They have definite goals.

And the earliest exploration was not the non-governmental organization, but the private exploration bank. The government did not pay anything and did not take any risks.
Only when the private bank did discover the broad possibilities did the government join in and plunder it, laying the foundation for this private exploration bank to develop a global nature and explore policies and plunder it.
At this time, Su Yonglin can’t say that he knows that there are a large number of precious metal mines, especially silver, in the Pacific coast from North America to South America.
He can’t say that Native Americans are so rich that they wear gold and silver as daily ornaments.
Moreover, their productivity and social organization form are far less than that of the former, and they can form a dimension-reducing blow to their productivity even without war and colonization.
All kinds of handicrafts and America have no agricultural products to realize market development, and they can get excess gold and silver from native Americans through legitimate business models, and they can also broadcast culture, broadcast revolution in America, establish advance teams to realize land development and so on
Anyway, America is vast and rich, and whoever discovers it first has no moral burden.
In this way, there will be a steady inflow of gold and silver, which will greatly increase enough gold and silver to lay the foundation for promoting monetary reform
This is something that Su Yonglin knows but others don’t know and can’t believe.
Despite this, Su Yonglin forced this matter with his own strength and prestige, and said that if the currency deadlock can be broken, it may not be necessary to say that an expedition fleet of three, four and five can be sent out.
To meet the demand, the national law must go out and look for the limit. This is something that will be done sooner or later. Now that we have the demand and the ability to do nothing, why do we have to stick to this acre and roll it hard?
Why can’t we look for new possibilities?
Comrades, it is important to open your eyes and your pattern.
This core point, Su Yonglin’s National Conference and Renaissance Conference, delivered many speeches on the significance of commercial expansion to the economy, territorial expansion to the country and revolutionary expansion to the revival of the society.
It was at this time that Su Yonglin talked about arranging the revolution as far as possible for the first time, saying that it is not only a great achievement of revolutionary success that counts as success, but also the ultimate success that the whole world has achieved revolutionary success.
However, if there is still one person who is oppressed, it will not be a success, no matter where it is, it will be the goal of liberation.
Is it enough to liberate the Chinese people?
Is the revolution a success?
No, it’s not over. It’s not enough.
Revolutionaries should open their horizons, open up the pattern of the world, and look at revolutionary issues from a chess game perspective.
In this way, we can find that from the world point of view, although the Great Revolution was successful and the region formed advantages, it was still a spark in terms of region and scale.
And with the increase of our foreign exchanges, the mutual understanding between the two sides has deepened, and sooner or later, the other side and others will find out their differences, and sooner or later they will be afraid of the Great Revolution.
What will they do after that?
They’ll shut themselves off and we’ll cut them off.
They are also afraid that if their people have more contacts with us, they will have the idea of hanging their royal family and the royal family to the southeast branch. They are afraid that something big will happen and they will take precautions, even if they don’t have that idea.
Then it will not only affect the economic problems.
Even if they can’t beat us, won’t they shut themselves off and cut us off?
We are thousands of miles away from Wan Li. Can we still ask them to open the country by singling out Wan Li expedition?
How much will it cost, manpower and material resources?
We can’t make ourselves a minority, we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t make ourselves different, we have to make more friends and fewer enemies, and we have no other way but to bring the revolution to their country and develop vigorously.
The more they are afraid of us, the more they should take the initiative!
Only by liberating the world can we finally liberate ourselves.
This is the first time that Su Yonglin expounded his theory of world revolution, initially expounded the necessity of face revolution from the economic point of view, and then wrote an article in the publishing country, which triggered a wave of heated discussions between the imperial court and the local revival meeting
And from this, the Ministry of Finance opened the gap with the first and broadest vision.
A series of senior officials and senior cadres of the Renaissance Association have successively expressed their support for Su Yonglin’s view that even doing business in the process of exchanges between countries around the world will affect some people’s thoughts when they really come into contact with the revolutionary policies of the socialist country.
And these people’s thoughts will bring unexpected influence to their home countries after being shocked and changed.
When the rulers of the home country realize that this influence will bring about changes, they will inevitably have a fear of bad feelings.
This kind of ill feeling and fear will prompt them to cut off great contacts from the government to the people, and prevent the great revolution from spreading too deeply, affecting the interests of the ruling class and triggering a revolution in the soil
And if similar revolutionary actions have taken place in their soil, they will be urged to resolutely cut off major exchanges, even if this revolution is not initiated by the initiative.
Although this problem will not occur for a short time, it is very likely that this situation will come true in ten or twenty years.
Once this situation becomes a reality and there is no corresponding preparation, it will have a far-reaching impact on the big economy
Don’t try to be alone.
Chapter 1219 Me too
Su Yonglin’s article is very clear and his views are very accurate.
Once the ruler of the other country closes the door on the big economy, the hostile policy will inevitably have a great impact on the big economic interests, and will have a devastating impact on the booming maritime trade, which will then produce a series of chain reactions, which will greatly affect the big economic development and the national economy and people’s livelihood.