu in horror. "What does bodhi old zu mean?"
"Yes," the jade bodhi old zu suddenly clapped his hands and then said, "You see, the godfather didn’t use his magic weapon to actually fight before. Those extremely quasi-immortals are not much higher than those who can beat the godfather in ancient times, such as Chaotian and The Hunger, but they should be awed by three points."
Jade Duxiu heard that he shook his head. "I don’t know the ancient things before I was born."
The jade bodhi old zu hey smiled. "The godfather doesn’t use his magic weapon strength, that is, the certificate is perfect. The fairies are not much different. If he uses his magic weapon, even dozens of fairies come, he can’t resist the godfather. Have you ever thought about keeping the godfather secret?"
Yu Duxiu touched Ba. "Is it true that the godfather’s fighting power is a magic weapon?"
"Guess it’s a pity that there is no reward." At Jade Duxiu, the jade bodhi old zu whispered
Jade Duxiu heard the words and looked at the jade bodhi old zu. "Please don’t sell the bodhi old zu quickly. It’s not flattering to sell all the secrets of this ancestor together."