Let me take the blame?

Are you really qualified now?
Win Keqin Zhao Yuying was completely blocked by Liu Yu’s speculation.
"Maybe your speculation is reasonable, but if you can go back and say that saving the world is so great, it will at least give our country a thick protective shield."
Liu Yu smiled faintly. "I will naturally come back and plan to go back."
Come to think of it, this is fate. If after tonight, the two sides may never be connected again. Without him waking up, two women will probably become the captive strong in this small world.
Knowing that this article is an advanced science and technology insight, and whether to eat nuclear weapons or not, this set of scientific and technological gaps may lead to the end of the earth.
The night has completely enveloped this small world, and the four of them have been resting in the same place. The gate leading to the outside world has been lit up, waiting for the convergence to be completed. This gate will naturally open, but whether it can take that step depends on nature.
"Zhao Yao wants me to find that making it now, I’m afraid …"
Liu Yu shook his head. He came all the way to look for this sacred object when he had no spare time. However, when he shook his head, he saw Zhao Yuying playing with a bauhinia in his hand. However, this bauhinia was a shape. He looked straight at it with his eyes … I went here. Isn’t that the plant that can run scared?
"Where did you get this flower?"
Zhao Yao seems to have a budget for the invasion of the earth, and he wants to bring this scared tree back to restart the ancient practice.
But he’s been wandering around here for so long that he hasn’t heard of this thing. How did Zhao Yuying suddenly get it?
Zhao Yuying was puzzled, but still replied, "This is where I came from. I saw that it was being attacked by that real monster at that time. We were almost crushed by that punch, but this divine flower gave off a faint light to protect it."
"Ha ha ha!"
Liu Yu suddenly burst into laughter.
Two women are very puzzled to see him Zhao Yuying completely at a loss. What’s the big deal about this divine flower?
"Fate, this may be your greatest chance to come to this world."
Liu Yu stopped laughing at Zhao Yuying and added, "I’ll take you to your ancestors when we get out."
Zhao Yuying looked surprised. "Me … my ancestors?"
When she was still following Zhao Yao, she may not have finished growing up, but how can she not be excited to see this ancestor now?
"Keep a good eye on this flower. When you see your ancestor, she will naturally be white."
Liu Yu replied
Although I don’t understand that they will be sent to this small world, but also the ancient fairy temple, now Zhao Yuying has obtained the making of a scared tree.
Is there really a destiny in this world?
Just a few people talked, and the sky suddenly fell with the light of a star, and the light of the gate that emerged in the void suddenly flared up, forming a whirlpool to the outside world …
"It’s time for us to go!"
After nine, I stood up straight from the rock, and my beautiful eyes flashed with an amazing mountain.
Chapter 723 Bloody sky (2 more)
Liu Yu also straightened up and looked at the shining stargate.
He couldn’t help wondering, according to the post-Nine, that this small world has already born a sense of autonomy, and now it will make them leave so easily?
"How about after nine?"
Liu Yu looked at her eyes and never left. After nine months, although the stargate was already open, she was not in a hurry to rush.
"Try it. There will be many blood slaves later, and even the strong ones copied by this heaven will appear. Smash them and you can walk out of this gate."
After nine is no stranger to these exercises.
She has broken into this gate several times, but all failed. Now, there are a few more people around her, but she still hopes for a miracle.
"Fuck him if it’s a big deal."
Liu Yu took out the black gold arrow with a wave of his hand. Judging from this length, it can be used as a spear.
In a short time, although there were many blood slave shadows near the gate, they were as formidable as the heavenly soldiers and generals.
Liu Yu stepped out, Erlang God’s armor was soaring, and the silver light filled the sky, but it didn’t have the strength to transform the gods, but the breath it gave off was completely beyond the transformation.
Not only that, but also an identical’ Liu Yu’ emerged next to him. This is an air soldier in two places. He holds a golden cudgel and both of them are circulating the same force. It is almost at the same time that two deified strong men appeared in this piece.
Liu Yu took a few steps forward again, and a piece of glow shone on his head, followed by seeing the towering and huge fairy king.
The fairy king opened his mouth wide to devour the hanging river.
It’s important whether this post is beautiful or not, and the situation of his aura, those blood slaves who came near, gave in one after another. They all know that before Liu Yu’s strength, it was a prosperous life.
However, although the newcomers are very strong, there is never a shortage of strong people in this small world.
This small world is born with a breakthrough, and the strong and powerful are all sub-saints, and there is no lack of respect.
"That’s …" Liu Yu’s eyes flooded with a bit of flame, and there was a fierce light burning in his eyes. He actually went to the perfect blood-red thousand-handed prison magic?
Is it possible that there are also dark creatures from ancient times?
At this moment, stop yourself from practicing. This thing has been copied.