"Hehe, it’s a bit interesting." Tang Zhuang man sneered that he came from a killer organization called "Tianyitang", which is not only famous for its country, but also able to rank the ball assassination list.

And he is called Tiansha in Lai Tian’s organization.
I came to the Liu family this time because his younger brother was abolished.
"We missed several times. I’m afraid that Liu Yuxiao has already noticed our one thousand …" Master Liu suffered a lot of face convulsions.
They killed Liu Yu several times, but after all, they failed to completely erase it and lost many people.
"Hum little protege learned a little fur and taught fish to swim everywhere." The murderous look in Lai Tianlong’s eyes became more and more intense.
"Master Lai, your teacher younger brother … Master Wu, alas, our Liu family is also miscalculated. Today, I will put the words right. If you kill Liu Xiao, our Liu family is willing to show three times the price."
They have already tasted the power of Liu Yu. If he really comes to retaliate … for fear that it will be a disaster, if this day can get rid of this small one, then he is willing to spend more money.
This is their Nanling city Liu suffered the most.
"Don’t worry, Master Liu, it’s always a trouble to keep this matter, and I’m just getting revenge from my younger brother." Lai Tian’s face reveals a sneer at the Liu family’s willingness to triple the price, and his eyes are full of greed.
"Then don’t you know what Master Lai thinks?" Master Liu asked, "Several assassinations failed to succeed …"
"You don’t have to worry about this. Since the slip of the hand is foreign and we have to end it eventually, we will … invite him to come." Lai Tianyin snorted coldly with his eyes.
"Please, ask him to come?"
Master Liu is stupid. Is it to lure the wolf into the room? This is really impossible: "Will this master come?"
"Won’t come? Ha ha ….. That is really he can not "
Lai tianyi patted the console table, and there was a sinister look in his eyes, especially a horrible radian across his mouth.
Then he waved to the cold road outside the door and "brought it in"
As soon as the words fell, the door of the conference room was hit, and a 25-year-old man was tied up and pressed in.
"Mad, who are you to tie me up? I want to call the police!" He roared that he didn’t make a mistake because he faced people at the top of society.
"Master Lai … who is he?" Master Liu doesn’t understand
"Hey, hey, you just watch." Lai Tian showed a grimace of a grin and looked at the man. "I had already started investigating this before I came, but Liu Yu was his girlfriend’s cousin."
"oh? This ….. Ha ha lai master indeed as expected as a result, Liu Yu that small not to fail "Liu some leaders also sneer at it.
They don’t care what Liu Yu is doing here because they know how horrible this Lai master is. It’s more than enough to deal with a small Zhuo Zhuo.
Liu Yugang received Chen Jiali dialect when he got on the bus.
In the conversation, it seems that one of her cousins is coming to Nanling City to meet her these two days. This cousin has been very fond of her since she was a child, and Chen Jiali wants to bring Liu Yu with her.
Liu Yu did not refuse to smile and agreed.
After pulling out the killer organization, he just wanted to give the abstruse fish to Chen Jiali.
The next day, when Liu Yu went out, she went directly to Chen Jiali, and their appointment place was in the old place, in the milk tea shop opposite Qianqiutu Pavilion.
After seeing Liu Yu, Chen Jiali was worried. "Brother Liu Yu, my cousin suddenly can’t connect."
"Maybe he is busy?" Liu Yu meant later, but his cell phone rang.
It’s a strange number
Chapter 126 War
"Mom, let me go."
Chen xing inside the conference hall roared angrily.
"Hey hey you are Chen Jiali cousin? Then you should know her boyfriend? " Lai Tian sneered. Here, he represents everything, which has guaranteed this man’s life. He wants him to die and live according to his mood.
But he can’t die yet.
Chen Xing’s face was shocked and he quickly wandered around in his mind. "You, you mean Liu Yu?"
"It seems that you know," Lai Tian said, and his expression became more strange.
Chen Xing has a bad feeling that this time he came to Nanling City, not because he was idle, but because he wanted something. His grandfather had a strange disease, and all the famous doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners came to fart.
His eyes were dying, and then by chance, he heard that there was a master in Fengnanling City who had a superb medical skill. Although he exaggerated the composition, he was still willing to try.
So he joined his cousin Chen Jiali in Zhengnanling City.
"Mom knows we know you don’t hurry loose" Chen Xing scold a way.
Lai Tian was scolded and lost his patience directly. It’s really special. I’ve seen arrogance, but I’ve never seen a small man so arrogant. How dare he call mom to scold dad in front of his temple? But although he was angry, he forced himself to endure it. "I’m condescending to talk to an ant like you, but you don’t know the inside story, do you?" Ok, I’ll play a game with you. "
"His mother don’t blame me for not waking you, my brother-in-law and me. It’s not good for you to provoke him." Chen Xing drinks a way.
He came to the street to talk about Chen Jiali, and suddenly he was overcast from behind, and now it seems that these people should be aimed at Liu Yulai.
My heart says, darling, this brother-in-law is really unusual. What the hell are you causing?
"Oh is it? Rest assured that you will go to the grave together in a while. "
Lai Tiansi is not afraid of this threat. It seems to him that no one in this small Nanling city can provoke them every day.
At this time, a blue-eyed blond man came in and exuded an unruly aura. "I have informed that we are ready."
Lai Tian took a look at the man’s face and smiled ferocious. "Very good."
He looked at Chen Xing again. His eyes were full of malice. "You are playing now."
Chen Xing had an ominous premonition, and then suddenly felt that the temperature around here suddenly dropped, and the hot summer was close to June, but the conference room was as cold as icehouse without adjustment.
Lai Tianyi waved his hand and immediately appeared a ceramic with a strange shape and the size of a fist. It looked quaint and gave off a shocking atmosphere, especially the dough looked very strange.
It is this clay pot that has such a change in the surrounding gas.
"Everyone can go out, Ryan. You ask Mr. Liu to arrange a hey hey … it is best to have a place where no one lives for a long time." Lai Tian coldly ordered.
Everyone understood and backed out.
"What the hell are you doing? When my brother-in-law comes to see me, he won’t beat you into a pig." Chen Xing scolded, looking at that clay pot, he always felt uneasy, as if he were in the nest of snakes and scorpions and was buried by poison at any time
"Dare to scold me?" Lai Tianyi was calm before he changed, but now he looks like a mad beast.
"If you can’t call it out for a while, hey hey, then try what is life and death?"
He just hit the lid of the jar.
"Hoo hoo ~ ~ ~ ~"
Suddenly, the surrounding wind started to feel sad and cold, and the atmosphere completely enveloped this place, like a ghost walking past a stranger.
Immediately after that, three spectres rushed out of the pottery jar, which was sharp and shocking, and they jumped on Chen Xingshen’s madness.
"Ah ~ ~ ~ ~" Chen Xing let out a scream. It felt like being thrust into the muscle by handfuls of ice cones. Almost every inch of skin was ravaged by terror, and the pain went deep into the soul.
"Ha, ha, ha, call it. You won’t be able to call it out soon. You are lucky to enjoy my ghost art."
Lai Tian laughed. He won’t want Chen Xing now. His life is to torture him until he dies.
"Paralysis you this beast have something don’t Yin old …" Chen Xing side endure pain big scold a way very stubborn.
"Poor thing, but if you want to scold Liu Yu for being a king’s egg, I can spare you a little pain." Lai Tian looked at the ground rolling like a doll, and Chen Xing’s mouth showed bloody radian.